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  1. Reckon we're getting it tomorrow night into Monday. Blowing autumn in good and proper.
  2. I find it much easier simply never to be clever.
  3. Shaved my hair off the other day. Every few years I'll let it grow out to spitting distance of my shoulders, but there really is nothing like a shorn scro--er, scalp. It's breathtaking. I suggest you try it. Feels great. But long hair just looks so cool.
  4. Horseshoe theory application yet again: Likewise, being useless and having no ability to affect town has allowed me never to wear pants.
  5. Can't speak to chemistry, but molasses are delicious and nutritious, anyway. Om nom nom.
  6. Lol, I'll go ahead and disagree with the notion of being dignified and topless at the same time. No one anywhere should at any time be without a shirt. Or probably a hat.
  7. She always seemed like the classiest X-Man in the later stories I grew up with. Or the most dignified perhaps would be a better fitting word. Though I do recall her displaying a little freak now and then too, so I suppose it's not all that weird really.
  8. Just doesn't seem right that Storm's first appearance--Storm, of all characters--was topless.
  9. Tonight's entertainment: Jupiter Ascending. I'm a fan of the Wachowskis' doings, but the special effects in this so far are over the top to the point of turrible.
  10. Or flip the switch to vibrate, at least
  11. The mood lingers. Picked up the first two omnibuses collecting the relaunch and into the Claremont years. It's a fun time to be a middle-aged teen.
  12. That does not sound good. :(
  13. I wonder if Urkel really could dunk. Also, never forget:
  14. I like that carbonated Nestlé peach tea used to see at gas-station fountains. Good stuff.
  15. Alas, that I had such an excuse. But on the bright side, I am getting prettier as I get older all the same.