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  1. When described like that it doesn't sounds very good at all.
  2. If I don't watch myself I'll eat everything within arms reach. I try my best not to keep snack type stuff in the apartment.
  3. Package received! I'll go through it tonight and most likely send it back out the door Friday.
  4. Package received from Chris Palmer! I'll go through it when I get home tonight.
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. Coffee, preferably french vanilla, with two Splenda packets and a bit of creamer.
  7. Happy birthday!
  8. Morning, all. What are these left overs you speak of?
  9. I just had breakfast food for dinner. I really could eat breakfast stuff all day.
  10. Woot! Hmm... Is keeping the existential crises the same amount an option? I try to keep these to a minimum myself. Limited to "I exist. Not exactly thrilled about it, but it's the current agreed upon state."
  11. Depends... Is this before or after coffee?
  12. I feel like I was just stuck in a time loop.
  13. Speed Painting - At this point anything I complete within a month. Tabletop Quality - If it looks decent in the middle of my work table it passes. Show Quality - Almost anything painted by someone other than me.
  14. Just checked the tracking and it should be here tomorrow!
  15. Morning, peoples. Hope all is as well as can be.