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  1. Very nice! Those old sculpts are strange in their proportions. Good painting!
  2. Here is the Lich from the Grenadier Monsters box set. I didnt highlight the robe. I wanted it to stay grungy looking. I’m not sure if that was a mistake or not. How does one highlight a grungy purple robe? What color mix would one use?
  3. Alas, the pirate campaign did not happen. The DM got busy with work, so we shifted DMs for a while, and so the pirate campaign never got off the ground. Talk about a kick in the teeth...!
  4. Wow! Eye popping. Beautiful. Your reaching way into the bright color spectrum really pays off here. This is exactly how a coral dragon should look. Here is a mandarin fish for inspiration for your next piece...!
  5. Very nice. Good smooth work!
  6. Sweet! Love it.
  7. I'm glad you like it! I'm meditating on a sloop to do next.
  8. Here is the Grenadier Monsters box set wraith. The glowing green inside his hood and sleeves doesn't show up as brightly in the photos as it is IRL.
  9. Here is the skeleton from the Grenadier Monsters box set. I tried to make the bone more interesting than the usual tan+wash+drybrush.
  10. Here is the wight from the Grenadier Monsters box set. Since wights hate light, I should have toned down the base and made it dirty/rocky. Oops. Another experiment with Army Painter's Strong Tone. This time with pale gray skin instead of the greenish flesh of the previous zombie. I'm not as happy with the gray + Strong Tone look. I added the bone. As I mentioned elsewhere, all the undead models in the box set have their right hands raised up for no apparent reason, so I feel compelled to make a reason. In this case, he is gnawing on a bone.
  11. After watching Sorastro's Zombicide painting videos, I had to give Army Painter's Strong Tone a try. Here are the results. I didn't spend any time highlighting after the strong tone, except the hair. He he reminds me of the opening scene of Walking Dead with the solitary zombie walking through the fields.
  12. I left the "S" indicators off of the floor plan where the secret doors are. I figured that if I actually run tSSoSM adventure again and use this ship for that section of the module, the secret doors wouldn't be right there staring the players in the face. It it is a great module! I remember my big brother running that adventure with me and my friends. The haunted house and the ship are both deeply embedded in my memory.
  13. Here is the finished Sea Ghost. This is the ship detailed in the AD&D module U1, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. I have worked her up to-scale, 1" = 5'. Each deck is separable so that below deck action can be carried out. The bottom deck can be flipped over to show the bilge floor plan. I've put a 1" grid on each deck and painted in the walls and doors. You can see the WIP photos in the WIP forum if you're interested. I'm considering making a sloop and a treasure galley, too. But if I do that won't be for a couple months. Need to take a break and dig up some nice deck plans. I hope you like her! My group begins a pirates D&D game this week! The game begins with our characters having just been dumped off in Jamaica for various offenses committed in England. My character, Simon Kershaw, was a shipwright's assistant in England. When the Master shipwright used (and took credit for) one of Simon's ideas for an improvement to a ship design, Simon set fire to the ship before it left the harbor, thus earning himself a spot aboard the prison ship... Suggestions for improvement welcome!