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  1. Savage Coyote

    Quick Battle Report

    This battle took place a couple weeks ago and I forgot to post it. It won't be a blow by blow, just some highlights as my memory is too foggy to get anything "nice!" It was an all tank mercenary force against a Rach and Ritter force: Attack 2x Wolves 2x Lion II's Attack 4x Poltergeists Fire Support 4x Manticores Nomad vs: Rach Attack 4x Malefactors Recon 3x Kahns Imperator Ritter Tiger Panther II 2x Bishops Mastadon Long story short, we set up and rushed forward, with missiles sniping each other. Most of the Attack tanks from the mercenary force funelled to our left flank where my Malefactors tried to slow them down (which they did) while our fire support elements rained down fire into the pass. After that it was clean up for the Rach/Ritter force, though out of my eight units, I only had a Malefactor with a disabled heavy PBG and a near pristine Imperator left. A couple Run 'n' guns cleaned up the Nomad and one of the Manticores on my flank while my partner MiniAddict finished off the last two Manticores with a split shot from his Tiger.
  2. Savage Coyote

    A request for pics/images

    Cyclops Chimera Ocelot Griffin Hornet No Weasel or Catamount image in the program, but the Weasel has a metal as I have one!
  3. Savage Coyote

    The Empire of Malvernis

    I have something like this: 3x Specter B's 2x Haunts 1xNomad 4x Banshees 1xAssassin 3x Ghosts 1x Shadow I need to check the points on this one, but I believe it fits inside 5k. I picked up some Nomads (metal) and have two of the three Specters and an Assassin I can start on now :)
  4. Savage Coyote

    A request for pics/images

    Check the program as most of the models have an image. Catamount does not I believe, but the rest of images inside the building program!
  5. Savage Coyote

    The Empire of Malvernis

    I have a few lists I want to try... going to start painting a few of the units that are already released so I can be ready to get the KS ones done!
  6. Savage Coyote

    Tyrant scale differences

    I know CAVBoss has plans to released certain figures in a similar manner, but I believe they are an exception rather than the rule! One of the best selling points to the game is getting your super heavy CAV or a pair of tanks for six or seven bucks!
  7. Savage Coyote

    Ammo bins

    remember you can also "buy" ammo bins if you are playing with battlefield: upgrades :)
  8. Savage Coyote

    Homebrewed CAV: Swallowtail

    Growler fits with the Bear and Grizzly pretty well!
  9. Savage Coyote

    Terran force input, thanks

    Katana has some token rockets and a token missile I believe, but honestly, it's probably double move till I get into killing range.
  10. Savage Coyote

    Terran force input, thanks

    Ashigaru for the Dingos as vehicals and CAVs can’t mix in a faction pure force except inside a Specialist section! katana brings more kill but the archer brings a third APA... tough call really. Probably go with a Katana for more weapons and variety
  11. Savage Coyote

    Terran force input, thanks

    Ashiguru can go with the four dingos as it has EST. I'd drop in a Talon to both CAV units and a Starhawk VI to finish out the first group!
  12. Savage Coyote

    The Ritterlich Republic

    hmm... how many points is that? Or just like, "everything I'm every going to own for this army?" Usually when I force build, I run with three of whatever it is I'm doing (attack, recon, fire support) and then another element, generally a Recon. Especially in Attack formations. ECM and APA can alter your game if you can't stop the other side from using them. In 5k games, it's usually easy enough to both save point, add some ECM to your force (and APA if the unit has it) and EST to that squad by using a Recon squad. Here's my CAVCon squad (and note, there's no infantry or soft units allowed under this rule-set, or any upgrades:) Attack 1 3x Rhinos 1x Cougar Attack 2 4x Lion II's Recon 1 3x Puma's 1x Catamount I can tell you the Catamount REALLY helped tip the scales in the contest as it's APA was never jammed during the tournament. Speed eight is pretty fast when you consider you also have armor seven. Catamounts are a paint to remove from the table for what they are doing. Right now for fire support, I've liked 3x Manticores, 1x Tiamet in a specialist section. The reason being we aren't using upgrades yet so I can't slap on a FCS to the Tiamet to make up for it's short comings. I have some other combinations of units that I want to try, but so many lists, so little time!
  13. Savage Coyote

    The Almirithil Principality

    There is one on the program! I’m using Centipedes at the moment
  14. Savage Coyote

    The Almirithil Principality

    Ive got two Sabertooths, a Rhino, and Cougar to go with the Concussion, 2x Bears, Growler and 4x proxies Hounds. In two other battles with different attack groups the firesupport squad has been very good so far
  15. Savage Coyote

    The Almirithil Principality

    Has anyone played with the Almirithil? I’ve been list building with both doctrines and gotten some games using a firesupport section and a section of four Hounds (proxies.). Curious what people’s experiences have been and what you’ve used!