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  1. Just under 24 hours to go if anyone still wanted to hop in on this one!
  2. My posts were not intended as personal attacks, I'm sorry that you felt that they were. Your comments simply kicked off what I view as a lively debate regarding crowdfunding, small businesses and customer expectations. I'm sorry if you took my disagreement with what you said to be a personal attack. Doug and I could argue with a fence post but sometimes find it more interesting to argue with each other and your comments served as catalyst for that argument.
  3. Not more virtuous, different. And as such, I believe that one's treatment of such should scale to the appropriate response rather than treating each one exactly the same. Just as if I'm talking to someone that I know very well, it will be different from how I speak to someone that I've just met and different from someone who's a colleague. That's not a perfect analogy, so I'll bring it back around to art. You find yourself at a children's arts and crafts fundraiser (not your child, not a relative's child, not anyone you know,) you're not going to go in expecting to find the work of an artist who has been honing their craft for 20 years, you're going to expect children's arts and crafts. Knowing that it's also meant to be a fundraiser, you're likely going to expect the prices to be more than you would normally expect to pay for macaroni art. Now maybe you find a beautiful macaroni art that you would be happy to display in your home, but lord, $20 is too much to pay for macaroni art. Even in that case, you're going to weigh the value of what's being offered. You've got multiple factors to consider - it's made by a child, it's for a fundraiser, you really do like it quite a bit, you want to encourage an aspiring artist, etc. Knowing all of that, do you choose to ignore those factors and tell the kid they'll sell more macaroni art if they lower the price, do you hand over the $20, do you choose to walk away? Something else entirely? Do you treat that situation the same as walking into an established shop and buying a painting to put on your wall? Does it matter? I think that it does. It wasn't in response to someone asking for something different, it was in response to someone saying that they would continue "pestering them until they give in" and that is, actually, an attempt at force in my opinion or at the very least a promise of it. Perhaps both the original statement and my choice of term are hyperbolic, but what synonym for "pester" would be more appropriate? Badger? Harass? Beleaguer? And I would expect that Reaper, a company that has been in business for decades, would be quite experienced with honing their PR responses to give the best answers possible. I would not expect the same from a small business that is just getting started. Again, you have to temper your expectations as the situation dictates.
  4. Oh I didn't realize who this was until I saw the animal skin rugs - I have bought from her before through Etsy (shop name there is TableTopFurniture) and I was very, very happy with the quality of the sculpts and casts. She does, in fact, cast everything on demand and always has a wait list, but is very open about the fact that you will likely have a 1.5 - 2 month wait from the time that you order to the time that it gets from Russia to you. I believe it was closer to a 1.5 month wait for the stuff that I ordered from her. I looked at her previous indiegogo campaign and she had the same term "optimistic view" on the time frame for that project as well - I'm wondering if that's getting lost in translation and is meant to convey that they really are optimistic about the time frame, rather than being sardonic. Either way, it appears that they did successfully make the time frame on the previous project. I'm not interested in joining indiegogo but I don't think there's much, if any, risk that this campaign won't deliver. I will happily order from her etsy/shop again in the future.
  5. And like I said, there's nothing wrong with getting a deal being your priority, but once a company has declined the request, I don't think that pestering them until they give in is an appropriate tactic on a platform that clearly states that it is not a store and whose goal is "to help bring creative projects to life." It's very straightforward that haggling is not an intended function of kickstarter, but rather there are different pledge levels that you can choose from depending on what level of support you would like to give. They use the word "support" quite liberally, I've noticed; the entire section where you select your pledge level is labeled "Support" and when you pledge, the site thanks you for supporting the creator. Certainly things have a tendency to evolve as they get bigger, for better or worse, and I would agree that kickstarter has evolved more toward the business end, again with larger companies pushing it that way by being as flexible as they can afford to be and offering things like add-ons and free stretch goals. But I would argue that this has been detrimental to small creators who need the platform more. Were the original intention for kickstarter to just function as a store for preorders, I would concede more, but it's not meant to be that. Again, priorities change but I personally think that they should change based on whose campaign it is. If Reaper's running a campaign, sure, expect to get a good deal because they can afford to give you one. But a creator who isn't even really a company that is just trying to get a project out into the world? ...I just think there should be a difference in expectations between walking into Walmart vs. walking into a locally owned Mom and Pop store. Sure, don't buy something that you don't think is worth it, but also understand that Mom and Pop have different expenses and means and have to run their business differently than Walmart does, no matter what street they happen to be located on. If you still choose to shop at Walmart, I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I do think there's something wrong with trying to force Mom and Pop into bending to your will.
  6. Guindyloo

