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    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I think you need to step away from this thread for a breather for little bit, Doc. Being a bit needlessly aggressive there. TGP didn't insult you or make a big deal out of it to shame you, he just pointed something out. And in turn, you chose to mock him for it and act like he's caused you some deep insult. When one chooses to present their jokes as though they're facts, one should expect that from time to time, someone's not going to realize that it's meant to be a joke and will correct the incorrect statement. I'm pretty sure that the intention of this thread was for anyone who wanted to share something to feel free to do so, not for it to be a one man show where other people can either play along or be publicly ridiculed.
  2. Got it! Thank you, ladystorm and Reaper! The gift certificate is a really generous bonus to the usual prize for doing a 7 day challenge - continued insanity! Congratulations to @OneBoot and @Fire_Eyes and also all of you other crazies that entered! I think everyone did a fantastic job and everyone who made the attempt did something that obviously not a lot of people were willing or able to put the time and effort into! And look at all of the awesome painted dragons as a result! I suppose I should also thank @buglips*the*goblin for putting this together, but since he nearly killed me 4 times with these challenges...
  3. Guindyloo

    Ratpunzel - 77286 - Summer echange

    OMG I knew this was going to be awesome and it most definitely is! It's whimsical, beautiful, such a great idea and you totally nailed it!
  4. Guindyloo

    Saturated September!

    Re: Beholder - I'm pretty sure that's the best version of that figure I've seen! Re: Sorceresses - That's so weird that they didn't come with their collars! Did you finish them up anyway? You should! No worries about the pics - I've been battling that for ages! I hate that feeling of "but this looks so much better in person, I swear!" I'm all too familiar with it. Re: Gypsy Wagon - I like the fortune teller sign idea the most, but it definitely be as whimsical as the rest of it because good golly, friend! LOVE it! The bright colours work perfectly for it! I've been wanting that gypsy wagon ever since you told me about it, but haven't been able to get my hands on one yet. Now I need it even more! I think I'd like 2, really, one to paint up dark and spooky and 1 to paint whimsical and bright!
  5. Guindyloo

    Fantasy Football starbowl II chaos dwarf team

    Now would I do such a thing?
  6. Doesn't really have anything to do with the kickstarter, but I would like everyone to know that I'm disappointed in all of you for not pointing out to me that Impact has a set of chibi xenomorphs. Fortunately I discovered this on my own and ordered them, so order has returned to the universe. On topic - I think this is a really neat project and good on you for trying to make things better for people that got stiffed by another company!
  7. Guindyloo

    Dragon Queen, by WestForge

    Gorgeous work! Definitely will be putting in an order!
  8. Guindyloo

    Help with chalky skin tones

    Some paints just naturally come out chalky and it doesn't matter what you use to thin them with. If you have other options, you're better off using a different paint rather than fighting with a paint that doesn't want to cooperate. I love Reaper's Golden Skin triad. There are a couple of their other single skin tone paints that also work great for me. Otherwise, not so much. If the midtone colour of a skin tone triad is working for you but the highlight of it is coming out chalky, try gradually lightening the midtone colour manually with your favourite white/off-white instead.
  9. Guindyloo

    Miniature Painting Techniques—Glossary

    Thanks for all the info! I find it interesting that you're listing the term Blending to be interchangeable with Wet Blending. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I've only heard people refer to blending as the transition of one colour to another and then Wet Blending, Layering, Feathering, Glazing, 2 Brush Blending, etc. are different methods/techniques by which to achieve those blends. Interested to see if I'm the only one operating by that definition.
  10. Guindyloo

    Paint Track Apps?

  11. Incidentally, and I know that not everyone learns the same way that I do, but I don't generally take classes at Reapercon for things that I'm interested in learning about, I take classes on subjects that I've already put in a lot of time on. Sometimes that results in moments of "oh geez, if I would've known that sooner, I would've struggled a lot less" but more often than not, it's more of a feeling of helping something to click in my head or it helps me to see something differently or it's seeing something done that I just couldn't quite manage on my own. For example, I have been working on figuring out NMM these past few months, but I didn't take any NMM classes at Reapercon because at the time that the classes went on sale, I didn't feel like I'd put enough time into working on NMM that I'd get the same benefit as I would if I put in the time on practical learning. However, in working on my diorama entry, someone (me) had the stupid idea to go the NMM route with anything metallic on it. Some of it ended up clicking for me. Some of it was a disaster. But it was the time that I needed to put in...and fortunately, @Kuro Cleanbrush was kind enough to sit down with me and Buglips to go over NMM during one of his breaks (thanks again, Ian, it was super helpful! I really, really appreciate the way you explain things and NMM aside, you finally did what I had been trying to do but hadn't been successful at - you convinced Buglips to use a wet palette! ) and that was a really good next step that I really needed and I think will set me up really well to practice for the next year and then take a NMM class or two next year. If I were to set foot into a Reapercon classroom with no prior knowledge on the subject, for the way that I learn, I'd just be wasting my time. I'm not really there to be taught the steps of how to do something, I'm there to take in the instructor's knowledge and thought processes and approaches. But, again, that's me and I know very well what is conducive to my learning and what is not.
  12. Guindyloo

