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  1. These are all splendid! Great job on all of them. Your attention to detail is uncanny.
  2. Awesome, great shading and very fitting base too. Perfect.
  3. Welcome back, happy to know that you are better. Great generators too!
  4. Great job on all.. I do highly recommend Sorastro tutorials too. I think they are the best (and free) tutorials on the net right now. 'GW vs other brands' is an issue for me too since I have exclusively Vallejo. He posts a conversion chart for his Patreon patrons (even for '$1 a piece' ones) and it does help. Furthermore I quit using Vallejo washes once I used citadel washes (or shades as they are called). I had a chronic frosting problem with Vallejo and none whatsoever with Citadel. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Sorastro for the win! And of course your execution is pretty flawless too. Great job!
  6. Very cool!
  7. Great painting!
  8. Perfect execution on the face and the cloak too.. Great mini.
  9. Great job! Too bad he had to join the rebellion and will be crushed under a stormtrooper's boot like the rebel scum he is.. (even if he survives I'm sure Boba Fett will finish him )
  10. Mission accomplished indeed! Great painting, perfect layering and blending.. Simply awesome!
  11. Scary! They look almost alive.. love the bases too. Great job on both!
  12. Awesome painting, I especially love the eyes. Also, many thanks for your impressions about a heroforged mini.
  13. Great dress, awesome hair too. Well done.
  14. Yep, you nailed it! Great work!
  15. I see.. the fact that not being familiar with DS universe would diminish the fun factor is not news to me.. it was mentioned everywhere and you opinion only strengthens this. A long game may not be fpr everyone or every game group.. but 4-5 hours for a good game is not unheard of (See MageKnight, Runebound etc.. )