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  1. Bones 3

    Wow.. A stunning first post indeed.. I feel that we'll be seeing more of your excellent work in the very near future.. I do hope we do Welcome on board.. Enjoy the ride!
  2. Excellent skin tones.. Great minis all of them. Kudos!
  3. Fittingly dirty and ugly.. As ogres should be.. Great ainting.. Love the eyes.
  4. Hehe.. It is Eric indeed.. Very well done.. Oh my.. We are getting old..
  5. You know what they say "any plan is better than having no plan".. So a painted mini is always better than one that is half-painted... And that is better than just primed and not started and thats better than cleaned/deburred and.. Well you get the idea.. Our greatest foe these days seems to be procrastination and if your "good enough" defeats your tendency to delay and monkey around than it is not "good enough".. It is "damn well perfect!" (btw.. This is really very well painted mini.. I think there is a lesson to be had from speed painting as well, since Imho it shows you what you lack most. Your list is really not long tbh)
  6. Amazing indeed! Your "table top" is waaay better than anything I can create! Awesome!
  7. Very well done!
  8. RUN!! EVERYBODY RUN!!! The invasion of awesomely painted alien invaders has begun.. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!
  9. Oh my.. I honestly dont know where to begin?! Should I praise the flawless paint job with uncanny attention to detail.. Or should I start from the ingenous conversion that was executed perfectly.. Shall I comment on the Jedi-samurai crossover (which is no coincidence of course since Mr Lucas was heavily "inspired" by the very Bushido concept.. One can check out Akira Kurusawa's Hidden Fortress if interested), or should I drool over the beauty of it all... This is too much, good sir.. Simply too much.. You have no right to hit so many right spots at one swift strike..
  10. Aah, the satisfaction of removing a piece from your 'semi-painted shelf of shame' (this is the worst shelf there is.. Oh the accusing, damning looks those "semi-finished"s give you.. Shudders) .. ... And the result is thus... You have reason to celebrate Sir!
  11. Wow.. What a beautiful mini! The NMM is top notch too. Very well done...
  12. Clear, crisp paintjob. Great attention to detail.. Well done. As a side note, you could enhance your shadows to increase contrast
  13. Awesome paint job! And a speed paint? Give me a break! :)
  14. This is such exquisite painting, you can be proud! Awesome!
  15. Cute!!