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  1. So I'd been thinking about doing this for a while. A recurring theme in my life is that people sometimes find me difficult to get to know. Because of the way I was raised, I tend to be very guarded and I have social anxiety, so I don't talk about myself very much, except for in small spurts. Answering questions is generally easier than bringing things up randomly on my own and a few other people have recently started up their own AMA's and I thought, eh, why not go ahead and post this up? So ask me silly questions or legit ones and I'll either give you a silly answer or a legit answer, but this is an Ask Me Anything, so no questions are off limits, so long as they're in line with the rules of the forum. Verification that I am me:
  2. Hello fine people (and other assorted things) of the Reaper forum! Continuing in our project of teaming up to show you two different methods to go about painting the same miniature, Buglips and I decided that we would do a WIP thread for Con Crud, Convention Zombie from the 2017 Reapercon swag bag! He's a great little figure, sculpted by Gene Van Horne, that we thought we could have some fun with. This will be our second shared WIP thread in this series of ours, in case you missed it, check out our first one where we painted Thanis the Bonecaller: As with that one, I will be covering my usual method of painting for display, and Buglips will be approaching the figure with his own usual "fast-but-decent method." As with the last one, Buglips' method will be much faster than mine will be and you'll get to see where our two styles diverge. We will be sharing our own issues, thoughts and methods with you in the hopes that someone will find such things useful. So on to the mini! Here's my Con Crud, fresh out of his blister: I prepped him in my usual way, with some diamond files to grind off the mold lines and bit of flash that you can see on his outstretched foot and hand. He has some notable mold lines through his hair and back and down the left (his left) side of his face. I'll show you throughout the process how I'll tackle those. So here he is after I primed him with Reaper's Brush-On Primer in white, thinned down with some water. As usual, I only did one thin coat so as not to obscure the details on him and I took a couple of additional shots from different angles so you can see some of the mold lines that I'll need to work on a little more down the road.
  3. Alright, so as the starter of the thread, it falls on me to do the after action report. So here are the comparison shots: So as you can see, we got pretty different results. As usual, I tend toward painting much brighter, fantasy colours and in this case, I went for a more cartoony look, whereas Buglips went with a darker, more realistic vibe to his. I also added in some extra steps to bring a little bit more interest to the piece with the pattern on the tissue box, the two different eyes and the green goo. His version took about 2 evenings for him to finish and mine took about 6 evenings. I think the take away from this one was choosing the route to keeping things as fun as possible because this is a really fun figure. If you're not having fun while hobbying, then you're doing something wrong. It's very easy to get bogged down with little details and trying to make every figure perfect or better than your last one, but that can become tedious. Sometimes, even when you're painting for display and wanting to do a good job, you may find yourself making choices that don't necessarily result in a "perfect" paint job, but still result in something pretty cool. For instance, I know that I'm not great at freehand, so painting the pill bottle and the tissue box could have become a serious sticking point of frustration had I tried to do something more intricate. So while I still wanted to do something more than just solid colours, I didn't stress myself out by trying to do anything beyond my current skill level. Sometimes, "Keep It Simple, Stupid" is the best route. But at the same time, even knowing that I need much more practice at freehand, I still didn't shy away from doing it on this figure. Remember, fear won't get you anywhere and you'll never get better at doing something if you avoid doing it. So I did it and it turned out ok. Is this an award winning figure? No. But did I have fun painting it? Definitely! It's really important to keep your frustration level in mind when you're working on a miniature. And keep in mind that the same solution is not always the right solution - sometimes when something isn't going the way you want it to, the best course of action is to stop and reassess your approach. Sometimes it's best to sleep on it. Sometimes it's best to just forge on and call it good enough. You really have to gauge what's right for you in the particular situation that you're in. And know that it's perfectly fine to make whatever choice you see fit. No one's going to come and break your brushes because you decided to go any certain route. So keep it low stress, don't worry too much and always keep it fun! Thank you for following along with us again, I hope that this was helpful!
