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  1. Live

    The miniatures are nicely sculpted on the other hand, and if there is a not-overly cheesy samurai-influenced pin-up I wouldn't mind getting one or two figures from this kickstarter. The sexism doesn't bother me too much either. There are other companies that are way worse (Kingdom Death comes to mind as it isn't only sexist but borderline sadistic/pro-rape)
  2. Live

    No offence, but I am flabbergasted that someone would consider this, for example, to be well sculpted. The proportions are off, the pose is unnatural (the elbows should be held close to the body and not stretched out.. is she meant to fly or stand on the ground? if the flying witch is based on the art, you can clearly see that it is nowhere near looking like that), the cloth hangs poorly and in part folds at wierd places or not at all, the face is having little of the standard human shapes. Yes, I do agree that the sculpting could potentially be explained by the old wood cuttings and manuscript drawings, but even so they are, in my opionion, badly sculpted. But look at the manuscript drawing of the Demon Lord and then compare it to the actual sculpt. The manuscript drawing looks thin and creepy while the sculpt is having none of those proportions.
  3. Live

    These are so badly sculpted it is incredible that they've actually reached funding. I am blown away.
  4. Live

    Those Ilyad barbarians are still some of the coolest. Understandable to find some inspiration in those.
  5. Live

    There is something about the female's hand that is bothering me. Either a wierd angle, or the hand looks a bit too large. And the shaft of the axe of the male is looking a bit underwhelming, too. It looks like it would snap by the weight of the head if it was to be swung. But other than those two tiny details, these figures look really nice. :)
  6. Live

    Oh yeah, that is totally the Space Pirate Captain. While it's obviously a rip-off straight from the original character, it's probably the best (and just about only) sculpt of him that I've seen.
  7. Live

    This guy is looking tempting. If I only could back for this character, and in resin, I'd be doing it. :)
  8. Live

    Mmm... dont find neither the concept nor the sculpt to be a fitting tribute to one of the greatest of all time
  9. Fulfilling

    Glad to see that more backers outside the EU are receiving their stuff. :) I hope none gets lost in tranist. While I had hoped for a couple of more backers, this limited version does make up for a fast fulfillment, so I suppose the majority is happy because of that. :D
  10. Live

    That female orc from the Bonner guest box looks nice. I wouldnt mind that one. Dont in particular enjoy the rest. That hand-to-hand fighter, though. That one looks great. :)
  11. Fulfilling

    Which one? There are two of them. :)
  12. Live

    Personally, I just don't feel this at all. Neither the trebuchet, ballista nor the dragon (beside, I think looks really bad, to be honest, and this one alone is making me not wanting to back this). I also think that cmon is testing the limits of the backers. Which I think is a smart business move. If they get backers to accept this price-range, I am quite sure that the next project will see similar level, as well. However, Kendra looks really cool, and I'd love to get this miniature if I could get it in resin. :)
  13. Fulfilling

    Great to hear that the stuff is starting to arrive. :) Thanks for the support, guys! It would be hard to do it without you. :)
  14. Funded

    But it's Kingdom Death. There is nudity and a couple of penises in all the miniatures! In regards of the mosquito. I think that the concept is rather poor, but the sculpting is out of this world. :) Thomas David is doing a great job for sure. I like everything on the upper-half of the miniature. The lower part more looks like a six-years-old kind came up with conceptual-wise.
  15. Live

    Wait now.. say what? Communication very subpar? I've been backing several of their kickstarers, and the one thing that strikes me is that the creators are posting comments for their project practically non-stop 24/7. I suppose that perhaps you refer to your specific contextual happening about the change of address? Their shipping delays are an issue for me, too, though, as they now have hundreds of "todo" characters. But they are releasing at a steady rate, so one will be able to pick up any of their stuff directly from their webstore given some time. :)