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  1. CA Fires

    The sun is red and hazy and the air smells constantly of wood smoke. But honestly it could be far far worse, so I consider myself lucky.
  2. Started sculpting again... kind of.


    So I've been working on a group set of eight minis, and one of them is Statuesque Minatures's Bella the Partisan.


    She's a decent sculpt, finely detailed, no flash, But among the set are some Corvus Belli Infinity female minis... and they kind of show up Bella a lot. Finer details, more dynamic poses, more unified design, less of skimpy crop tops and short shorts... and the thing that bugged me most about Bella, some meat on their bones. Bella is fashion-model thin and rail-lean.


    So, to fix that, I broke out the Procreate, and added some flesh to her hips and thighs. And then I decided I didn't like Bella's head that much, and I'd gotten some of Statuesque's extra heads, so why not swap for this head? And while I'm at it, her arms aren't very dynamically posed, snip snip...


    That leaves me with two sculpted legs and a torso. Honestly I probably would have been better off with a maquette. But seeing this has given me ideas for refining my own maquette proportions, so it's not a total loss...

  3. Photo hosting sites

    Another Imgur user here. DeviantArt also works too I think.
  4. Transformer powering our whole block caught fire in the middle of a record-setting heat wave. Not fun.


    Power's back on now though, but heat isn't getting any better.


    At least this happened after the Bones 4 KS ended.

    1. Pingo


      Yikes. ::o: 


      Glad you're okay.

  5. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Yay Sophie & friends got tossed in anyways! Which is good, because I'd backed an extra set of them.
  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Melons!

    Happy cake-day!
  7. Happy Birthday, Edsterdoom!!

    And many more...!
  8. Ooooh! So this is the axe you were talking about? Man that's lovely. I'd just finished admiring a beautiful aluminum bronze gladius I'd seen pictures of on the internet, and here you are making an aluminum bronze axe? You spoil us.
  9. Fog Monster: Mini Fog Machines For TableTop Games.

    Unsealed MDF likes to swell in moist conditions, yes. Plywood tends to be more resistant (but by no means does it count as good or even decent moisture resistance).
  10. I must be crazy...

    Base color looks black / dark blue gray (tail, cockpit, and top of the engine intakes), so I'd first cover the entire mini in that color so you don't have to go back and paint them later and risk painting over hard work. Doing the shading at this point isn't a bad idea either, using a lighter blue gray for the upper surfaces. Next I'd block out in the darks of the three main color groups, and try to paint the silhouettes right: medium gray for the tail feathers, dark brown for the body, and orange for the beak. Transition into the lighter colors (lighter grays, reddish browns, yellows) with a smaller brush, and start trying to paint in the details. Don't have to match it exactly, just suggest the forms. Details like the eye and the beak mouth line you may want to go back into the darker colors and line. Good luck, practice makes perfect, if it all goes wrong you can always strip and reprime? Also, here's my contribution to the military chopper paintjobs.
  11. Happy birthday, Glitterwolf!

    And many more!
  12. 77175: Ghoul Queen

    I like painting sheer fabric, so the Ghoul Queen seemed like a mini to do more of that on.
  13. Djinn's 2016-2017 Art

    My knife-"making" (in quotes because I don't do forging, just the grips and scabbards) hobby seems to have gotten a little bit out of hand... Base blade is a Hanwei 37" Practical Rapier, blunt because I know I'll be tempted to play with it and playing with a sharp sword is asking for trouble. The brass fittings are hand cut and filed out of a sheet of 260 brass (except for the guard, which was filed on a dangerous jury-rigged faux-lathe setup), the handle is feather-grain walnut, and the pommel is a chunk of verawood mounted on a little spacer of cebil, and with two decorative brass rivets. I wanted something that was a bit of a mix of a bunch of cultures and inspirations, it ended up as something like a rapier blade on a two-handed jian hilt with a katana-like disc guard. Still working on the scabbard, not sure what I'm going to do with it. What I have right now is just a simple maple scabbard. I still suck at torch soldering/brazing, I always overheat the brass to copper. That leather rainguard also serves as a coverup for some truly horrid-looking soldering/brazing. But at least I found out that you can heat patinate brass. It looks really cool, I should do it deliberately next time. Unfortunately the Hanwei wasn't really built to take a two-handed hilt, so I ended up pushing the guard forwards of the tang shoulders. It's only really held on by solder and the hilt compression fit. The two-part hilt/flush pommel is a bit of extra protection against unplanned blade disassembly; The pommel nut ring, pommel, and then the grip nut and brass spacer would all have to fall off before the grip does, and hopefully you'd notice it long before then. Or the handle could just split, but hey, can't plan for everything.
  14. Djinn's 2016-2017 Art

    360 painting makes my head hurt. But it's great fun. Panorama viewer