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  1. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    wow! I think I made it to about 9 today. 80 is... a lot more... lol
  2. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    I really appreciate it! I have spent most of the day crawling through minis of various manufacturers... But there are a lot. Lol
  3. hah! Fair question! I did mine with Punk Rock Pink. I figured, go big or go home!
  4. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    I'll take either. :D Ideally, he's leaning forward with an outstretched hand like he's reaching for something in the water. If I can just have exactly what I want. ;)
  5. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    Not being picky at this point. Would prefer it's not like platemail, but I'll take what I can get with what seems to be slim pickings. (I admit I'm being picky in my premise. Lol)
  6. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    I wondered if that would be feasible! I didn't even consider notching! Yes!
  7. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    Second question... I'm looking for a kneeling male miniature. I'd prefer him to not have hands full of weapons, but if they're easy to remove, not a deal breaker. I've seen several from reaper, red box, and darksword, but nothing is quite what I want... Any leads are appreciated!
  8. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    Y'all are the best! I appreciate the help so much! I was kind of searching all over the place and kept feeling like I was just spinning my wheels. I definitely plan on doing some practice runs on stuff I don't care about. Blister packs were exactly what I figured I'd start with @Corporea! Seriously, thanks everyone! I have a lot of youtubing to do!
  9. Marineal

    Resin... *shudder*

    Alright! I have an idea! But I don't know what to do with it! I need advice on resin. I want to make a water scene. I've seen some pretty epic ones, and I'm thinking like a 2-3 inch deep pour. I have several questions: 1. What kind of resin is the best for this? 2. How do people get such a smooth effect if they pour 74 layers?! 3. Do I have to pour 74 layers?! 4. Do you have a good place to go read about this? So far it seems very subjective, which I expect to some degree. But I don't want to be using something that I have to pour in 1/4 inch cubic areas and then wait 4 hours and then sand it and then mix it and then do it all again... halp.
  10. Marineal

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    hahahahahaha! Hahaha.... heh. It's finally down to 50 here in South Texas, not a flurry in sight. :) Y'all enjoy it! (I'm just a little jealous, but the thought of 30 degrees makes me want to die. So nevermind.)
  11. Marineal

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Congrats to everyone working hard and trying to be a better you! :D We started our 3rd whole 30 on the 3rd. It makes me feel so much better!! I definitely recommend it if you have the time to cook every SINGLE thing you eat for the next 30 days. :) 2 weeks in, and so far I'm down 7 lbs, and a total of 6 inches in bust/waist/hips. I plan on introducing an exercise regimen in the next week or two to really get it going. Has anyone tried the PiYo program? I need something I can do in the house during nap time every day.
  12. Marineal

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    I am interested in this... Where do I give someone my money?!
  13. Marineal

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    My boyfriend at the time hung out at the comic book shop (which the Great Bearded One owned... :-)). We went to a lock-in one night and I didn't yet play d&d, gurps, or any other game they had. I was the only girl, bored out of my gourd, and my friend (now husband) asked me which minis I liked on the wall. He had a painting desk all set up and asked me to paint the satyxis raiders I picked out. He did it so I wouldn't be bored. The cute girl that is unhappy leaves, the cute girl that is happy stays and the boys follow where she goes. Lol So it was a shrewd business move, but also a very kind gesture. (not the reason we got married, there was no slow clap. Heh) I painted orks and dark Eldar and whatever else our d&d group needed after that. Minis were my gateway drug into RPGs.
  14. Marineal

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Hey thanks!!! I sure like him! :D Feel free to vocally follow! He's hilarious. It's been so much fun (so much coffee, so little sleep) but so much fun!
  15. Marineal

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Thanks! I'll get my river widows going then. ;) Thanks so much!! I'm so excited! Grandma would absolutely love the idea and leap at the chance, for sure! I'm just not sure I'm ready to be away from him for so long. Maybe in 8 months I'll feel differently. ;) I know sometimes people bring Grandma and baby so it's the best of both worlds. so we'll just have to see. Andy will definitely be first in line if there are baby snuggles to be had!! :D