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  1. By Rob McCreary
  2. Bowing, he drops his dagger, sap, short bow, 5 arrows, and pack. Following your instructions didn't mention his coins, which he keeps.
  3. "Please! We were stalked by that abomination with the nice body and butter-face. We hid in here after she killed our companion. We argued what to do, which is why we tied up the hellspawn. When we heard all the commotion, we feared she was coming. When the doors burst open, we thought she had finally come for us. Once the fighting began, the mistake set this fight into motion. Please, let me go and I'll make my way out the tunnel we dug to get in. I have no more desire to loot this place." He seems sincere and doesn't make any weird gestures or moves for concealed weapons.
  4. "Arrgh, promoted to first mate ain't all its cracked up to be! All I get to do is lug around the Cap'ns dirty laundry!" Nice idea...
  5. The orange came out great! Love the progress on the group.
  6. Hi everyone. In an attempt to put some non Bones 3 items on the forums, I present some Storm Troopers. It's been a while since I've posted my own pics. I've been working diligently for the last 15 months trying to finish the first set of Imperial Assault miniatures. I'd previously posted my Probe Droids and Imperial Officers. Below are my Storm Troopers. I did follow the Sorastro guides. If anyone doesn't know about those, it is a well produced set of You Tube videos worth checking out. These storm troopers almost killed the desire to do the whole project. I have been using almost exclusively Reaper paint, despite the tutorials using GW paint. This means I sprayed the troopers with white primer, then slathered on a bunch of Reaper Black Wash. It took 3-6 layers of paint to get them reasonably white. You can't tell too much in the pics, but there are areas which were left less white in shadowed areas like under the calf. By the time I was happy with them, I didn't want to add any battle damage or dirty feet, but I did it anyway in the spirit of following the tutorial. I think the gloss coat really makes these fit the full nostalgic effect. Let me know what you think.
  7. To continue my Imperial Assault posts, here is the figure I photographed that had the best light. I'll have to re-take pictures of everyone else. Fenn Signis is a sniper hero in the game. I did follow the Sorastro Guides, but with Reaper paints. The hardest part of this figure was trying to paint in purple sunglasses, when they are not part of the sculpt. Oh, that and BLACK! The pic is a little out of focus on that one, because the camera chose to put the tip of the gun in best focus there. I was happy with how the rebel insignia on his shoulder came out. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
  8. Where are the 'mechs, or space marines?
  9. Great! You put forth two very different blues. I love the treatment on the sword, especially how it is tied to the staff!
  10. Great work, agree with everyone else that he looks good in Red!
  11. Orcpocalypse!
  12. Darn Razimiri! Nice idea and well executed.
  13. Gross! But it looks just as it should.
  14. That horse is so fast he's knocking basing material right off his base! Great paint job on some traditional heraldric colors.
  15. If he is escaping, I would cut out one dagger and put a sack or pouch or even a severed head in that hand.
  16. Lol, cod-piece! That's classic! I think the bright look is perfect.
  17. Surrounded, confused, prone, the Tengu throws down his weapon and pleads for its life. In a screechy common voice it speaks "Please, no kill, no kill!" Sturgis is up, what are you going to do?
  18. Just waiting on Init from Davor.
  19. Any interest in playing Tyranny of Dragons: Both Part I Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Part II Rise of Tiamat. It will be my intro into 5e. I've read the PHB. Any standard race except Dragonborn. Typical sub races (not Drow or Duergar) Any Class as presented in PHB (no supplements, web articles, etc). Alignments LG, NG, CG, LN, TN. Using it as an excuse to learn 5e, and making sure I get my $ worth for purchased products. I would want active players, as this is a lot of material to get through. Main requirement would be never played or read it before. Stats: roll 4d6, drop lowest, reroll all 1's until you don't have 1's (rolls will range 6-18)
  20. Waiting to hear from Davor as to the final item choices.
  21. Hi everyone. Gonna jump right in as a first time GM for PBP. Pathfinder Crypt of the Everflame module. Rules: Pathfinder Core Rulebook 6th printing or earlier with appropriate errata. Never played this module/series. Only items, classes, races, feats from Core Rulebook. 1st level. 20 points "point buy system." Good or Neutral Alignments. No "Traits" Declare "favored class" and bonus HP or Skill Average Starting gold for class from the table, not random. Looking for 5 players so if one is absent, we can still press on. Players roll their own dice and post rolls and modifiers: honor system. I vow to post at least twice weekly ;) Be respectful to me and other members: it may be my first time on PBP as GM, but not my first time as a GM for this game system. Once we have a group, pm me emails so I can discreetly nudge absentees If this sounds OK to you, post some characters.
  22. So, to have him leaping away from danger doesn't make sense to me, since he is an assassin with both wicked knives ready to strike. This professional killer has perfected this death-from-above leap over countless confrontations. This leaves the only possible answer that he has been lying in wait in a dark archway until the most opportune time to leap out and sneak attack with his envenomed Persian daggers, driving them home just above each clavicle, severing each subclavian artery to release a rain of bright red blood. The only problem is the composition of the base/vignette is such that there is no room for his prey, since he is leaping out at the viewer, almost off the base. So, we are left imagining the details and features of his target. Putting some crates, sacks of grain, barrels, etc could add to some exposition of why he is leaping, but it isn't terribly necessary. What could be very effective is to paint half of him in shadowy brown/gray/blue and only the front of him in torch or lamplight, emphasizing his materialization out of the shadows.
  23. Great job! I love the care you took with the eyes, face, and quiver freehand. She is an interesting figure: her bow is very accurate for a profile of a conventional recurve, and she is the first medieval/fantasy mini I have seen wearing cargo pants! Unless she is meant to be a modern gal...
  24. Thanks for the positive feedback. The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures. 25mm beveled "Iron Plate" resin. I painted it black, drybrushed it with tarnished steel, then put some rust spots in with various brown, red, orange, and yellow stippling. I believe Sorastro uses Micro Arts Studio bases.
  25. Ok, Janalyth moves. Ma'alik is up, in flanking position.