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  1. Great Start. As the wolf mentioned, you have great brush control, and that is 90% of the battle. Another tip: I noticed some black paint rubbed off around the base and boots. It could suggest you didn’t wash the mini before painting. It is a good idea to wash any mini, even metal. Use an old, discarded toothbrush and some warm water with a drop of liquid dish soap. Rinse well, let dry thoroughly, then try not to touch the mini anymore with bare hands. Washing removes manufacturing residues and hand oils which can impair paint adhesion. Finally, some spray primers don’t react well with Bones plastic, which could contribute to the paint rubbing off.
  2. Darcstaar

    Halfling Cook, Reaper Bones, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

    It doesn’t help that it looks like he’s got a bowl full of blood!
  3. Darcstaar

    Goblin Henchman

    He is very well painted. It reminds me of Dobby.
  4. Darcstaar

    Citrine paints Reaper Bones Mushroom Men

    Love them.
  5. Darcstaar

    Citrine paints Wizkids spider victims

    It's an interesting color choice. They look a little more like mummies piled on the ground than being wrapped in spider silk. Regardless, nicely done.
  6. Darcstaar

    Citrine paints Reaper Bones Stone Golems

    Awesome. The blue one totally has Lou Ferrigno's face!
  7. Darcstaar


    Those are a beautiful trio!
  8. Darcstaar

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Random Animal Minis

    Creeped out by the pale ticks. They make me think Aliens face huggers.
  9. Darcstaar

    Goldar as half-orc (Reaper 03461, Bones 77047)

    Great color scheme.
  10. Darcstaar

    Gragg Elfslayer - Reaper 02431

  11. Darcstaar

    Reaper figs for D&D group

    I think the Monk stands out as the best BECAUSE his skin highlight/shading is so stark.
  12. Darcstaar

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Great work. So smooth. Gloss on the eyes is a nice touch.
  13. Darcstaar

    Dark Fable Basilisk

    Great (re) start!
  14. Darcstaar

    Mushroom Men: 77345

    Great job. Love the caps. These are some of the best versions of these fungoids I’ve seen.
  15. Darcstaar

    Xiloxoch, Naga as a statue, Reaper Bones by Julie Guthrie

    She made an excellent statue! Great work.