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  1. Just to toss my $0.02 in here: I used to build a lot of plastic airplane models. Plastic Testor’s glue (tube gel or liquid bottle) makes for very strong seams in the long run, but takes a long time to dry, and tends to make a long “weld bead” that would probably require a lot more sanding/filing/cutting than superglue.
  2. Great job! Narthrax is such a versatile dragon. He can take any colors and look great.
  3. No one understands what could have happened to drive the Goblins into town.
  4. This behavior is contrary to all you know about the local goblins. It suggests a level of organization and fearlessness wholly alien to the typical Sandpoint Hinterland Goblins.
  5. Janalyth determines that the hand on the floor doesn't belong to the wearer of the armor. He also notes an exotic bastard sword propped up against the wall in a different corner. (None of it detects as magic). Sturgis recognizes the elaborate banded mail as belonging to a warrior of the Iridian Fold, hailing from the continent of Casmaron. They always travel in pairs: The other half of the pair wearing veiled clothing, and chained at the wrist to the heavily armored warrior, almost as if leading "the muscle" around by a leash. You don't notice anything else.
  6. Her armor definitely has a Gladiator vibe to it.
  7. Greyson doesn't detect anything other than the general preservative magic and wards placed over this whole location.
  8. You don't detect any evil.
  9. You continue north, and the passage turns to the right. The passage right has a branch to the left, or continues into an octagonal room. Those with dark vision can see into the room just as you turn the corner. It is empty except for an ornate set of armor and skeletal hand.
  10. Anything else you want to do tonight?
  11. Rich, dark wood panels. A pair of iron chandeliers give a lot of brightness to the common room. Various types of adventuring gear and trophies in shadowboxes on the walls. After an hour or so, Amieko comes out of the kitchen with your plates of food. It is a delicious meal: Roast mutton with pan gravy, curried root vegetables, beet and dandelion greens with blueberries, salt, honey and vinegar. She gives a short speech to the locals about you being the heroes of Sandpoint, to the applause of the locals.
  12. The branch to the right is empty. It ends in a large bronze double door.
  13. Talbard misses. Klaus is up.
  14. Cool! You turned him into a giant oxidation beast! Nice paint job.
  15. Another kobold gurgles his last! He's not so "bests" now, is he? Talbard is up.