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  1. dargrin

    Worm Corpse

    Reaper. Under the fig finder look for worm corpse
  2. dargrin

    Worm Corpse

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I really try to go as real as I can get.
  3. I look way older now. lol


  4. I have always loved this set. I did one of these for a Christmas exchange a while back. Love your version though.
  5. dargrin


    Thank you!
  6. dargrin


    This was a metal one not bones. I am not a fan of the bones.
  7. dargrin

    Farm house

    I never used the clay. My experiences with clay have been poor at best. I think I will stick with crappy roofs. :)
  8. dargrin


    Thanks for the kind words guys
  9. dargrin


    Free commission for a coworker.
  10. dargrin

    Farm house

    Thank you! Thank you. I think if I was to do the shingles again I would do them slightly different. I would sand the ends. It would be more work but think the look would be more realistic which is what I try to do in all my work. :)
  11. dargrin

    Farm house

    Thanks for the kind words. :) the he posts I actually got pre made. The are Banisters for some stairs. This and most of the plants are the only things I bought.
  12. dargrin

    Farm house

    Thank you.
  13. Hey all. Long time no hear. :) Finished this piece. 28mm scale made primarily out of coffee stirrers. As always with me q&c always welcome