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  1. Pre-launch

    Late August/early September. Decision will be taken on the 21st of August :-)
  2. Pre-launch

    August is the slowest month of them all (in Greece at least), we should be all back on Monday 21st and get things moving faster. Much faster :-)
  3. Pre-launch

    New teaser is up, this time for the western armies (female sci-fi and fantasy paladin armies) YouTube video
  4. Pre-launch

    I'm afraid the Forest Goblins will get their own campaign, one last time. If they don't fund a 2nd time, then they were never meant to be...
  5. Fulfilling

    It's not time yet to have a new thread open but as we are closing our KS-2, we are slowly preparing ourselves for the reveals of our KS-3. Armies for both fantasy and sci-fi this time, cofunded, highly affordable, great quality and unique. Nobody has ever managed to combine all these together. Troops will again be in plastic, if we are all lucky enough we can dream of doing both monsters and vehicles in that too, for the first stage however we keep our heads low and promote our resin instead. Here's the teaser video for KS-3, more will be revealed as we get closer though. Thank you. EDIT: A new thread opened for KS-3. I'll try posting there from now on, answering ay questions you might have!
  6. Pre-launch

    KS-3 teaser released today. Too soon to kindly ask for a new thread to open, so I'm -politely- dropping it here... KS-3 video teaser on YouTube
  7. Fulfilling

    If your parcel was included in the "major" wave that shipped on Arpil 18th, yes, it should long now been in your hands. If your parcel was included however in the LC wave which is shipping as we speak, then it's either ready to ship or on its way. For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us on Kickstarter via message
  8. Fulfilling

    Hi everyone! Just dropping by to inform we will have fully completed the project in the next couple of weeks before moving on to the next one -which will be announced shortly after. I will drop by again when it is officially done with and once again appreciate the space Reaper has offered us here. Thank you.
  9. Fulfilling

    Roger that, kindly allow some time as we are currently replying to multiple backers.
  10. Fulfilling

    OK, I hear you. Kindly proceed to sending us a message on Kickstarer but please have some (more) patience before receiving a reply. We are dealing with any issues to the best of our abilities. Thank you.
  11. Fulfilling

    @NomadZeke Has the parcel arrived yet? @pcktlnt We expect DHL to update us this week. We will also be posting May and June updates as we certainly aren't done with this project. Kindly have some patience as multiple tasks have befallen (is that correct English?) on our heads in a very limited amount of time.
  12. Fulfilling

    Hi everyone! Dropping by to let you know that shipping has commenced, I thought you'd like to know By the 20th of April we'll have shipped everything on our main wave (excludes latecomers or people who haven't paid for their shipping yet), most parcels do leave our warehouse next week indeed
  13. Fulfilling

    Hi everyone! There has been a 3+ month delay on the fulfillment of this project but we are on track for mailing the rewards next month (on April), we really wish you'll like what you'll be receiving and wanted to thank you all once again for your support, we really appreciate your being there for us!
  14. Fulfilling

    Hi everyone! We are very happy you've liked what we've shown, we are curently working on delivering everything mid/late April. Everything is going according to schedule so rewards should be mailed out in some 50 days from today. We thank you once again for your support!
  15. Funded

    Allow me now that the campaign has finished and no-one answered your question. The costs remain the same, nothing drops. So, how can this be happening you ask? Just have a look at the price structure of this project. They ask for a funding target of 40K GBP in order to fund 40 different miniatures in plastic, none of which exists for the time being (i.e. all new molds need be made). Then take a look at their first 5-6 "stretch goals", which they revealed only after they had reached something like 150K GBP due to the initial rush (give or take, I don't remember the exact number). The creators say they need 20K GBP in order to now fund...a single miniature. And from what I've seen it's the same mini placed four times (I may be wrong as I stopped following this, we study succesful KS projects to learn how to do better in ours but honestly we don't like this type of structure and will never endorse it). Yeah, OK, anyway. Their funding issue has been solved. Bottom line, the initial SGs they put has made the money needed, so I wouldn't be worried about having enough funds or not. And this comes from a manufacturer who knows exactly what the costs and profit margins are. Therefore, if you jumped in and nothing chaotic occurs in their HQ, stay cool, they are going to deliver as promised.