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  1. Finished Nativity #1

    Very nice!
  2. Repainted Mage Knight Tree Spirit

    Very nice colors, I like the tree like tone very much.
  3. Mystic Circle

  4. Veritus the Sanctifier

    I totally appreciate the effort but that's an old one of Kuro's, I had watched it something like a year ago I think.. GIVE US THE NEW ONE!!
  5. Mystic Circle

    That! You could also spray watered down pva and the flocking will stick like a rock (pun not intended). And believe me even though it will stay in the closet for ages it still will be worth your effort for the time that it comes out.
  6. Veritus the Sanctifier

    NOOOOOOOOO... Why have I been forsaken?! All I see are 5 tutorials (5 videos in all actually). Is there some secret password or mouse gesture that I am not aware of?!
  7. Bregol Jagstone, Dwarf Ranger

    Well, you have improved so much over these months its uncanny! This is great mini! well done! Why not paint the next armored guy in NMM?
  8. Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf Hero

    Great job! I love the face! Awesome set of eyes.. maybe his eyes could use some (more) lining but that's just me being spoiled
  9. Veritus the Sanctifier

    "But where is them tutorials preciouss..." twiddles thumbs.. whistles to himself.. twiddles some more..
  10. 03584: dar dimplefoot, halfling thief

    Show us the face boss! Great cloak btw.. Well done already!
  11. General Drake: 50147

    That trench coat is off the charts! Amazing skillz at work here! I simply adore it!
  12. Primaris Space Marine by GW [Picture heavy, Large]

    Space marine awesomeness! I love the subtle weathering that makes the mini all too real. You have purpose!
  13. We were jumped by three Light Cruisers

    Yamato was a great anime series and the remake is equally awesome. Your painting does the Yamato justice I say. Greatness!
  14. 14461: Maladorn, Fire Demon

    Yes, Pingo, I get your meaning. I guess fire also needs to be accompanied by OSL to complete the illusion. Thanks for the insightful info.
  15. Bob's Cthulhu Wars - Yellow Sign Down!

    Super cool! Thats one happy customer there for you!