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  1. Mine have arrived as well. All present and accounted for.
  2. Wyvernfire

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Also when your character levels up do they get new tattoos?
  3. @Dilvish the Deliverer and anyone else planning to go to the Rockwell Museum there's a good place for chocolate and candy nearby, Catherine's Chocolate Shop, I can't really help with eating recommendations nearby though. As for me going, I may be able to make the 20th.
  4. Wyvernfire

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    As long as it's not getting up to the trouble this one is...
  5. Caraxis is is a good flosser, those bits of mail that those tasty adventures insist on wearing keep getting stuck in the gums like popcorn, and your purple friend is looking lovely. Go, OneBoot, Go!
  6. Alas Trevor, who valiantly scacificed itself in the name of shiny. Well now you can "bronze" your heroic brushes who have served so valiantly in your endeavors.
  7. So here's my picks from the box We have a grenadier iron golem, 03170 Lurien, 03125 Bailey Silverbell, 03358 Eldolan, 60172 Hostilla, Ral Partha Egyptian Light Chariot, Bones Foo Dog, Bones Jabberwock, and what was listed as an Unknown Archer Demon, but her "bow" looks more like a bat'leth to me. Not pictured, some of those decal sheets Kangaroorex showed, which were snatched up by my dad;@Chaoswolf if the big sheets are from the same place as the little ones, which it looks like they are,then they're from Wargame Designs Unlimited. Now the box has been refilled to just below bursting, contents log updated, well taped, and on its way.
  8. Clearman box is on its way to Crowley.
  9. Saturday saw the arrival of theClearman box from Kangaroorex
  10. So here's what I took from the box... some big styrofoam grass bits, hirst arts blocks, a clear red rod, drawer pull (future mushroom base), field grass, flock mix, rocks, skellie bits, and some bendy plastic strips.
  11. Wyvernfire

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I was watching PBS's Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 50th Anniversary special, they had Michael Keaton host it. Apparently one of his jobs on the show was to stand behind Picture Picture and catch the filmstrips and videos that Fred would slid in to start that segment.
  12. Wyvernfire

    Happiness is ...

    I always thought the Peanuts gang summed it up pretty well..
  13. Dilvish's box has arrived. That was quick.