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  1. Goblin 1. It is in melee with Reegol and Tical. Tical is 5 ft west of the last location mapped. And so is the goblin. Reegol is now occupies a 10x10 square.
  2. Grimm spins two goblins in a dance of death! His dwarven waraxe sends blood and bone flying. After a small adjustment he finishes off the warchanter with his maulaxe. Nicholai is up
  3. You don't need to drop your 2 handed weapon to cast. You take a hand off to cast as a free action, and put it back on after you cast as a free action. Grimm is in melee with goblin 2, and within a 5 ft step of goblin 1 and warchanter. Grimm could 5 ft step south and then be flanking with Reegol on Goblin 2.
  4. Reegol misjudges the height of the goblins from his new size. Grimm
  5. Those are all sharp, slick, and clean!
  6. Wow, that's a horrid autocorrect! Daton!
  7. That's effective marketing right there! Reaper and all the backers owe you thanks! Great job!
  8. Darin's leaping hack combined with Drake's fire is enough to stagger the warchanter. A glazed look comes over its eyes, but it still stands. Reegol is up.
  9. Daton: Two squares of movement to go straight east climbing onto the stage, then one square to go diagonally southeast, then D.C. 5 acrobatics (running start) to leap south enough to maintain height advantage and gain +1 to hit. @Cranky Dog you are correct, the goblin would have provoked from Reegol, and Goblin 1 needed to 5 ft step.
  10. The warchanter trips Drake. One goblin slashes Reegol's foot. The last goblin leaps at Grimm who cleanly hacks his guts open with his axe, spilling entrails all over his boots! Daton is up.
  11. Goblin 1 swipes at Tical with the torch. 12-1=11 misses Goblin 2 gulps loudly, looking up at Reegol. It then tries to bury its dogslicer in his leg. 18+3=21 4 damage. Goblin 3 jumps off the fishmonger table, trying acrobatics to gain some height advantage over Grimm to stab him through the neck. Since it's leaving a threatened square, it provokes from Grimm. Acrobatics 10+2=12 success (DC 5 for 5 feet jump, doubled for no running start=10). Attack11+4=15 damage 5 if it hits, and/or goblin survives AOO.
  12. The Warchanter continues it's bardic performance, singing the eerie Goblin Song (free action). It then hisses through its teeth at Drake, and uses its whip to try to trip Drake. 16-2=14 I think that beats Drake's CMD.
  13. Thanks! We can do it! I think this group is pretty full of regular posters. No worries. This is the challenge of PBP/Theater of the mind. Pathfinder is very much about power creep, so we need to be clear about tactics/maps to give the party the best chance of having a fun, long career.
  14. I'm going to assume you take a 5 ft step straight east to prevent AOO. The 18 succeeds as a concentration check to cast defensively. You cast burning hands on the warchanter. Natural 20 on the saving throw, so it only takes 1 damage. (Sorry, but again, glad it's not a 20 on an attack against you). Let me know if you wanted different movement. Tical is up.
  15. Live

    Ah, not familiar with any of the back story, so she's listed as a sorceress somewhere? Is it just me or when looking through Dreadmere mini's, does anyone else think "Dennis, there's some lovely filth down here!"?