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  1. Randomness XII: Blood of Eleven Threads
  2. Figured that this would be an appropriate battle theme for the awesomeness of the picture.
  3. Fulfilling

    So when my box of bones showed up I wasn't alerted by my dog but by one one the cat's noticed the truck pulling up by the neighbors and got real excited, cat can sense the arrival of bones. Looks like everything is here and complete. And now a pic of Sir ForScale having a chat with Mal'
  4. Fulfilling

    Me too, keep hopping up to check anytime I hear any sound that might be a box thud on the steps or a truck. My dog who barks at all odd sounds has been silent though.
  5. Nice, I think I'm going to have to get some of these guys when they come out for my space Mouselings to fight off.
  6. Fulfilling

    So he needs to build a fake toll booth on the way into town and grab the box off the truck while the driver is looking for toll money?
  7. That sounds like I a very valid preparation technique. Thinks about incoming pile of dragons, looks at still unpainted pile of dragons from bones II, I think I'm set with I need to paint all the dragon colors. Me too! Me too! Over here!
  8. What a cute little puppy, must have been lost for a while, looks a bit hungry.
  9. I think he looks pretty good, it's nice to see a ranger that's not all in brown or green. Feels like he'd fit right in on a cliffside warning about a rock fall or tracking something.
  10. Very cool and I secound the request for close ups of your fierce warriors.
  11. Reaper Brown Liner is really good for giving Bones Minis a base coat that acts like a primer because a lot of primers don't work well with the bones material. People use it to make some of the details on a figure pop out that are hard to see on the white bones, also because there are a few of the MSP line paints that act oddly on bare bones I think walnut brown is one. Liners are somewhere in between a wash and regular paint in consistency and are used normally to line out different areas on a mini, kinda like the lines on a coloring book. It acts as a border between parts for example armor and the clothes underneath.
  12. Oathsworn has a couple of squirrel minis from their burrows and badgers line, a witch and and a rogue, and reaper has 02756: Familiar Pack IV with a little squirrel.
  13. Had a thought and it's stuck in my head that a Red translucent bones Firebird and/or Phoenix would be nice.
  14. I also vote for painting the door, maybe make the color scheme match your front door.
  15. I take it this isn't paddle towards it hoping its Kermit the Frog singing about rainbows (possibly with Steve Martin) but away from the other end of the banjo spectrum.