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    I think it's just one of those things where it's going to vary from person to person according to their needs/wants. Not everyone is necessarily painting to improve and that's perfectly fine and not everyone tackles specific areas to practice on and that's ok too. I think there's a lot of different ways to practice. For some people, it works best for them to practice by painting an entire figure to the best of their ability, for some people it works for them to focus on doing their absolute best on one area of the figure and just a standard or quick job on the rest, for some people it works best for them to grab a figure they don't care as much about that has similar features to the figure they're really wanting to paint and practice certain techniques on that and sometimes they'll finish the paint job on the practice figure and sometimes they won't, they'll strip it or keep it for future reference. I even recommend to people that if they're having trouble with a certain area and want to practice in a really focused way, you can actually practice a lot of things on paper - using a brush to paint inside the lines on coloring book pages to practice brush control, practicing painting eyes on paper even though you're typically going to paint larger eyes on paper than you'll find on a mini (and the paper is flat instead of being rounded) it helps to do something repetitively like that to work up good muscle memory for making those precise little dots, not to mention finding colour schemes that work together, freehand practice, etc. I'm a combination of all of those. I have bones minis that have small areas painted that I don't intend on ever finishing, I have a couple that are just painted in crazy colour combinations because I wanted to paint but I just wanted to slop some paint around and not worry at all about the outcome, I have a few figures that I worked really hard on certain parts but called other parts good enough, I have watercolour paper scraps all over that I practiced freehand on, but for the most part, every figure I paint is practice and I'm always learning as I go. I think it's great to recognize that you're someone who needs to be enthusiastic about a figure to paint it. It's very easy to get bogged down in that thought process of "I'm not good enough to paint that figure" so you end up with a bunch of figures that you love and are inspired by, but they just sit in a drawer and end up languishing over painting things that aren't as special to you. It's very common and unfortunate and I've unfortunately done it for a long time myself. Incidentally, I have been in love with Kingdom Death's Flower Witch, ever since I saw Jessica Rich's "Danse Macabre" piece with her in 2015. It took me ages to get a copy of her due to the limited nature of Kingdom Death figures....eventually I got my hands on 3 copies and have a 4th coming after their last kickstarter...... and yet I still haven't painted her because I've been so afraid of messing her up. At this point, it should literally be considered a crime. ....and that's not even mentioning how many other Kingdom Death figures I own and keep buying and had never painted any of them because they're just too nice to mess up. So I decided to put a stop to that and finally paint a Kingdom Death figure. Most of them are multi-part and can be a little tricky to put together (and I loathe and am awful at assembly and prep) so I chose to go with a practice piece to start with and picked the Pinup Wet Nurse because I had a couple of copies and she's one of the few KD figures that is readily available. That practice piece won me a gold medal at Reapercon: https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2018/artist/Jenn Bland So, practice is truly what you make of it and you should absolutely choose whatever method or combination of methods works best for you personally. There's no right or wrong answer, only options. I think this thread is a great source for perspectives that people might not have thought about before because you never know what's going to make something click for you!
  2. Well thank you very, very much! It was very thoughtful and I love them lots!
  3. Ok, the box is on its way to you, @NecroMancer! As promised, here are pics of what I took out of it. Here’s everything: And some up close pics of the stuff that got the most glare: Reaper Bones Vanja, Fire Giant Queen GW Chaos Hounds A resin dragon Bag of rats Bag of goblins Bombshell pirate lady Coffin and some feathers aaaaaand.... Who added these???? There wasn’t a name in the book to tell me who to thank! (Which I should’ve done ages ago, sorry!) I love them so much!!!! (I’m posting this from my phone, so I apologize if the pics are hugely ginormous, I’ll make them smaller when I’m at the computer!) Can confirm, I did not let him do any such thing.
  4. Guindyloo box is on its way to Necromancer!
  5. FYI Buglips and I are heading to the post office very soon. I just put a bunch of stuff in AND I remembered where I put the stuff I took out so I could write it down like I’d meant to do ages ago. I promise I’ll take a pic of that stuff when we get back home in a couple of hours. I’m not promising that Buglips added a little something to the box, but I’m not promising he didn’t either....
  6. Guindyloo

    Welcome, new forum friends!

