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  1. Over Easter, I'm trying to get some paint on the wonderful new Bones CAVs I've got. I'm starting with the Cataphract, Silverback and Imperator, three of the new designs introduced in the Kickstarter. The Cataphract and Silverback will be a brown-and-grey camo scheme to go with my existing Ritterlich minis, while I'm going for a garish yellow pattern for the Imperator, since Rach are known for being preening peacocks favouring overt colour schemes.


    First off, undercoats. The Imperator gets a Muddy Brown base, the other two an Oiled Leather base.



    Once that's dried, Muddy Brown and Stone Grey are sponged onto the Cataphract and Silverback...



    ...while the Imperator gets two coats of Sun Yellow.



    And after the yellow is dried, Peacock Green is added as highlight lines, with Lava Orange in flame patterns.



    Now moving on to the finer details!

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  2. From pages 102/105 of CAV:SO:



    Small = 3-4 DT (around 25 tons)

    Medium = 5-6 DT (around 50 tons)

    Large = 7-8 DT (around 75 tons)

    Extra-Large = 9-10 DT (around 100 tons)

    Super = 11-12 DT (around 125 tons)



    Ultra-Light = 2 DT (around 5 tons)

    Light = 3 DT (around 10 tons)

    Medium = 4 DT (around 15 tons)

    Heavy = 5 DT (around 30 tons)

    Ultra-Heavy = 6 DT (around 50 tons)


    Combat Vehicles

    Light = 1-2 DT (around 5 tons)

    Medium = 3-4 DT (around 20 tons)

    Heavy = 5-6 DT (around 40 tons)

    Extra-Heavy = 7-8 DT (around 60 tons)

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  3. now that is a recon design. It doesn't have much of a chance of actually damaging anything beyond a medium CAV, but it's inexpensive, and does the job of electronics support admirably. 




    I modified a Halberd the same way Sparks did above, (Thanks for the idea) but instead of FCS, I gave it counter-battery. Its job is to make the opponent wonder if plinking away with a couple light R5 is worth 15 heavies in return, and escorting indirect-less attack models like the standard Halberd



    The minigun went on the Assassin the missiles came off of, and is statted for a medium RAC. One of the ammo bins is replaced with another assault special. It's probably a less powerful design, but it is somewhat more dangerous up close. It's also notably more dangerous to infantry at those ranges. 

    I'd be interested to see how you modded the minigun on. I played around with a few configurations myself, but couldn't come up with anything that leapt out at me.


    Edit: And the counter-battery is a great idea!

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  4. Terran Market Designation: Silverfish


    Manufacturer: Roy'ale Manufacturing Industry (RMI)



    Type: Combat Assault Vehicle



    Mission: Battlefield Electronic Warfare Systems Management



    Chassis Number Series: ZE0001 to ZE3272



    Production Start: 2259; 3,072 produced to date



    Crew: 2



    Weight: 45 tons



    Height: 18 feet






    Armour: Buckler 1s



    Breeder: PP-58



    ECM System: Magician System 24



    Power Cell: Evadde System I



    Repair System: Pass Plus IIb



    Target System: HUD Lock IIx






    2x LAK 3 Laser Bolt Guns



    ECCM Pod






    With the Challenger and Bishop both scheduled for debut in 2258, RMI also began development of an advanced spotting unit. Both other CAVs were planned to feature the Martin 22 indirect fire missile system (although engineers on the Bishop later abandoned that system for the Martin 50). The Silverfish would then provide the eyes to find targets and coordinate fire for those missile systems.






    Production Notes:



    As it would commonly be deployed immediately alongside the Bishop, the Silverfish was configured to carry many of the same onboard systems to ease logistics requirements. The PP-58 breeder is identical, the Silverfish's smaller frame and lighter payload transforms that same power into a considerably faster speed. The Silverfish also shares the Bishop's HUD Lock IIx target system, with the addition of a squad uplink antenna racked on the upper right torso. In this way, the Silverfish would be able to designate targets for bombardment.






    Alteration of the Bishop's design in 2257 to decrease its missile firepower in favour of the Rook XrGGC magnetic rotary cannon and inclusion of an in-built chain lock pod rendered the Silverfish's role more redundant. Taking a cue from Koda Works' recently released Kahn design, engineers repurposed the CAV for an electronic warfare role. The existing indirect fire coordination system and chain lock pod were removed and their space dedicated to enhancing the Magician System 24 EW suite with an aftermarket Umbrella 9 ECCM system, which became standard on all production models of the Silverfish. Though lacking the potency of the Kahn's purpose designed Yonga 36, the Umbrella 9 nonetheless serves the Silverfish well. Alongside the ECCM suite, engineers installed an advanced CHAMELEON adaptive camouflage system, further enhancing the Silverfish's ability to perform reconnaissance undetected.






    The new electronic systems drew heavily on the Evadde System I power cell, which had been judged adequate for the Silverfish's previous role. Testing during 2258 found that even the relatively modest PAK 3 particle bolt gun developed for the Silverfish had the ability to drain the capacity of the power cell while all EW systems were active. Again turning to the Kahn (which in turn drew from prior designs such as the Talon, Panther, and Spartan), the PAK 3s were replaced with paired low-yield laser bolt guns. This delayed the Silverfish by a further year as RMI developed the LAK 3 laser bolt gun.











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  5. Grasping his longsword in both hands, Nivin hacks at the shadow thing attacking his fellow (yet otherwise dissimilar) halfling.




    d20 (17) + 5 = 22 to hit


    d10 (9) + 3 = 12 damage... assuming a mundane longsword can hurt these things.


    Note that Nivin isn't raging yet, he want to test if he can actually hurt the things first.



  6. Still busy fumbling at the glowing coin, Nivin is taken a little unawares. At the far end of his flight, he lands poorly, rolling sideways a few times.


    Getting up, he dusts himself off, picks up the coin and peers around looking for any mechanisms that might disarm the suspected trap.



    Athletics: d20 + 1 = 7.


    Unfortunately, the search was even worse. d20 + 2 =5



    "Thromdor, tha' better no' 've been jus' an excuse t' throw me."

  7. The group on horseback turn around and start to head back to the mining camp.


    Rorrik races after Jeren and soon reaches the entrance to the mine.  Surrounded by a knot of worried miners, is a man whose arm bears a deep cut.  You arrive mid-conversation as the camp sawbones tries to staunch the bleeding.


    "...and then the pick just goes through the rock.  I takes a couple more wacks at it and see that there is this big void.  So I makes a hole big enough to squeeze through an I'm in another tunnel.  I thought it might be an old mine, but the walls 'n' floor was too even.  Just as I got a new torch lit, I heard a scrapin noise behind me and this big pile o' bones cuts me with a sword.  Well I lit out a there faster than you would believe."

    Could have been worse. Could have been a creeper.