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    They also made unlicensed Witcher sculpts that were not just inspired by, like many companies tread the murky water of, they were exact replicas of pre-existing official art... after selling them, they then just quietly removed them, presumably after receiving a C&D letter. I admit that I do still purchase Scale75's paints and have purchased many of the aforementioned murky "inspired by" type sculpts from other companies, but I no longer trust that Scale75 can be expected not to steal exact figure designs from other artists, so all of their figure kickstarters are an auto-pass for me. They could change my mind, but it would have to be done through good will, not nice figures.
  7. If you can easily afford the $120 and believe in supporting the company, then getting that pledge and sharing with friends/people at your FLGS/random strangers who would potentially turn into future customers to buy more from the company in the long run would be a great way to support them. Likewise, if you don't want to have to figure out what to do with the extras, that's perfectly reasonable, but then supporting the company would be to pledge for what you do want and then support them further by purchasing the additional figures at retail. But getting exactly what you want or else you'll pull your pledge from the project entirely is not putting supporting the company as your priority, it's putting yourself as the consumer as the priority. And that's fine, it's your money, you are absolutely entitled to do whatever you please with it, but understand and be realistic about what your priority is. Your input on a project is only valuable if it's aimed at providing the creator with further success, not if its aim is only to get you what you want.
  8. White metal is likely more expensive, actually. It depends on what mix they're using. I understand that you see it as "but if you do this, I'll give you $45 for all 13 and other people may join in and also give you $45" but you need to understand that you have to see it from their perspective - they have added those figures to the higher pledge levels purposefully for added incentive to convince people to go in for the higher pledge levels. You may be willing to bet that a $45 for all 13 sculpts pledge level would bring in additional backers, but they absolutely must assume that taking away the added incentive from the people who have already pledged for the $90 and $120 levels could convince those people to lower their pledges. They must assume that all 16 people currently pledging for the $90 and $120 levels, could potentially drop down to the $45 level. That takes the $1770 those people are currently pledging down to only $720. Worse yet, they would have to assume that taking that incentive away could cause ill will in those backers and they could end up dropping their pledges altogether. I know that it makes sense to you that paying $45 for 13 miniatures works out to paying about $3.46 each whereas paying $120 for 43 miniatures works out to paying about $2.79 each and that seems to make sense that they would then be making more money off of your pledge. However, if you actually math it out, their side still makes the most sense. They are not losing money by selling the 43 for less per miniature. I don't know how much it actually costs to produce a metal miniature, but simply for my ease of doing math I'm going to say it's $1. So for a cost of $43, they make $77 off of a $120 pledge. On the other hand, by your proposed pledge level, for a cost of $13, they make $32. That would mean that 2 backers at the $45 level would make them $64, which would still not bring the same return as 1 backer at the $120 level. If you could guarantee that you could bring in 3 backers at the $45 level for every $120 backer, then yes, a $45 level could potentially make them more money. But there is no guarantee of that and as popular as this kickstarter appears to be, they only have 116 backers. Rabbits with weapons based on medieval drawings is very niche. They obviously very much have the potential to sell, but only to a very small percentage of a market that is dominated by much larger companies. Incidentally, it is some of those larger companies that have warped the usage of kickstarter in the minds of a lot of backers by practically giving product away to drive additional sales because they can afford to do so. You have to remember that the point of kickstarter is not to give the backers the best deal possible, the point of kickstarter is to help small companies launch a product that they cannot afford to launch on their own. In this specific case, we're talking about a sculptor who does commission work, who doesn't even currently have a webstore and sells some of his sculpts via paypal, being helped out by another small company who successfully previously ran a couple of small kickstarters. Yes, you can often get really great deals by pledging for kickstarters, but the point of any campaign is to support a project and/or creator that you believe in, not pester them into giving you what you want to their own possible detriment.
  9. Funded! 49 hours left to hop in! ETA: I mean goal met. Y'all know what I mean. Forgive me for my addled Third Monday of the week brain.
  10. 21 USD shy of being funded, so if anyone likes to be the hero to swoop in to push funding over the edge, now's your chance!
  11. Guindyloo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I actually really dislike how I look with glasses, always have. It didn't help that I got made fun of for them a lot in school because the transition lenses (the type that automatically turn into sunglasses in the sun) were recent technology at the time and mine got stuck at an in-between stage, so I permanently had these sickly tea colour tinted glasses for several years because my mother refused to buy me new ones until I absolutely couldn't see with them anymore because they'd been so expensive. So as a teen I was religious about putting in my contacts. In my 20's I couldn't afford to get both, so I had to choose glasses. Now? Dude, I'm lazy AF, I'm not bothering with contacts.
  12. Not sure why this campaign is struggling to fund - these figures have hella detail. Perhaps too niche? I'm definitely dipping into next month's budget, but I went in for a whole set because I really want these to fund.
  13. Guindyloo

    The Edge: Dawnfall v1.6

    Maybe yours got caught up in customs? Mine was just a small box with just terrain, did you have more stuff? They labeled the customs form something to the effect of "lost resin minis" which seemed like a peculiar phrase to me to put on a customs form.
  14. Guindyloo

