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  1. Ysera Dragon Bust

    Beautiful painting. I see the issue people are having with the eyes: without an appreciable pupil, it is a little strange. Cataracts or blindsight would explain it away, but it is what it is. Have you thought of a more fantastic pupil option? Hourglass perhaps? Or is this beauty Done! Done?
  2. Rise of the Runelords

    Not anymore, you succeeded at both so you can tell them the important info: You spot 6 sets of prints: 5 goblins and one humanoid. ((Dun Dun Duuuuuuhnnnnttt!) That’s the dramatic reveal music.)
  3. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    Sorry, Haldir. Missed the strikeout stuff. The temple could be approached from a number of different directions. The main way the adventure assumes you all are going to do missions is by the now cleared secret tunnel. The Main Gate is closed and barred now. You assume it is being watched. Guards on the walls can confirm as much. The secret tunnel leads out to a slope that goes down to the river. It has some mounds around it that effectively conceal it from casual observation. Klaus doesn't find a base camp either. You all can conclude that the stealthiest way to approach anything in the city is to travel along the riverbank. There is enough vegetation to screen you, the burbling of the water will help obscure your noise from marching, and it has enough of a bank that if you crouch down, you will be harder to spot.
  4. Rise of the Runelords

    Sorry again for the delays. Sheriff Hemlock sent Father Zantus to wait in the Cathedral. He doesn't know if the High Priest was buried with anything significant. Go ahead and give me a perception check and a survival check (OK to Take 10) The High Priest was named Ezakian Tobyn. He was a follower of Desna, just like Father Zantus.
  5. Angie paints the Emerald Nightmare

    Love that Treeman! Great bunch.
  6. Istariel - Judgement

    Really beautiful work.
  7. WIP: Dreamy Blue Lion Bust by Cyr

    Really brave choice on the color. His eyes are really engrossing.
  8. 77145: Mummy Captain by Glitterwolf

    Very nice! Surprisingly gruesome...
  9. Spellweaver

    Pretty ambitious! Looking great so far.
  10. 77171 Stone Golem

    I like how you got the kilt to look painted with weathering off the paint to show the stone under
  11. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    OOC I haven’t looked back at the posts to figure it out, and I don’t remember the role of the player we lost, but I remember someone else wanted “lead duty” so Mal took rearguard. If that changed, Mal could definitely go axe/shield and go first. I didn’t volunteer since I remembered he was bringing up the rear. I think it was Bregan who was in the lead?
  12. Here's another recent paint. It still goes along with the Reign of Winter AP theme, though I don't know if the Adventure Path has a Polar Bear or not. This figure represents an example of "It looked better in my head." I tried following some pictures of polar bears on the web: It seems some are very yellowed (not necessarily in the shadows), and some are very white. So, I started with a base of 50/50 Golden Blonde/Linen White, and successively lightened it up to white, and left the darker color in the shadows. I thought the fur quality on this BONES sculpt is very good, so it lent itself well to a mix of drybrushing and picking out individual strands with the brush. I tried something different for the snow on the base, just some puddles of white glue that I then painted with Ghost White and Pure White. C&C Welcomed.
  13. 60190, Skreed Gorewillow, half-orc alchemist

    I think the rosiness of the nose and cheeks brings the face so much depth!
  14. 60194 Kul-Inkit, female barbarian

    Awesome. Nice tight shot of the face. How much damage on the shield is sculpted in versus painted in?