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    Well after many years of painting it's my first dragon, although mal is awesome and I got him in the KS I think this guy is my favorite. I like the way the scales are sculpted and the pose is very dynamic. So I base coated the body minus upper jaw and wings with Tamaya gray spray primer and started basecoating with dragon blue, it seemed appropriate ;).
  2. Limey72


    Thanks poly, the red splotch was me touching the wing with wet glue on my finger and lifting the paint off so the red will be touched up near the end to make it look like damage I like the glaze idea sir
  3. Limey72


    So I would like some input from anyone willing to chime in, I feel that the wing membraine is a little lacking and also is there too much blue, I was thinking of repainting the membraine in a very light purple getting darker Beatles the limbs with similar markings? Any help appreciated
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    These to opposing sides were highlighted months apart and I could not quite remember the mix but they came out pretty close
  5. Limey72

    Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)

    Epic stuff and so well executed
  6. Limey72


    Thanks perp, I started this about a year ago and got sidetracked so it's time to finish it
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    Slow and steady on the scaleascales
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    Ok got back to painting marth started on the second side
  9. Limey72

    Air but no paint

    Just a tip from experience as I had a similar problem, after reassembly make sure when you pull back the trigger it hits the internal lever that pulls the needle back to feed paint
  10. Title pretty much asks the question folks, how do the clears specifically green run through an airbrush and should they be thinned as normal. Thanks in advance
  11. Limey72

    NMM failure

    I tried and failed many many times before I got something close to what I wanted. There are different ways to approach NMM I did this in glazes using washes of the mid tone to smooth it out until a final application of white
  12. Outstanding
  13. Limey72

    77290, Mousling Beekeeper

    Everything looks great but the eyes on the bee are outstanding
  14. Limey72

    Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    This was one of the first things I did when I got back into the hobby and it's pretty dire, the color choices alone are bad and then finari the last thing I painted and I think the best NMM I have done to date.
  15. Limey72

    Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden (03844, Jackson)

    Very nice I especially like the hair
  16. Limey72

    Legend tells of a legendary warrior...

    Great stuff as always
  17. Limey72

    02121 Allanah Greyloft

    She really is fantatisc sir the OSL is subdued and works perfectly an amazing piece
  18. Limey72

    Mrs. Silence

    Well there is a lot to say here but not one to be too wordy I am gonna simply go with "wow"
  19. Limey72

    Finari finds a familiar symbol in the wilds

    Thanks guys I am really happy with the way she turned out
  20. This was my first shot at a 54mm miniature and I chose finari, I am very happy indeed with how she came out and especially like the gold NMM which was a mix of scale 75 and reaper paints with a little Vallejo game air white. Thanks to everyone on the WIP thread for input and support and I welcome any feedback that could improve her. Hope you like her as much as I do.
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    77352: Demi-Lich

    It looks very good, if you want more contrast do a higher highlight on the most outer flames but I really like it as is
  22. Limey72

    Crom Cruach

    Wow that's a fantastic conversion well done
  23. Limey72

    Resin dragon on chest

    Stunning my friend the highlighting is fantastic and the chest itself looks awesome Stunning my friend the highlighting is fantastic and the chest itself looks awesome Stunning my friend the highlighting is fantastic and the chest itself looks awesome
  24. Limey72

    Ral Partha AD&D Catoblepas

    What a fantastic job you did
  25. Limey72

    50299 Post Apocalyptic Hunter

    Excellent camo