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  1. Guindyloo

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    @Paradoxical Mouse I hear you on the social anxiety and 100% empathize. I often make it known that I have social anxiety because I can come across as being really unfriendly because I'm so quiet and avoid people in general which tends to make people think that I'm avoiding them specifically and not walking up to introduce myself to people makes them think that I'm not interested in meeting them. Or at least that's what my anxiety tells me it makes people think. It takes me a really, really long time to get comfortable enough to be myself around people in general and even more so in a situation where there's literally a crowd of people. There are a couple of people here who I talk to very often who, when I met them at Reapercon last year, I basically just told them hi and then ran away. Something that I have learned from apologizing for myself to other painters outside of the forum is that it's actually really, really common in this hobby. Our anxiety tends to work in overdrive trying to isolate us from others, both physically and mentally. But you're not alone, not by a long shot. So ask whatever questions you need to ask and plan whatever you need to plan. There's nothing wrong with preparing yourself in whatever way is best for you to cut down on some of your anxiety. So, knowing where you're coming from, I would caution you not to overload yourself with classes. You're going to need downtime whether that involves going back to your room or going outside to get some air or whatever helps you to recharge. I know the temptation is there to load up on as many classes as possible, especially if you're not planning on going to any other cons where classes will be available, but be wary of needlessly adding to your stress level. Take into account the fact that you won't have your usual refuge to go back to recover. You're not going back home at night to recover in familiar surroundings, you're going back to an unfamiliar hotel room in an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar people. Add onto that trying to absorb as much info as possible and meeting a bunch of people and trying to look at all of the things and do all of the things and I'm getting really anxious just typing about it. Obviously you know yourself best, but just really think about what kind of things are going to add to your stress and what might help to take away from it. There's a lot of people, no shortage of things going on and there's only so much you can reasonably expect of yourself in a day. As far as what classes you should pick, I don't really know how to answer that for you. I can tell you that when I went to my first Reapercon in 2016, I had already been painting for a couple of years and still considered myself to be a beginner so I took beginner classes and a couple of classes that would benefit anyone from any skill level - for instance, Julie Guthrie's spooky tree class, which is super fun and she's wonderful Not every class that I've taken the past two years appear to be offered this year, but from my own personal experience, I would very highly recommend Ian Markon (Kuro Cleanbrush)'s Blending - Layering and Feathering class. It looks like that class is being offered both Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon. Ian's a great teacher and very helpful and approachable.....and while I was typing this up he displayed those facts very well. I would also very highly recommend to any beginner or anyone who has maybe been painting for a while but feels like they're having trouble making that next step up from a sort of tabletop level taking Brice Cocanour's Everything I wish I knew when I started painting class, which is scheduled on Sunday morning. Brice goes through a lot of general really useful information and that class was where the proper highlight placement lightbulb finally went off in my head.
  2. Guindyloo

    Super Kingdom Death Explore!

    I meant to click the follow button on this thread ages ago. Your work is always an inspiration. The colour combinations on those spiderlings especially are just gorgeous!
  3. That's true, I forgot that they came out with glossy versions of their shades. Your store may have gotten a batch of mislabeled bottles if you've returned and exchanged multiple times. I admit, I can't really tell what level of glossy your zombies came out as because your pictures are blurry so I thought that the level of shine coming off of them was an artifact of that, but if you're getting a mirror like shine from them, that is not normal Agrax Earthshade behaviour. I find the shades to leave more of a satin finish level of shine, not a glossy sheen.
  4. Guindyloo

    Vallejo Blacks

    The question wasn't asking about those "basic blacks" it was asking how the two specific blacks compare. The use for the black paints wasn't even stated. Had the question been "I have x black for general black use, should I bother buying 10 more blacks for general black use?" then sure, the opinion that buying those 10 blacks would be nitpicky could be valid. But the question wasn't asking for opinions on buying different blacks, it was asking for an opinion comparing two specific blacks. Dismissing comparing two different paints isn't useful. It's a valid question whether it's comparing two blacks or two reds. They may be totally different shades, they may be exactly the same, but you don't know unless you actually compare them which you can't do if you dismiss doing so as just being nitpicky.
  5. Guindyloo

    Vallejo Blacks

    I wouldn't call having multiple blacks being nitpicky at all. Just like any other colour, different blacks have different tones, different levels of coverage, some may just be really dark grey, some may lean more toward a blue, green or red. That will make a difference, even if it's just a subtle one. Unfortunately I don't have either of the blacks in question or I'd swatch them up to compare.....looks like you're just going to have to buy it.
  6. Honestly I can't speak to the different qualities of different washes because I really use them so little. It's usually only on terrain/bases and the shininess always irks me because I don't use Dullcote due to the humidity here being too high for me to use aerosol products in general so I'd rather avoid the problem over trying to find a solution.
  7. The shininess is the nature of the beast with any wash. It's one of the reasons that I don't prefer using washes at all. You can dull them back down with something like Dullcoate. But overall I find GW's paints and whatnot to be on the shinier side. I think rather than it being a case of people not being honest about it, I think it's more of a case that some people aren't bothered by more of a glossy finish and some people are. The white spots are likely due to diluting the shade with water. I don't have a source for it, but I heard (I think during a painting livestream) that Citadel's shades are not meant to be thinned with water; water actually can cause them to crystallize. I have still diluted with water and not had an issue, but if I use a wash, it is in very concentrated areas and using very little. But I suspect that the crystallization is what you're seeing. Try thinning with a medium instead like a matte medium or airbrush thinner, something like that. If you use a matte medium, you may be able to dull down the shine at the same time.
  8. Box received on, I think it was Thursday.
  9. Guindyloo

    Happy LV-426 day, Guindyloo!

