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  1. Truth, as someone who used to have hair long enough to sit on, just walking around can cause massive snarls. Had a super hero char once that I had written in that one of the effects of her powers was a constant detangling of her long hair. As for dignified and just wearing your hair, Timmain from Elfquest seldom wears more unless you count when she's a wolf http://elfquest.com/read/index.php?s=SAS&p=10
  2. It's basically the same thing as cannoli filling, mostly drained ricotta and powered sugar with tiny chocolate chips, think heavy cream is involved too unless that was just for the chocolate ganache topping. I'm not sure of the exact mix as I was in charge of the distracting the cake's recipient from finding out exactly what kind of cake the were getting.
  3. Cake is always a good topic, and on that subject I enjoyed some of my sibling's belated birthday cake this evening. It was a homemade chocolate ricotta cake mom decided to tryout was good but we think we should double the ricotta filling next time.
  4. I love the little swimming brain. I mean the rest is really cool too but that little brain....
  5. PM Sent, yeah I remembered to fill it out in time.
  6. Oooh, I like how your summoned beastie is coming out, and the room is looking good too.
  7. I think there's a system that hooks up a sprinkler to a proximity detector, saw something like that anyways on an episode of my cat from hell where Jackson had the family set one up to scare off the local outdoor cats from using their lawn as bathroom which was freaking out their cat. Should work on dogs to and has the benefit of maybe hitting the walker as well.
  8. Maybe have the sign look more beat up? Like one of the letters missing or a couple askew or hanging off. Edit: or have a missing letter painted in like she couldn't find a letter and hasn't had time to make one.
  9. Cool idea, and I like how it's coming along, including the two toned bot. For the bricks maybe a faded whitewash, you know standard red bricks showing through mostly worn off white paint.
  10. You didn't get them second hand from a coyote? I'd be wary of getting more of his stuff, it tends to be explosive.
  11. Such amazing eyes, and the purple is coming along awesomely.
  12. A couple of thoughts on keeping your door ajar one maybe brace it from the back, attach a couple of L shaped pieces to the back of the door that way you have more area to pin it in place and keep it sturdy. just pin it to the floor, but maybe not glue it in place, if you can get the door in place from the back through the doorway without bumping into any of the minis you could transport it with the door separate and slide it into the prepared holes when you get there.
  13. Just be sure you secure it well.