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  1. Holy vindicator

    Yeah those pauldrons deifinatwly help he needs a helmet
  2. Holy vindicator

    Thank you chaos I am really happy with the face
  3. Holy vindicator

    I worked the highlights up and got a clearer pic, warts and all
  4. Holy vindicator

    Necro, that was the reaper NMM triad with a 59/50 wash of brown ink a sepia done at the end
  5. Holy vindicator

    Thanks guy, is yours here on the boards I would love to take a look
  6. Holy vindicator

    A players new paladin mini as he has become quite a bit more pious lately. Messed up the blood on the shield a little but overall I am very happy it's it
  7. 77593: Fire Giant Jailor as Horned Devil

    Fantastic, I really love this sculpt I painted him myself recently but yours is so much more coolness wth the wings sir
  8. Fire giant jailor with suspect OSL

    Thank you willem, I agree with your comments and when I return to him I think I will go that route
  9. 02035: Gwendalyn the Healer

    She looks fanyastic
  10. Fire giant king

    Small update today