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  1. 03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    Sigh. Maybe someday I’ll be able to paint like this...
  2. Werebat: 03791

    I love your work!
  3. Barrow Warden Lord #03653

    Beautiful work!
  4. 03277: Hyena Pack (2)

    Wow! So realistic!!! Love them.
  5. 07262: Tuilin, Female Elf

    Hi everyone, I finished Tuilin tonight. Color scheme was dictated by my wife and 5-year old daughter, right down to the sapphires and yellow flowers. I like her a lot. This was my first attempt at black hair. Critiques welcome!
  6. 77256: Brass Bull

    Thanks folks. Interesting idea Jasonator. I wasn’t sure the colors in the floor went well with the colors in the bull. I showed my wife and she liked it. So I kept it. I’m not opposed to cutting off the base and making my own, I usually do. I’ll think on it.
  7. 77256: Brass Bull

    Here is my take on the gorgon. Scales are gunmetal, black wash, chainmail and a smokey ink glaze. Hooves and horns are chainmail, silver, and black. Eyes are oranges and yellows. Base is just a sloppy mess of really wet earth tones allowed to run together.
  8. Grenadier Vampire

    Here is a vampire from Grenadier’s Monsters large box set. I’ve been gradually getting all the undead creatures from the set, I think this is the last of them. Question: is he running after something or running away from something? I can’t make up my mind. Maybe a bunch of villagers with stakes is hot in his heels? Why wouldn’t he just polymorph into a bat or wolf, either of which could go much faster? I think if a vampire is running, he’s doing something wrong.
  9. Savonarola - Fire Mage

    Great stuff. Color me jealous!
  10. Naga

    Hey, I’ve been meaning to do a naga. Now I’m inspired!
  11. 77313: Hill Giant Krug

    Actually, I am colorblind. The green highlights are intended to indicate a forest canopy, but perhaps I over did it. I can’t tell how green it is, just how yellow it is.
  12. 77313: Hill Giant Krug

    Here is my latest, a Hill Giant.
  13. Grenadier Orcs

    Very nice! Those old sculpts are strange in their proportions. Good painting!
  14. Grenadier Lich

    Here is the Lich from the Grenadier Monsters box set. I didnt highlight the robe. I wanted it to stay grungy looking. I’m not sure if that was a mistake or not. How does one highlight a grungy purple robe? What color mix would one use?
  15. Sea Ghost: a to-scale pirate ship, Pic heavy

    Alas, the pirate campaign did not happen. The DM got busy with work, so we shifted DMs for a while, and so the pirate campaign never got off the ground. Talk about a kick in the teeth...!