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  1. Guindyloo

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    I think my story is pretty unique. I can't recall if I've actually told it on the forum before or if I've only told individuals from the forum. So mid-2014, work at my then job slowed down tremendously for a couple of months, so despite taking tasks off of other people's hands, I still found myself with a couple of hours of free time every day. I knew it wouldn't last very long (and it didn't) so I spent that time on something that I enjoyed very much at the time: beauty blogs. The way that we buy miniatures and paint? That's the same way I bought makeup back then, so I enjoyed reading through reviews on the latest products. But with a couple of hours to burn every day for a couple of months, I found myself constantly searching for new blogs to peruse. One day, I stumbled upon one that was not your typical girly girl beauty blog and I found myself fascinated because, well, if you know me, I do wear makeup but I am in many ways not your traditional girly girl. I mean, hi, I love xenomorphs and Skeletor. What was so unique about this particular beauty blog was that the writer would include these little fantasy figurines in the pictures that she took of her beauty products. At the time, I had no idea what these little figurines were, but I knew that the skeleton ones were something that I needed in my life immediately. Look at them, they're so adorable So I immediately started googling, trying to figure out where I could get these cute little guys, thinking I could use them as desk decorations or something of the sort and that's when I discovered that people didn't typically just buy these little things as is, they bought them and then painted them themselves. That was mind-blowing to me. They were so small! How could anyone have the patience and talent to paint such small things? I had no idea at the time that people used them for tabletop games, nor did I have any idea that there was such a large gaming community. I'd heard of Dungeons & Dragons but never knew anyone that played it, so I didn't know what all went into it. I had no intention of getting into the tabletop gaming side of it (and still haven't) but the painting end reignited my interest in art that had all but extinguished over the years of struggling through adulthood. More googling led me to the Reaper forum and more specifically, to Buglips' Bones WIP thread where he'd taken step by step pictures of him speedpainting his Bones figures. He was encouraging and had made the steps easy to follow and made me think that maybe, just maybe I might be able to paint these tiny things. Fast forward a couple of years and as it turns out yeah, I actually can paint these tiny things, I just so happened to fall in love with the man behind the goblin whose posts convinced me to join the hobby in the first place and I couldn't tell you the last time I actually bought anything makeup related (that wasn't a restock of something I use often.) Also, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the blog (I have it written somewhere at home) and this was the only picture from it that I just so happened to have on my phone. I can't remember if Buglips and I wound up being able to ID those skeleton figures or if I put the picture on my phone so I could try to get them ID'd, so if someone happens to know them, please let me know.
  2. Guindyloo

    Catfolk feet?

    @GHarris You are a class act. We could all take a page from your book on graciously receiving criticism even when it's, from some people, needlessly harsh and patronizing. I look forward to painting your Catfolk.
  3. Guindyloo

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    E-mail Andrew, he will take care of adding the dates that you need.
  4. Guindyloo

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Buglips and I are booked. I had to email Andrew with Hilton because we need to check in on Tuesday and check out on Monday. He was super nice and helpful. I sent him all of my info in the initial email (Hilton membership number, room preference, etc.) last night so this morning I had a confirmation email that the reservation was made. Only hiccup was I hadn't given Buglips' name so I emailed back to have his name added to the reservation; Andrew had that taken care of very quickly as well.
  5. Guindyloo

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    We met here on the forum, then via voice/video on google hangouts and then in person at DFW airport. Display. Sometimes I give myself a break and do what I call "slapping some paint on something" which is more like what people would refer to as probably tabletop plus or high quality tabletop or whatever you kids are saying these days, but I don't typically refer to it as tabletop simply because I don't play tabletop games. Every now and then I do something dumb (but fun) like shaking a Bones figure in a ziploc bag of paint. Gotta get the crazies out some kind of way. I find that's it's best for me to not count, lest I cause a tear in the space-time continuum. Bill Murray, which has not faded 30+ years later.
  6. Guindyloo

    77434: Yeti Chieftain

    Not bad at all for one evening's work! And on a limited palette as well, I think that was great to give yourself a challenge! Nice job!
  7. Guindyloo

    77434 Yeti Chieftan

    I think you got closer to the polar bear look than my attempt before I painted over it - mine went far more yellow than that so good job having way more restraint than me. I think the skintone goes really well with the fur colour as well and you got in some nice details. And you got your entry in just in time!
  8. Guindyloo

    77434: Yeti Chieftain for the Contest

    I really like the nice, deep blue that you used for the skin. Nice looking squad!
  9. Guindyloo

    77434 Yeti (AKA Yeti Ball) for Ladystorm's solstice contest

    Really cute idea! Sorry life got in the way of you being able to finish it in time, but I like forward to seeing it when you do!
  10. Guindyloo

    Do you want to build a Snowman (77434: yeti chieftain )

    Cute idea and honestly, I approve of the yeti way of making a snowman! I mean, not that I would use real human bones, no of course not.
  11. Guindyloo

    77434: yeti for ladystorm's contest

    Really fun concept! I would've named the 2 pranksters Ashton and Kutcher though.
  12. Guindyloo

    Kev!'s 77434: Yeti Chieftain - LadyStorm Contest

    Nice work, I like the dark skin and orangey tone to his fur that gives him a great primate look!
  13. Guindyloo

    77434 Yeti Chieftain.

    You did a great job of making him very scary! I wouldn't want to see those yellow eyes looking at me in the darkness!
  14. Guindyloo

    YETI 77434. Deadly Spring by Glitterwolf

    You put together a nice, dynamic scene that tells a clear story very effectively. I especially like your snow work and the movement that you brought to the scene with the little chunks that are falling along with the big rock. Nicely done!
  15. Guindyloo

    Yet another Yeti! - Yeti Chieftain 77434

    It's such a fun concept and it tells a story that can be as simple or complex as you like. I like to imagine him getting made fun of by the other Sasquatches for wanting to be an actor because the humans would never accept him. So he set off on a journey to prove them all wrong.... but the first person who didn't run away from him and believed in his ability to become an actor - whoops, popped his head right off! Who knew humans were so fragile? So he just keeps rehearsing and trying to find another human to believe in him....he just doesn't understand that as if being approached by a Sasquatch isn't intimidating enough, people are really quite turned off by the rotting head of his "friend" that he carries around with him to practice his lines with... I really like the natural colours you used for his fur and you transitioned them really nicely so they're not stark at all, which really adds to the realistic look. It was a really great choice to use a skull that wasn't just a plain skull, but had detail to it that provides extra visual interest to make the viewer really look closer at it. Really nice job!