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  1. Savage Coyote

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Mike does a good job of supporting Reaper there (and Ron lets him of course! :) )
  2. Savage Coyote

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Generally, yes. Occasionally, depending on the design, I'll leave off the arms or shoulder weapon launchers so i can get to the torsos (Dictator is an example) and attach after painting.
  3. Savage Coyote

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Regiment 45 "Bone Collectors" rolls with a half and half scheme like this Chancellor r Oh I got mine on Tuesday. Joys of using a shipping address twenty miles from Reaper...
  4. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Sweet! Glad it arrived in time! It's always hit or miss shipping over the Pacific! :D
  5. Savage Coyote

    Warlord Games M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

    Just finished up a 1/56th scale M18 Hellcat from Warlord Games. First time to do a "realistic" vehicle and had a blast!
  6. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Mailing mine out today!
  7. Savage Coyote

    Ritterlich Cataphract - Christmas Exchange!

    Both! The Ritterlich produce the Cataphract and arm their units with it. If you want to play pure Ritter you'll probably have one in there. BUT, mercs can also field the unit (they can field anything with the idea being that other factions sell their salvage, you salvage one, Ritter over produces and sells some to qualified buyers etc) So at the end of the day, Ritter and mercs can field it. Could a Rach unit? Sure, but you won't get any benefits of playing pure Rach.
  8. So I've completed my CAV:SO Christmas Exchange piece and thought I'd post it here. I'm using my "speed painting" technique thats cut down my paint time for desert jobs at the moment. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and pleased with my new photo set up.
  9. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Aaaaaannnnndddd, this one is done and in the books! it'll be mailed out on Wednesday to it's new owner!
  10. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Local game store had a cool Flames of War desert town set up that I borrowed for my exchange Cataphract...
  11. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    almost done! Just need a little "grass," a few touch ups, and real photos!
  12. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Here's mine so far. Ritter unit in two tone desert camo with some dark blue accents. I have since added a little splotch damage... moving forward!
  13. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    I'm about halfway done with mine! Pictures maybe later!
  14. Savage Coyote

    The Ritterlich Republic

    I don't believe that you can split your strike point rolls up, but if you had a section of Tiamats each could fire at a different strike point. Unfortunately the Tiamat doesn't have an Advanced Targeting Computer rating so it can't benefit from the EST, but you can apply the Active Phased Array to your strike point roll I believe. If another unit in your section has a FCS (Fire Control Somethinganother) you could add another +1 to the roll. The cool thing is your Cougar doesn't have to be in your section to help with it's APA as APA is universal to all friendlies. So a Cougar in your Cataphract, Rhino, Sabertooth Attack Section could help out your Tiamat/Panther Section, while the Panther has a FCS to help as well. That means you'd need a seven on your strike point roll. Tiamat's are a little substandard when compared to the Raijin, as the Raijin has FCS AND Chain-Fire Pod. Chain Fire Pod says that if you hit a strike point, you can pass that strike point on to friends. So if you need to rain down rockets on one model (or location that has several models) Chain Fire can really help. If Ritter had the Griffin model out, I'd for sure have two Griffin's, a Tiamat, and a Panther there to rumble. you'd have two FCS to help one of the Griffin's, an Advanced TC to help an EST or target lock, and Chainfire to pass to the other Griffin and/or Tiamat. So you'd need a seven with just this unit on your strike point roll. If you had a Cougar running around dropping APA, you'd need a five for your strike point roll! After that successful roll, the other units could skip the strike point roll all together and drop their rockets right on the strike point due to chain fire. If you are playing with add-ons, you can tack on a FCS and a Chain Fire Pod which can help the Tiamats. They also have counter battery which can impact that game but I need to re-read the rules and the FAQ before I comment on it!