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  1. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Sucks that you haven't got the order yet, I got lucky with mine and it was only delayed a week or so.
  2. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    I've been sick the last couple of weeks so I was able to get some good painting time in. Aiming to get mine to my partner in time for Christmas, it will be close!
  3. Fealron

    Help painting freehand scars

    Thanks, I feel stupid not having checked YouTube first. I blame it on my cold and not thinking straight.
  4. I am painting a miniature right now that is humanoid and not wearing a shirt. I want to paint some scars on the chest or back, I have never painted freehand before and have no artistic ability to speak of when it comes to drawing. This is going to be a gift for someone and want it to turn out not bad! Would anyone be able to give me some tips on painting some simple scars? Thanks
  5. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Just great, Canada Post has requested all international parcels be held and not sent to Canada until the backlog is clear. Apparently they have a 30 day back log... and my Reaper order is in Chicago...
  6. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Order placed. Now to hope Canada post disruptions don't delay it much.
  7. Fealron

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    I went heavy in both caverns and forest, I don't trust the store to have stock and its better value now for Canadian shipments. I bought a stupid amount of forest banks. Everything painted as I would rather spend time painting the hordes of unpainted miniatures I have than terrain. Since I have a couple young kids I don't have time to DM a regular game right now however my kids love playing with the pieces and we enjoy just building things.
  8. Fealron

    2018 Secret Sophie

    I've taken a break for awhile but i'm back for this one. PM sent.
  9. I received a package yesterday. I tried taking pictures but my phone would crash every time I took a picture, I will try to get that sorted out and post pictures soon. Thanks to my partner for the the really weird spider! Sadly it broke off its base during transit so I had to patch it up last night. The drow warrior looks really cool too with all the red and black webbing, thanks! Other goodies were nice, especially the really cool base/scenery piece, the wife and I ate all the chocolates last night...
  10. Fealron

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Held out with just a BFL. Got what I wanted and didn't get pulled into the hype! I'm not going to ever have enough time to use all these expansions. I do hit the Dwarven Forge KS' pretty hard tho, I see so much utility with those and plan on using my 2x2 pieces to replicate the board for KD.
  11. Mailed today, hopefully it will make it by Christmas. In my haste I just realized I forgot to take pictures.
  12. Done, just need to find the right box to ship. Probably won't get out until Wed/Thursday. I'm hoping it makes it for Christmas.
  13. and my base suffered a critical failure last night...I need to rebase the mini now.
  14. Almost done. Slight chance of getting it mailed Friday but likely early next week. Hoping it will make it for Christmas.