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    Pathfinder Playtest Doomsday Dawn

    Authors: Logan Bonner, Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, and Mark Seifter Based on the Playtest Version of the Pathfinder 2.0 Rules Compliant with the Open Game License 1.0a.
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    Pathfinder Playtest Doomsday Dawn

    I thought Initiative (perception) meant just one roll? The rules say something like “Initiative is usually perception unless the DM has you roll something different based on the circumstances, like scouting ahead with stealth.”
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    77592 - Frost Giant Queen

    Love her!
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    Pathfinder Playtest Doomsday Dawn

    You gather the party and head to the Magnimar Sewers. It takes about 10 minutes to arrive to the entrance to the Ashen Ossuary. Roll Initiative (Perception) Yes, you know Tagla. The adventure assumes Goblin PCs were part of her party and also "defected" like she did.
  5. OK everyone. As promised, I want to jump into the Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest. I can't pass up on a free "Superdungeon." I want 4 players. For the sake of the Playtest, let's not duplicate races or classes. The rulebook is available for free download at www.paizo.com. I hope to update pretty frequently. Attributes are not rolled! For the Module, you have to pick a Background from the following list. Budding Osirionologist: The secrets buried in the seemingly endless sands of the nation of Osirion have long intrigued you, even though you've never actually visited the nation. Some day, you hope to correct that. Choose two ability boosts. One must be Dexterity or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost. You gain the Terrain Stalker (Rubble) Feat, and you're trained in the Ancient Osirion Lore skill. Esoteric Scion: One of your family members belongs to a semisecret society called the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. You've long held an interest in perhaps some day joining the order and have studied the strange topics in preparation for that day. Choose two ability boosts. One must be Intelligence or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost. You gain the Quick Identification Feat, and you're trained in the Esoteric Order Lore skill. Family Friend: Your family has been friends with the Deverins of Magnimar for a generation, and you've grown accustomed to hobnobbing with the aristocracy even if you have little or no interest in such matters. Choose two ability boosts. One must be Charisma or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost. You gain the Hobnobber Feat, and you're trained in the Nobility Lore skill Goblin Renegade: You had been working with a gang of goblin burglars, but that new leader was not good. It took a lot of guts to stand up to him, but you survived! Now you're stuck with the longshanks, but maybe you can get back at the old boss. Choose two ability boosts. One must be Dexterity or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost. You gain the Quick Repair feat, and you're trained in the Criminal Lore skill. Mind Quake Survivor: As a child, you once woke from a particularly harrowing nightmare, and this nightmare has plagued you ever since. You've had strange thoughts and knowledge that you always felt wren't truly your own. Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost. You gain the Dubious Knowledge feat, and you're trained in the Dominion of the Black Lore skill.. Pathfinder Hopeful: You've long wanted to join the adventurous Pathfinder Society, a world-spanning organization of relic hunters. This aspiration has led you to take up the dangerous life of an adventurer eager to make a name for yourself and gain the attention of the Pathfinder Society. Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Strength or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost. You gain the Additional Lore feat, and you're trained in the Pathfinder Society Lore skill.
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    Doomsday Dawn, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest

