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  1. bhchan

    Friday features cancelled?

    if fulfillment has begun, that satisfies the 'until' clause which would nullify the need to update on June 19. #hopeful
  2. bhchan


    Yeah, CavBoss should have the post typed out and ready to go... once its in his hands, he can click 'post', and then thumb through the book and admire it. Otherwise, we risk him taking a day or two admiring and engrossed in it and forgetting to post.
  3. bhchan

    CAV: SO ReaperCon 2015 Preview

    where's the chappa'i? or the goa'uld dropship :) those CAVs look great. Looking forward to the next batch to ship.
  4. bhchan

    Friday features cancelled?

    has it been a while since the last friday feature? seems awfully quiet
  5. bhchan


    it just dawned on me (though I'm sure other people have suggested this) but, it seems like CAV would be perfect to use the spin-wheel mechanism for representing the damage track (similar to the heroclicks base or other slew of board games) or a see-through rubber band to slide around and track damage hmm not sure i'm explaining it right.
  6. bhchan

    CAV paint jobs

    I'm using their (or their competitor's "Holiday Green"... ok, so lots of thin layers is 'normal'... just stick (heh) with it? I'm using the wet-pallette method that worked decently well for the D&D ravenloft boardgame...
  7. bhchan

    Tips and advice?

    i'm almost at the jabbyjabby point with the paints not sticking on my CAVs, even after soapywaterbath.
  8. bhchan

    CAV paint jobs

    I've washed with warm soapy water and dried all my CAVs but still having a helluva time getting my paints to stick and not bead up... very frustrating. Do I need to get a paint with a particular set of skills to get it to what you have?
  9. bhchan

    CAV: SO Friday Feature [1/16/2015]

    a couple of typos I spotted: both 'to' should be 'too'. should be "directly with the legions to which they are assigned" or "directly with the legions they are assigned to"
  10. bhchan

    CAV:SO storage suggestion

    they're adjustable... I just wanted to minimize the number down as much as I can for 2 ACE packages. :) IIRC, if you leave them 3-segment-per-section instead of 2-per, you can leave the tops on. I'll test that out tonight when I get home. (and find a ruler and measure things)
  11. bhchan

    CAV:SO storage suggestion

    awesome. you'll need the extra space for wave 2 :)
  12. bhchan

    CAV:SO storage suggestion

  13. bhchan

    CAV:SO storage suggestion

    might be... here's the exact one I ordered when the price dropped momentarily to $12. Edit: As yeahbowen pointed out, I need to say "Plano 2-3700 Prolatch Stowaway (four pack)" instead.
  14. bhchan

    CAV:SO storage suggestion

    Two Ace packages, 3 Plano 3700 storage containers... this is the result: had to leave some unbased and some stored torso-separate-from-legs, but this should work even after I paint them... cheap $14 solution (Amazon is selling the plano in a 4 pack for $14)
  15. bhchan

    F5 F5 F5

    thanks everyone... when I have time this weekend, I'll try dunking them in actively boiling water. I checked and my insurance does cover 3rd degree burns, so I'm all set. After straightening, current plan is to paint and reassemble without glue. the extra layer of paint should make the connection even more snug for the arms. not sure if i'll paint the torso peg, since it allows me to do the o' torso twist visibly.