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  1. Hit! I'm shocked!
  2. Crypt was just Core Rulebook ;) Urban
  3. You find a 16 year old scrawny militia guard named Evyn who tells you how he was last in line when the weapons locker was opened, and was shocked when the castellan handed him a greatsword. "What am I supposed to do with this, sir?" Was his question. "Swing it with two hands, over yer head and aim for their head, lad." Was Escobert's reply. Evyn is relieved to have the added protection of a shield, is better built for a long sword anyway, and considers it lucky to have swapped gear with a still-living adventurer. Someone else tracks down a short bow for you. You will go from the tunnel entrance inside the Keep, through the tunnel, and to the exit outside by the stream.
  4. First off, nice work, both in respect to the bargain and the painting! Secondly, after the obvious comments already made, I keep thinking "where are her feet?" A little wonky on the sculpt...
  5. The mayor invites you all to the parapet. He motions to look out on the city. Many fires are burning, groups of humanoids and some other creatures roam about looting and burning. Occasional screams are heard in the distance. Each of those makes the mayor cringe like he was flayed. The half moon night and fires cast a low light over the whole city. He points out a few landmarks so you can get your bearings if need be. There is a sawmill, a stream, a temple to Chauntea, smithy, inn, among the more notable points of interest. "I thank you for the offer, but I fear this is going to be a long night, so conserve your resources! I'll be fine." He then calls to Escobert. He quickly comes over. The Mayor introduces you all. Escobert is a veteran shield dwarf with bright red hair and a scarred face. He speaks with a slight brogue, attesting that he has lived with humans for a long time. "Greetings. Thank you for your help with the refugees." The mayor converses with Escobert quickly, they both nod, and ask you to secure "the Old Tunnel. That should be our first priority" Escobert gives you a key to a lock on a gate at the end of the tunnel. "The tunnel is somewhat hidden and opens to a cave near the stream. Please make sure it is still undetected by our enemy, and clear for use to get in and out of the Keep discretely. And try to not get eaten by that damnable dragon flying around!" (OOC let me know if you want any additional information. You can refill spent arrows/bolts here. Please remind me / Let me know again general strategy, like marching order, spells left, and as we progress, specific strategies you think about).
  6. How do you all want to deal with the door? break, hack, magic, knock?
  7. Feel free to get creative too: you'll probably have time to commission cheap magic, like +1, +2 or +3 skill bonus magic wondrous items (like for thieve's tools, goggles for perception, etc). Pathfinder is very much about magic = technology, and always seemed like magic is everywhere. For armor and weapons, you'd be limited to +1 in Kassen.
  8. The door to the south is next. Janalyth finds no trap or lock, but the stout wooden door seems to be barred from the inside.
  9. You make your way to the Keep. After you enter, you hear a voice from the parapet "That's enough, close and bar the gates!" The family you escorted hug each of you, giving you thanks for seeing them safely to the Keep. (This will lead to bonus XP, which will be awarded later). They then seek out extended family, and first aid. Rolen succeeds in finding his family. Both are together and unhurt. A few moments later, you are approached by a human in his sixties who is apparently in charge. His eyes go a little wide at the sight of the captives. He calls over some of the guards (nothing more than basic militia) to take the prisoners to the stockade for later questioning. "Based on your entrance and the blood on your weapons, I'm sure we owe you thanks. I am mayor Nighthill. Up on the parapet is our castellan, Escobert the Red. If you're willing, I'm sure you can help us survive this unwarranted attack!" You take a moment to notice the mayor is injured. His face is scraped and bruised, his arm is in a sling, and his shirt is stained with his own blood.
  10. The blacksmith's forge is just outside the Keep. The inn is on the other end of town close to where the road exits the other end of town. You can sprint to the blacksmith and back right before entering the Keep. The blacksmith shop is empty, no people inside, alive or dead. It is not on fire and has not been looted.
  11. You fill Sillilial and Reaver in as to the findings of the room, and head to the next room. Are we still doing Janalyth checking for traps, perception check (listen), disarming/unlocking as needed, then moving aside to let Ma'alik open the door?
  12. Between the boars and a little "fudging" with some bonus XP, you guys are all at 5,000 XP so you can level to 3rd. You can also sell loot, buy some gear, etc. Let me know.
  13. The next day, you march back toward the town of Kassen. A spotter notices you and runs ahead of you to alert the town. When you reach town, you find the celebration in your honor is starting. Mayor Uptal is there to greet you by the gates. His joy at your return quickly turns to horror when you tell him what has happened. He offers you all sincere apologies. "That's not right at all. It was supposed to be a safe journey through the Crypt, with nothing within except the modified mechanisms! I'm sorry we put you through that, but we owe you a great deal of thanks for putting an end to this undead menace, and saving Dimira." The harvest celebration quickly turns melancholy as news of the events in the Crypt spread through town. The grand feast still takes place, but it is a more somber affair than in prior years: this year people are drinking to help forget the pain of lost friends and family. During the celebration, Cygar comes to speak with you quietly. He formally introduces himself as a Pathfinder. He took an interest in your adventure, and is sure his organization would like to see the tomb robbers that caused this mess called to account for their actions. He asks if you will help...
  14. After eating your fill of boar, you notice Roldare finally calming his nerves and seeming relatively normal. Dimira helps Taeral with the field dressing of the boar, and she casts subtle glances at Taeral when she thinks he isn't looking. You camp for the night uneventfully.
  15. This made me happy! Thanks for necro'ing it!