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  1. So I've completed my CAV:SO Christmas Exchange piece and thought I'd post it here. I'm using my "speed painting" technique thats cut down my paint time for desert jobs at the moment. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and pleased with my new photo set up.
  2. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Mailing mine out today!
  3. Savage Coyote

    Ritterlich Cataphract - Christmas Exchange!

    Both! The Ritterlich produce the Cataphract and arm their units with it. If you want to play pure Ritter you'll probably have one in there. BUT, mercs can also field the unit (they can field anything with the idea being that other factions sell their salvage, you salvage one, Ritter over produces and sells some to qualified buyers etc) So at the end of the day, Ritter and mercs can field it. Could a Rach unit? Sure, but you won't get any benefits of playing pure Rach.
  4. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Aaaaaannnnndddd, this one is done and in the books! it'll be mailed out on Wednesday to it's new owner!
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    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Local game store had a cool Flames of War desert town set up that I borrowed for my exchange Cataphract...
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    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    almost done! Just need a little "grass," a few touch ups, and real photos!
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    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Here's mine so far. Ritter unit in two tone desert camo with some dark blue accents. I have since added a little splotch damage... moving forward!
  8. Savage Coyote

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    I'm about halfway done with mine! Pictures maybe later!
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    The Ritterlich Republic

    I don't believe that you can split your strike point rolls up, but if you had a section of Tiamats each could fire at a different strike point. Unfortunately the Tiamat doesn't have an Advanced Targeting Computer rating so it can't benefit from the EST, but you can apply the Active Phased Array to your strike point roll I believe. If another unit in your section has a FCS (Fire Control Somethinganother) you could add another +1 to the roll. The cool thing is your Cougar doesn't have to be in your section to help with it's APA as APA is universal to all friendlies. So a Cougar in your Cataphract, Rhino, Sabertooth Attack Section could help out your Tiamat/Panther Section, while the Panther has a FCS to help as well. That means you'd need a seven on your strike point roll. Tiamat's are a little substandard when compared to the Raijin, as the Raijin has FCS AND Chain-Fire Pod. Chain Fire Pod says that if you hit a strike point, you can pass that strike point on to friends. So if you need to rain down rockets on one model (or location that has several models) Chain Fire can really help. If Ritter had the Griffin model out, I'd for sure have two Griffin's, a Tiamat, and a Panther there to rumble. you'd have two FCS to help one of the Griffin's, an Advanced TC to help an EST or target lock, and Chainfire to pass to the other Griffin and/or Tiamat. So you'd need a seven with just this unit on your strike point roll. If you had a Cougar running around dropping APA, you'd need a five for your strike point roll! After that successful roll, the other units could skip the strike point roll all together and drop their rockets right on the strike point due to chain fire. If you are playing with add-ons, you can tack on a FCS and a Chain Fire Pod which can help the Tiamats. They also have counter battery which can impact that game but I need to re-read the rules and the FAQ before I comment on it!
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    CAV color schemes

    Thanks!! For sure though. The boards were a little dead before hand; I should have advertised a bit more! Mastergunz came out from Cali and several others were there as well! I only showed up on Friday and Saturday as between work, distance for me to drive each day (hour plus) and have little kids and a wife who would prefer I stayed home on Sunday, it just wasn't in the cards to be there the whole time!
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    CAV color schemes

    Yup! Played in the tourney, got a pick up game in on Friday, did the painting contests and stuff!
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    CAV color schemes

    Here are some of my Ritterlich from the past CAVCon. 5th Dornheim Brigade, "Marienburg Lancers" though I feel the color is "off" for most of the photos as the scheme is a light blue with black and red accents (though the black always occurs on the arms/shoulders and shins)
  13. Savage Coyote

