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  1. And another question to anyone who has used the DVDs what would be the best set if I was not interested in basics but wanted more instruction on advanced techniques
  2. Limey72

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 - Victoriana

    Wow sir as always you amaze me
  3. Is there a shot of the new rautheros anywhere with sir foracale or anyone else human sized for that matter ;)
  4. Limey72


    I have seen some fantastic wyrmgear son here recently so I decided to finally take a shot at mine, first off I wanted a nice industrial type base so I grabbed a couple of blank CDs, some MDF sprue and plasticard and had at it. Hopefully this works out.
  5. Limey72


    Thank you guys, I would normally use heather blue for NMM but I was really liking the clear toirquise and it worked out well
  6. Limey72


    So I was not really sure how I was going to highlight the blue areas of the body so I experimented a little and came up with this, just did the neck olates so far
  7. Limey72

    Sparrow paints Marthrangul

    Sorry to hear that sparrow
  8. Limey72

    Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)

    This is shaping up so well
  9. Limey72

    Sir George the Gangly

    Oh I like it a lot ;)
  10. Limey72


    Fantastic work
  11. I Ann really likin what I am seeing and I have no doubt you will get her where oh want her to be ;).
  12. I do really like where this is going it's looking very smooth. Do you want to blush her cheeks, you can add a little rosy skin to your flesh tone and apply a thin coat then wash over with it your fair highlight to blend. If I may the chin really seems to blend into to neck it may benefit from som shadow (darker skin tone around the neck below the jaw line to add a little distinction and frame the face more making it pop to the eye
  13. Limey72


    Thanks lars, much appriciated
  14. Limey72

    Tau Kill Team

    Nice colors there mate looking forward to watching this
  15. Limey72

    Ral Partha Cold Drake - but green (pic heavy)

    I like it a lot. Great green tone you used here
  16. Limey72

    Heroines of the Goblin Hills

    Excellent excellent work froggy
  17. Limey72


    @Glitterwolf I do believe Mr Putin is attempting duck face in that meme.
  18. Limey72


    Thanks Crowley I am really enjoying it sir
  19. Limey72


    Got some more designs on the leg plates done.
  20. Limey72

    Reaper KS3 Graveyard Scenics

    You did a great job on those I really like em, I had also never heard of sketch style and was curious so I found an article, https://www.loswarmachine.com/losgeneral/2017/11/18/hobby-time-sketch-style-what-is-it
  21. Limey72


    Started getting the gold worked up on the wingless side and I like the way it's coming along.
  22. Limey72

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    That is incredible, the skin and wings are perfection
  23. Limey72

    Brassbender's Sky Pirates! (pic-heavy)

    Awesome stuff you nailed the jackets
  24. Title says it all worked on this for quite awhile and finally finished it though it was difficult to get pics. Hope you like it and any critique welcomed
  25. Thanks for all the comments folks this project was a lot of fun ;).