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  1. That's because you're not an introvert plagued with the horror of strangers in your home that you didn't invite nor expect. My anxiety was already through the roof with the uncertainty of the weather. I wanted to come home and snuggle my kitties while I worked. Instead, I'm awkwardly sitting on the couch, too distracted to get any work done, and the kitties are hiding behind the bed. I would very much like to join them. It's totally fine that you don't get it, btw, I'm happy for people that don't get it. This brain really sucks the life out of me sometimes.
  2. I'm being punished for coming home to work while it's still just drizzling....maintenance was in here for like half an hour and he's coming back shortly with the sheetrock people and painters to fix the holes in the wall from the busted water hose over the weekend.
  3. I'm home safely. As predicted, it stopped raining about 5 minutes after I got here. Now hopefully the cats and I don't get taken off to Oz.
  4. The severe weather came early so I'm still at the office and we're under a tornado warning for the next half hour. See, this is exactly what I was trying to avoid. Bleh.
  5. Yes, but wait until I've reached home and you can hope for it only happening directly over my jobsite so it's obvious that I had every reason to be concerned, but I don't really want the bad weather by me.
  6. I have decided that I'm leaving to finish the day from home in about 45 minutes, as it's supposed to start getting rough around noon. I will probably leave and the sun will immediately come out and all of the birds will start chirping like I'm coming out of the tunnel into Toontown, but I'm going to do it nonetheless.
  7. Me: Thanks for helping me out with this Coworker: No problem, it's the least I can do with all the times you help me! Me: Well I'm not keeping score or anything, but I appreciate it I'm totally keeping score.
  8. 1) Thank you. 2) "I know I probably should've come in, but a frog on the internet told me to stay home. I know that sounds weird, but he's a great frog, a terrific frog, believe me, he's the best frog and that's why I stayed home even though it wasn't even drizzling." 3) And I like sentence fragments.
  9. Yeah that's why I'm trying to figure out when it's going to get bad...but everything was at least consistent that it definitely wasn't going to start until around lunchtime so I felt like an infant sitting at home when it's not even drizzling out.
  10. Stupid tropical storm. We were supposed to have sustained storms all day, so I'd let the powers that be know that I would be working from home because my street floods and my car is very low to the ground so I don't deal with flooding. So I woke up an hour and a half later than usual, expecting to just hop on my work computer in my pajamas......only it wasn't even raining. I put on the weather and wind shear broke up the storm some overnight, so now we're only looking at scattered storms. I can't justify working from home for scattered storms. So I hopped in the shower and got dressed as quickly as I could and now I'm really bitter about sitting at my desk in actual clothing. I can't get a straight answer on when the weather's supposed to get bad again - I have 4 weather apps on my phone and every single one of them says something completely different, but everyone seems to agree that "at some point" the weather's going to get severe. So I don't know when to plan to go home. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing that conditions aren't as bad as they thought they were going to be...I would just like a little consistency so I can make a decision on what to do.
  11. Looking great! You've got this! I might have to start cheating on Brown Liner with Sepia Liner...
  12. I really like your custom mini holder; it looks great. That was really smart to put a magnet in it. The wires on top of the holders are to rest a finger on for stability and to decrease muscle stress and hand fatigue. Not everyone holds their minis like that, but some of us do and you end up rubbing paint/primer off of the figure's head, which is very annoying. The wire allows you to still hold it the same way, with the same advantages, but without having to touch the figure.
  13. That's going to stain the carpet. *thumbs down*
  14. I have said that I believe I'm haunted by spirits that drowned and they want me to drown too. Waterloo works and don't worry, I'm well into the point that I mostly laugh at all of this. I have never heard of anyone having this many issues and at this point it's comical to me. The plumber just got here. He looked at it and said "Oh no."
  15. Maintenance was just here. When he saw it - because water had started spraying out from behind the washing machine....well, I can't tell you the words he used. Apparently, the water was spraying out from the broken pipe so hard that it burst through the sheet rock, which is why it started spraying out. He turned the water off to the building and called the plumbers, who now will show up god knows when. Hopefully sooner rather than later considering now no one in the building has water. I feel bad for the other residents, honestly. I wouldn't like to wake up in the morning and discover that - surprise! You can't take a shower or brush your teeth or wash your hands or flush the toilet more than once and you don't know why. The on-call emergency service is going to be fielding a bunch more calls. @Thes Hunter It's been suggested to me by other people to have them move me to another unit but I can't imagine that the other units don't have the same kinds of issues. The building is old and poorly maintained. So I stick to the unit that I know has had things fixed already. I would really not like to go through the sewage backing up from the toilet again. Beside that, if I'm going to go through the hassle of moving, it's going to be out of this building. And like I said before, that's just not financially feasible right now.