    CAV color schemes

    Well what I get for posting while sick I guess haha
  14. Savage Coyote

    CAV color schemes

    I've tried matching US/coalition tans from the 21st century for my Legion and then added sparse "teal/turquoise" highlights. After four different tans, I found that Vallejo's Iraqi Sand is the best match at this scale. Mastergunz did Terran unit (3rd Legion, The Home Guard) in a dark blue with brown accent and black/grey details (weapon barrels, missile ports etc.) Those images are on Facebook.
  15. Savage Coyote

    CAV FM: TVP / Flexible / Bonus

    For the three forces I've built, i think it works nicely. Any more and it gets burdensome. For my original CAVCon Templar force, I was able to make all nine units veteran and purchase a few bolt on upgrades (FCS) before using the Templar doctrine that gives ANOTHER 10%. Things got silly there as I had like a couple orbital bombardments, FIST guy ect. For my mercenary force, I was able to upgrade a squad of CAV's to ODST trained, as well as making that unit, a unit of four Chieftains and a Cougar Veterans. I had to keep my unit of Manticores regular due to the limits. I think the limits are a good thing as it would encourage tricked out Ace pilots if there was too much more.
  16. Savage Coyote

    The Ritterlich Republic

    Half of the tournament entries this year (2017) at CAVCon where Ritter! My 5th Dornheim Brigade unit (Marienburg Lancers in their light blue, black, and red scheme,) a NATO camo style unit, and a flat grey unit. I'm waiting for the KS to drop to get my complement of tanks though I'm wavering from my early war German grey scheme I'd originally thought and maybe drifting towards NATO tricolor the west Germans were using. Decisions decisions.
  17. Savage Coyote

    CAV color schemes

    Dalth, I think you missed where your unit's name isn't Virginia? I helped him fix it! :D
  18. Savage Coyote

    CavCon thoughts (xPost from Facebook)

    Oh yes, if you have even the basics of Kickstarter One you can field several different factions or mix everything up and go mercenary! Terran and Rach dominated KS1 (US Marines in space! and Orcs/barbarians respectively) and both have distinctive styles of play and color choices. The other factions are under represented in the first KS so it's a lot harder to field a force for them (Ritterlich, Adon, Templars, and Malvernis.) Rach are blunt hammers as far as play style go. average to slow speed with good armor levels for most units, they take a beating and dish it out all while being relatively cheap compared to other factions. Todd's Rach force won out for this tournament with three Reapers, three Imperators, and two Kahns. Terrans are masters of combined arms, aircraft, and artillery (at least in theory for all of these.) their units tend to be balanced between speed, armor, and firepower. They won't stand toe to toe repeatedly to Rach, but team work and maneuver should keep them in the fight (or lots of missiles because the Raijin CAV is scary!) A terran list I'm toying with has four Naginatia tanks, one Ashiguru tank, two Raijins, two Raptors, and a Talon. Might get slaughtered or it might bring the shade with all of the missiles. Who knows! Star hawk VI's are great though! jsalyers force would be over powered in a city, but was underpowered in this tournament because of the terrain. My force would have been neutered in a city, but excelled in this tournament. I will never say there's an "ultimate" force as every force has it's pluses and minuses!
  19. Savage Coyote

    Help identify this CAV?

    One of the few fire support CAV's that can do a decent job defending itself up close. Fear salvo'd laser bolt guns :)
  20. Savage Coyote

    New CAV mini

    The card is for sure in the pdf on talon-games.com download section (if Jon hasn't gotten it up yet)
  21. Savage Coyote

    Cavcon Tournament who is going?

    I'm painting up a Terran force just in case I change my mind at the last second... :D
  22. Savage Coyote

    CAV Cheetah

    Hey all! Here is a resin master of the new upcoming Cheetah attack CAV! I've painted it in the scheme of the 5th Dornheim Brigade, "Marienburg Dragoons." The forthcoming model will be in the CAV grey bones which also paint up pretty nice!
  23. Savage Coyote

    The Greater Empire of the Rach

    I'll look at the rule book at home as I can't really answer the question haha!