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  1. SparksMurphey

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    The eagle-eyed may have noticed the Mamba changed from being a Hard vehicle to a Soft in the recent update. This mini is partly responsible. As for the Wrongart hover, I wonder if there's another vehicle very similar to the Charger...?
  2. SparksMurphey

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    I believe the plural form of lynx is a chain.
  3. SparksMurphey

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Future you should also be informed that there's a third CAV KS coming up later this year!
  4. SparksMurphey

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    It's a little difficult to say, since the different factions use different unit breakdowns. For the Ritterlich Republich, though, 4 CAVs make 1 Schutzentroop (an Adonese Troop or an Almirithil Squad) , 4 Schutzentroops (16 CAVs) make 1 Schwadron (an Adonese Company or an Almirithil Platoon), and 4 Schwadrons (64 CAVs) make 1 Abteilung (an Adonese Battalion or an Almirithil Company). With 52 CAVs, it's probably an under-strength abteilung, with 3 schwadrons plus a befehlstroop to command them. For larger sizes, 4 abteilungs (256 CAVs, or roughly 5 times as many CAVs as seen here) is a (Ritterlich) regiment, and 4 regiments (1024 units, or around 20 times as many CAVs as seen here) is a (Ritterlich) brigade, with example units seen in the core book. For NADO, 4 battalions (256) make a regiment, seen in the core book, and 3 regiments (768) make a division, also seen in the core book. For the Almirithil, 4 companies (256) make a battalion, 3 battalions (768) make a brigade, and 2-3 brigades (1536 - 2304) make a division, against with examples seen in the core book. Edit: and apparently I can't count. That's 4*11=44, not 4*13=54. So a little under 3 schwadrons, then.
  5. SparksMurphey

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    That's some inventive assembly your son has with those white CAVs!
  6. SparksMurphey

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    With NADO being a sort of combined army of all the Adonese nations, I'm planning to paint my Adon forces (Suppression Force 75) a nice United Nations blue with white markings. My Ritterlich (the 1st Ophiuchi Brigade) will be tan/brown camo with dark blue highlights. My Almirithil I'm still exploring colours for, but they'll probably end up in either an orange/green by stealing the Adon paints, or a dark green with red markings in a bit of a soviet style. I'm keen to see what everyone is doing with theirs once they've got some pictures taken! Being in Australia, I'm going to have to wait a little longer for my shipment to arrive than the rest of you.
  7. SparksMurphey

    Growler Blueprint

    With just under a week until the cargo ship carrying the Kickstarter II minis arrives in San Pedro (and just over a week until they hopefully arrive in Dallas), I figured it was time to release this:
  8. SparksMurphey

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Tracking says that Project Snickerdoodle has been delivered...
  9. SparksMurphey

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    I've just received notification that the package I sent has touched down in the US, so hopefully it won't be long now.
  10. SparksMurphey

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    What with it being almost Christmas Day over in the US (and it now being here in Australia), I'm putting up some shots I took prior to posting Project Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle behind a spoiler. You can imagine the opening of the spoiler as being like unwrapping the present.
  11. I'm thinking the bowls of two plastic teaspoons minus their handles, glued together lip-to-lip, scored with a knife to represent panel lines. Build a custom variant of the Vanquisher in CAV CP to include an APA (or, if you want to support the Atlas II, make a custom BattleMech with ECM/targeting computer).
  12. SparksMurphey

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    A box arrived on my doorstep! How mysterious! Thanks to my Totally-No-Longer-Secret-Santa Savage Coyote, and to jsalyers for organising this! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's as they come in!
  13. SparksMurphey

    CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Project Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle is away! Australia Post reckons it'll take around 5 days to arrive, so since it's a somewhat distinctive scheme that was requested, I'll hold off posting photos until mid next week. Also, at the post office while buying shipping and the packing box: Postal worker: "By the way, you've got me curious. What IS it?" Other postal worker: "Oh, that's from Warhammer!" Well, close enough.
  14. SparksMurphey

    Firedrake Blueprint

    They don't rotate on the mini, but when I modelled them, I was picturing them as rotary, pulling in fresh ammo on a belt from the interior as part of the rotation.
  15. SparksMurphey

    Firedrake Blueprint

    Happy holidays, CAV community!