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  1. Do you know the number for this when this is released? Do you know the number for this when this is released?
  2. Not sure what happened but it seemed to fix itself. Go figure
  3. So going through some boxes in my basement I found my disk for the Ultima series. I left off playing in V so I started back up in that one. I have some issues with the combat. I find myself not able to finish it. I think I kill everything and then can't seem to end the combat. I walk off the battle map and then get the message "The battle is lost!" Does someone know why I can't finish the battle?
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I have to admit that these were a definite impulse buy so I am not sure what I will be doing with mine but I like the idea of the window sill.
  5. Thank you!!
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Normally I would jump over this but that goes to show how rusty I am.
  7. I like the eye work on this one. Sweet.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I wasn't too sure about these guys when I first picked them up but they where pretty fun once I got started.
  9. Thank you!
  10. These are the last 2 from the pack. After completing these and taking the photos I realize only then did I see the mold lines. Oh well. Moving on to better things. Maybe fix it later but not feeling it today.
  11. Thank you for the kind words. I was able finish up the other 2 last night. Hopefully taking pictures today.
  12. Thank you!
  13. I had similar problems for a while, but mainly with IE and Firefox. Even after those improved, Chrome seems best choice. I do have to refresh the page after login for it to show I'm logged in, but after that it's fine. Chrome on Android phone works fine, no problems. I'll nudge Brett (DarkLord), the owner/admin, see if he'll look into it. If you could do that that would be great. Very unfortunate that they are experiencing issues. That forum was hopping when I was painting a while back. I wonder if they started having technical issues viewership fell off.
  14. Agreed but if you have FB related areas I will post them too.
  15. On the list. :)