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  1. Shinobi Prowler, Anima Tactics game

    This mini is one my nephew picked out, then later decided he didn’t want. I couldn’t decide how to paint it for months and months. It’s a ninja. Ninjas wear black. But I just couldn’t get myself to hand paint a thousand layers of gray again. I thought maybe I should use other colors: reds or blues or something. But darn it, ninjas wear black. Finally I decided to just Prime it black, airbrush German gray, airbrush light gray, wash with black, airbrush very pale yellow, airbrush pure white from above to his left, black out the base rim, and just be done with it. He won’t exactly stand out, but hey, he’s a ninja!
  2. 14208: Garr, War Dog and 02531: Dobbin, Halfling

    I went with a 1” base because it is a medium creature and I didn’t want it to jar with other medium creatures on the standard 1” grid tabletop. Agreed that a bigger base is always nicer, gives a nicer presentation, and feels more spacious. He does look like he is stepping off into empty space...
  3. In a recent one-day run through Ravenloft, I played a halfling paladin who rode a war dog. He was so fun to play that I have to make minis for them. Here is the start of Garr.
  4. Zaccahrius, the Conniving Cleric

    This mini is circa 1992 Ral Partha. I wanted the floor to be glowing but couldn’t pull it off. So, just plain white lines.
  5. Hi, I’m at a loss for this guy’s color scheme. His clothes look a little like a catholic priest’s, but I don’t think that’s the look I want. I like the pale skin and gray hair for an old guy, but can’t decide on clothing color. Also, the base coloration isn’t any good. Was hoping for glowing magic circle effect, but that obviously didn’t work. They are etched into the green stuff. Any suggestions for clothing and base colors?
  6. Freezing paint

    I just emailed Reaper last week about several bottles of paint that I ordered on January 2016 for delivery to Akron Ohio. The paints were chunky/gritty and no amount of shaking or thinning would fix them. Reapers response was: it looks like they’ve been frozen. Do not order paints to cold destinations where they may freeze. Video of the paint I asked Reaper about: See post here: http://sethe.green
  7. 03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    Sigh. Maybe someday I’ll be able to paint like this...
  8. Werebat: 03791

    I love your work!
  9. Barrow Warden Lord #03653

    Beautiful work!
  10. 03277: Hyena Pack (2)

    Wow! So realistic!!! Love them.
  11. 07262: Tuilin, Female Elf

    Hi everyone, I finished Tuilin tonight. Color scheme was dictated by my wife and 5-year old daughter, right down to the sapphires and yellow flowers. I like her a lot. This was my first attempt at black hair. Critiques welcome!
  12. 77256: Brass Bull

    Thanks folks. Interesting idea Jasonator. I wasn’t sure the colors in the floor went well with the colors in the bull. I showed my wife and she liked it. So I kept it. I’m not opposed to cutting off the base and making my own, I usually do. I’ll think on it.
  13. 77256: Brass Bull

    Here is my take on the gorgon. Scales are gunmetal, black wash, chainmail and a smokey ink glaze. Hooves and horns are chainmail, silver, and black. Eyes are oranges and yellows. Base is just a sloppy mess of really wet earth tones allowed to run together.
  14. Grenadier Vampire

    Here is a vampire from Grenadier’s Monsters large box set. I’ve been gradually getting all the undead creatures from the set, I think this is the last of them. Question: is he running after something or running away from something? I can’t make up my mind. Maybe a bunch of villagers with stakes is hot in his heels? Why wouldn’t he just polymorph into a bat or wolf, either of which could go much faster? I think if a vampire is running, he’s doing something wrong.
  15. Savonarola - Fire Mage

    Great stuff. Color me jealous!