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  1. Shaken by the sight of his companion's fall, and trying to account for being sandwiched between two foes, Ma'alik's attack swings wide. Next.
  2. Yes, you can occupy his square. Only a truly foolish foe would try to line up Coup de Grace into a square occupied by a conscious foe protecting the downed companion.
  3. Assuming Janalyth has fallen down from unconsciousness, you can enter his square without provoking, since the hard corners give you cover. Once you leave his square, you would be leaving a threatened square, so you would provoke from both of the bird men. The rebuke death is a standard action, so it goes off on your own initiative. It is a spell-like ability, so it provokes. It has a range of touch. Since it functions like a cure spell, I would rule that you can cast it in one square, "charging" it onto your free hand, then move and deliver it after movement. This can help prevent AOO in certain situations.
  4. Knock Knock! Very cool piece!
  5. Janalyth walks forward to the square past the doorway. That's when he spots a male Tengu hiding to the west square. It lets out a squeaky-shriek and stabs at Janalyth with its dagger. It misses! (5+3+2=10) Its companion comes out of hiding to the east square (it had a much better stealth roll). It tries to stab at Janalyth. 17+3+2Flank = 22 hits. 1+1+6sneak attack = 8 damage. It buries its dagger into Janalyth's back.
  6. Mal wants to close the door we came through, to prevent it from flying out. Then he'll go total defense.
  7. No.
  8. You see what is in the italics...
  9. Mal wants to try to get a sense of how this bird is trying to trick us. If we all spill blood, will he divulge his secrets. sense motive 19+2=21. OOC (If so, and if our magic users think it isn't some kind of spell completion trigger, then I'd recommend trying to get around the potential HP damage by using someone's cloak pin to poke everyone's finger and drip a drop of blood on all the furniture.)
  10. 5e is a lot more forgiving with actions. You can walk up, drop the torch, pull out your weapon and attack. The 11 hits, so go ahead and roll weapon damage.
  11. Skin stealer?!? Nicely painted.
  12. She has a very expressive face and curious look in her eyes! Great job.
  13. The +1 makes the armor bonus increase from 6 to 7. It is not a deflection bonus. With the armor bonus of +7 and shield bonus of +1 from the buckler, your AC is 18.
  14. Where is the +1 deflection bonus from? Did you get a ring of Prot +1? I don't see it on char sheet.
  15. He must be the Shop teacher!