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  1. I wish I could draw better - I would totally make this for you. But while fun, my stupid pictures generally use too much of other people's work to put on a t-shirt. Fine for silly collages to make people laugh on the internet, totally not ok to put on a product.
  2. Oh, so you think that because I didn't immediately hop to and complete your request that then re-sending the request 20 minutes later and CCing your manager was somehow going to make me drop everything I'm doing because you need it done to "complete some tasks I have scheduled for today." Sorry, but your elfhattedness has triggered my stubborn core and I will MAYBE get to your request, which will only take me about 30 seconds to do, sometime after lunch. Of course your alternative would be to call IT and put in an actual ticket and they'll MAYBE have it completed in the next 24 hours or so. Your choice. Because shockingly, everyone else is also trying to "complete some tasks I have scheduled for today" and your request is way lower on the priority list than just about everything else on my to do list.
  3. Signal boosting this again-
  4. When I had cable, I would leave The Food Network on for hours on end. I loved Iron Chef, Good Eats, Barefoot Contessa, Chopped, etc. It got turned off when anything with Guy Fieri came on though. Ugh. Beyond Food Network, I enjoyed Top Chef and anything with Gordon Ramsay because.... exactly that. If you've never watched a non-American show with Gordon Ramsay then you are missing out on what a funny, charming and extremely passionate person he is. I highly recommend the British version of Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word. When I can find them online, I love to watch The Great British Bake Off and my ultimate favourite cooking show of all time is Masterchef: Australia. While entertaining at times, I grew sick of the typical drama-focused backstabbing wishing ill on each other format of American cooking competition shows. Then my BFF told me about Masterchef: Australia and it was a breath of fresh air. Not only do the judges want the competitors to do their best, but the competitors all want each other to do their best. They're supportive and lovely and it's very rare for me not to be rooting for every single one of them. I haven't watched it in a while because watching a season is a commitment - the show airs 5 nights a week and episodes vary in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  5. Check this out if you haven't already:
  6. I will take that to mean that you don't believe in violence, and not to mean that you have not wanted to smack me at any point. Sometimes even I want to smack me.
  7. Oh no, Doug's going to smack me. I was joking about the shirt. Re: the exchange that began here with Doug's post: Where he was being helpful because I was whining that my colours weren't showing properly....and in my tired grumpy snarkiness, I tossed a crumpled grey t-shirt into my pictures......and it helped. But as Doug would tell you, for small scale minis, the texture of the fabric is likely to mess with your camera's focus. You're better off with grey paper.
  8. See, that's when I'm happiest. I want the A/C to blow directly on me all day so that I have to wrap myself up in a sweater and think how cold I am and that I might have a cup of hot cocoa when it's eleventy billion degrees outside.
  9. It's not so much the heat for us, it's the humidity. 67% is really low, it's normally around 88-92% and that's when it's really miserable. I prefer the 69F side of things and don't really like to set it above 73 or 74 when I leave because it takes it so long to catch up in the evening.... but my electricity bill made a sudden hop that I wasn't too pleased with.....but then I think that it just has to work twice as hard to bring the temp back down in the evening that I might as well let it run multiple times during the day and it'll all even out.
  10. That's outside. Inside the office it's hard to tell because the thermostat is in the hallway, which is cooler than inside the office since the other A/C's are blowing out into the hallway the most. The thermostat says 75.... so it's probably around 78 inside of my office. I riot if the thermostat gets set above 73 and keep my home thermostat between 69 and 71 when I'm there and put it up to 75 when I it's definitely warmer in here than I would like. Funny enough, it's the people in this office who are from up North who complain about it being too cold in the office when it's 71-73 in here. I guess they're not used to the constant blow of a Southern A/C system.
  11. Nah, we just haven't hit our full on summer yet and it's been raining a lot. Give it a couple of weeks.
  12. So the A/C is out in my office. They're supposed to come to fix it sometime this afternoon. It's not the end of the world, my office is part of a bunch of interconnected trailers, so there are A/C's running all over, so it's not THAT bad in here, plus I have a little fan to keep the air circulating. 86F with a heat index of 94F and 67%, it could've happened on a worse day. I prefer to be freezing at all times though.
  13. Crushing debt and regret.
  14. Check out Warcolours paints. They are much thinner than GW and Vallejo and while they're not exactly local to you, they're based in Cyprus so the shipping might be more reasonable for you than trying to get something shipped from the states.
  15. How many minis would it take to crush a person to death? Take that and multiply by 20.