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  1. Mine arrived and it is glorious! I really like the new gray Bonesium. I don't seem to have to many that will need some boiling so that is a plus. Now I just need some free time to actually paint these things!
  2. Scheduled to arrive Tuesday for me!! The package is already in Maumee OH! Hurry UPS!
  3. Awesome job!
  4. Ordered mine last Friday and it arrived at my home in Ohio on Thursday. The book looks great and it's a really good read!
  5. I saw an ad for the game Halo and the character had a gold helmet visor which I thought looked cool. I would have thought you got the idea from Blue Beetle's gold goggles!
  6. Great job! I never would have thought to choose gold for the cockpit color but it looks fantastic!
  7. Great paint job! The base is well done too! Fantastic spiderwebs.
  8. Sandbags, crates, containers and other terrain/environment type stuff.
  9. I would like to see some more CAV minis!
  10. Fantastic job!!
  11. Good luck, HT! I am sure it will go well and I look forward to the pictures that will undoubtedly have smiling gamers!
  12. Nice job! I actually like the subtlety of the colors you used.
  13. Nice job! I love the colors. Just enough blue to give some pop.
  14. Great job! Love the black and gold striping. The base is fantastic as well!
  15. Nice job!