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  1. I present Kadu Valasdottir Ashfist, dwarven paladin:




    Clan Ashfist is a mining clan whose lower reaches were home to an entity known as Umugar’abiuzzum, or “the Death in the Deepnessâ€. Many decades ago, the clan began offering minor prayers and eventually sacrifices to this being to ward off it’s evil influence, a practice that eventually became twisted into outright worship. It was into this environment that Kadu was born, never thinking twice about the religious practices she was raised with.


    Lord Reward Barning, a paladin of some note, organised an expedition into the mines to determine what became of several merchants from Horizon who had vanished in the region. The Ashfists initially attempted to deceive the expedition, but when it became apparent that this was not working, they changed tactics and sacrificed several of the humans to Umugar’abiuzzum.


    During the battle that followed, Kadu was one of several seized as hostages as the expedition withdrew. She spent the final 7 years of her minority amongst the monks of the Shrine of the Warden Agiel the Beneficent. Technically, she was a ward of the Shrine, though with her evil origins, she was treated as little more than a prisoner. When she reached adulthood, she elected to become a paladin of the order, a choice that surprised many at the Shrine and has left some skeptical.




    One Unique Thing: Can smell the influence of Umugar’abiuzzum, the Death in the Deepness


    2 point conflicted heroic: Lord Reward Barning, Paladin of the Shrine of the Warden Agiel the Beneficent.

    1 point negative villainous: Valas Belegondsson Ashfist, her father and Low Priest of the Death in the Deepness


    Temple acolyte 3
    Prisoner 2
    Knight warden 3


    Class Feature: Smite Evil
    Racial Power: That’s Your Best Shot?


    Paladin’s Challenge
    Lay on Hands


    Bastion Adventurer


    Gear: battleaxe, throwing axe, half-plate armour, shield, monk robes, pendant of the Warden Agiel the Beneficent, flint and tinder box, small money pouch, traveling satchel, rain cloak, road rations (5 days), sleeping roll, water flask




    STR: 16
    CON: 18
    DEX: 10
    INT: 8
    WIS: 14
    CHA: 12


    Initiative: 1
    AC: 21
    PD: 14
    MD: 14
    HP: 36
    Recoveries: 9
    Recovery Dice: 1d10 + 4



  2. Karine crept along the deserted wooden boardwalk, the reassuring warmth of the magical sword Modblad in her right hand. Of course, in her left hand throbbed the unholy pulse of the Netherstone, and she was glad for the thick glove that kept its glowing runes from touching her skin. Something had caused the human village of Destead to be abandoned and if she was right, the Netherstone would give her advanced warning. She edged along the front of an inn, small clumps of grass sticking through the wood beneath her feet, the inn doors open and brightly lit from within, but devoid of people. A trio of tables in front were still set with hearty meals...


    The Netherstone's pulsing quickened, and Karine's heart followed suit. From the shadows on the other side of the street, eldritch eyes glinted, and a glowing mouth filled with the shadows of teeth yawned into a smile beneath them.


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  3. I'm thinking of going with a Fighter or Paladin bodyguard concept. At the moment, though the Sampson Flat bushfire in South Australia is drawing my attention, as it's been within 500m of my childhood home for the last 24-hours and is still out of control. I'll put something together when my head's clearer.


    I'm keen to give this a shot, if you're still up for running it.


    Sure, if enough people want to play.   Are you familiar with the system?


    I'm not, but I'll give the SRD a good read through. Familiar with DnD 3e/3.5/Pathfinder/4e, though, so I'm not anticipating any major problems, just details.


    Should I post my character on here, or PM to you, or wait, or...?

  5. Maybe with the Bones range emphasising ease of converting, there should be a conversion focus. Perhaps, to go with an earlier idea from Maledrakh, anything with tentacles, but it doesn't to have started out with tentacles. Like Cthulhu? Sure, he's got tentacles, so he's straight in. How about Irabeth Tirablade? Sure, but only after she's changed her name to Irabeth Tentablade with the inclusion of some parts from the creature components sprue. Wanna do something more sci-fi? How about a CAV converted with tentacles bursting out of it? That sort of thing.

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  6. Does anyone know where to find some fluff for the CAV universe, aside from the core books? Ideally, I'm looking for something that's a CAV version of what Sarna.net is for BattleTech, but anything I can consume, canon or fan-made, to give me a better feel for the universe would be great.

  7. Whoot whoot! I have one of those :-) I painted him once, but I have a nekkid one I can do. Have to finish my current minis first though. Can't fall off the New Years resolution train on the first day ;^)

    You made a new years resolution to not start anything new until you finish your current miniatures? I'm glad I've not held to that. I'm still waiting on a home 3D printed door for a GW Land Raider to be delivered from a friend, when the Land Raider in question was a birthday gift in 2004 - before home 3D printers were invented.


    I've got my models out and ready to go! Let's do this!

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  8. I'm working on the 99th Auxiliary Regiment for the Templars. Somewhat like the French Foreign Legion, the 99th Auxiliary is a regiment for those who wish to serve the interests of the Templar, but who aren't Squires or Knights and are therefore excluded from the regular military. The regiment is also open to Knights who have disgraced themselves and who wish to serve a penance - factionalism between the penitent Templars and non-Templars remains a morale problem haunting the unit. Differing from standard Templar colours, the 99th Auxiliary wears black, with two bands of red (the side torsos and legs in the case of CAVs). White stripes appear down the red portions.


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  9. I agree that your sponge technique worked out really well, and adds a lot of texture to the mini.


    Of course, I would like to see it based to accent your work too. ::D:

    I've got some "meadow grass" flock that I'm planning to put down on the base, but I'm out of PVA glue at the moment and the shops are all closed for the holidays. 

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  10. cav_tiamat___brown_camo_by_antarcticanpi

    My first painted CAV (though not my first miniature by a long shot).


    This was largely experimenting with a few techniques: there's a base coat of light brown, with a sponged pattern of dark brown over the top, and a toothbrush-flicked spatter of stone grey. The wash I applied somewhat muted the effect of the grey; hopefully, that won't be replicated in the Cougar I'm painting in the same pattern. The wash is going on before the grey on that one.

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