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  1. Hipposrevenge

    03581: Kieron, Ranger

    Thanks, I wasn't sure if it really came out well in the picture. Its a little more blue in real life, oddly enough the cloak is a little more grey lol.
  2. Hipposrevenge

    03581: Kieron, Ranger

    Thanks guys! It's a great sculpt, that really makes it a joy to paint.
  3. Hipposrevenge

    03581: Kieron, Ranger

    Hello, Below is my rendition of Kieron, Ranger. I've had this sculpt for a while now and finally ordered it. He only took about three hours from start to finish. Questions, comments, criticisms, and critiques are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in seeing more of my stuff here is a link to my miniature and terrain blog. http://danceswithhipposterrain.blogspot.com/ Stop by and leave some comments!
  4. Hipposrevenge

    Werebears and Gnolls size

    The head is to large for the gnoll body. It will do for now.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a long time lurker and have finally found cause to post something. I have an odd conversion question for the community. I'm going to try to make an armored werebear mini and was wondering if the head of reapers werebear (P02753B: Head) would fit on the body of one of the gnolls without looking oversize. I don't own the werebear or any of the gnolls so I was hoping someone that has both may be able to give me a general answer on this. Thanks.