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  1. Hi Reaper peeps and fellow forum-goers. Can anyone confirm whether 03578: Familiar Pack XI contains 3 or 4 miniatures? The pictures on the online store are somewhat unclear; some of them include a really cool mini succubus, but the unpainted picture with the Briangles excludes that particular mini. Can anyone clarify?Thanks!
  2. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    Beautiful! How do you achieve the texture effect on her pants? It looks like suede or velvet.
  3. 77009: Werewolf restock?

    Thanks! Sadly, the distributor in these parts is also out of stock and has been for some time.
  4. 77009: Werewolf restock?

    Too bad for me :( Thank you for the quick response!
  5. Hi Reaper, 77009: Werewolf has been out of stock for quite a while. Just wondering if you have any idea when it might be restocked? I'm hoping to order about 10 of them. Thanks!
  6. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Gotcha! Thanks for the insight Bryan! @Reaper Ron, are you able to comment on the size of the beast?
  7. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    @Reaperbryan I see, so the final size is still being finalized? Are you able to tell us which sizes you tried out? I'm really hoping it will be big enough to use as a proper DnD dragon turtle! Anyway, thanks for the info!
  8. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    @Reaperbryan, are you able to comment on the size of the dragon turtle? Is it a suitable fit for a base of 4+ inches to match the latest edition of the world's most popular tabletop RPG? Or is it closer in size to the existing dragon turtle from Bones 2? Thanks!
  9. A treant that's about twice as tall as the current spirit of the forest mini. A shambling mound. A tendriculos (giant plant creature with tentacles and a gaping maw that fits on a three inch base).
  10. A giant roc. Something about twice as big as the Warlord giant eagle.
  11. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Does anyone know what service Reaper will be using to ship to Canada? Thanks!
  12. 03720: Temple Dragon. Not available?

    Thanks for the speedy response. I see it's now been taken off the online store. You're really fast on the draw, Reaperbryan!
  13. It's listed in the online store, but there's no price on it and I can't add it to my cart. Any word on when this will released?
  14. Sealing minis

    This forum is great. Everyone is so helpful. Thank you all very much for your instructive answers.
  15. Sealing minis

    What are some effective techniques for applying varnish in thin coats to heavily textured surfaces?