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  1. Fulfilling

    I'm sure I speak for many loyal Reaperites who may not have caught up on this thread when I say: Thank you for all the hard work done/being done/to be done for fulfillment. I'm sorry people are getting upset this far into the game. I have so many unpainted minis left from Bones I, I am in no rush to get Bones III. I also understand that Murphy's Law is powerful, especially with thousands of orders, potentially millions of miniatures. And I can vouch from personal experience that no other gaming company takes customer service more seriously. So, because you all don't hear it nearly enough, Thank You again!
  2. NightyKnight isn't responding to PM. I'm going to give it one more week then look for an alternate.
  3. Talbard smashes enough rats that the rest disperse. We're out of combat now.
  4. Congrats! And, great army and board.
  5. Great job, very smooth.
  6. The rat swarm's numbers were thoroughly reduced, but enough survive to fight on. Klaus and Talbard are up. I would say have Talbard go first so I don't have to worry about the rules for Klaus trying to hit the swarm from within his own square, if the swarm perishes.
  7. Great! This guy's sword has seen a lot of abuse, I love it.
  8. Rolen steps up, swapping out his bow for a rapier. He skewers dozens on his blade. It has now taken 11 damage. Time for round 2. Daton is up.
  9. Mal takes a deep breath and bellows out a curse in Skald: "Død til fienden min!" (Enters rage) Attacks with battle axe one handed, shield in the other. power attack. D20= 11+6(base)+2(rage)-1(power attack) = 18 If Hits d8 = 4+5(base)+2(rage)+2(power attack) 13 I'd add the bleed, which would be 14, but it needs to hit, and I don't know when it applies, and he has to fail his save.
  10. Then you are all set.
  11. Core Rulebook is +1 HP or +1 Skill Point. The math for Quigley wasn't straightforward, which is why I asked. Rogue SP is 8/lvl. Int bonus is 2/lvl. 30 at level 3. So to have 32 Skill ranks means 2 levels had to be Skill Ranks.
  12. Looked through things: I think I'm still waiting for Taeral. Khim: 1. need to correct AC: +1 Armor, +2 Dex, +2 Wis(monk), +1 dodge= 16 2. Need 1 more feat. 2 regular and 2 bonus 3. Do current HP include bonus for favored class? 4. Melee bonuses need cleaning up weapon by weapon Morgrym 1. Still entering a deflect bonus. Instead, armor bonus is +7, shield is +1. 2. Saves need updating: base saves are +3/+1/+3. 3. Get rid of STR damage 4. Confirm extra skill point per level for favored class. 5. Melee attack bonuses need updating. BAB is +2 Quigley I see 32 skill points. it doesn't have point of Linguistics you mentioned. That would get you to 33 skill points. Confirm you did extra skill point per level for Favored Class.
  13. That's fine. Rolen's up.
  14. I'll go with 1/2 cover so that the rats have +2 AC. Rationale: When the swarm is in its own square, there is 25 square feet of available target. When it is in Klaus' square, there is only 10-12.5 square feet of safe target, so that honing in of safe target makes it a little harder to damage the swarm.
  15. Great idea, great execution. Oddly enough, the quiver is very eye catching! I like that effect. My advice would be to try to gradually lighten the cloak diamonds as you go toward the head. The part by the left arm is brighter, which sells the lighting, but then a few lower down got the same level of brightness, so it disrupts the effect. If that makes sense?