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  1. Linen white is a great one, I go through it too. Also pure black, shadowed stone, golden shadow, muddy soil, walnut brown, blackened brown. But it's possible I'm a bit careless with my paints and put too much out thereby needlessly going through faster than I should.
  2. Skin tone was just the olive skin triad (maybe mixed with dark skin highlight for the darkest layer? I can't remember). Yellow was the HD pale saffron for the base coat than mixed with linen white for lighter shades. I was attempting to give it a bit of a "washed out" or older look and find mixing with white seems to do just that to certain shades.
  3. July/August: 1. Sir Conlan (Show-Off) 2-5. Winter wolves and regular wolves (Show-Off) 6-13. Bugbear Warriors (Show-Off) 14-17. Hobgoblins (Show-Off) 18-19. Ogre Chieftain & Ogre Matriarch (Show-Off) 20. ?
  4. Needed some more ogres so started painting up some of the new ones from Bones 3. These two were really cool and fun to paint. Thanks for reading!
  5. Since I was one of the people most excited about Hobgobageddon in Bones 3 I was pretty excited to start painting these guys up. I still have 12 individuals left after this (or 3 more color configurations to try) but these were the first four. I tried to give them white armor because I thought it would provide an interesting contrast to their skin. Their skin is auburn shadow mixed and highlighted with carrot top red. Anyways, they were a lot of fun unfortunately some detail on their faces was lost in the bones process but the rest of the minis were wonderfully detailed and fun to paint. Thanks for reading!
  6. Well you don't get too far in too many D&D campaigns without needing some bugbears. It came up and it was time to finally start painting what I had. I had 8 total of this particular model and still some more to go of the other ones. But here's the first 8. Base skin is russet brown mixed with and highlighted with blonde shadow. Thanks for reading!
  7. Painted up all the wolves I had. This included the two new winter wolves from the "Chill Out" / yeti pack from Bones 3 (I had a duplicate set) and 2 from the companion animals packs (also had 2 sets). Thanks for reading!
  8. Painted up this hero as a break from some of the groups of figures I've been doing lately. His eyes didn't come out very well, but it was a bit difficult to get under his hood. Since he's only painted for tabletop quality I'm okay with how it turned out. Thanks for reading!
  9. Trying to get through some of my Bones I minis so wanted to paint up this spider. My huz had the idea of having him climbing down a web. Then it was just a matter of what to attach a web to? Remembered I had some archways in Bones 3. This one looked about ideal. The web was made with regular sewing thread. The clear bit is just a cocktail stick and the base is from milliput and basius. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  10. Painted up this merchant and his henchmen that I picked up a while ago. He is of course flamboyantly dressed but his underlings are not given the same courtesy. Thanks for reading!
  11. fulfilling

    In the US and have had my Bones 3 for a while (I forget exactly) but completely understand your frustration. When Bones 3 was announced as delayed but they were still teasing Bones 4...why? Then I have to absolutely agree that announcing Bones 4 when a lot of ROW backers haven't gotten their Bones 3 is pretty crass. I'm guessing it has to do with a nice influx of 1-2 million dollars every couple years that someone higher ranking at Reaper doesn't want to delay too much no matter how bad it looks. I posted a long time ago that they seem to have a problem over promising and under-delivering with their Kicktarters. Bones 2 was delayed and yet they still promised a faster turnaround time for Bones 3. Like "we learned from our mistakes so it will be faster next time". Well, that's nice to hope, but as someone who's worked in manufacturing a long time that's not usually how it goes. You always *think* you can do it faster/cheaper next time but rarely does it happen so. I backed other Kickstarters around the same time that still haven't delivered yet, but they never promised they would by this time, so people aren't angry. I agree it's a double whammy to say EU shipping will happen in 2-3 weeks and then fail on that as well. Then offer Bones 3 stuff in the store and announce Bones 4. I think it is either a profit motive or at best them trying to get the logistics of a KS over before Reapercon. But either way it's completely unfair. And I agree apologizing and saying "sorry we'll do better next time" is equivalent to saying "well we overcharged you by $20 but it's okay because we'll put it towards the next customer's order". In my opinion, Bones IV is coming way too soon on the heels of Bones 3. There is such a thing as saturation and anticipation. I still love Reaper and will continue to buy from them for years, but this was all poorly handled for a company that's been through this multiple times already. As a US backer I would not be opposed to some incentive to ROW backers (maybe discount on online shipping or something that a US backer wouldn't care as much about?) but again I suspect whatever high level guy wants that sweet KS cash isn't going to eat cost and it'll just be the poor lower level guys actually talking to us that say sorry over and over again and take the flack for someone else.

    Hope the preview map means there will be more NPCs (townspeople) and more town related terrain (that cart we never saw that was teased in Bones 3). That dragon turtle looks pretty near exactly like the dragon tortoise to me (same sculptor and everything, right?) So does not excite me. But the base looks cool.
  13. fulfilling

    I have two boxes for paint set A. One is labelled as "09596 x 6" and the other as "09597 x 6". Both have those numbers (09596/09597) on the bar codes for the boxes as well. I don't know if that helps you or not but thought I'd offer the info since I have both boxes.
  14. fulfilling

    Can anyone provide a rough estimate of how long we have to report any missing pieces/parts? I went through the box already and confirmed I have all the groups/sets and extras I've ordered but wondering how soon I need to inventory the sets or make sure none of my assembly pieces are missing anything. To be honest, there are still larger pieces from Bones II that I haven't gotten around to assembling, but I might as well set some sort of goal for myself this time around.
  15. Oh right forgot to say. That's a Dragon Forge base, part of their az-tech line. So easy to pin bones to things and the bases are resin so easy to pin into as well.