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  1. Guindyloo

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    My account appears to just be gone - along with my $150 account credit. Zero warning before doing something like this? ZERO? Are you serious? I don't even care what the new site looks like, I care that you nuked my account without any warning on a holiday. I don't have time to deal with this right now. Reaper's lack of communication gets worse and worse and worse.
  2. Yeah that was me, got my email/tracking. Wave 1, locked in on 9/11.
  3. I just received the email.
  4. I have not yet received an email, but pledge manager is giving me a tracking number. Wave 1, locked in 9/11/17 mid-day.
  5. I don't think you should do that. It looks like all this time it was your poking that was delaying things.
  6. I'm going to put this on my resume.
  7. Reaper is not small. They haven't been for some time. Any company pulling in millions of dollars in a kickstarter is no longer small. Just because you prefer to keep your staff small does not mean that you're a small business no matter how much you insist that you are. They are one of the largest companies in the business. Much of their communication issues are caused by their insistence on running like a small business even though they have outgrown that business model. And just to reiterate, the problem is not that there isn't a designated individual to distract everyone from the fact that the engine's smoking. The problem is that the engine's smoking.
  8. Reaper is awesome at illustrating my points. 10/10
  9. I think you're misreading some of what I wrote. I'm suggesting a "dedicated, full-time social media presence," the meaning there being staff of whatever necessary number that is only dedicated to social media. The "People from different departments come in" that you describe is what currently occurs in that different staff members pop onto social media from time to time to put up pictures or make comments. It is my fully unofficial understanding that their company policy is not to give answers to anything without official authorization, thus why you mostly get zero answers or non-answers. I think that you're ascribing actions to certain individuals when I'm talking about overall company decisions. These issues persisted before any prior employees left the company, it just wasn't as obvious because there was more of a presence here on the forum and in the kickstarter comments, but most information that was given was non-answers that at least made some people feel more like someone was listening, but didn't really address the overarching issues that I'm talking about.
  10. IMO Reaper has always had a communication/PR problem due to the way that they choose to structure the dissemination of information. ie. We can't post an update because it's not update day. We can't give an official answer to your question until we discuss it at our weekly meeting....but then we probably won't answer it after that either. When someone is unhappy with the service or product they've received, they are left to argue with other customers about it until the point that the exchange reaches a level of hostility that a Reaper representative only then steps in to lock, delete, or remove the altercation from visibility, but the original complaint is still rarely directly addressed and so the only result is that the person that was angry is not only still angry, they're additionally angry at the people that argued with them and that they were just left by Reaper to be yelled at by random people on their forum/facebook/kickstarter comment section/twitter, etc. One of the biggest mistakes there is the under-utilization of social media and neglecting to cross-post across all platforms. Reaper instead treats social media like a quirky platform for them to make fun cameos on or drop hints/make semi-official teaser announcements on or drop exclusive contests that customers have to be in the know to participate in. In Current Year, that's a horrible misuse of social media. One only needs to check out any mildly successful streamer to see how social media should be utilized - you don't post about something in one place without mentioning/linking to it in all of the other places. You don't drop official info into an hour long livestream without accompanying it with an official text announcement across the other platforms. (That's not anything against the Reaper Live broadcast, which I enjoy very much. Though I would enjoy it more if they sorted out their ear-blasting audio issues - seriously, RIP headphone users whenever they switch over to that abysmal copyright free dance music they've inexplicably chosen to burst my eardrums with for every cutaway.) Social media should never be abandoned the way that Reaper abandons theirs. Angry/upset/concerned customers shouldn't be left to defend themselves against other angry/upset/concerned customers. Just like you wouldn't allow an altercation to go on unaddressed in a physical store, you shouldn't leave such things to work themselves out on your official social media pages because it won't ever be worked out because social media fosters a hostile environment that rewards snarky, irrational, abusive, biased and bullying comments with likes. That's the reality of social media, (and I know some of you like to say that you don't participate in social media, but that's what an online forum like this one is, the more current iterations of social media just happen to have embraced brevity over the long form text of a message board,) and we're all guilty of that behaviour in our current society where every person and company is expected to have an online presence. Customer service is no longer just about standing behind your products and righting any mistakes that occur, it has evolved to require much more than that and Reaper put themselves in that position, so they can't just keep sticking their toe in the murky waters of social media, they need to fully dive in with a dedicated full-time social media presence that is trained and authorized to make sure that any situation that can be dealt with is and upset customers are turned into happy customers instead of ex-customers. ETA: I wasn't expecting quite so positive of a response to this post. @Reaper Ron I know y'all are busy but I think this is a significant enough number of likes that y'all should be aware of what people are thinking.
  11. Guindyloo