  4. That's Bondic, which can also be bought on Amazon. I got the starter pack that comes with the applicator with the UV light and 2 tubes of the liquid plastic. That was about $20 - look around in the listings on Amazon, as some are more expensive than others for the same exact thing.
  5. Ocean base

    Ooooh I like the Surf Aqua resin mix a lot! Very pretty! You've got a lot of depth going on with it and it's only going to get better with your further steps. Hit that Lustrian Undergrowth with a highlight of bright green and it's going to really pop. I've never used that before so I don't know if it's textured enough to do a light drybrushing on, but that's the method I would go for if it's possible. The board is adding that extra picture at the bottom because you uploaded it with the others. If you don't use a picture that you uploaded, it "helpfully" adds it to the bottom of the post for you. Either cut and paste it up at the top there with the other pictures or you will need to delete it from the uploaded pictures section to get rid of it. It happens to me all the time when I have a bunch of pictures to post and accidentally skip over one.
  6. Alright, so we're just down to the final details. So I painted the pile of pills with MSP Rach Red. Then I painted the ground just with some mixes of grays. I was going for a concrete/stone look. View from the other side. Then I wanted the pill bottle to be a bottle of Vitamin C, so I took MSP Fireball Orange and painted a C on there, well approaching it from the side was much easier than trying to approach it from up and down, so I made a U there instead. Then I took black and put in some little shapes to mimic some text. I went over the text with some gray because I felt like the black was standing out too much and also cleaned up the C and went over it with MSP Hearth Fire. Not perfect by any means, but freehand is something that I need to work on A LOT more. I finished up the pills with some Fireball Orange and then some Hearth Fire. Then I threw some MSP Dungeon Slime on the used tissues. Then on the bottoms of the used tissues, I carefully placed some GW Coelia Greenshade. I wanted this to be very controlled, not run all over the place so I just used a tiny bit on the tip of my brush and wiped off the excess before putting it on the tissues. Then it was time to do the thing that I'd been wanting to do with Con Crud ever since we decided to do this WIP on him. In 2016 at Reapercon, I took Michelle Blastenbrei's Blood, Pus, Guts and Gore class and she showed us this method. So first I took some UHU glue, apparently only the one that's made in Germany will work for this, as the American made version doesn't have the rather toxic ingredients that make this method work properly. I got mine from Amazon a few months back and with shipping, it cost me $6.87 for a 35ml tube. I put the UHU glue into a cupcake paper and using a toothpick, I dyed it using Tamiya Clear paints. You want to do this in a well ventilated area because everything about this is going to put off some smelly fumes. The top with the toothpick was the mix I used - that was 2-3 little drops of Tamiya Clear Yellow and about 1 drop of Tamiya Clear Green. The bottom mix had more green in it and was darker than I wanted. So once you have it mixed up, you use the toothpick to blob it onto 1 place and then pull it to another spot so that it creates a gross stringy effect that dries in place. Pretty yucky, right? That is one happy infectious zombie! And with that, my version of Con Crud is DONE!
  7. 77326: Lemure “A” Foedus

    So this guy was a relatively quick paint job - I worked on him over a couple of nights in between other figures and while things were drying. I had originally basecoated him a couple of months back when I decided that I was absolutely going to paint something using Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, as I have something like 8 bottles of it at this point. This was the figure that I pulled out of my Bones drawer. I’d basecoated him and then he made his way to the Shelf of Shame unfortunately. I saw him sitting up there and decided I would just have fun with it. The lemures do come 2 to the pack and are in 2 different poses, but this one is the only one I have painted thus far. I hope y’all find him as fun as I do!
  8. 77326: Lemure “A” Foedus

    Thanks for the kind comments! Thank you! Good suggestion! I hadn't thought about using a gloss varnish! Thank you! So the funny thing is, I don't actually know what a lemure is or what it's supposed to look like. I don't play tabletop games so a lot of the creatures from them go over my head. In fact, since this guy came from a Bones kickstarter and was just in the Bones drawer unlabeled, I was just referring to him as a "Melty fat guy" until Buglips told me what he was called. Thank you and you're very welcome!
