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  1. Had a thought and it's stuck in my head that a Red translucent bones Firebird and/or Phoenix would be nice.
  2. I also vote for painting the door, maybe make the color scheme match your front door.
  3. I take it this isn't paddle towards it hoping its Kermit the Frog singing about rainbows (possibly with Steve Martin) but away from the other end of the banjo spectrum.
  4. Looks good, I'm gonna have to remember to get some little acorns latter this year because I really like your glow 'shrooms and want to try that out for myself.
  5. March 17 Yup about 1/4 and the local bishop gave out a dispensation for today so folks can have their corned beef and cabbage and/or Irish stew. And I'll work on finding time to draw something or other.
  6. Maybe caramel or caramel swirl, oh I know on orange sherbet. As for it on pizza, one every great while usually with pepperoni, as I've a family member that really likes the way a place we infrequently visit does that combination.
  7. So I decided because the snow is making me wait an extra day for my Reaper order, tracking said it was out for delivery this morning but with snow falling at somewhere between 2-4 inches an hour for a good part of the day mail failed to arrive, I would take some tasty vengeance upon it I made myself maple snow recipe wait for snowstorm go outside and scoop up a bowl of clean fresh snow bring indoors heat up some maple syrup pour over snow eat the now maple flavored flakes.
  8. Hey!! Waitaminutehere!! As the self proclaimed King of New York, I've got an opinion about that... So this song's about you, good to know.
  9. So I had the soda with supper; pizza, the family's usual order from that pizza place, it was very good nice flavor and level of sweetness and paired well with the pizza. So I am now eager to seak out prickly pear in non-carbonated liquid forms.
  10. Of course they're cool but sometimes you want to change it up with a question mark umbrella or a piece of celery in your lapel March 3-5 Well I went to my local pet supply and soda place (what you don't have a local chain where you can get weird soda for you, a squeaky toy for your furry friend, and a new fish) they had prickly pear soda and to the best of my memory I've never had prickly pear, so I got a bottle and will have it after it chills up.
  11. Q So your the one responsible for Count Ducklua and all this time we've be lead to believe it was Nanny just grabbing the ketchup by mistake.
  12. 3/2 Let's see it went like this gonna check the forums now, is down. well I'll check back later ... Repeat a few times and now it's back but different it's like when the Doctor regenerates, it's the same forum but now it wants to play the recorder or thinks fezzes' are cool. but I can use smileys from my tablet now.
  13. Nothing really for Mardi Gras, just reminding family that today would be Ash Wednesday. Today I've refrained from eating meat,we made macaroni and cheese for dinner and waffles at the sugar house for lunch(it's maple sugaring season) and I was extra good there as I avoided the temptation of the really good bacon they have there. And I'm giving up lurking on the forum for Lent, so I'll be trying to post more often.
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. My thought on the statue with the pitcher is you could maybe saw her half at the waist and then possibly again higher and lower and give the impression that she was carved from multiple blocks of stone that had been joined together and the joins have since given out due to time and whatever calamity caused the destruction of the tower. Kinda like sections of a column from a ruined temple.