    Welcome! Hopefully I met a few of you over the course of the con and you caught me one of the times that I remembered to bring my ribbons with me! @Celianailo I’m glad you came and sat with us at the Sunday night dinner, it was a fun night! I’m also glad to see you got your name set up with a new account so you can have even more fun with us here!
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    It was great to meet you and Hedgie! I followed your page on Facebook so I can see what other adventures Hedgie goes on and I was glad that you caught me, @buglips*the*goblin and @Chaoswolf so we could be a part of them!
  8. Guindyloo

    Home Sweet Home/Post Con Report

    Buglips and I are finally back safe in New Orleans! Lots of traffic and lots of bad weather and my gps being a dumb-dumb pushed us back quite a bit later than intended, but we made it safe and sound!
  9. Guindyloo

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    @Keianna Buglips’ unicorn name is Fancy Starshine Blazer and mine is Sunbeam Spirit Dancer. We will expect everyone to address us appropriately.
  10. Guindyloo

    Unofficial forumite dinner on Sunday

    Buglips and I are in!
  11. Guindyloo

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Double check that....are you off until Tuesday the 4th or Wednesday the 5th?
  12. Guindyloo


    Looking great! Yes to some very light glazing! Just be very gentle with it and make sure your glaze is very thin, test it before you put it on the model to make sure it’s not too heavy and make sure you wick out the moisture on a paper towel. You’ve got some really great definition there with the shading.
  13. Guindyloo

    Happy Birthday, Guindyloo!

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the kind birthday wishes!
  14. Guindyloo

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I’ll be wearing t-shirts with xenomorphs on them every day. Generally if you find me, you will also find Buglips and vice versa, unless I’m in class or he’s cheating on me with the melt table or some hussy pinball machine.
  15. Guindyloo

    Roll Call for Con

    Now, now, Doc, you know I'm from the South. We'll cut you with our eyes and our tongues, but I wouldn't actually hit you. Violence of the soul is far more effective than physical violence. I have kept it perfectly safe from the elements and kitties. And I'll have you know, Doc, it was my suggestion that he leave it with me so it wouldn't get crushed in his carry-on and as a result, it wasn't destroyed in the fire, ergo I'm a fricking hero. I'll wait for the cake and parade thrown in my honour.
  16. Guindyloo

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    They’re awesome! Thank you so much!
  17. Guindyloo


    Yeah, I think it’s a little too large. Imagine what size you were planning on making the skull emblem. I think the belt part is right, but the circular front part could be trimmed back about to where that little bit of white is peeking through toward the bottom.
  18. Guindyloo

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Yeah I don't think there's any reasonable argument against getting new brushes just before or at the con. Don't go for something drastically different than what you're used to, of course and if you have a favourite brand/type and can get one (or a few) ordered in time, definitely do that. If you can't do that, then I'm sure you can find something comparable. I have never done anything more to remove tip glue than swish my brush around in my rinse cup. If you forget to do so, you'll know it because the brush will be stiff. It won't mess with your paint otherwise. You just need to rinse it. It would suck to lose any brush at the con, not just a brand new one. If you're worried about it, label your belongings and don't leave your stuff sitting around if someone you trust isn't around. With the con being in the hotel, it'll be easier than ever to only bring down the things that you need at that moment and not just leave your stuff around to grow legs.
  19. Guindyloo

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    That's a great idea, Cranky! Hopefully it gets to you in time! I just wear xenomorph shirts the whole time. Which is a large part of my wardrobe anyway, so it's literally the laziest way I can possibly identify myself to other people. I wouldn't mind having little xenomorph with flower crown pins though In all different colours.
  20. Guindyloo