  9. Ocean base

    Looking great! I really like the bright colours of the figure, she's going to pop and look really gorgeous over the water with all of that rich contrast. The rust effect is looking really good - I know you're not done with it yet, but I would suggest making sure that you bump up the contrast for the rust for 2 reasons: 1. She's so vibrantly coloured that if you don't take the contrast high on the rust, it's going to look dull in comparison to how bright she is. 2. Sea water is really nasty to metal so you'll really see a lot of corrosion on metal that spends a lot of time in it. Don't beat yourself up at any stage of working with water effects if it doesn't turn out exactly as you envisioned it - water effects are difficult and take a lot of practice to perfect. I commend you for diving in with this! Also, I'd recommend covering the resin with something like a large bowl (you can prop up one of the edges with something so you don't just trap any fumes,) because resin very much attracts dust.
  10. 02585 - Lindir, Elf Archer WIP

    Looking good so far! I don't have any experience with the flesh wash, so I can't help you there. As far as the hair though, that's a tricky one. The thing about red hair is that it doesn't generally go gray for a very long time, it mostly just gets lighter and lighter. What I would suggest would be to go for a lighter ginger and only bring the gray into his sideburns. Maybe google pictures of Robert Redford in the last couple of decades for reference pictures. As far as clothing colour, green will look nice with red hair, but may not work with your desert theme. Maybe stick with browns, tans and cream colours and maybe a yellow-ish green as an accent colour on places like the trim of his tunic and the clasp part of his cloak.
  11. On to the tissue box! So I wanted to give the tissue box a little bit of visual interest instead of it just being solidly coloured. Most tissue boxes I see have some kind of pattern on them, often flowers, so I thought I might try that....but after practicing some dots on a piece of spare blister backing, I decided that I was just going to drive myself crazy. So instead, I went for a stripey pattern. So first I painted on lines with Warcolours Blue Grey 4. Then I did much thinner lines of Warcolours Blue Grey 2 on the top sides of the darker lines. Now obviously that didn't turn out too straight, but that's ok, we can just go back in with the base colour (Warcolours Blue Grey 3) and clean up the lines. I also went back and forth with the line colours to try to get everything straighter and somewhat crisp. Once I was happy with the lines, I basecoated the tissues with a mix of MSP NMM Gold Highlight and MSP Maggot White. Then I mixed a little bit more of the Maggot White in, but didn't take a picture of that step. Then I went to straight Maggot White for the highest highlight. This is looking far more yellow in the pictures than it does in person, not sure why. I played with the brightness settings, but couldn't get it to look true to life. And then here's one of the sides. And the other side, with the used tissues basecoated with the NMM Gold Highlight/Maggot White mix. Then I painted the pill bottle and completely forgot to take pictures of that process. I started by painting the bottom Blue Grey 4, then I made a mix of about half Blue Grey 4 and half Blue Grey 3, then straight Blue Grey 3, then a half/half mix of Blue Grey 3 and Blue Grey 2, then straight Blue Grey 2, then half/half Blue Grey 2 and Maggot White, then straight Pure White. All of those steps made a pretty decent gradient. One thing I really like about Warcolours paints is that they use a gel-based medium, so they have a little bit of a longer drying time, so you can do a quick wet blend with them. It could use a little bit of smoothing, but I'm not done with the bottle just yet.