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    As best as I can tell (from my measly 10 minutes of research on their facebook and website), no they do not appear to have experience with making minis. They appear to have a pretty successful business selling what look like very nice gaming accessories (over 4000 sales on Etsy with all good feedback) and they have some D&D miniatures in their shop, but this appears to be their first foray into making miniatures themselves. "Critit started out as a shop making wooden gifts and toys, my love of RPG gaming propelled it to be your one stop shop for all your gaming accessories. I welcome custom orders and love to hear your ideas." ETA more from their Etsy page: "I have been making wooden items for many years now, I was lucky enough to learn my trade in carpentry during an apprenticeship where I grew up in Germany. Having worked a number of jobs I have now decided to realise my dream of running my own business.I ran a kickstarter project where I was fortunate to exceed my goal allowing me to finally purchase a shed/workshop to allow me to fully concentrate on my creations and take my starting business to the next level. Starting out making wooden decor items and Toys was great but my love of RPG games shone through and a range of gaming boxes where made and put on the website, these boxes where so popular I decided to fully concentrate on them and new products to turn my buisness into Critit.co.uk - Everything for the RPG gamer!I enjoy every aspect of making the accessories and have met some fab people along the way. Custom boxes are a particular favourite as the ideas sent through are amazing and it shines through what a creative bunch us RPG gamers are :-)Hope you find something you like :-)" Also found the Kickstarter creator page: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/163050832/created They have previously successfully (as far as I can tell) run 5 kickstarters for dice. A 6th one (not the most recent one) was cancelled
  13. Guindyloo

    Pottermore - What did you get?

    Yep! Apparently it's very rare as a patronus....but I don't know if it's just telling me that or it legit really is rare. http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Abraxan
  14. Guindyloo

    Pottermore - What did you get?

    I have never not gotten Slytherin from a sorting quiz. Wand: Laurel wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¼ and rigid flexibility Patronus: Abraxan Winged Horse Not the least bit interested in Ilvermorny.
  15. I had to cancel from the first one due to bad timing and ended up picking up Charon at retail because it was my favourite of the campaign with the Gorgon's Cave in a close second. I was able to go in on this one but it was difficult narrowing it down.
  16. Guindyloo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    @WhiteWulfe You will need to search for "qpproductions" on etsy. I don't think Shannon has any of her paint poker tools in the shop right now, but send her a message over her etsy and she can help you out for sure. I got a couple of them from her at Reapercon as well, as did Buglips.
  17. That's understandable. Aradia's pieces are quality enough to justify the price, but that still doesn't make it easy on the wallet. It was such a weirdly quiet campaign. Only 180 backers and only 35 comments, a good half of which were Aradia and also a good half of them aren't in English. Like no one even said anything about it funding in the main comments, only one comment on the update. It's weird to me because the figures are gorgeous but, obviously, quite pricey so one would think that all 180 of us had to be pretty excited about them to shell out the money but you can practically hear crickets in that comment section.
  18. Am I the only one that went in on this? It funded last night.
  19. Guindyloo


    Ah, gotcha. It's hard to tell since they've run their kickstarters under a couple of different company names. I didn't remember there being big pads - I pledged for Basius 3 in 2016. Perhaps that was the first time they released the smaller ones, I'm not sure.
  20. I think you're doing what most people should be doing. My first Reapercon I'd been painting for almost 2 years and still took all Beginner classes because otherwise I was fully self taught via the forum and youtube. My second year I took half Beginner classes. This year I don't think I took anything that was labeled Beginner, I think they were all Intermediate, but that's only because I happened to have specific priorities. I don't think that I will ever be too good to hear different perspectives on painting. I think that if I ever think that I already know everything there is to know on a certain topic, then my ego would certainly have taken over and I'd be doing myself a disservice, especially if I'm not open to the perspective of someone that I can clearly see is a more skilled painter than I am.
  21. Guindyloo


