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  1. Marvin

    Black Friday Deals

    Totally not mini-related, but I'm kinda thinking about hunting for a new laptop this BF, as mine is, like, five or six years old now. I do nothing but run Word and a browser. Wanna keep it under five Benjamins. Something like a run-of-the-mill HP probably. If anyone has the heads-up on a sale for that, it's much appreciated in advance.
  2. Marvin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Things that remind me of things around here and that have been edited slightly because they originally were taxation-is-theft memes:
  3. I bet I'd've loved this circa 1996. Alas, it's 2018. It was okay, I guess. Felt half-finished. Held up surprisingly well. Still goofy and all, but fun. Kris Kristopherson 4 lyfe.
  4. Marvin

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Welp, went ahead and wrapped up the main quest line at the 100-hour mark. Kind of an unfulfilling end to the story tbh. Wrapped it up all right but unspectacularly. Meh.
  5. Marvin

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I am not a gamer by any stretch, and since the Deus Ex line is on permanent hiatus this is the only series I buy the day it comes out. Or play at all, really. I totally get why (some) people don't care for the series. It's fairly mindless, endlessly repetitive, and prone to button-mashing. Which is totally perfect for me lol. It's just always had the right blend of simplicity and a cool look and a semi-historical flavor to keep me hooked. I'm 87 hours in now. Too much. Leaning harder toward trying to know the main storyline out the next couple days, if I've time. I've played all of half an our of Witcher 3, just didn't click with me, but my brother, who's a regular gamer, tells me this game feels incredibly influenced by it. Any thoughts? AC3 features Connor. It's a little underrated tbh--wonky but holds up. Black Flag totally won me over in the end. Was not on board at the beginning, it's the first not-really-AC game, but it's brilliant all the same. I'm working on reconfigurong my tiers of AC. I've got, for the original stretch and leaving out Rogue, which I still haven't played: Tier 1: AC2, Brotherhood, Black Flag Tier 2: Unity Tier 3: Revelations, AC3, Syndicate Tier 4: AC Holy crap I already hate that list. Unity is maybe my favorite entry; for all it was a little buggy it was by far the most beautiful. I really dug the French Revolution setting too. This feels unfair to Syndicate too. I liked a lot about its gameplay; it's story was Meh and the side quests and characters endlessly dull tho. I enjoyed then all, tbh. These last two, I struggle to place on that spectrum. I loved Origins' Egypt setting, and for all that I'm meh on the setting and story of Oddessy it's really just a perfected version of its predecessor. I'd be tempted to drop them both on the first tier--but they're such different games, in their way, that it doesn't even really seem like the same criteria should apply. Idk. I hope they go on to Japan soon. It's time.
  6. Anybody doing this thing? I'm ten v. long days in. Kinda getting worn out and thinking about wrapping the story on up in the next couple days before I travel. But. Here's my take: Big and beautiful. Plays smooth. Voice acting is a bit weak. Story's been mostly meh. Too few fast-travel points. Not as stunning as Origins though all the flaws are fixed. Kinda miss some of the older AC aesthetic and shtick, but it continues the solid, reasonable evolution of the series. And, seriously, it's so very, very big. And it's beautiful. And it's fun as ever to hack and slash through the world.
  7. Marvin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Finally aging makes a move in my favor.
  8. Marvin

    The 5 Word Story

    Did I mention my slippers?
  9. Marvin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Never go to pet shops. Their practices are totally unethical. Last thing you want is to end up with an inbread dog.
  10. Marvin

    What's on TV?

    Recent surprising Netflix binges: Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction. Testing weapons/stunts from various movies and TV shows. Surprisingly engrossing. Car Masters: Rust to Riches. I'm not a huge car guy and be er have wat he'd shows like this, but I blew right through this. Ton of fun to watch them build cars. Maybe a little bland, in that it lacks the douchey personalities I've seen in brief glances at other, similar programming, and I can't speak to how legit their work is or anything. But it was fun. Grand Designs. I got hooked on building shows there for a while. Some of that stuff was cray-cray.
  11. Nice collection of poems kinda centered around, more or less I guess, straddling worlds as the son of an American GI and Filipino.
  12. Marvin

    The 5 Word Story

    He gently made a fist
  13. Surprisingly enjoyable! Far and away the most competently written Thor movie. Jokes were actually funny and well-timed. Action well-paced mostly. Kinda pointless and too long, but a huge step forward for the subseries. The exact same movie as Iron Man and Ant-Man but with the typical Marvel shtick reskinned this time in an African theme. That's a positive, as those are by far the most successfully executed movies in the franchise, but Black Panther unfortunately lacks a cast with comparable chops to sell the lines and hit the cues. Disappointing, given the hype, but unsurprising. Absolutely fabulous. Beautifully desolate landscapes, otherworldly sea creatures, penguins and seals of course, and misfits and madmen wildeyed and toiling away at the end of the earth. I'd love to visit Antarctica, to actually live and work there a while. I think I'd fit in pretty well. Don't know if they have a need for failed writers/farmers tho. See also: Laura van den Berg's short story, "Antarctica." See also: Second Impact.
  14. Marvin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Both math and IRS forms become much simpler once one recognizes that taxation is theft.
  15. Marvin

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Update here: no update here.