  12. I'm just going to start this off by apologizing. I struggled with the hair A LOT and as a result I ended up not taking as many pictures as I should have, deleting a bunch of pictures and really, I'm not entirely sure what all I did. So I'm not sure how useful this post is going to be. So I started out by basecoating the hair with MSP Stained Olive. I'm going to end up hating it, so bear with me. Here's the mold line that runs through the hair. So I went about trying to minimize it with some 'Ardcoat. It could've used a couple more coats, honestly, but I was worried about filling in too much detail, so here's where it wound up. During one of the drying stages, I basecoated the tissue box with Warcolours Blue Grey 3. Opposite of Buglips, I tend to think of tissue boxes as being blue. So then I decided that I didn't like the Stained Olive for where I was wanting to go with the hair. Honestly, it wouldn't be a bad base colour for a light-medium brown, but it wasn't working for this. But I thought maybe I could fix it by going into the highlighting with MSP Peacock Green. So much nope. So then I decided to re-basecoat with Vallejo Game Colour Jade Green. I liked the colour much better, but... So shiny. I don't think I shook the paint long enough on the vortex mixer. I tried to continue on with highlighting, but I couldn't even see what I was doing. So I took Reaper Brush-On Sealer to knock back the shine. Much better. So then I tried highlighting by adding some MSP Candlelight Yellow to the Jade Green, but... No. I didn't like how it looked and also I'd thinned the paint too much so it just kind of blobbed everywhere. So then I took MSP Dungeon Slime and, using the side of my brush, went about highlighting the hair. And I went overboard with that. So I used MSP Peacock Green to tone that down. Then I think this is where I took MSP Maggot White to the highest highlights. This is where I started culling pictures because I'd gotten frustrated. Then I believe this is where I went in with a glaze of Peacock Green to help blend everything. Then I went back in with highligting again and went too far again. This might just be another angle? Sorry, I'm just really not sure. This is probably where I glazed in some Candlelight Yellow? Then I went back in with more highlights? This appears to just be another angle. And another angle? That was definitely when I became overwhelmingly frustrated and just did a bunch of things. From what I can recall, I over-thinned Dungeon Slime and it went everywhere. So then I went in with MSP Pine Green to put the shadows back in and break up the highlights. Then I glazed everything with Jade Green and believe I went back in with both Dungeon Slime (not the over-thinned version) and Maggot White. And this is where I'm leaving the hair. I'm still not really happy with it, but it's time to move on or I'm just going to drive myself crazy.
  13. Awww, that is one happy little Con Crud! His used tissues look like brussels sprouts in that last picture...which is appropriately gross. So I started working on his sweater. I started out by basecoating with MSP Rach Red. When I got to his back, I remembered that he has a mold line running over his shoulder. So when I have a mold line like this that I couldn't remove with my files, I do one coat of my basecoat, then take GW's 'Ardcoat and splop that over the mold line. I realized once I got to the front of him that the same mold line was running down the right front side of his sweater as well, but I couldn't get a very good picture of that, but I gave that the same treatment. Once that was dry, which you want to wait a good 10 minutes for that to completely dry so that it's not tacky anymore, I did another coat of my basecoat paint. I believe I repeated that process 3 times until I was happy with it concealing the mold line. Which I took picture of, but... That's ok though, you'll see how much better it looks in a couple of pictures. And here's the front after that whole process as well. Then I added a little bit of MSP Fireball Orange to the Rach Red. And started in on highlighting with that. Then I added a little bit more Fireball Orange to the mix. And continued highlighting. And a little bit more Fireball Orange. And some more highlighting... Then to the mix I added some MSP Hearth Fire. And then I used straight Hearth Fire for the highest highlights.
