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  1. Not-A-Mini: Aquire game board

    Very clear. Your client will be happy.
  2. 77326: Lemure “A” Foedus

    The shading and highlighting you gave it cleary reflects its gooey skin. The green warts are also spot on.. maybe you could finish with some.gloss varnish too? I had coated my "slime mini" in wizwar boardgame with gloss varnish and it certainly adds to the effect..
  3. Mystic Theurge (89021) (Bones)

    Well the effect is subtle yet effective. I'll try it out next time i get eyes like his/hers.
  4. Crypt - graveyard expansion

    Wow! This is a great terrain piece! Please tell how did you get the glowing effect on the floor?
  5. Skeletons 11, 12, and Death

    Great bunch!
  6. A Few Spiders

    Nice freehand!
  7. Avukavali snake demon 77393 PG-13 version

    Conversion? Where? Superb work!
  8. 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock

    I really like what you have done here.. For the glow effect, the trick I think is to make the center very bright, almost white in the center, then decrease intensity as you go outward.. just like OSL.
  9. Mystic Theurge (89021) (Bones)

    She (what He?.. oh OK.. ) He would make an awesome soothsayer.. and did you really paint a reflection dot in her pupils.. wow!
  10. Benedict

    They look awesome!
  11. Kingdom of Death: Rawhide Armor survivors

    Very well painted rawhide armor. You have captured its color perfectly!
  12. Kev!'s 77536: Female Wraith (InMiPaMo day 15)

    Wow! How did you come up with that color scheme? It shouts "wraith" in a very unearthly and undead way! Painting her skin in flesh tone created a very stunning contrast too.. Wow again!

    That base! The blue-black transitions are uncanny! Love it!
  14. Cadirith, colossal spider

    Well, this is ingenious! Very well executed too.
  15. 77609 Bonesylvanian Lou

    Great style! Love the octopus eyes!
  16. Critter Kingdom figures

    Superb! I'd say, with your brush skillz already what they are, you are more than ready for painting human facial features! All you have to do is give it a go.
  17. Reaper Pack Reindeer with Copplestone's Lovely Assistant

    I second all that has been said already, very well done!
  18. First paint for daughter

    It indeed is a fantastic start! I sure do hope she picks up the hobby, such a natural talent should not go to waste..
  19. 77016 Rats!

    Wow.. The awesomeness of the rats are very much shadowed by the incredulous diaroma you are displaying here ! Are those graffiti really free hand? Oh my word.. CongRATS!!!
  20. Sad Medusa (ReaperCon Hall of Fame miniature)

    What a great sculpt and how splendid a paint job you have done to her! Awesome as always!
  21. 77610: Esme

    A great chibi mini, and you have successfully adorned her with an amazing pair of green eyes! I especially love the green skin color!
  22. Bubba Da Gorkanaut - GW Gorkanaut Orks

    Wow! Such fine attention to detail! Your weathering is among the best I have laid my eyes on! Perfect!
  23. Reaper Bones Succubus

    Awesome to the very core!
  24. Invisible Heroes

    You nailed it!
  25. Bones Balazar, Gnome Summoner

    Yay indeed! The cool blue colors and his matching eyes are a feast for the eyes! Kudos.