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  1. Bones 2 Core (part 2)

    So awesome! Inspiring.
  2. 03844: Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden

    I think she came out fantastically! I am lining up to paint the winter faerie with blue skin: how did you paint hers? The red outfit really works well for her.
  3. 77637: Obsidian Crypt

    That marble paint came out great!
  4. ME1 - Gandalf, Citadel 1980's Vintage LOTR

    Superb painting. Nice touch with the fire ring, Narya.
  5. HF Sana

    Beautiful. Lovely NMM, great job on the hair. I like how the base has just a touch of snow w.
  6. Painting a Kraken - Step By Step

    Great work. The effort paid off!
  7. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    Love it! Great work.
  8. 77016 BONES Giant Rats

    Thank you.
  9. 77016 BONES Giant Rats

    I finally finished by Giant Rats Dozen from Bones I. I tried to give them fur texture. The texture from the cast was too light for drybrushing, so it's essentially free hand. The gray rats have some red and green glazed into the shadows to give them a little diseased feel. I spent WAY too much time painting these... Mold lines on the actual rat (as opposed to the base) were too tricky to try to get rid of, especially in light of the subject matter. They’re rats. A lot of them. C&C Welcome.
  10. 77046: BONES Bat Swarm

    Here was a quickie. The bats are mainly drybrushed then cleaned up with lining. Then I did the gravestone using Michael Proctor's tips about lots of different colored washes. It was a bunch of diluted GW Shades and Glazes, then re-lined the stone with Weathered Stone. I liked it so much, I tried it on the bats themselves to add some interest.
  11. 77016 BONES Giant Rats

    Thanks! It was my first foray into Breast Cancer Awareness Pink.
  12. Kev!'s JitD(1) Manticore

    Agreed! Nice painting, and Channelling Heston.
  13. First Commission - Stranger Things

    You MADE these? Great job! Sculpting and painting.
  14. Stone (Jade) Golem (Reaper Bones 77171)

    Awesome work. Thanks for the back story.
  15. Invisible Hobbit

    Great work! You really surprised me. At first, I was thinking "Clear Bones." But then you painted such a neat little Hobbit with perfect invisibility/camouflage. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Guild Ball Hunters

    Very nicely painted. Natural, subdued paint scheme.
  17. Captain Kelpington: Bombshell Kritterkin

    Great! I didn’t know they had an anthrop. line. Thanks for introducting me to it.
  18. Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part I of the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign by Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter Published by Wizards of the Coast, and Kobold Press Copyright 2014 For the past several days, you have been traveling a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. You decided to push on in your travels to try to reach town before dusk. Sundown is approaching when you top a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town you expected, you see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots at this distance, and a dark winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of the town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon! Suddenly, a terrified human family consisting of a mother, father, and three young children erupt from the undergrowth onto the Greenway, about 20 feet in front of you. The man limps badly, carrying his youngest child, and trying to usher his other children away from danger. All five seem at least minimally wounded in some way. Their mother turns, and lowers the point of a broken spear back toward her pursuers, and readies her round shield. She looks determined to slow down her pursuers as much as possible to give her family a chance to survive. Just then, a group of eight kobolds stream out of the underbrush, fanning out to surround the woman. Either they don't see your group, or they think you are on their side, because they don't seem to pay you any mind. What do you want to do?
  19. The Godsmouth Heresy

    By Rob McCreary
  20. 77399 Sigurd, Viking

    Hi everyone. Here is a mini I have been working on for several weeks. Lately, I am lucky to be able to paint a little every day. Unfortunately, it is only for 5-15 minutes at a time. This figure is part of my growing batch of options for my GM running us through the Pathfinder Adventure Path, Reign of Winter. I always thought blue, white, and gold were good colors together. It is popular in many heraldic devices. I am most happy with this figure in terms of the following: The freehand wood grain of the axe, the outcome of the gold NMM on the belt buckle/hardware in front. Also, getting his eyes right in the recesses of his helmet. What I am least happy with is the runes along the white part of the tabard trim. The area is too small to work with to really get good darklining around each rune, so they are a little indistinct. Also, I tried to make each one its own independent polished gold SENMM. I don't think it turned out too well, because it's just too small an area for each piece. I tried it on the scabbard as well, which worked a little better. But, this is the most confusing part of highly polished SENMM: Do multiple pieces at different heights have their own horizon line? I painted it as if they do, but am not sure that's realistic... Also, the transition of the cow horns on his helmet is a little washed out in the photo, but also very subtle in hand. Finally, one additional comment. I have seen a lot of posts about this figure comparing it to the metal version, and bemoaning a lack of detail in the BONES version. I really tried to bring out the life of this BONES model, because I personally feel that the sculpt is great, and the translation to BONES is very good. So, without further ado, here is my version of Sigurd, Viking, BONES 77399. Please provide C&C, especially as it pertains to the issues I brought up above. Thank you.
  21. The Godsmouth Heresy

    Janalyth is up.
  22. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    So, to move this along, are you all doing anything to improve your odds of stealth? Taking off heavy armor or anything? Decide that, then give me 3 stealth Checks each.
  23. 77191: Hydra

    How did you make the base? I like it! Great choice of colors for this guy.
  24. 03660: Amrielle, Female Ranger

    You really did an admirable job of just getting it done despite the poor surface prime. I have a few unfinished in this category. I’m not going to try the Simple Green bath just yet. What a curious ranger. She has a bone spine whip/spiked chain? Thanks for listing the things you thought contributed to your struggles and what you tried to do to fix it. It helps us all have more ideas when we run into the same thing.