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    Atlantis Miniatures Dwarven Scribe

    Great work! Excellent Tartan. Love the wildflowers. Also, very clean runes.
  2. Darcstaar

    77106 BONES Frost Giant Jarl

    This was my entry for the Reaper Fan Facebook Page Paint Your Giants Contest. This is the biggest thing I ever painted not on a canvas. The last time I entered one of these, I felt like it would have done better if the base told more of a story, so that is what I tried to achieve with this one. I wanted it to portray REVENGE! The Jarl had his left eye gouged out by a young upstart white dragon. He healed, regrouped, and hunted down the dragon to enact his revenge. I hope you like it. The final results have now been posted. He placed 4th behind some mind-blowing work. I wanted some orange on the model to play against the blue skin, for color theory. Originally, it was going to be glowing runes on the rock and skulls, but I abandoned that for the sake of time/completion. I settled with orange tones in the leather. I wasn't really sure how to get the TMM of the crown to look like a gouge, or how to make his blue skin look like a scar. I'm not entirely sold on the result, but I'm sure I'll try again some day on a different model. The Monster Manual suggests blue skin with white/gray/dirty blonde hair is the usual coloration. I tried to go to full white for the highlights of the face to make it the focal point. I wanted him to look like he was wearing a polar bear pelt, and that all the fur trim was also polar bear. I tried to make it look a little muddy on the bottom, and on his shoes. This was how I wanted to weather the inside of the bear skin, to make it look like it had that dried cracked appearance. Not sure how well it shows up in the picture. These were some WIP shots. The black and white was to figure out how to highlight the sword. I wanted the sword and stone items to look like shiny flint. I hit the sword and most of the other stone items with high gloss varnish to help sell the effect. The front and back of the sword. Finally, some more details of the base and the white dragon victim. I wanted to base the dragon as a purple in the recesses, similar to the effect going on on the cover of Hoard of the Dragon Queen module. This was the BONES Temple Dragon I sacrificed. He is smaller, but his tongue sticks out perfectly to sell the dead dragon effect. And he's not as expensive to replace as Deathsleet! I pained his eyes half-rolled into his head to complete the idea. I tried to freehand some anatomy on there: vertebral body, muscle groups, esophagus, carotid arteries/jugular veins. I also tried to be accurate with the blood spray coming from both arteries, and didn't want to go too crazy with the gore. Finally, I wanted it to look like his hot blood had melted some of the snow. Overall, this was a wild ride. The early part of the contest saw him at #2. Then he gave up some ground and sat at #3 for a long time. Then another Frost Giant (Queen) made a great surge at the end to unseat me out of #3 into 4th place. To be honest, there were so many awesome paint jobs, I'm just humbled and honored to be in the top 20. Thanks for looking. C&C Welcome.
  3. My giant placed in the Facebook contest, so I didn’t think I should enter him.
  4. Darcstaar

    77434 Yeti Chieftain, Ladystorm's Winter Contest

    Thanks. I looked at reference material to be sure.
  5. Here is my entry for the Yeti contest. A co-worker thought he'd make a good Grinch, so I went with that. A little Greenstuff to make a Santa Hat, and here were are. The gift box was tough. I mixed my own metallic blue paint, and freehanded wayyy too many snowflakes. I included other shots without the box to show off his details. Enjoy.
  6. Darcstaar

    77434 Yeti (AKA Yeti Ball) for Ladystorm's solstice contest

    Agree with the wolf. This was a great interpretation of his pose. Will love to see it when it’s all done according to your vision.
  7. Darcstaar

    01550 christmas eve

    If you don’t want to wash the yellow, mix in some brown bit by bit and paint it into the folds.
  8. Darcstaar

    77434 Yeti Chieftain.

    Seems like the goriest one so far. Very compelling.
  9. I really like what you did here. The Yeti face is fantastic. There is a children’s game out now called “Yeti in my Spaghetti!”
  10. Darcstaar

    77434: yeti for ladystorm's contest

    Funny idea. Now that you mention it, they do look like they are laughing. He should have washed his coat with Oxy Clean!
  11. Darcstaar

    Do you want to build a Snowman (77434: yeti chieftain )

    ROFL! Very cute idea. Nicely painted, pale blue color.
  12. Darcstaar

    01550 christmas eve

    That green takes about 4 layers to get a solid base coat. Nice color scheme so far.
  13. Darcstaar

    Yet another Yeti! - Yeti Chieftain 77434

    Very realistic interpretation. Adding the skull really takes it in a different direction. I can totally see him on stage. “I’ve been the lead in three consecutive years of Summer Stock,” in his best beastial thespian voice. Well done!
  14. Darcstaar

    Werebat: 77448

    Great color scheme!
  15. Darcstaar

    77434 Yeti Chieftain, Ladystorm's Winter Contest

    Thanks, glad you liked it. I thought about Max, but didn’t have time for it.
  16. Darcstaar

    77434 Yeti Chieftain, Ladystorm's Winter Contest

    Thanks. It totally had me thinking “Ouch! My back! How many pieces are in this stupid tricycle anyway?!?”
  17. Darcstaar

    03873 Serena, Dreadmere Rogue w/ Basing

    She’s a beauty.
  18. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84143-77434-yeti-chieftain-ladystorms-winter-contest/
  19. Darcstaar

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    Loved the pink OSL on this one!
  20. Darcstaar

    77323: Blightfang

    Great job for a speed paint.
  21. Thanks. For the acid arrow, I started by cutting off her sword. Then I drilled a small hole into her hand. I straightened out a paper clip and coated it with green stuff. I rolled more green stuff into the arrow head, and the side blobs. Then I glued the side blobs on and glued the paper clip to the swapped weapon and then her hand.
  22. This was my entry for the Quarterly Bones Reaper Fan Facebook Painting Contest. The Angel of Shadow. She was good enough for an Honorable Mention (Thanks Reaper Matt)! For the prior contest, I liked how people were getting interesting light effects by using a black backdrop, so I tried that. Another reason I wanted to do it was to see if I could put her on a standard gaming base, supported by a rod painted black to fade into the backdrop, to give her a good illusion of flying. Also, this was my first attempt at Monochrome. My final idea was to do a weapon swap to a wand (A cross-looking weapon from the BONES 3 Weapon Sprue), and sculpted my take on Acid Arrow, painting it green as the only color on the model, like those stunning black and white photos with colored flowers, etc. I would say I'm a much better painter than sculptor Her paints used As time wore down, I had to abandon thoughts of OSL, so I made it seem like her lantern had died out and the spell didn't cast much light. Here are some other photos against an out-of-focus rug to show some tighter details. I tried to put some texture into the fabric of her dress, which was another first. C&C Welcome!