    Those are WAY bigger than the previous versions they've offered and now they're double sided so that's the very steep price increase. Not so great if you're looking for a lot of variety. I really like the way smaller Basius pads that I got previously, they're great quality and relatively easy to use. I don't think I'll be backing this time around though, I just don't have any need for the huge pads. I'd be in if they were offering the smaller versions again to pick some that I didn't get previously.
  22. I personally think that mandatory prerequisite classes are not a good idea. Suggested prerequisite classes? Sure. But that's assuming that the same classes are available every year with the exact same content and that those classes were able to cover all of the intended content. I feel a particular aversion to the idea of giving certificates to class attendees. An hour and 45 minutes with 10 or so other students is not long enough to certify that anyone in a class actually learned or improved on anything. No matter what you put on that certificate, even if it clearly states "THIS IS ONLY TO CERTIFY THAT SO AND SO TOOK THIS CLASS AND DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THIS PERSON HAS MASTERED THIS SUBJECT BY ANY DEFINITION OF THE WORD" you would still have people that would get angry that the certificate didn't somehow magically make them a Crystal Brush winning painter. Even worse, it could make less experienced painters think that even though they didn't fully grasp the topic, they have a certificate in that subject, so they won't bother to take any additional classes on that topic, even though they could strongly benefit from multiple perspectives on the same topic. The main problem is that the terminology of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced uses these very broad terms for something that's very, very complicated. They're not standardized, they're not defining anything particular and they don't properly convey that there are different layers to different techniques and some of them are more advanced than others. For instance, I would think of most NMM as being a strongly Intermediate technique. It's a complicated subject with a lot of theory involved as well as actual paint application. So within that very difficult subject, there's a lot of benefit to having a "Beginner" NMM class. It's still an Intermediate technique that's going to require a good foundation of skills to get into it, but anyone trying to learn it strongly needs the beginning steps of it. But in my opinion, a Beginner class for NMM should still be labeled as an Intermediate class because anyone who doesn't have a good grasp of blending and at least a decent understanding of how light works in the context of miniatures is almost certainly going to struggle even with the beginning steps of NMM. I think this was more a fail on the Growtix site than the fault of any of the instructors. It's my understanding that your class form had a dropdown box for you to label your classes appropriately. One would have thought that would have done the job, but instead, Growtix used those labels to sort the classes if you happened to be a person that specifically went and did so, (I doubt that many people did, I think more people just looked at the time schedule) but didn't display those labels otherwise in the class name or description. I would not expect any of the instructors to have not realized that they needed to label their classes multiple times. If Growtix is used next year, I would hope that could be fixed directly and that would perhaps solve some of the confusion. If there were to be any standardized implementation of terminology used for class descriptions, I think that's something that would be best left up to Reaper and the instructors. I don't think there's any simple solution whatsoever, but I do think that it would be helpful for instructors to know that, for instance, putting 101 in the title of a class that is listed as Intermediate is confusing to students who are thinking in very broad terms. Unfortunately, you're never going to solve the issue of people overestimating their skill levels and taking classes that are out of their depth. I think it's very difficult for a lot of people to remove themselves emotionally from their painting and knock it back to just skills, leaving their pride behind. You could call it the Dunning-Kruger effect and I think that may be the case for some people, but more generally I just think it's very human and very understandable. A lot of people have a very visceral response to the thought of being labeled a beginner at something that they've poured a lot of time and effort and a piece of themselves into. I think it's the same thing that makes people unable to hear critique. So since it's not something that's really solvable, I think that a good resource to have on the Reapercon website would be a section on "What to do if you find yourself overwhelmed or out of your depth in a class" that could help both students and instructors. It could be included in an article on general class etiquette like hey, maybe don't take up other students' and the instructor's time with questions about priming or thinning paints in a completely unrelated Intermediate+ class, as those kind of questions would be better suited to asking outside of class. There's nothing wrong with taking some classes on topics that are beyond your current ability, IMO, if you think that hearing a lecture may benefit you even if you can't necessarily put the techniques into practice. The problem starts when a student who isn't prepared monopolizes everyone's time. A write up of some sort explaining such and encouraging potential students to contact teachers or organizers prior to class like @Wren suggested could go a long way to preventing such occurrences and keeping people from getting frustrated. It could be as simple as letting a teacher know right before class "Hey I don't think I'm going to be able to keep up with anything hands on, but I wanted to sit in on the class to start building a foundation on the topic." I think at least most instructors wouldn't have a problem with that and I know that at least most of them would strongly encourage that student to come see them at Artist's Row to give them more one on one assistance if possible.
  23. I know you thought you could sneak by without a birthday thread by starting the other threads yourself the past couple of weeks, but I'm onto you. Have a very, very Happy Birthday, @Tripleh5133!!!
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    You're right, I don't begin to imagine such things because I just start to hear "blah blah blah" whenever I sense you slipping past my nerd threshold. I've barely heard a word you've ever said. That's why we get along so well.