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    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I'm so confused. Is this just the most roundabout way of asking what city I want to move to?
  2. What gorgeous colours! Yes, please! I think that would be very valuable information.
  3. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Daily? No parts. I usually try to glance at this thread but I even do that in spurts. I generally just pop in here and there, leaving devastation in my wake.
  4. Guindyloo

    50293: Bonnie, Muumuu Zombie

    Nice, I love those blues! Personally, I like that you didn't go for the usual route of hopelessly grimy. It makes sense with the sculpt anyway - the cloth isn't all tattered and shredded aside from the hole in the back nor is her skin all torn up, so makes sense to me that you wouldn't make her all filthy.
  5. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    What if I just take the money and run?
  6. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    HAHA NO. I'm a Millennial; I use my smart phone, Google and desperation.
  7. To be honest, Doug, I just scanned the article to get the major bullet points. I can't set up adblock on my work computer so I find most articles pretty unreadable these days with how many ads they've jam-packed into everything. I have ADD and when all that nonsense is flashing at me and paragraphs are literally moving to make room for more ads, I just can't even. That being said, I know you don't like a moral argument, but some people find them more compelling than others and when you're writing an article that is partially asking people not to buy things they love based on the pop culture they love, I can understand going in that direction. But like I said, I didn't read the entire thing so I can't reasonably defend that issue. I'll take your word that it was too heavily handed.
  8. Here's an article written by an IP lawyer on that exact subject: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/06/10/artists-alley-art-theft-and-copyright-law-a-lawyer-speaks-to-bleeding-cool/ (Just a heads up, there are a lot of ads on this page.) TLDR version is it's not legal, artists shouldn't do it and fans shouldn't buy it.
  9. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    So funny thing...I assume you mean the octopus mug. When I bought that, I was at the mall with my work friends and one of them was looking for something for her little girl. I LOVE aquatic life and saw that mug and fell in love and was like "Is it a crime for me to get this even though I don't know what it's from?" My coworkers just looked at me. "He's from Finding Dory!" and I was like "Ok?" They couldn't believe I hadn't seen the movie. They did think that I would like the octopus though. So I bought it without having seen the movie or knowing the character name just because I liked it. I have since seen Finding Dory and do like Hank quite a lot, so I think it evened out.
  10. Agreed, I think it's going to be really easily taken down from kickstarter. I just think in the longterm and overall for the company, they just picked a fight that they're not only not going to win, but I imagine they're probably going to get entirely crushed. I think it mostly depends on how grumpy it makes the mouse. I think if they'd just put up the kickstarter, it'd be as simple as having kickstarter pull it and a C&D letter to stop them from selling them through other avenues. Nice try, better luck next time. But registering them, that's a completely different intent and that's what makes me think this is likely to push further than a C&D.
  11. It's filed in bad faith. They were well aware of what they were doing and they thought registering their blatantly stolen work would give them a leg to stand on. I don't think it will, especially not against the notoriously ruthless Disney, I think it'll make things worse for them. In my not professional opinion, the filing with the UK copyright office is very intentional fraud. The thought process behind intentionally stealing someone else's work and then having it registered... I think it's really gross and I really think this is going to go very, very poorly for them.
  12. Wow I don't like that response at all.
  13. I've been seeing updates about this on facebook. They are very blatant about directly copying faces. "Compass Captain' Mad Brother" is Nicholas Cage, "Compass Captain' Drunken Brother" is Steven Tyler and "Octoman Pirate" is Sir Anthony Hopkins. They shared the exact pictures of the actors that the faces were copied from. I don't think there's anything wrong with being inspired by and using the facial features of real people, but they were very obviously marketing it as "Here's a Steven Tyler as a pirate figure!" Just doesn't seem right to me all around. It's a shame because I think the sculpting is really beautiful and well detailed, but those are some murky, murky waters they're sailing those pirates in and I think it's well past my comfort level.
  14. Guindyloo

    01416: Sophie in Cat Costume

    I finished up this lovely lady last night. She was wonderfully sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I really enjoyed the details on her and she was a lot of fun to paint. I always mean to paint a Halloween figure before Halloween but am usually too busy to actually manage it. I got this figure while at Reapercon though and decided it was meant to be, so I put aside a couple of other things to make time for her. I had a lot of technical issues with her due to my clumsiness - I dropped her THREE times which resulted in extensive repair work and having to reattach her to the pumpkin each time. There’s no indentation or any other indication for how she’s meant to be attached to the pumpkin and assembly is not my strong suit so I struggled a bit with that part. The way I have her attached leaves her foot hanging past the base by a good bit so I’ll need to build the base up on a little bit of cork, but she looked the most correct to me this way. (She is currently still sitting on top of foam tape and the craft paint bottle that I used as a holder, I just painted them black for pictures.) I was asked over on facebook how I painted the wings, so I’ll copy that info over here as well: I basecoated with MSP Black Indigo. (That’s one of this year’s Reapercon swag bag paints. I think Nightmare Black would probably be fine to use in its place.) Then I layered up using paints from Nocturna’s Imperial Purple Set. They’re Vallejo paints made for Nocturna and I highly recommend both that set and the Crimson Red set. Both sets come with little painting guides and the purple one walks you through how to do both cold purples and warm purples. I went in the warm purple direction starting from the darkest colours and layering up to the lightest. So Imperial Purple > Purple Hex > Amethyst > Witch Purple > Lipstick. Then I glazed over everything with MSP Gothic Crimson which was also a LE Reapercon paint, I think from the 2016 swag bag. (I can’t think of a replacement for that off of the top of my head but it’s a wine-maroon colour.) Then in the areas that I wanted to darken, like the transitions going back into the shadows and the backs of the wings, I glazed with the Black Indigo.
  15. Guindyloo