    Getting To Know You August

    Cinematic. I'd be kneeling before Loki. ...because I happen to think he's the rightful king of Asgard, not what ever you were thinking.
  21. Guindyloo

    Sunshine Figures

    I thought long and hard about it and hopped in for the 2 bust pledge. This is what kickstarter is meant to be for, helping a new start up company that has a promising idea get kickstarted. It might not make it all the way to unlock the faune girl that I want the most, but I'm ok with them just getting funded in the first place so that I can get her from them down the road. I've backed enough large and/or already established companies for obnoxious amounts to get the best bang for my buck, I can adjust my budget a little to go toward helping a small company get on their feet.
  22. Guindyloo

    Getting To Know You August

    I love a good bowl of Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats especially the one with almonds, pretty much any of the faux healthy but still very sweet and sugary cereals. However, I don't typically eat cereal with milk anymore. If I try to, I'll just end up eating like 6 servings and that's no good. Also I can't keep cow's milk. It's just me and it really doesn't matter what small amount I buy, I'll only use half of it and the rest will go to waste. I don't ever just drink milk alone because I'm lactose intolerant. So these days, if I get milk, it's chocolate almond milk and I'm not putting that in cereal. I mean, I could, it would be tasty, but I'd prefer not to go down that rabbit hole. However, I will still buy cereal from time to time just to snack on dry. For that, I typically go for Cap'n Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Otherwise, I've become far more of an oatmeal person. I just use the pre-flavoured packages as I'm usually having breakfast at the office. I agree with those who noted that it's all down to taste, so I'm going to answer this from a personal taste point of view. I have a very wide range of musical tastes and while I do typically exclude a couple of genres from my listening, I don't generally dismiss those genres as being terrible, they're just not to my taste. For instance, I'll listen to some Johnny Cash from time to time, but I typically loathe the twanginess in most country music. It just irks me, so I don't listen to it. I wouldn't dismiss the genre as being terrible though, because country music brings quite a lot of joy to quite a lot of people and speaks to them the same way that my obscure British indie rock speaks to me. That being said, there are songs and even entire bodies of work by bands that I can't stand. 311 is one of those, Filter is another. So, that being said, in my opinion, probably the worst song to ever be made is Cotten Eye Joy by the Rednex. I have hated that song since the first time I heard it, I've never understood why anyone liked it, and I will never understand why it became such an obnoxiously huge international hit. And now it's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Special runner up would be I Miss You by Blink 182 "Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my yed" ugh. I liked Blink 182 back in the day, but I don't know why anyone ever put a microphone in front of Tom DeLonge's mouth. Depends on what you mean by visiting outer space. If you mean inside of a spaceship, sure, and my plan for getting there is to crawl into something I can blend into so I can pop out at the most dramatic moment. (I love a good entrance, ok?) If you mean actually in outer space, no thank you, stop opening airlocks around me, it's very rude and hurts my feelings. I'm still super proud of Seapac: A shower of acid blood. I'm pretty terrible at my current one, tbh.
  23. Guindyloo

    Sunshine Figures

    I put it on remind for when I have a better idea of what my September budget is going to be post-Reapercon. My favourite that I would say to hell with the budget for is Altea the Faune Girl....but she's the $35,000 stretch goal. It's a shame, if budget were not a thing, I'd happily go all in as I really like most of the sculpts quite a lot. It's just bad timing for me. But I'll know in September if I can hop in or not.
  24. Guindyloo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Thanks, yeah, I figured it was probably a too large of a volume even to keep low stock sort of situation, but as I said, I don't know enough on the matter to truly judge that reasoning. Which is why I would have felt much better if they'd just given better notice. I get that there are things that we're not privy to and reasons behind decisions that we might not understand and I'm ok with that. There's proprietary stuff and whatnot. Things happen, changes have to be made. That's fine. But if you're not going to/can't offer an explanation, then at least respect your customer base enough to keep them on the same page. The post was made in the News section where replies are disabled. When they want our feedback they post things in Reaper General. I figure it's a closed subject and I'm just whining over spilled paint.