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  1. I like the idea of a fire troll. Nice work!
  2. 03398 Liriel Silverlocks Female Elf Bard

    I just used the Blonde Hair triad with a black glaze in the very bottom areas. Thanks!
  3. 03398 Liriel Silverlocks Female Elf Bard by Derek Schubert
  4. I'm trying to improve my photos. A light box and photography classes are on my X-mas list. Here's my second attempt photo. This was my first attempt, all yellowed.
  5. Crypt - graveyard expansion

  6. 03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    Great NMM!
  7. Pigfaced Orc w/ Sword

    Nice! These guys are my Christmas list.
  8. Skeletons 11, 12, and Death

    The final skeletons for my set from Renaissance Skeletons Kickstarter. Also, a group shot of the previous ones.
  9. ELFQUEST (Ral Partha Collector Set)...

    I wanted those sets soooo bad... Great work on them!
  10. Vintage Grenadier lead Werejackal

    Love the figure and background!