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  1. Sculley

    Mouselings Tavern

    Handmaking all parts of this. Added bar with canopy. Stained the flooring.
  2. Sculley

    So who is excited about ReaperCon 2016?

    How big is reapercon? I Live in south Florida. Is it worth a plane ticket and hotel to go? :3
  3. Sculley

    New to reaper mini's

    Welcome!! And I Love KrazyGlue. Have used it for many things. (:
  4. Sculley

    Mouselings Tavern

    Table and chairs test
  5. Sculley

    Mouselings Tavern

    Fireplace painted/washed. Light installed...wish it could be better :/
  6. Sculley

    Mouselings Tavern

    Roof and starting flooring. Also made a small fireplace out of clay.
  7. Sculley

    Mouselings Tavern

    I know I know....someone else made a tavern already for their mouselings. I've always wanted to do It though and I've had balsa wood sheets laying around For years. So might as well go at it. ^.^
  8. Sculley

    Returning To Paint

    Thanks guys! Yes the hilt is bent! I guess it adds some character? Haha. I tried some shading on HIS right glove. The top golden pauldron I don't even know what to do for that. I think ages ago I did some sterling silver wash to make it shiny...but to make it pop I have no idea. :/ The one painted by Jessica makes mine look like a 2 year old tried at it. xD
  9. Sculley

    Returning To Paint

    Hey everyone! A lot has happened since I started to get into painting which made me stray away for quite awhile. But I'm back! And I do miss it. I have a Christmas Knight that I really want to perfect with the details. So any help would be great! (Its also my first metal mini)...
  10. Sculley

    What Primer Does Everyone Use?

    Thank you everyone! Serenity you said: I do live in south Florida. The humidity is almost always at 80% or above...I wonder if that would be an issue. Although most of you guys it seems you use a brush on primer? I may try that. I never prime Bones, to be honest they don't need it.
  11. Hey everyone! I haven't painted in quite a long time. I was just curious as to what primer ya'll use? I've used "Rustoleum Bare Metal Primer" in a spray can from Home Depot, but to be honest it looks like it leaves a chunky/grainy appearance on the mini? Has anyone else had this similar issue? Thanks! :D
  12. Sculley

    First Metal Mini EVER.

    Okay so this is the first metal mini I've ever painted....and actually the second mini I've ever painted in my life...Try not to laugh! xP Yes I know its horrible...I actually wanted to ask how to do the eyes? I dont have a brush that can get that fine of a point!
  13. Sculley

    Priming First Metal Mini

    Thank you guys!! Eventually I'll probably pick up a little bottle of paint on primer to get in those tight spots. And about the paint drying I really like that wet palette idea! I'll have to try that. :D
  14. Hey guys! I was going to try painting my first metal miniature apart from the Bones. I picked myself up a bottle of "Rustoleum (white) primer for bare metal," and sprayed it onto my Sabre Tooth Tiger. It laid down nice, not tacky, and generally is a good coat...However, in the nooks and crannies of the tiger there is still some little bit of bare metal. I was wondering if this is OK? Or should I spray another coat? Also an additional question. The reaper brand paints tend to dry out VERY fast on my pallette. Any way I can reduce this? Thanks!!
  15. Sculley

    New Painter

    Okay well...here is my first painted mini!! I've had a hard time trying to get a closeup picture, but all critique is welcome!