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  1. Thanks. For the acid arrow, I started by cutting off her sword. Then I drilled a small hole into her hand. I straightened out a paper clip and coated it with green stuff. I rolled more green stuff into the arrow head, and the side blobs. Then I glued the side blobs on and glued the paper clip to the swapped weapon and then her hand.
  2. Darcstaar

    Kev!'s 77364: Angel of Shadows

    Nice take on her.
  3. Darcstaar

    03813 Female Hobgoblin Archer

    Excellent work!
  4. Darcstaar

    DSM7971, Ali Sparrow the Female Cat Pirate

    Great work. Nice fish bone embellishment. I can see her adding a bone for every shop she captures!
  5. Darcstaar

    Early Snow, Female Witch from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Very interesting shade of green
  6. Darcstaar

    GW Necromunda Ganger Lucki.

    Love the snake eyes on her shoulder. Nice touches all around.
  7. Thank you. The great thing about these contests is seeing all the neat ideas people have. I find it almost like a shopping spree of “ooh, I’ll try that next time.”
  8. Darcstaar

    01608: Reaper 25th Anniversary - Diva the Blessed

    Awesome work. Great job on the spellbook/prayer text.
  9. Darcstaar

    89014: Seltyiel, Iconic Magus - BONES

    You did a great job of bringing him to life.
  10. Darcstaar

    01602: Reaper Silver Anniversary - Tara the Silent

    Excellent job! She could even pass for a “Sister”-Jedi Hunter.
  11. Darcstaar

    14528: Rageblood Slayer

    I love it! Very gritty and realistic despite the subject matter.
  12. Darcstaar

    77364, Angel of Shadows

    Great work! Congratulations on placing. I love the detail you gave to the feather tips and your OSL.