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  1. Very cool mini! Awesome painting! Especially love the eyes and the beard.. Superb!
  2. Awesome! Not if they are Thongs of Angelic Protection +5..
  3. Awesomely gross! So realistic!
  4. Wow and wow again! What a story this is!! As stated, only after reading the story the mini makes much more sense and can be appreciated fully. I, too am glad for the necro since would have missed this gem totally otherwise. Having roleplayed paladins and similar in my adventuring days this little diamond of a story surely brought back memories. Very well written with great attential to detail topped with uncanny wordsmithing skillz. I applaud loudly!!
  5. Wow! Such crisp and neat painting! Love everything about it. Simply awesome!
  6. Great fire effect on the sword.. could have used some diluted black wash on the armor.. but a Paladin's armor is ought to be all shiny and spotless, so all's good I guess
  7. Looks very nice.. Wish there were more pictures tho..
  8. Very nice! Espcially love the feathers and the NMM.
  9. Nice colours.
  10. Two hours... Oh my.. Well she is stunning to say the least.. And two hours... Sigh. No im not jealous .. Not at all...
  11. Nice shading. I like the dirty, weathered look of the cloak.
  12. Everything is awesome! Perfect is all.
  13. Another awesome soldier for your growing army. I love how his eyes are widened with fear of... 'them things' that our coming from the depths of the jungle.. WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!!! KILL 'EM, KILL 'EM ALL.. CANNONS.. BRING THE CANNONS!!! Can't wait for the next one
  14. She turned out just awesome! Nicely done indeed!