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  1. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Posting the relative pictures here if people wish to make multi-part plastic female paladin armies (both sci-fi and fantasy) a reality! Thank you in advance for your support! :)
  2. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Dropping this here!
  3. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    @Jeneki Thanks, will do that! Droping this here, it should help realize how the sci-fi models should look! CLICK HERE FOR FULL 360 AROUND VIEW
  4. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Could an administrator change the tag please? This is not a pre-launch any longer, the project is live (I don't know how to contact one) Thank you!
  5. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Here are more pictures and the first add-ons of the tanks We hope you like them!
  6. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    @Paradoxical Mouse Here's the promised size chart, I hope it helps
  7. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    @Paradoxical Mouse I'll post a size chart to help out with precise measurements.
  8. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    So, you really think BIG things have been designed for the sci-fi factions only? In this project once again we claim "innovative", so I think a man with your hobbying experience can do much better than "war chariots"... Any guesses? PS. Thanks all the same for the kind remark, glad you like them
  9. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Vehicle teasers coming next for the sci-fi hobbyists, we will be announcing the date around 5-7 days before the launch. Launches officially on Monday 18th of September! And this here... Remember, backers of the first day (first 24 hours) receive free miniature(s).
  10. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    @Balgin Stondraeg Affirmative. @pcktlnt After seeing the Paladin armies of the West on the last teaser, now it's time for the nordic armies teaser to make it's appearance! Fantasy army: Wolf Wardens Sci-fi army: Sisters of Wolves Coming this September on Kickstarter! Wolves Video Teaser Link
  11. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Probably yes, this will go on for like 3 weeks instead of the 2 we did on our last KS; this is a larger project and we have so much stuff we'd like to create. Some you'll probably not expect, you'll tell us in due time
  12. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)

    All parcels have been mailed. For any backer that may have enquiries in regards to his/her rewards, please contact us on Kickstarter. I'm kindly asking for a moderator to close the thread now as we will be posting from now on on the KS-3 thread "Warmaidens & Dragonbreds". The new project launches this September, exact date TBC. Thank you!
  13. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Late August/early September. Decision will be taken on the 21st of August :-) The project "Warmaidens&Dragonbreds" will launch this September. Exact date TBC. Thank you!
  14. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    August is the slowest month of them all (in Greece at least), we should be all back on Monday 21st and get things moving faster. Much faster :-)
  15. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    New teaser is up, this time for the western armies (female sci-fi and fantasy paladin armies) YouTube video