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  1. Nightwing

    14528: Rageblood Slayer

    Oh. My bad. Thought it was on a shelf of stuff you weren’t happy with.
  2. Nightwing

    14528: Rageblood Slayer

    This looks great. No idea why this would be on your shelf of shame!
  3. Nightwing

    03427: Halbarand, Cleric

    Very nice painting style. It almost looks like a watercolor painting. Really cool.
  4. Nightwing

    Worm Corpse

    Eeew. Cool! Reanimated rot grub victim?
  5. Nightwing

    03906, Battleguard Golem Magus

    I really like seeing people’s experimental stuff. It’s a good effort! I think the colors on the flame should be opposite. Fires are usually hottest and brightest at the base, fading to reds and blacks at the tips. Just my $0.02.
  6. Nightwing

    03166 Alistrilee, Elf archer

    Ooh, I really like this scheme. I’m gonna steal it. Yoink!
  7. Nightwing

    03259 Ithamar, Rale Reaver

    Exceptionally cool!
  8. Nightwing

    77085 Townfolk Wench

    Great work on her mugs!
  9. Nightwing

    2976 astral mauler

    Great color selection!
  10. Nightwing

    Stonehaven: Elf Librarian (better photos!)

    Yes, the photos are a little out of focus. Will try to take better ones and replace them. Sorry about that.
  11. This was birthday gift from my wife last summer. She’s finally done. I hope you enjoy.
  12. The gold armor tone is a bit flat on this guy. I should have used a slightly yellower shade for the midtone I think. Oh well. He’lol do for my purposes. Also, I thought the shield would tilt tilt the other way when attached to his arm, so the shading is opposite what i think it should be.
  13. Nightwing

    Grenadier Bear

    I play a Druid. Can I have this? Really nice.
  14. Nightwing

    Wizkids Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Stunning. Great job.
  15. This is the “Evil/ Lawful Cleric” from the Grendier Action Art: Monsters set. I guess I missed an opportunity to do something really eye-popping on his shield. It seems a bit too tribal looking to me to go with the rest of his outfit. So I kept it as the suggested black and red.