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  1. That is superb I must learn osl
  2. That is very cool and the pooling of the wash does give a nice effect
  3. Thanks for the input in mold line removal folks, I don't get a lot of time to paint on sundays but I squeezed in 29 minutes to remove the lines by scraping and the difference is quite something
  4. Ok do I scrape with or against
  5. Way to go, she is excellent, I especially like the blue dress
  6. Ok folks without using a scalpel whys the best way to remove the mold line on the neck
  7. Well probably gonna call it a night, I got the main colors down and my GF will be home from work soon so dinner time :)
  8. I hope so coralline ;)
  9. Well after many years of painting it's my first dragon, although mal is awesome and I got him in the KS I think this guy is my favorite. I like the way the scales are sculpted and the pose is very dynamic. So I base coated the body minus upper jaw and wings with Tamaya gray spray primer and started basecoating with dragon blue, it seemed appropriate ;).
  10. Thanks dark, and yes pick a pot of it up ;)
  11. So a PC needed a mini for a low level fighter type in sub standard gear, this was painted fairly quickly and I skipped a few steps but it gave me a chance to try reapers new verdigis over the NNM copper that came with the KS, I like the effect very similar to vallejos.
  12. That looks very good, rusted and old looking
  13. There was some really sweet stuff in bones 3
  14. Pilloeddler it is indeed from the bones 3 KS. And a very nice model it is