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  1. I'm a natural producer of cheese.
  2. All the good vengeances require a time machine, and, honestly, who's got the money for the these days.
  3. That's not a terrible idea. Though I bet a little putty work is involved to smooth things back out, and I probably would balk even at that little bit. I'm not gonna worry about it unless a wing actually falls off lol. I was worried about the tail too, but I could shake him by the tail and he held. So. Hurray.
  4. Anybody assembled Marthrangul? Trying to decide if I should've tried to straighten that front leg out. He stands stable and fine, but it is crooked. Also, glued his wings on without pinning last night. Fingers crossed lulz.
  5. Watching The Shining. I could stare at Shelley Duvall's face for hours. Can't explain why.
  6. Welp. Morning has tried its best. But breakfast has prevailed.
  7. Lol glad to know I wasn't just imagining the lag halfway through there. Still want to finish reading that AP though. Think I'll pick it back up tomorrow.
  8. My guess was Serpents Skull. That first module is pretty great. I petered out a couple after that tho.
  9. I'd love to get into Magic, but it's just such a money pit.
  10. Sounds fun! Dear Lord I wanna find a game. T_T
  11. Oh! Well, then.
  12. I... don't even know what a craft stick is. :(
  13. Building a light box is literally the easiest thing I've done in this whole endless hobby. True story. Also a true story: I think I Kickstartered myself out finally tonight. Splat.
  14. It looks like something exploded... Yeah, it kinda does... That's what it looked--and felt!--like in person, too!