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  1. Limey72

    Sealer and aquarium question

    Thanks clearman you are clearly the man sir
  2. My wife bought me a 10 gallon fish tank and I have some cool underwater themed bones minis does anyone know of a sealer that would make them safe for an aquarium environment, safe for the fish and protect the paint ???? I personally have no idea if there is anything out there any replies very welcomed.
  3. Limey72


    Better pic
  4. Limey72


    Hellooooo had to take a break, got a crappy flu virus but back in stride now did a little of the highlighting on the back leg but no blending yet. Nice to be painting again
  5. Limey72


    Well this side of the wing is almost done
  6. Limey72

    77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon (diorama)

    Very well done, I really like this a lot so very well done, imaginative and well executed
  7. Limey72

    Templar Knight

    Hmmmm watching closely sir ;).
  8. Limey72


    Had to take a little break from painting for some outside projects and wife time as we had a weekend off together but back to highlighting, did some work on the wing
  9. And another question to anyone who has used the DVDs what would be the best set if I was not interested in basics but wanted more instruction on advanced techniques
  10. Is there a shot of the new rautheros anywhere with sir foracale or anyone else human sized for that matter ;)
  11. Limey72


    Thank you guys, I would normally use heather blue for NMM but I was really liking the clear toirquise and it worked out well
  12. Limey72


    So I was not really sure how I was going to highlight the blue areas of the body so I experimented a little and came up with this, just did the neck olates so far
  13. Limey72

    Sparrow paints Marthrangul

    Sorry to hear that sparrow
  14. Limey72

    Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)

    This is shaping up so well