    01416: Sophie in Cat Costume

    Thanks again, I'm really glad y'all like her! I mean, I would call them Halloween colours, but sure, if you're into colour theory, that's cool too. Yes! Paint all the Halloween things!
  16. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I'm going to kind of break this down into three parts. What I like about the hobby the most is having a creative outlet. I am endlessly fascinated by the act of bringing these little figures to life with a little bit of paint. Having that outlet turned out to be really, really important for me. What keeps me going through the rough spots the most is having people close to me that know exactly what I'm going through that I can bounce my thoughts off of and get advice from. I need a very specific sort of pep talk at times (that rarely includes any sort of traditional "pep") and I'm very lucky to have a couple of people in my life who are able to give me that sort of feedback. What lifts me up the most is the giving nature of the professionals in this hobby. Sometimes that's giving advice, even just a brief suggestion, sometimes it's full on giving instruction and knowledge, sometimes it's taking the time to look at your work and leave a comment, or just a like, or their congratulations, or commiseration or to mutually enthuse over something or a certain sculptor coming up to show me the green he's finished. The gift of someone's time and consideration is very valuable and even the smallest gestures can be really meaningful and uplifting.
  17. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I haven’t tried to cut back my paint purchases at all, honestly. I like having a lot of different options and then I mix a lot on top of that. I’m always finding new favourites and figuring out different uses for different paints. My only limitation is the apartment. I have a one bedroom and my paint desk is in the middle of the living room because that’s the only space I have so I have to make it work. If I had a dedicated hobby room, I’d gladly just add some more racks. I wouldn’t mind being entombed by paint. She does that while I’m looking. At least she doesn’t curl up right on top of the figure I’m painting. Yet.
  18. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Whew, that ended up being even more labour intensive than I thought it was going to be. I decided since so many of my paints were outside of the racks anyway that I might as well reorganise how I keep them. So that involved pretty much taking everything down from the main racks and then putting everything back up and at about 90% done I realized that I’d outgrown my racks entirely between all of the paints I took home from Reapercon and a couple of purchases since. Soooooo I ended up having to put most of the washes away in a pistol case to free up enough space. The good news is, doing that freed up so much space that now I have more space to buy more paints!
  19. Guindyloo

    01416: Sophie in Cat Costume

    Thanks all for the kind comments! A lot of the credit for that lovely face goes to Bob, he sculpted her so nicely!
  20. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Behold the chaos!
  21. Guindyloo

    Need advice on paints, matte or satin?

    The answer is, genuinely, use whatever you prefer. If you like the satin the most, use the satin. Now some people will tell you that's not the "right" answer and that's because traditionally, at the scale of most miniature figures (28-32mm) a matte finish looks more "correct" to the eye when painting metal or plastic figures to look organic. The satin, being more shiny than a matte finish, will give your figures more of an artificial look. For that reason, most of the paints aimed at miniature painting are formulated to be very matte. Reaper certainly is, I believe Army Painter is as well, and Vallejo is usually matte, though some of their paints can be on the satin side depending on what line they're from. On the other hand, GW and P3 paints can be a bit more on the satin side. You can certainly mix matte and satin paints, but there are 2 issues that you will come upon. 1. They may look a little different on the figure. 2. You may have difficulties achieving certain techniques, especially when it comes to blending. A matte paint may not like to layer or glaze over a satin finish and vice versa. One of the ways that you can sort of get around that would be to use paints with like finishes on different areas without mixing the two. So, for instance, satin finish paints only on the skin and matte finish paints only on the cloth. Then you can make a judgement call from there on how it looks to decide whether you want to bring both finishes to matte with a matte sealer, or even bring them both to a satin finish with a satin sealer. So you've got options as far as the paints that you've already purchased and like I said, they're your figures so you should use whatever finish you like. But, the general preference in the miniature painting world (and certainly speaking in competition terms) is generally a matte finish and since it's your intention to continue building a collection of Reaper paints, which are formulated to have a very matte finish, I think you would probably serve yourself best by purchasing craft paints with a matte finish where possible so they'll work a little better for you at filling in gaps in your paint collection.
  22. Guindyloo

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    I think that's a perfectly fine way to look at it. It is YOUR hobby, after all. You should certainly approach it in whatever way makes you happy and keeps you doing it. I think some people forget that not everyone is working toward the same goal and moreover that there's nothing wrong with having your own different goal. I think that's it great to strive toward painting like *Insert awesome painter here* and to make that a goal to work toward. But if your goal is to get minis on the table and have them painted better than prepaints, that's awesome too. Besides, comparing yourself to others' painting can be a dangerous demotivator if you don't properly temper your expectations.
  23. Guindyloo

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoiler free)

    Beautiful work! I especially love the Inox Brute. The fur texture on his head is especially lovely.
  24. Guindyloo

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Taking us all down with you, I like your style.
  25. Guindyloo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Thanks, Doug. After they announced it last week and forgot to mention that it wasn't starting until this week, I totally forgot about it. Now we'll see if I can remember to watch it when I'm back home....