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  1. I've been messing with CC3 for so long I think I've finally beat it into submission. I don't understand some of the really intricate stuff but I think I can churn out a decent map. What I really want to do sometime is start with a large continent map and work my way down through area maps and into dungeon level maps to tie together on world.
  2. I have a small circle of close friends and can talk to people for work purposes fairly well. Outside of that I don't handle social situations with people outside of my circle very well at all. Hell it took over a year of lurking around here to even start talking and I don't even have to see y'all face to face.
  3. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to depression. I hope you can find something good today to hopefully make the day look at least little bit better.
  4. Glad you got a picture of it. I totally forgot to get some before packing it up. I received an awesome undead wererat, along with various bones reptiles and paints, from @robinh today! If he doesn't have any to post, I'll grab some pics when I get home.
  5. Unfortunately nothing right now. I have a couple of Infinity sets and a couple starter boxes for Guild Ball that I'm going to try to get painted here soon.
  6. My parents hadn't quite gotten around to the making babies stage yet. I was spit out almost two years later.
  7. Thank you for that. Had to add that to my Amazon list as well. Been screwing around with the Campaign Cartographer software. UPS finally figured out that they have my KS order and it should be arriving tomorrow!
  8. *pokes the tracker thingy* Are you done being processed yet?
  9. What is this word "reward" that you speak of?
  10. So the GM has a solemn duty to inflict his bad day on the poor unsuspecting PCs, right?
  11. Turns out it's not quite bad as it could have been. My customer is now the proud owner of a pair of $3500 paperweights. They ordered a pair of MTO sprockets based on outdated info.
  12. *runs and hides* Monday found me a couple of days late!
  13. Turning slapped on base coats into something resembling drawing in the lines.
  14. I'm fairly certain I just used coffee creamer instead of milk for my cereal.
  15. Those were a couple fun years since the Wings are my brother's team. Unfortunately we're in the same conference now.