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  1. 7002 Baran Blacktree with Painting Guide

    Truly amazing! A masterpiece! And many thanks for sharing the tutorial too.. Much appreciated!!
  2. Werebear

    Great painting.. This is how fur ought to be painted! "Who? Me? No no.. i was just chopping wood.. I didnt eat that man.. No sir.. Not me.. "
  3. Rictus the Undying..ses!..

    Gotta love the rust on them swords! Great painting overall too. Kudos.
  4. Blightbringer

    Fantastic as always!
  5. 77360 Mr Bones

    Very good indeed!
  6. 77545 Diabolus, The Devil Dragon - Bones 3

  7. GW Eldar Wraithlord in a star field scheme

    Great recovery and awesome painbrush skillz. That planet reflection is off the charts!
  8. Vindicator of Arendelle

    Very good shading and highlighting on the cape and great freehand!
  9. Frostgrave Ghouls (or zombies)

    Another batch from the Frostgrave (or Mantic, repacked as Frostgrave) Undead set. I needed some ghouls for my D&D game so painted all as ghouls even though some are supposed to be zombies I think. Similar to the skeletons. very crisp models and great fun to paint. Thanks for looking and C&C is very welcome.
  10. Wiz kids rusty dragon bar

    Neat idea.. Lets see how it turns out. I'd love to build terrain for my games but the time it would devour is very daunting..
  11. Beholder

    Wow! Awesomely painted and you have even manage to improve it to greater levels.. Kudos!
  12. Gryph-hound

    Very good!
  13. 01564, Max the Chibi Nosferatu

  14. 3 Barbarians

    Great trio.. Well done!
  15. Kallaguk, Troll King 77267

  16. 02347 Prince Denethorr

    Thats a winner I'd say.. The base is awesome and apparently done with a very neat trick too.. I also adore the NMM on the sword as well.. Overall great piece!
  17. 77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard

    Reds are notoriously difficult to layer and you have pulled it off rather well.. Very well done.. Keep at it!
  18. Wiz kids rusty dragon bar

    I love the idea and the great execution! I am not (as of yet at least) into scenic RPG's, I reckon them to be too much hassle as a DM especially.. Setting up each scene with all these scenic pieces (I imagine) would realy slow down the game.. But maybe its not so bad.. I dont know.. Dry erase mats work just fine for me.. What do you think?
  19. Zaccahrius, the Conniving Cleric

    Very nice, clean painting, very well done. For the floor you could try layering progressively thin layers of white for OSL.. However white on black would be a great challange I guess.. Maybe some off white, or even a light beige maybe?
  20. 89028: Arael, Half Elf Cleric

    Great expression, very nice painting too. Well done.
  21. Frostgrave Thief

    So having jumped from Frostgrave to D&D in a rather swift way I decided to "normalize" my Frostgrave minis.. namely "less snow, more greens.." So here's the Thief from Frostgrave: Thus I am trying to make better bases but I still some way to go it seems. Thanks for looking and C&C is very welcome.
  22. New 5e Party

    Wow!! Thats very creative actually! Hmm.. This gives me a very neat NPC idea right off the bat
  23. New 5e Party

    Very cool party.. Great painting too.. What are you called, do you have a name? (Is the last one an Aarakocra ?)
  24. 77084: Townsfolk: Innkeeper

    Great progress on the eyes.. The paractice does make perfect, you see..
  25. Cragheart Finished

    Very effective stone effect.. You totally nailed the lava? Molten core effect too.. As an improvement you could do some OSL around the edges of it and around the eyes.. But that"s just nitpicking I guess..