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  1. Thanks for comments! They are made from plasticard, I draw mosaic and bricks with embroidery needle (the end of needle must be not sharp), and cut some parts with excell knife. You can make a "stamp" from a stone and push it to make pattern on plasticard. Great stuff for basing.
  2. Hi, they wait three years for painting. When I started miniature painting i fell in love with rackham miniatures but I thought I was not enough skilled to paint them. Now I think I am:). I want to make a freehand on shields of last two skorize warriors but I have to rest a while. Making bases was super fun. All comments are welcome.
  3. Hi, I had very prolific holidays and in addition to Myshikn i finished some miniatures from Cadwallon board game
  4. I hope they will be allies:) Thanks for comments, i finally painted him:
  5. Hi I sculpted miniature of my dog, and painted miniature today. Now Myszkin is going to slay monsters in d&d. I was wandering which race will be best in d&d 4.0 for him(maybe dragon born?- he has very deadly blasts after he ate grass in garden). His head is from fimo, skeleton from green stuff and rest is from beesputty(for me best putty to sculpt, very easy to play with) Real Myshkin: D&d Myszkin:
  6. Three months ago i started my cygnar army. Here is my Stryker warcaster.
  7. I made my first two-part silicon mold, and first cast of Myszkin. Now i can build an army:). Quality of resin is better then finecast:), but still i have to repair some holes from air bubbles. My whole family will have one Myszkin of their own.
  8. I sculpted my dog as a knight today, I cannot wait to paint him. His name is Myszkin (from Dostojewki novel).
  9. We havent time to finish first game:( but we made dozen turns, and game rules looked great. I hope we will have time tomorrow for a full play. Yes but I didint decide what color schemes i should take. Color schemes for hereos are from Różalski's arts.
  10. I will answer that question after 24 december:)! Now its in present box...
  11. great mini, and lovely blue on coat.
  12. Hi, Ive just finished painting Scythe heroes for Christmas present. I had to paint them by night to keep them secret before my girlfriend:). Merry Christmas Everyone:)!
  13. Some parts I painted in groups which made process faster. Gold on details, faces plus eyes, basecoating same color. I have rule of thumb not to work on more than 5 miniatures in same time.
  14. Thanks for comments! I was trying in this project to speed up my painting skills for few reasons. 1. I started painting with glazes too early in my painting career and because of that I didn't learn how to properly make contrast on miniature. Its easier, in my opinion, to learn that through layering with no translucent paint. I thought I had to use only glazes to be a good painter and I have to put aside dirty techniques like drybrushing, washing and painting with not dilluted paint. For example I have here doctus festus from gw which i painted mostly with glazes. It took me 20 hours to bring him to that state and he is not very impressive:(. And in my opinion its connected to my glazes because i made some nice transitions and I was too afraid to use darker shades because they could destroy my previous work. And many other times I spent too much time on miniature because i was too careful. On bones I used drybrush, washing, layering and only a little bit of glazing (blades and some faces), and it has sped up everything in great proportion. And I was more courageous with contrast and it was nice lesson to see how far I can go. Maybe in free time i will make short tutorial how to paint bones quickly. 2. From year to year i have less time for hobby, I need to paint faster to do few miniatures a month to have some hobby routine. 3. Sometimes i have to paint something, finish it, see results - its very stress relieving for me.
  15. Hi, I had a plan to paint lot of bones last month and I had a few ideas before start: * high contrast * lot of NMM * test new eye painting method * bring to life more heroeines to d&d * max 2.5 h on miniature and here are results: