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  1. Live

    I would say we'll put Bryan you explained the process very well indeed.
  2. Live

    I have a crazy cat lady from reaper in metal but I can't remember the name
  3. Slow slow going on this and still rough but got a head on it from an ole 40k marine
  4. Live

    Somto the folks doing comparisons how are we doing compared to 3 at the mid point?
  5. Live

    Well the KS numbers are picking up a little hopefully the drama of the early morning has subsided but don't we still have two large mini KS in the final 48 right now
  6. Live

    I always figured the bigger dragons had bigger wing holes because more battle damage
  7. The white is moving up nicely
  8. Live

    Well my views on the KS so far ;). In the first few days I was in the KS chat and let someone get under my skin which is unusual for me but hey it happens to the best of us. So now I hang mostly here and it's much better. So the core is shaping up very well and the knights are fantastic. The adding are strong too the giant and wraths being my favorite and I am also liking the xpak. Chibis have never really called to me but I think this go around a will take a shot at painting them. Things are looking good
  9. Live

    Yes I find this forum is way preferable
  10. Live

    Very cool statues scenery is always good, thank you reaper What's the face on the shield it looks gorgon like
  11. Live

    The apes look very good indeed
  12. Live

    Awesome ty amuller
  13. Live

    Has anyone put a predictor up for how the campign eill do I always find them interesting
  14. Live

    The chrono scope xpansion has a good mix, it will be good for shadowrun and some table too skirmish gaming