    No Since it was a slow start, and I’ve been busy, have put it off. Will try to post first room tonight.
  7. I love this figure. Not so much the bendy weapons, but I straightened them out. They have bent back a little (Sword). I did a WIP on him. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80720-kord-the-destroyer-bones/ He is another for our Reign of Winter Adventure Path. My DM said "Vikings." Kord has that vibe for sure. I tried to paint the base like grass. The hardest part was the nmm on the axe, and trying to get the runes to show up on the sword. It's a very irregular axe shape, so it was tough to figure out how to do it. My green stuff patch job on the wolf pelt was not the greatest, but it is decent enough camouflage. The second-hardest part of the figure to me was figuring out what parts of the pelt were what. What is tail? What are legs? I did my best. Overall, I'm pleased with him. He seems like such a bad-a$$. As for the pics, iPhone seems to be good for far away, but really "blobby" for up close. Maybe it is suffering from zoom. C&C Welcome.
  8. I am not above blatant copying if it will push my skills and teach me something. @Wren Your version of this was The Definitive version of this figure, in my mind. Her post is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72285-1596-joy-winter-fairy/&tab=comments#comment-1483083 There have also been some other lovely versions of Joy. I am a character in a Reign of Winter campaign for Pathfinder. The DM gave me a list of monsters we will fight, and a fairy type fey is in there, so I figured it would be a great excuse to paint my Joy. I haven't tried blue skin before. That was the reason I wanted to copy Wren's version. Here are some pics. This is the first time I've used my iPhone for pics. It does a good job getting close, but the white balance seems a little yellow. Someone had asked Wren about Reaper sparkle paints. I went ahead and tried some Sparkling Snow in the wing membranes, but it didn't show enough in hand. So, I glazed the wing membranes and her cheeks and her base with a very thin layer of Vallejo Model Color Metal Medium. You can't see it well in the pictures, but it is a nice effect in hand. I was least happy with the base. I tried to sculpt snow overhanging her base with green stuff. Just not the effect my mind's eye was seeking. I am most happy with her eyes and face. I tried to glaze some pink and purple and sparkle into her face to warm it up and give her some pixie dust effect. Again, not showing up great in the photos, but I like the effect in hand. Her left eye I managed to get on the first try. It really represents my best luck with an eye. The Iris is a mix of Spectral Glow and Moth Green. I remembered Wren's Joy having greenish eyes, but thought they looked otherwise human, so I painted these that way. Then I reviewed Wren's Joy, and her eyes looked otherworldly. You can see, I had a "Dicken's" of a time trying to get the right eye to match the left. I never could, but after 10 tries, this is the best I could do. At arm's length, it looks fine. For anyone interested, paint recipes are spoilered here: Overall, I'm very pleased with it. I hope I did the original inspiration justice.
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    01596 Joy, Winter Fairy, sculpted by B. Ridolfi

    Thank you for such an insightful reply, and the compliments. I’ll keep working on my highlights! The Reign of Winter is DM’d by a lifelong friend I’ve known since 8th grade...but only when he’s in town. That means 1-2 sessions per year. A perfect amount of time to get a few minis knocked out!
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    02291 - Highlander

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    03650, Fire Elemental

    Great fire effect. You really sold it well.
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    DSM1159 Female witch with wand

    Great face, and splendid work on the Tartan.
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    80016 Space Marine into a Warforged

    Perfect! Awesome Idea. I may copy that at some point. Construct minis are hard to come by.
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    Bones Ladies (Terezinya, Nienna, Trista)

    Great job! I love Trista. She's one I'm working on now.
  15. I have noticed issues with brush on primer. Not just Reaper’s. It seems to spoil faster than other paint, or need to be shaken very often. I have had white brush on primer I used immediately, and was fine, but 6 months later I couldn’t shake into re-suspension.
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    Grenadier Action Art: Thief Assassin

    I love that he is listed as wearing a “body stocking!” Great paint job, and thanks for showing us this classic product.
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    50009, 50294, 59037: Noir Investigators

    Great work! Bold choice to try the pinstripes, and you pulled it off well.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Videos of people using the LTPKs would probably prove very popular.
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    Pathfinder Playtest Doomsday Dawn

    Tagla replies: “No attack others yet. Just smash and grab. But, yes most of us scared into line.”
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    Pathfinder Playtest Doomsday Dawn

    I’ve sent a messenger to my cousin for her advice. But I haven’t alerted the authorities in Magnimar yet. They’d more than likely confiscate or destroy all our family heirlooms.
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    Great work! I’ll echo everyone’s sentiment that the color palette is inspired. Nice transitions.
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    Fat Wyvern (Conversion)