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  1. Klat

    CAV: SO Sneak Peek

    As someone with a Battletech background I agree. I love Alpha Strike but these rules look to be great. I won't make a final judgment until I've played a few games but from what I've read CAV:SO looks good. To be fair I've never played earlier versions of CAV so I can't judge there but I've been pushing minis around a table for a while and I like these rules.
  2. Klat

    CAV: SO Sneak Peek

    Piercing can be found on page 85. EDIT: ninja post.
  3. Klat

    How does each faction play?

    Sadly my enthusiasm for BattleTech has waned somewhat since the line developer stepped down. Coupled with a lack of interest from others when I've run demos of Alpha Strike I've decided that I need to put BattleTech on the back burner for a little bit. Given the very low price point of the CAV Bones miniatures I really think CAV will be popular in my area once word gets out and demos start. Price has been one of the biggest obstacles I've encountered during demos and I don't know how much the upcoming lance packs will help, though I hope they do.
  4. Klat

    How does each faction play?

    Awesome replies from everyone. It sounds like the new system is very balanced and that's great. What are the associated faction doctrines? That may be the only thing that sways my faction choice at this point. Again, thank you to everyone. You've all been extremely helpful.
  5. Klat

    How does each faction play?

    That's what I was looking for. Thanks. So I get the idea from your post that the Terran stuff is pretty well rounded and medium range oriented with poor durability but good defense while the Adon stuff is faster and longer ranged with moderate durability and mediocre defense. That's two factions that I feel I have a better feel for. So, how about the rest? Thanks so much.
  6. Klat

    How does each faction play?

    That's good news for me; I can just pick a faction based on what I like the looks of then. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Klat

    CAV: SO Powered Armor Preview

    I threw my wallet at the screen and nothing happened. These look great. I've no doubt I'll purchase them once they become available.
  8. More noobish questions from the noob himself: **TL:DR** What it says on the tin; how does each faction play? Realizing that new rules are forthcoming I'm curious as to what each faction's "shtick" is. Reading through it appears that there are special faction specific rules but that doesn't necessarily tell me how their units tend to function. I'm coming at this from a BattleTech background where factions have a very general style but really can be just about whatever you want; from armies of armored bricks with guns to fast cavalry to very well rounded. I tend to think of a basic trio of capabilities when looking at units or armies; speed, firepower and armor to put them in very rough terms. Often times I'll add certain caveats when describing these things to others; a unit may be highly mobile but not necessarily fast for example. Despite my focus oftentimes on single units I use the same language when describing basic faction doctrines/play styles. Would anyone care to elaborate on how the factions play? What are their strengths and weaknesses? I realize that there are faction specific threads here but In all honesty that is a lot to sort through. Thank you ahead of time.
  9. Klat

    CAV SO: Upcoming CAVs Preview

    This, so much this. I love the Nightshade.
  10. Klat

    Looking for Fluff

    Nice to be here. I need a change of pace from BT and I think CAV will be what I need. Also, a big thanks to everyone here for answering my noobish questions.
  11. Klat

    Looking for Fluff

    Oh wow, that's very cool. I was under the impression that the game used something akin to availability lists. I much prefer a "run what you got" system. Thank you.
  12. Klat

    Looking for Fluff

    To add to my earlier question; will mercenaries receive a unit availability list? Will certain units be considered "open market" while others will be faction specific?
  13. Klat

    Looking for Fluff

    So from the fluff I can find it appears that there were mercenaries but they were nationalized. Will this be the case with SO?