  14. Alright, so on to the pants. I started out by basecoating them with Brown Liner. I don't normally basecoat so dark and hadn't actually meant to here, but by the time I'd realized it, I'd already done half the pants so I decided to just go with it. I didn't worry about getting a solid colour, though, so just one coat. Then I mixed a little bit of MSP Basic Dirt into the Brown Liner. I used that to basically finish the basecoat, but left the Brown Liner alone where I wanted my darkest shadows to be. Then I added a little more of the Basic Dirt to the previous mix and started highlighting. Then I used straight Basic Dirt. Then I added a little bit of MSP Brown Sand to the Basic Dirt. I forgot to take a picture of that mix. So here's a combo picture of that mix on the left and then a lighter mix, by adding MSP Green Ochre to the Brown Sand added on the right. I used the darker mix first. And then the lighter mix. I thought that I'd made it through an entire post without getting pcktjnxed, but alas... Then I added a little bit more of the Green Ochre, but apparently forgot to take a picture of that mix or I've just confused the pictures, not sure, sorry. Now I thought that was looking a little bit stripey, so I mixed up a glaze of Basic Dirt. This was one drop of paint to a whole bunch of water so that it was just coloured water. When you're glazing, it's super important that you've really diluted the paint so that the pigment is scarcely distributed, as you just want it to tint the colour that's already there, not completely change it. So I loaded some onto my brush, dabbed it a couple of times on a paper towel to wick away the excess moisture and then tested it on my thumb. See? Just a tint. I wanted the glaze to just smooth the blends together, not change the overall colour. I went over the pants a couple of times with this glaze. And I know you've all been waiting for a zombie butt shot.
  15. You're not cruel1? Are you cruel2? Or wait, you're lonelygirl15, aren't you? The Queen. She was just sitting there, doing her thing and taking care of her children when some women came in with a flamethrower and MURDERED ALL OF HER BABIES. I was so excited for her when she nearly got justice for her babies...but I guess not every movie can have a happy ending. Are you trying to get me to reveal my evil plans legitimate business ventures? I'm not tricked so easily, you know. I'm not going to revert back to a facehugger, George, that's not how it works.
  16. So next I basecoated his teeth, fingernails and toenails with MSP NMM Gold Highlight. Then I made about a 50/50 mix of GW Agrax Earthshade and Coelia Greenshade. I don't use a lot of washes in my painting, but I do think they have their place. So I used that to darken up the teeth and nails. Then I re-highlighted with the NMM Gold Highlight. But that picture is terrible. Then I did my lining between the skin and clothing. I used Blue Liner. Then I basecoated the tongue with MSP Violet Red. Then I mixed a little bit of MSP Pale Violet Red into the Violet Red and started to highlight the tongue....but I don't think it made much of a colour difference and I forgot to take a picture. Then I took straight Pale Violet Red and highlighted a little more and remembered to take a picture of that, but... But it got pcktjnxed. Then I mixed a little bit of MSP Maggot White and I forgot to take a picture of that mix until after I'd made a second mix with a little more of the Maggot White added. But with the first mix, I highlighted a little bit. Then I decided that was looking a little stripey, so I glazed in some of the Pale Violet Red and also used the lightest mix to do a final highlight.
  17. Alright, so with the eyes done, I went back to working on the skin. I took the basecoat from yesterday and added a little more MSP Spectral Glow to it. And @pcktlnt jinxed me... That didn't make a huge difference. So I added a little more Spectral Glow to the mix. Then I took straight Scale75 Sherwood Green to start laying in my shadows. Then I added a bit of MSP Stained Olive to the Sherwood Green. Dangit. These motion blur pictures will now be known as pcktjnxes. Then I went back to highlighting by adding a little more Spectral Glow to the previous mix. Now we're going to start seeing some nice contrast. A little more Spectral Glow to the mix. Then just straight Spectral Glow on the highest points of the face and hands. Then I added a little but of MSP Maggot White to the Spectral Glow. With that, I just highlighted the very highest points of his face.
  18. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    What about the person letting him in the house? I don't believe you. I think you'll be stealing jokes from the coffee maker in no time.
  19. Why do you want to put my children in a tornado, Pezler? Seems rude.
  20. I think they already made one. It was called Prometheus. Or did you mean actual xenomorphs inside of a tornado rather than of similar quality to Sharknado?
  21. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I know this is going to be very disappointing for you, but it went very well, so no plans for scavenging and living under a bridge just yet. I'm so sorry, but it looks like you're still on track to one day be forced to live in a smart house.