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  1. Extremely lovely! Great base and perfect transitions.. Awesome!
  2. Awesome group.. very well painted! Kudos! What about the game? Do you recommend/like it?
  3. What a great and clever idea :) When coupled with perfect sculpting and painting.. Voila! Awesomeness!!
  4. Wow! Very impressive! I applaud loudly!
  5. Wow! En epic undertaking and a great accomplishment! Well done!!
  6. This is simply amazing and a joy to see.. I love the splendid shading on the cloak and as stated previously.. THAT HAIR!
  7. Good advice begins with good pictures.. A photo-box and a steady camera (or a smart phone of regular standards these days) is actually enough however I can not stress enough the usefulness of a photo software like Photoshop or GIMP (Which is free under gnu licence and is the one I use.. ) to balance the colors automatically. And I second what has already been said. Given your special case, this is a great achievement already and nothing that can not be fixed some washes and highlighting. Keep it up and keep posting!
  8. Great skin and hair..
  9. Nice!
  10. I love your style of painting.. The colors are just perfect. Awesome!
  11. Very well done!
  12. Huzzaah! I know perfectly well how it feels to have completed such an undertaking.. Yet never have I enjoyed such level of perfection in my mass/army paintings.. Two proton fusion enhanced laser rifles up!
  13. Wow and wow.. And wow again! I just can not take my eyes off your masterpiece of a mini/diaroma... I second everyting that has already been said but can not express enough your uncanny attention to detail that manifests itself on the historically correct kimono and the lovely little pond that is also perfect in execution.. I bow deeply in respect..
  14. This is awesome! I am especially glad you went with whte dress and green hair..