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  1. Huge box of sandstone Lunesdargent Workshop terrain arrived from KS and I'm starting to paint it up... Trying to pick out a paint scheme and I'm looking for suggestions. I'm looking to do Egyptian style ruins rather then a "current" time version that might still having colored paint. How the pieces come is in the upper right ... I've tried a dark redish-brown GW wash reikland flesh iirc (upper left), tempered it back with a heavy bone drybrush (lower left), also tried a 20:1 Reaper Ruddy Brown wash lower right. Not really happy with any thus far, and don't want to burn out too many pieces on tests. I found some pictures of a hirst arts set with a paint scheme I like, but I'm not entirely sure how to achieve the effect. Maybe a heavier ruddy brown wash with a bone or sand color drybrush over it? I can't link to the pic as its on another .com but if you google image search for etomb359.jpg it will come up. Appreciate any suggestions!
  2. This is fulfilling. I'm a Wave 1 unpainted and just got my goods a week ago... Despite them being somewhat fragile, some bubbling in the details, and some inconsistency in piece thickness, overall I'm very happy with them. Making a dungeon cover a table with these and it's a beautiful amount of detail. Now it's onto color selection. The pharaoh thinks unpainted is too bland and GW reikland flesh shade is to dark. Tomorrow we shall try another reddish wash.
  3. I started a new Pathfinder character based on the Living Grimoire Inquisitor archetype that uses a book for a weapon... And thus needed a mini with a big book and preferably a shield in the other hand. Halbarand had the book and the armored look I was going for as an Inquisitor of Asmodeus, but lacked a shield in his right hand. Thankful Reaper has a Bones mini with a right hand shield, and thus the cutting, bending, pinning, and gluing did begin. Now onto the painting.
  4. Nice sculpt. Very nice OSL job.
  5. Me too X3 I'm queuing in this line as well. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Has there been confirmation the RCon minis will be available for online order during RCon. I know they have been in the past but I see a few in the preview gallery now and they say Dec release. Eg Halloween Knight: Special Edition Trick or Treat mini for ReaperCon 2016. December Release
  6. Holy cow Tianot is HUGE! You killed me with the: Our container is on the water 😀 But it's not the last one 😭
  7. Fulfilling

    Also received mine. It is awesome.
  8. /third Nice work! It looks really really good! Do you import the Thomarillion? Or if anyone knows a source state side I'd appreciate a PM. Nice stuff but I've always been concerned about oversea shipping.
  9. I don't have him with me to measure, but IIRC he's in a 2x3 slot in my case on a 50mm base. I think the raised arm part is taller then 2".
  10. Still a WIP, although I did toss him on a quick base to use for a PFS session. Did some red-brown shadows in the reds, and some greys on the black cloth.
  11. Funded

    Add me to the group that loves the artwork, but is a bit concerned because the WIP faces don't look like them at all. The rest of the sculpts' parts look great, but IMHO the faces aren't delivering the character and attitude represented in the art. No offense intended to the sculptor, he/she is obviously amazingly talented, they are just different. I'm currently in the KS right now, but may drop out or drop down to just purchase companions if that's possible depending on how the sculpts end up.
  12. *looks at what I ordered* Yeah... I'm going to need a good few weeks to butter up the Mrs before my small crate of "toys" (as she says it) arrives. Looks like I better get started...
  13. *chuckle* glitter *remembers the first thing I saw when I opened the box*
  14. Any chance we could see a picture of these houses next to the DF:CBS ones? Mostly interested if they match height wise. Obviously there is plenty of diversity amoung building architecture so looks aren't an issue, but matching vertically would be key for mix and match stackability.