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  1. Grefven


    They maybe expect that the pledge will include more free items as the project progress.
  2. Grefven


    Love some of the rhinos. They remind me a lot of Lord Rataxes from Babar. :)
  3. Grefven

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Clansmen of Caer Loch Kickstarter

    Thanks mate. :) I hope a couple more also jumps onboard before the end of the project. :)
  4. Grefven

    Sharp Tails team for Fantasy Football by Scalebro

    Lovely stuff. Really cool. Might jump onto this. :)
  5. Grefven

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Clansmen of Caer Loch Kickstarter

    Thanks! They are pretty cool, indeed. But I am not sure Joaquin Palacios is able to sculpt something that isn't cool. :D I guess the price depends on what you compare with. If we make a fast comparison with some other resin miniatures we might get a fair idea. These are just a few other companies that are ontop of my mind. There are obviously a lot more. The figures are more pricey than metal and plastic, but lower than comparable other resin figures of equal size. But yeah, only saying that things should be considered in perspective. :) Corvus Corax kickstarter: ~$12 (single and down to ~$7,50 for several) Games Workshop: $17-25 Kingdom Death: $25 Infamy Miniatures: $17 Demented Games/Twisted: $20 Mierce Miniatures: $18 Arena Rex: $19 Purgatory: $17 Infinity Miniatures (metal): $12-13
  6. Grefven

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    The dragon is awesome. I should have got in on the pledge only for it.
  7. Grefven

    Hellboy Boardgame kickstarter by Mantic

    That size difference
  8. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    I hope not too many people will get burned by this. It would probably the final nail in the coffin for Confrontation if so.
  9. Grefven

    Reichbusters: Projekt Vril

    I really like the miniatures. This is looking more and more tempting. :)
  10. Grefven

    Oak & Iron

    Yes, maybe. :)
  11. Grefven

    Reichbusters: Projekt Vril

    Check out the BoW video (from minute 30 and forward). The miniatures look really nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ogR1JFmnpE Edit: And when I write "really nice" I mean freakin' awesome. Just browse through the video, there are a lot of previews that look uber-cool.
  12. Grefven

    Reichbusters: Projekt Vril

    I like it. Gonna pay it a visit once it opens. :)
  13. Grefven

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Onwards

    You know you want some of these. You even know you need some of them. You can't resist it. There is no point even trying.
  14. Grefven

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    Looking forward to Reichbusters by Mythic. Looks great.
  15. Grefven

    Legends of Signum

    I do like that shaman-ish wolfen. :)