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  1. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    The peanut butter snickerdoodle, trimmed to the base edges and painted.
  2. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    OK, new plan: forget the CAV, bake cookies and send!
  3. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    It begins! Using the texture pads from my Basius pack to make a textured base for my gift.
  4. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    I'll be in for the Secret Simba Santa. Being Down Under, though, I can't promise that any model I send to the Northern Hemisphere won't arrive upside-down.
  5. Force Groups for a city defense scenario

    The Lagduf Luk Regiment, "The Sundering of Cities", hears your challenge to move your forces from their position and accepts! Let's get one thing clear, my who-mahn friend: defensive emplacements? Useless. How will you take your defensive emplacement with you to find more glorious battle once your opponent is defeated? No, taking (and, I suppose, holding) a position requires that you BE IN THAT POSITION, and as soon as possible. Defense is optional. With that in mind, we're going with the Rach "Children of the Storm" doctrine. Our first troop will be the 425th "Fists of Fury" Assault CAV Troop, led by Tukoan Uhul. This squad has previously shamed itself, and is equipped with out of date equipment as a result, but in this case this plays to our strategy well. The troop's first two CAVs are the older Dictator "A" series - not as tough and lacking a little punch compared to the newer "B" series, but that lower weight (combined with our doctrine) brings their speed up to an impressive 10 units. The Tukoan commands from one of these Dictators, and both crews have training with close quarters battle. The second two CAVs in the troop are a pair of Tyrants. Fast on their own, these units have been modified by their crews for even more speed, managing a blistering 11 units. These CAVs have been picked for their speed and ability to fire on the move, combined with a better than average close attack value that pairs well with our doctrine. Our tactic with them will be to rush our enemy, firing on the move the whole time, before engaging in melee. "But while staring your enemy in the eye as you slit his throat is very glorious and honourable," I hear you cry, "how will you prevent the enemy from using dishonourable tactics like aircraft, artillery, and snipers before you can get in throat-slitting range?" At least, I imagine you cried that. That's what our second troop is for, the 88th "Eyes of Hatred" Recon Troop. A dedicated troop of 4 Wardens, these vehicles will serve as a vanguard to our demi-squadron. Their medium MRACs will give us some anti-air capability, and their ECM shall provide coverage against target locking. We've also organised for 4 smoke screen barrages to be readied, and the Warden crews have been trained for FIST operations that will allow us to block line of sight as we advance. Lastly, we'll need a platoon of infantry to actually clear out and hold the buildings, naturally mounted in a vehicle to keep them mobile. Capable of a top speed of 13 units and armed with twin machine guns plus a flame thrower, the Hetman is a great littl... ...you know what? Infantry, even mechanised, are over-rated. Never want to get in their APCs when you ask politely, refuse to get up and stop bleeding out when you slit their throats for claiming their APC "doesn't exist". Real armour is the way to go. So our third troop is a demi-squadron, the lead two vehicles from the 90210th "Claws of Malice" Tank Troop. These two Malefactors pack machine guns for anti-infantry work, and heavy PBGs for anti-everything work. Unlike the lumbering Despot, they'll also be fast enough to keep up with our charge, and come equipped with anti-infantry devices so we can engage in a little hit'n'run (though the PBG is probably still a better plan there). THE SUNDERING OF CITIES DECK: 3 C3: 7 TVP: 4,000 RACH CHILDREN OF THE STORM DOCTRINE (PAGE 87) RMNG TVP: (base) 0 (flexible) 6 (support) 0 (upgrade) 0 C3: (bonus) 0 (squad) 3 (unit) 0 (upgrade) 4 DECK: (squads) 3 (SIGINT) 0 (bunkers) 0 RECON: 1 ODST: 0 SQUAD BREAKDOWN Attack Squad "Fists of Fury" 1x Dictator A - Close Quarters, Major 1x Dictator A - Close Quarters 2x Tyrant - Turbo-Charged Specialist Squad "Claws of Malice" 2x Malefactor Recon Squad "Eyes of Hatred" 4x Warden - FIST 2 SUPPORT 4x Artillery Smoke Screen
  6. They *are* on a quest to find Autochthon. There's already an Alchemical plus Iteration X involved. Transformers may not have been mentioned yet, but I wouldn't rule them out.
  7. I've been thinking of doing something similar for some time now, but keep moving cities and losing my player base. I'd be really keen to hear how this goes!
  8. Lets see some custom CAV's for fun!

    Stranger things have happened. The Silverfish posted on the last page is (after some modification) the new Growler. And we're leading up to the next Kickstarter with Templars and Malvernis.
  9. CAVSO KS2 Model-Faction-Task Distribution Worksheet

    Also, the CAVs now called the Growler and the Bear used to be called the Cobra and the King Cobra in the data cards/force manager. The CAVs formerly known as the Growler and the Bear are getting new names.
  10. Yeah, we had a name change roll through, changing the name of the Cobra and King Cobra. Don't worry, the Bruin still needs it's little brother, whatever the name ends up being.
  11. I think it's also the first Unique model for CAV:SO!
  12. Making Micro-Scale Buildings with Plaster

    Wait, the rats are those who clean where you live? Sounds like a great system.
  13. CAV Con?

    If anyone is driving from Australia, let me know... :(