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  1. Live

    65 usd is a great price! Love this dragon. :)
  2. Live

    That sleeping minotaur looks great. :) Would be cool to have an awaken one, too. :)
  3. Funded

    Ye, it's pretty darn nice :) Good job on that one.
  4. Live

    You guys are messing with my head! I'll still continue to state that my miniatures for my own project is in "resin" regardless of what wierd stuff you are saying. :D Anyway, lets not derail the topic... As a personal opinion, I hope they manage to put together the gasmasked ogre-guy. That concept looks really good, especially the more armoured one to the right. :)
  5. Live

    I must disagree. I've probably never actually heard that "resin" is used to refer to the method used, but only the material. Anyway, I love these concepts.
  6. Cancelled

    While I think that the hero_B looks good, and has a dynamic pose, the foot-on-the-stone doesn't really add anything to the figure. They could have the exact same pose with the exact same amount of movement in it without the stone. But apart from that detail I like it. The weapons look sutiable brutal for these women, too. :) Furthermore, I also like the casualty. And as it is listed as _A I can only assume they have plans on a few more. These casualty figures would work in several different settings and game systems, so good stuff to include that one. :)
  7. Oh.. I didnt know he had launched it. Alex used to stream quite often on twitch, and many of those maps have been on his stream. He is always open to suggestions and inputs from his viewers on how to make things look or be designed. He is a really fun streamer to watch. Quite interactive. :) He at one point streamed when he designed "genereic classes", and the viewers just threw out a bunch of random "classes" for him to do that came out amazingly cool. :)
  8. Some really adorable sculpts here. :) I really like the buckethead and the Crane-stance guy. :)
  9. Live

    While I don't care much for the miniatures themselves, I think they have several really interesting concept arts that in the hands of a better sculptor would be great. :)
  10. Funded

    It's a shame that they don't use Roberto Chaudon as frequently as they used to. He is one of the absolutely best sculptors around (in my opinion) and he have done so many iconic characters for the Darklands-range. We should make a petition to convince Mierce to get back to hiring him more frequently!
  11. Wait a second.. Is the project about to launch within a month-or-so? Otherwise, I think that this thread belongs in another sub-forum until it is getting closer? The elves look pretty alright, though. :)
  12. Funded

    Alright.. I thought those already funded in an previous campaign. But perhaps they were just shown as concept art.
  13. Funded

    Wait now... Exactly what are we trying to fund here? What is the new stuff?
  14. Live

    I don't believe that Mierce are neither naive or lazy in regards of kickstarter, since they've been running so many successfully by now. However, you raise quite a few valid points. A gameplay video would indeed make things more clear and I do agree that one really has no idea what is happening in the video that do show some gameplay because one doesnt have any reference points. Furthermore, I also agree that giving a crystal clear idea of the rest of the contents in the box would be a good idea. Yes, the miniature setup will change (hopefully with the stretch goals) but there will be some fixed parts. That will give people a better expectations. I think that the biggest difference between this kickstarter and their previous ones is the crowd to which it caters. Had they run the exact same campaign but it being targeted to the "miniature people"/current fanbase, neither of the points in the comment above would have applied, because they already are familiar with any expectations. But these are entirely new people with other demands. I firmly believe that Mierce will indeed improve on their campaign and make it more "new user"-friendly and comeback even stronger. I do not see this project fund at this point. The momentum has already stalled. :/
  15. Live

    Makes sense that they keep to one theme. I think that is the only way to go with this game. Furthermore,even though I do enjoy the idea of adding more heroes and henchmen to the game as optional buy-ins, I am not sure that the resin figures is what most people are looking for. I hope that it can boost the project a bit so that it does reach the goal for the plastics, as I believe that there lies the greater value for most people, which will push them over the edge to pledge for the project. The resin is probably more for the ones of us who have already been invovled in Mierce a lot since earlier.