    Buying a Game Only For the Miniatures

    Guindyloo has bought a few games just for the minis, not a lot. They just had a lot of components and so you are thinking it was more games than it actually was. And you were so horrified by it, that while I saved the couple of games that you guilted me into keeping, I stopped throwing the components away for any additional games after that point on camera. My opinion is that if you bought the game just for the minis and you don't have the space, then treat the game components like extra fancy packaging that came with the minis and don't feel guilty about getting rid of it. Spend as much time as you are willing to devote to it to exploring your options for each individual game, ie. check ebay for similar listings, talk to your FLGS, join a facebook group dedicated to the game/post on their forum to see if there's interest in such a thing. But if there's no interest or it goes beyond the time/effort that you're willing to devote to it, then recycle what you can and trash the rest of it. If a game that I bought on kickstarter purely for the minis suddenly one day becomes valuable, well then Buglips will get a very hearty "I told you so". But I grew up with parents who were hoarders, so I decline getting invested in objects that bear no meaning nor value for me. Like everyone else in this hobby, I have a tendency to collect too many minis and mini-related things. I'm not collecting glorified garbage on top of that. Collect the things that mean something to you, get rid of the rest of it and you'll be much happier.
  12. I bet you thought I was not going to see this thread again, @Chaoswolf but I accidentally noticed it this time. Location: NOLA area International Shipping: No Box Starter: Happy to remain a starter
  13. @malefactus I believe you were how I first heard of Ana Polanscak's blog Gardens of Hecate. In any case, the project made me think of you.
  14. Guindyloo

    01629: Maiden Bust

    Thanks all for the kind comments! I'm glad you like her! Yeah, I'd really like to see them put out some more busts as well, but I think Reaper's main focus is on making gaming miniatures and stuff like this is going to remain as the occasional special limited edition release. Both fortunately and unfortunately there's no shortage of boutique companies putting out busts, but it can be a bit of an expensive specialization to veer off toward. However, honestly you can find plenty of busts for the same price range. I obviously didn't buy her myself, but I think she was in the $30-$40 range. You have to get into a pretty large scale with a lot of complicated details to push beyond that range. You can even find some really nice stuff in the $20-$30 range. Anyway, maybe they'll sell her again this year at Reapercon, or put out a new one. I wouldn't mind a series of similar busts at all. Thanks for the suggestions, but it's not a lack of knowledge, it's a lack of space to dedicate to a proper set up. If I had a place to permanently set up a place to take pictures, I'd get it figured out and it'd be fine. But since I don't have that space, I just don't have the desire to get something set up every single time I want to take pictures of something. I'll try harder if it's for a competition or I'm feeling insecure about how something looks, but otherwise, it's honestly a choice between bad pictures or no pictures. I'd just rather spend my time painting than fighting with lamps and backgrounds and cameras and photo editing software.
  15. @MiniDungeonMaster I made a good bit of progress but definitely will not be able to work on it more today. I added notes where there was additional/alternative name info available. I feel pretty sure that I know who sculpted more of the figures, but I want to make sure that I'm getting confirmation and not just going from memory. @ShaneB if you're around and wanted to make some updates to your excellent spreadsheet, here's some more info.