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  1. Thank you all for your concern. To those of you who have sent me messages, please know that I do appreciate you checking in on me and I apologize if my unresponsiveness has caused anyone any undo worry. I'm doing ok but do still need some more time before I think I'll be ready to re-emerge. Thank you, again, for all of your concern, it means a lot to me.
  2. You might be right....Reaper's Moor Troll might work for a particularly angry/shouty version. Hmmmm...
  3. So I'm looking for suggestions for a figure. We're going to pretend that I'm capable of doing some modifications, so understand that I'm by no means looking for an exact match. This is Ommadon. He's sassy and obviously quite unique. I do NOT care what the rest of the body looks like, I am only concerned with finding a reasonable face as a similar basis. Maybe there's an ogre or some other creature that you know of that would fit? Don't worry about the crown or the horn on his nose or the goatee or fangs and certainly don't worry about the mask over most of his face. I'm just looking for a similar face structure. The scale does NOT matter, but larger actually might be better so if you know of something 75mm or a bust that might work, feel free to include such suggestions as well as the usual smaller scales. Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm probably most proud of my frog dragon slayer: And, well, it's a diorama but I'm really proud of Dis For you: An Unlikely Love Story.....which I have just realized I never made a show off thread for. Maybe I'll correct that this weekend. I need to clean all of the things. ALL of the things. Maybe I'll take a before and after picture of my painting desk.
  5. How many points do I have? Like eleventy billion because you appreciate my smile(s) so much?
  6. OHH it was the memory card from his camera that he dropped. I was so confused about why there was a computer chip falling out of an outhouse. I'm tired. Get a stocking from your daughter and secure it to the end of the long attachment on your vacuum cleaner so that the suction hole is completely covered with the thin, stretchy fabric, then turn it on and poke around under your desk with that. You might find all sorts of small things that way.
  7. Maybe an environmental factor then? Hmmm someone will surely come along with The Answer™ and then we'll both have learned something!
  8. Nice, he's an awesome mini! As for the cracking, I think perhaps the primer wasn't completely dry before you put the basecoat on? Someone might come along and contradict me though. I think brown sounds just fine for his leggings, as it's not really a feature that you want to demand a lot of attention.
  9. From my experience with working with government employees and government contractors on government computers with the Army Corps of Engineers, I doubt that Ary will have access to transfer government files in whatever program she likes. They tend to keep things pretty locked down. I have had to figure out several work-arounds that made our sharepoint work for the corps without bypassing their security.
  10. That sucks. I blame Word. It's probably my least favourite program out of all the programs I use.
  11. Are they pdf? You can export a pdf to a word document. The transfer won't be perfect, but it's better than starting from scratch.
  12. No, someone or multiple someones violated the forum rules in the status updates, so the display on the sidebar was removed.
  13. Who starts a load of laundry at 4am and then apparently leaves home so that they're unaware that it has gone off-balance and is therefore banging around for almost 30 minutes? My upstairs neighbours, that's who. So pleasant to wake up to the sounds of your home being invaded by Vikings.
  14. I'm still recovering from my back and the time change. Last night I wasn't feeling well and went to bed super early. I will maybe be around tonight but no promises. It's been a long week and I might just pass out on the couch when I get home from the office.
  15. I find the subject matter of this post offensive. Seriously, though, nice job! I don't think the intention of the shirt is bad, I like the idea of tying the two models together and it's well placed shading. It's just, as Mad Jack said, the wrong shade of blue for it.