    Y’all are adorable. It wasn’t my birthday, my birthday’s in August. It was LV-426 Day aka Alien Day because April 26th = 4/26. So certainly a birthday for many of my children, but not mine just yet.
  10. Guindyloo

    Happy LV-426 day, Guindyloo!

    Awwww, thanks! Hugs for everyone!
  11. Guindyloo

    Court of the Dead - Mourner's Call 4/24

    Oh no As if it's not bad enough that Sideshow has to constantly tease me with their $500-$2000 gorgeous xenomorph models, now they have to tease me with more Court of the Dead. I have the Court of the Dead artbook and it's so gorgeous, I have been debating for a while on getting a second copy so that I can frame some of the prints without feeling too guilty about cutting up the book. But most of the line has just been too expensive for my budget, much like all of Sideshow's gorgeous art. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this to see what the price point is going to be. It might be worth it to me even just to get the Death figure because he is so gorgeous and I'm never going to be able to afford the $700 model. (Not when there are $2000 xenomorph queen models to strive to be able to afford )
  12. Guindyloo

    Vordakai Cyclops Lich 60082

    First of all, you're very welcome for the prior critique! I wish I had more time during the day to comment on posts more often but for some silly reason, I end up with a lot of work to do at work. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner to answer your question about the purple robe, but the good news is that I think you did a great job with it! You'd lost the midtone previously, but now it looks really rich and lovely. Finding the proper balance can be really tricky but once you find it, it's a really lovely thing. Now don't you dare redo that skin! Forget about not doing exactly what I said, what you did has worked out just fine! More than fine! What you needed more than anything was to tone it down and bridge the gap between the base skintone and the shading. I think you have a really great thing going now. I admit I wasn't really feeling the bruises before, but now that you've got them integrated more, I'm totally on board. I'm excited about them even - I really like the variation that you have going on now and that was a good instinct to add a touch of skintone to the colour to warm it up just a touch so now he looks alive. Be gentle with your shading, whatever you use, just glaze it in slowly because this skintone is still so pale that it'll be really easy to go in too dark and throw the balance off. Same thing with the highlighting. Go very gradually with thin layers while keeping your light source in mind and I think you're going to have some really beautiful skin as a result. That's really the trick to skin, I find, is you just have to find that right balance to transition the colours gently. That P3 Moldy Ocher was a fantastic colour choice. It goes really well with the purple, but it also goes well with the skin. You've got a really harmonious colour scheme going and I dig it a lot. Don't be hard on yourself, you're doing a great job. Just have patience with yourself and work thoughtfully. Even if something doesn't go as planned or it doesn't look as good as you thought it did once you take pictures (I'm regularly plagued by that phenomenon myself) use those moments to think about how you can do something better, whether that's going to be reworking what you already have or taking that knowledge to the next figure.
  13. Guindyloo

    Kingdom Death: Pinup Wet Nurse

    I hadn't realized I'd forgotten to update here in so long. So a few things have happened over the past couple of days. Let's see here. I attached her hand. Before I attached it, I Brown Linered it and then threw some shadow skin colour on the fingers/part of the hand that would be toward her face. Parts that won't need delicate work but certainly needed a touch of colour. After attaching it, I realized that I'd missed a rather large mold line over the top of one of her fingers, so that was quite a bother trying to clean up while also trying not to knock her hand back off. I then painted up the vial on the contraption she's holding. I basecoated with P3 Coal Black, then added tiny bits of yellow (not sure what yellow) up to a pure yellow right at the liquid line. I also added some grey to the Coal Black for the empty part of the vial. Then I highlighted the glass with some dots of pure white. I hadn't painted a liquid filled glass vial before so I watched like 6 videos about it before attempting it. I think it turned out pretty well. Then I worked on her stockings. I wanted them to be blueish to bring down the blue of her hair without being too matchy. I think she's a pretty extra sort of lady, but still, matching her stockings to her hair seemed like a bit much. So I took the P3 Coal Black and mixed in some of the Warcolours Marine 4 to lay down this really lovely sort of navy colour. Then I added varying amounts of skin tones in very thin layers to highlight up. Lots of glazing to smooth out the blends, but I purposefully kept all of my brush strokes small and horizontal to give a slight texture. I wanted the stockings to be somewhat opaque, but to have a nice sheen to them. Her left side is relatively boring, compared to the other angles of her, so to bring some visual interest to that side, I did a little bit of freehand holes/a run in the stockings. I love taking pictures of her from this angle. This is the kind of silhouette that keeps me excited about art.
  14. Guindyloo

    Kingdom Death: Pinup Wet Nurse

    No worries, I'm just telling you where I'm coming from with it!
  15. Guindyloo

    Kingdom Death: Pinup Wet Nurse

    Just a difference in taste, I think! It's a bit of a nod to the original artwork, and "beauty marks" are a pretty iconic element of classic pinup girls. I like to imagine her drawing it on herself.