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  1. Live

    The tentative BonesIII release date sheet says it's coming Winter 2017/spring 2018 as 77620 hangman's gibbet. And at the same time 77621 Logar, Executioner to go with it. they were extra options added to the pledge Manager and I don't think that they're pictured one the main page of the last Kickstarter maybe in an update.
  2. Heh, may have been reading some H. P. Lovecraft before checking up on her shinyness so my brain was all elaborate descriptively. Also Hot Dog's eyes are also looking good, the rings are definitely making them pop.
  3. Ooo those eyes are looking lovely violet hued feline who favors high-sided singular footwear. Or looks GREAT OneBoot!!!
  4. ^ this^
  5. So I initially read this as Darth Santa, and thought that you were getting any early start on your Xmas presents. And now I kinda want to mod a fig and make a Darth Santa.
  6. Live

    And our nice purple and teal uniforms.
  7. Happy Birthday to the sculptor whose wyvern keeps glaring at me to finally decide on a paint scheme and paint it up.
  8. Your Sophie looks great. I really like how you did the transitions on the wings from demonic red to human flesh.
  9. Live

    I'm loving our heroes continuing adventures, heh "Mama?" .
  10. The base coats are looking good, can't wait to see how great it's going to get when you make it shiny.
  11. Love the face on this guy, you did a wonderful job on his eyes and expression. And his shield I see is taken from the otter version of Dr Suess; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Lunch!
  12. Paint Kate, Paint.
  13. Your squad looks great. Now I need to get prepping my spacer mice, Captain Cheddar and crew are very insistent that they get started soon. And having a painted set to point to and say see they look awesome don't you want use to look at least half that good will not be helping.
  14. I love the expression of the face from the shot you took it looks like it'll be looking down on the cake thinking this is my delicious hoard and I will eat it all.
  15. Randomness XII: Blood of Eleven Threads