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  1. The Dragon's Demand

    Sensing the slimy part will be harder, Mal tries to focus his luck on his balance, but his luck fails. 2+2=4.
  2. Kristof65s Tycho AFV

  3. Bombshell Babe Celeste the Sorceress

    What I like the most is the hair!
  4. The Godsmouth Heresy

    I think this thread was group initiative, so it keys on Janalyth. Janalyth 15 Greyson Ma’alik Sturgis Rune Guardian 3+6=9 The Rune Guardian slides out of the wall floating in the square west of the 1 in 13.
  5. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    Klaus finishes off the rest of the patrol. The party quickly loots and hides the bodies in some overgrowth. The kobold loot isn’t worth a damn. The brigands seemed to have a cohesive “uniform.” Black cloak and a cloak pin of a lead circle pierced by a sword, enameled black. Klaus recognizes the pin as a mercenary faction. He’ll describe it more fully (through me) when you guys get back into the Keep. The brigands had scimitars, short bows, and arrows you can take with you. In all, they only had 20 sp between them. You have now secured the secret tunnel leading out of the Keep. Go report back to the Mayor. (anything else you want to do before that, let me know).
  6. The Dragon's Demand

    Previously, Tark had cast light on a torch and used it to light up the darkness.
  7. DSM Female Ranger

    She’s very well painted. What an intricate model with very delicate proportions. She and her bow seem very fragile.
  8. Rise of the Runelords

    Nothing troubling happens overnight. The next morning, Amieko serves you fresh cinnamon rolls and hot spiced apple cider. As you are enjoying the meal, a city Guard comes through the door. He says a few words to Amieko, who nods in your direction. He gives you a quick bow. ”Greetings heroes. I am Todd. Sheriff Hemlock asked for your help. I am to accompany you to the Sandpoint Boneyard, where the Sheriff is waiting for you.”
  9. The Godsmouth Heresy

    No one’s perception is good enough to see this thing while it is hiding in the wall. After 7 rounds, this thing glides out of its hiding space in the wall. Greyson recognizes it as a construct called a Rune Guardian of Wrath. It has a primary fire attack, as hinted by the art. It is Tiny. It flies. It has minor spell resistance. Because it is powered by Sin Magic (Wrath), it is vulnerable to opposition schools: Abjuration and Conjuration. Roll initiative.
  10. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    Talbard shoots and kills Kobold B. All that is left is Kobold C. Klaus is up.
  11. Tiik

    I like how the muted colors gives them an almost “zombie fish” feel. Then the eyes just pop! out at you.
  12. The Dragon's Demand

    Mal will take off his armor and shield and stow them in his pack/on his back. He’ll then walk slowly along the ledge at half speed. (Take 10 acrobatics = 12). ”If I fall in lads, I’ll extend up my axe handle. I hope you can fish me out before I turn into goo.” Perception as I go: rolled a natural 20! 20+6=26.
  13. The Godsmouth Heresy

    Everyone. Sturgis is reading.
  14. The Godsmouth Heresy

    Janalyth finds a small nich that has a strangely shaped glyph that can be taken. It looks like it fits the depression in the door of Area 3. Greyson finds a stash of 3 stone tablets which function as scrolls. They weigh 5 lbs each. One is an arcane scroll with 2 spells. The other two are divine scrolls with one spell each. Sturgis starts reading. It would take many castings to read the whole room. You get information about many subjects about ancient Thassilon, from day to day life, but also about rulers, Magic, their Gods, etc. You can research specific questions in here by spending 1d6 hours of study. That will give you a +5 circumstance bonus to a Knowledge(arcana) or knowlege(history) check about ancient Thassilon. After 7 rounds of reading, something happens. Give me another perception check, a Knowledge (arcana) check, and let me know if there are any other actions you want to do during this time.
  15. 89029 - Hellknight, Order o/t Scourge

    Yup, that’s it! Just like the concept art. Great work.