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  1. Bowing, he drops his dagger, sap, short bow, 5 arrows, and pack. Following your instructions didn't mention his coins, which he keeps.
  2. "Please! We were stalked by that abomination with the nice body and butter-face. We hid in here after she killed our companion. We argued what to do, which is why we tied up the hellspawn. When we heard all the commotion, we feared she was coming. When the doors burst open, we thought she had finally come for us. Once the fighting began, the mistake set this fight into motion. Please, let me go and I'll make my way out the tunnel we dug to get in. I have no more desire to loot this place." He seems sincere and doesn't make any weird gestures or moves for concealed weapons.
  3. "Arrgh, promoted to first mate ain't all its cracked up to be! All I get to do is lug around the Cap'ns dirty laundry!" Nice idea...
  4. The orange came out great! Love the progress on the group.
  5. Where are the 'mechs, or space marines?
  6. Great! You put forth two very different blues. I love the treatment on the sword, especially how it is tied to the staff!
  7. Great work, agree with everyone else that he looks good in Red!
  8. Orcpocalypse!
  9. Darn Razimiri! Nice idea and well executed.
  10. Gross! But it looks just as it should.
  11. That horse is so fast he's knocking basing material right off his base! Great paint job on some traditional heraldric colors.
  12. If he is escaping, I would cut out one dagger and put a sack or pouch or even a severed head in that hand.
  13. Lol, cod-piece! That's classic! I think the bright look is perfect.
  14. Surrounded, confused, prone, the Tengu throws down his weapon and pleads for its life. In a screechy common voice it speaks "Please, no kill, no kill!" Sturgis is up, what are you going to do?
  15. Just waiting on Init from Davor.