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  1. Delayed

    Think I am in the same boat. But I'm just not going to even check to see what I got. It'll be too disappointing to verify. I can't remember, I know we were going back and forth a lot. So I'll just try to ignore it for another 6 months.
  2. Painted up Aaron to get more of my heroes painted up. Took about 10 tries to get the blue flame to not look terrible. I'm still not 100% happy with it but I can't seem to get my blending to work right. Thanks for reading!
  3. This was a gift for one of my fellow gamers from someone else and he asked me to paint him up. Colors are somewhat boring since the person doesn't tend to like colors that are too bright or varied, so I kept him simple.
  4. Decided to paint these guys up so we could have some more armored fellows for games. Liked the idea of one of them being lighter and blue and darker and red. The bases are secret weapon miniatures.
  5. Delayed

    Thanks I always miss their inbetween updates since they seem to very rarely use the KS update mechanism to pass information on. Am still hopeful about the quality of the product.
  6. Fulfilling

    The first time I saw the photo for those I thought they were pigs and was so excited. I was bummed later when I saw it was several pugs. I am not anti-dog, but more farm animals would have been cooler. I thought they were really expressive little spunky little pigs which would have been so cool.
  7. 1-2. Pillar of Good (Show-Off) 3-4. Pillar of Evil (Show-Off) 5-12. Mummies (Show-Off) 13-14. Norgol (Show-Off) 15. Hero Forge Dwarf (Show-Off) 16. Aaron the Conjurer (Show-Off) 17. ?
  8. Had some mummies left over from Bones 2 (I think) that needed to be painted up. These were surprisingly quick and easy to drybrush. Basecoated with brown liner then used the stained ivory / yellowed bone / creamy ivory triad. Thanks for reading!
  9. Painted up a couple of my columns for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge this year. Pictured them made out of metal with real cloth and skulls hanging from them like some evil cultists had set them up. Anyways, thanks for reading!
  10. A couple more minis painted up for this year's RP Challenge. Decided to paint the flowers as real flowers growing on the statue, the rest is just drybrushed. Thanks for reading!
  11. This wonderful set was a gift to me from a good friend of mine and they were very fun to paint. Only annoying thing is their bases are really rather beautiful but of course as soon as you put the dwarf on it you can't see any of that detail anymore. Anyways, they were a lot of fun and I always love quirky dwarves. Thanks for reading!
  12. Just painted up this guy to throw some miscellaneous heroes into my painting queue. Painted him up darker and a little more boring than usual since that seems to be what types of minis the players at my table gravitate towards if choosing a random miniature. Thanks for reading!
  13. Rounding out my bones hatchlings here's the blue one! Thanks for reading!
  14. Fulfilling

    Like Matt Damon doesn't have enough problems already, now his Kickstarter ships while he's stranded? I'm never angry at delayed Kickstarters. Only bait and switch. I backed a KS that is coming up on two years now, but I feel confident I'll either never get the thing or I'll get exactly what I pledged for. Not some weird hodge podge mess. On the other hand, I've pulled out of major kickstarters from other manufacturers because they felt things like sticking to consistent sizing and scale were limitations on their artistic vision. I felt like all the superfans ganged up on me and told me to quit complaining, so I do feel bad when an individual is upset about this KS, I don't want them to feel isolated or like everyone is "against" them like I felt on that other KS. That said, I think there are even more angry people who didn't realize the full consequences of the inconsistent scaling and now have product and realize it won't work for certain things. I know this is something I'll never have to worry about with Reaper.
  15. Here's the red baby dragon. The sculpts on the red and green hatchlings are a bit nicer and easier to paint than how the other two turned out (I think it's a problem with bones and detail and too much flash, not really a sculpt problem). Anyways, thanks for reading!