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  1. So I had to paint this real quick for tomorrow's game of "this is not a test". The guy who plays the raider faction has a group that worship Disney and last week he found a suit of powered armor so I figured it should have a buzz light year theme. Hope you like my first speed paint in awhile. I already had the back pack assembled and some base colors down before I started
  2. Hmmm a retired school teacher enjoying the apocalypse
  3. Some new pics of the street in its display cubbie
  4. Yeah tiny there are a few things I will do to it eventually but it's up on a very sturdy shelf now as it ended up being very heavy and ATM I am working on some post apoc stuff ;).It's in place now I will get some shots ;)
  5. It's in place now I will get some shots ;) It's in place now I will get some shots ;)
  6. When you need a sniper with zero depth perception you need to call bard the one eyed mutant sniper
  7. Yeah professor if you have the flamed guy and the psycho med not on the same side they may just take the home team out for you
  8. One of the raiders I got in brigade games' KS
  9. Thank you very much folks
  10. This went a little sideways at the end and I bent the sword I also had a hard time getting an in focus pic but over all I am happy with her
  11. Thanks guys and girls ;)
  12. One of my favorite reaper minis, Harvey will be used as a mutant cannibal in this is not a test
  13. Thank you for the great comments everyone ;)