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  1. Somebody is heading into a heap of trouble on their journey through the jungle! Great painting!
  2. Very cool minis there! I really like how you breathed life into them! So are they going to be your warband or are they like wandering enemies?
  3. Wow! What a saga this must have been! Which painfully reminds me I have too keep painting my own set.. Sigh... One day I shall get to it.. I hope.. But what you have achieved here is surely inspiring and your efforts have been rewarded! Very well done! So I hope you dine in Valhalla next game night!
  4. Very nice reds there! Awesome (giant) mini!
  5. Totally hilarious!! Great painting too btw. I am sure it will do great in the competition ;)
  6. Haha.. that actually should be a Millenium Falcon ;)
  7. Those damned stirges! Of all the D&D monsters they might be the ones I loathe most.. Having said that it is kinda waste that you have given those pests such a clean paint job.. Sigh.. At least they are not coming my way anytime soon.. (I have to agree with "more contrast" as mentioned above.. Do try it, be brave, think of it as the exaggerated make up they use on theater stage, you wont be disappointed).
  8. Nicely done!
  9. Being new to the world of airbrushing myself I'd say your skill is pretty amazing. Also loved the story of your family's involvement into the whole process.. And the reult is pretty awesome for that!
  10. Awesome indeed! That expression on his (her? Its?) face is priceless.
  11. Very nice color transitions. Very well done.
  12. Her hair is stunning! Very well done bust!
  13. Another of those moments when words seem to lose their power in conveying emotions.. Your work is so stunning and inspiring I am indeed at a loss for words. Perfection, as always.