    The Edge: Dawnfall v1.6

    I hope you get yours soon! I had actually completely forgotten about my resin terrain until it arrived. It is my understanding that it is just a reprint of the game because the only way they could afford to produce more copies was to run another kickstarter. However, there are tidbits here and there suggesting that there will be some new content in stretch goals and I have seen that they may offer the pieces that were resin-only previously in plastic to bring the cost down. They are well aware that they drastically over-promised on the previous campaign and very much struggled to get it done but I think in the end, delays and not anywhere near as responsive as they should be customer support aside, they did get it done. I know a lot of people were worried for quite a while that the campaign wasn't going to deliver at all, but I think they put out a really beautiful quality product that I was super happy with and mind you, I'm just talking about the miniatures because I don't play the games but I've heard that the game itself is supposed to be fantastic. If the budget allows it, I wouldn't be concerned about pledging for a few of the things that I couldn't afford in the previous campaign.
  15. Guindyloo

    Pokemon Go

    I saw this in the sidebar and thought you were saying your Pokemon turned into doritos. I would totally play this game if I got free doritos out of it.
  16. Guindyloo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You're a special sprinkle.
  17. Guindyloo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I'm going to see how many iron filings I can find in your unicorn cereal.
  18. Guindyloo

    Paint agitators?

    I didn't make you do anything. You did it because you love me....and also you know what's good for you.
  19. Guindyloo

    Paint agitators?

    Not just you; I think I always give my bottles a quick shake after I've taken them off of the vortex mixer. I don't typically do it consciously though, as I use the vortex mixer because shaking paint bottles inflames my carpal tunnel and then I can't paint. But I have noticed that I give it a little shake right before opening. If I ever shake the bottle before putting it on the mixer, however, it is simply because I have lost my brain and forgotten that I have a vortex mixer. Or I'm not painting at home and don't have my vortex mixer or Buglips with me to shake the bottles for me. Something I've not seen pointed out ahead of me is that Reaper did not stop putting agitators in their paint bottles, they just stopped putting tiny skulls in them. There is still an agitator bead. Some people just don't find only one agitator to be enough and add in an additional one or two.
  20. Guindyloo

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I really need to pop into the Sculpting forum more often because this is one of the best things I've ever seen on this forum. Gorgeous work already, Andy, and I'm really, really looking forward to seeing the rest and then ultimately buying and painting all of them! You've put a ton of care and detail into these guys and that makes them really easy to get excited about. Thanks for sharing the process with us; it's really neat to watch everything unfold with a craft that you obviously have a great deal of passion for.
  21. Guindyloo

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    I don't mean to be a downer here or anything, but y'all are basically just asking for a WIP forum printed out on poster boards. I get that these things are helpful, but at a certain point it's a bit pie in the sky. You're asking for a huge time commitment from instructors who are already dedicating their entire weekend to teaching and answering questions, and that's just the time to spend on the poster pow wow itself and not the time to paint the figure, make sure that they document the painting of the figure in a very detailed way, put together a super detailed write up (which can easily take several hours,) the cost to print out such things and then the space that it would take to display them along with the finished figure itself. A lot of the instructors already have blogs, tutorial videos, patreons, etc. If you're that interested in seeing the very detailed breakdowns of a certain instructor's work, I would strongly encourage you to seek out those sources and if applicable, throw a few bucks their way. If you have trouble thinking of useful questions to ask, then prepare yourself ahead of time. See what instructors will be there, study their work and if you think you'll have trouble remembering what to ask, write down your questions. Print out examples of their work that you want to ask about for reference in case they don't happen to bring that specific piece. I think it would be a little more constructive to brain storm about subjects that you would like to see taught rather than coming up with new and interesting ways to convey information.
  22. Guindyloo

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Ok, that's where your priorities are and that's on you, but I do happen to think that people should very much feel inhibited about posting personal attacks against other people just because they got their feathers ruffled. One's entertainment shouldn't take precedence over someone else's expectation not to be dragged through the mud.
  23. Guindyloo

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I think you need to step away from this thread for a breather for little bit, Doc. Being a bit needlessly aggressive there. TGP didn't insult you or make a big deal out of it to shame you, he just pointed something out. And in turn, you chose to mock him for it and act like he's caused you some deep insult. When one chooses to present their jokes as though they're facts, one should expect that from time to time, someone's not going to realize that it's meant to be a joke and will correct the incorrect statement. I'm pretty sure that the intention of this thread was for anyone who wanted to share something to feel free to do so, not for it to be a one man show where other people can either play along or be publicly ridiculed.
  24. Got it! Thank you, ladystorm and Reaper! The gift certificate is a really generous bonus to the usual prize for doing a 7 day challenge - continued insanity! Congratulations to @OneBoot and @Fire_Eyes and also all of you other crazies that entered! I think everyone did a fantastic job and everyone who made the attempt did something that obviously not a lot of people were willing or able to put the time and effort into! And look at all of the awesome painted dragons as a result! I suppose I should also thank @buglips*the*goblin for putting this together, but since he nearly killed me 4 times with these challenges...