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  1. Fulfilling

    Really nice. :) Looks good! :)
  2. Live

    I think the prone/dead figure will be very useful for RP/D&D/dungeoun crawler adventurers and even for certain skirmish games. The prone figures look pretty nicely sculpted, too. :)
  3. Fulfilling

    Thanks for the vids. Good stuff. :)
  4. Live

    Haha.. Yeah, the cow really stands out. :) It's both unique and the details look good sculpted.
  5. Live

    The thing is that Benoit Cosse is an extremely talented sculptor, and has worked for several major companies. He was one of the iconic sculptors for Rackham's Confrontation. So he IS skilled, there is no doubt about it. It's just that I don't get what he wants to achieve here. Otherwise, here is some other sculpts that he has done for various companies. In the last picture, the figure is, like, 2,5 meters tall. It's huge... So, again.. he is so skillful, but I think that this "rude girls" project could potentially do better if he conveyed what he wants to achieve, because the look of those sculpts are nothing compared to these below.
  6. Live

    Don't get me wrong. I am not defending what has happened in the first Kickstarter. But from what I know, what backers have still not yet received from their rewards are the stuff who is still not sculped, while the stuff that is ready and available have been shipped out. For this project, the death knight, liche and zombies are sculpted, resin masters are cast, and a quote has been received by the casters. This sounds, to me, that it will be a fairly quick fulfillment if the items are more or less ready to go out of the door.
  7. Live

    Jody has had some difficulties, but he is currently still working on the fulfillment, so his first project, while greatly delayed, is still in the process. I believe that he was in part taken by surprise by the success it had and he fell into the same trap as Tre Manor did with overcommitment, and then he has had a lot of personal issues that he now has worked through. As some of you know, I have been working together with Jody for my own project and he is really a great sculptor, but no need really for me to say it as his skills speak for themselves. :) And these miniatures in this Kickstarter are looking amazing. Those zombies are so good. :p I will be supporting him once more. Can't stay away from them resin stuff. :D
  8. Live

    To me, it appears like Benoit Cosse is aiming to achieve an effect that looks "poor". For example, look at the sculpt with the female holding the carcass/skeleton into the air. The skull and the ribcage look amateurish. The feathers of the vulture don't look at feathers at all. Look at all the fur details on the other sculpts. Also amateurish. If he is aiming to sculpt "ugly" figures, it would look a lot better if the details are at least sculpted decently.
  9. Live

    This project totally eludes me. I do not get how on earth someone as skilled as Benoit Cosse would do a project like this. I love the theme, it's fun. The cave-men take on it. But I dont really get the idea behind it. I understand why someone would want to sculpt "ugly" in contrast to the oversexualized that goes on in the hobby, but even here the rude girls are oversexualized, half-naked, with boobs out. But what I do not understand at all is why doesnt he sculpt the "ugly" in a good way? This one looks to be sculpted by a 4-years old, and not by one of the great ones in the industry. Really wierd.
  10. You know... these, to me, look a lot like your typical fantasy flintlocke pistol dual-wielding witch hunter... Just sayin' ;)
  11. No, I agree. In all sets, there is at least one figure that I would not normally pick up. But each pack of 4 figures for £9. That is a pretty darn good deal, even if one particular figure isn't what one desires. E-bay the ones you don't like. :) The stretch goals are spaced out pretty wickedly insane, though. I wonder if they are really calculating to reach this high. I don't know how popular their pirate game is, or how large their fanbase is. But it looks like they have worked harder to prepare a lot in advance, so this should really be a smooth and fast fulfillment.
  12. Live

    Regarding the cost, let's just say that they need to sell a lot of miniatures to be able to make any profit at all. At the early bird, they offer 12 characters initially, with a possibility for another one to be unlocked for free through a social goal. That is $2.3 / miniature. If they have the casts done by an external partner (which they appear to be using), a fair guess would be that each cast will cost them around $2, which will net them a profit of $0.3 / miniature. Now there are 250 early birds, and say that all will be claimed. 250 x 13 miniatures equal 3250 miniatures, with a potential profit of $0.3 / figure, which means that if all EBs are claimed, they could be looking at around a profit of $975. And then they will probably need to pay for the shipping cost between caster and distributor, so lets just say that it'll be a cost of $50, so lets just say that the profit would be around $925. I'd be surprised if that even would cover the actual commission cost of more than 1 sculpt + 3d print + concept art. Granted, if all 250 EBs are claimed and people start backing for the standard one, there is a little more room in there. But even at the standard $40 pledge, it breaks down to around $3 / figure, or $1 profit / figure (totally $13 / standard pledge).Even so, they probably need hundreds of backers to make a profit. So, in my eyes, they aren't going to make much profit out of the miniatures alone, but they probably hope for people to back for add-ons. The shipping also seem to possibly include a potential profit. Most of it is $15, which while it appears to be a fairly standard shipping, I doubt that it will in fact be the actual costs for the backers. However, they might actually not look to make a profit initially. They could just use their own money initially, and use whatever fund they get here to move the project forward. Then the profit doesn't really matter in that sense that much, as the project could make them "break-even", and any subsequent sale will start to generate the profit. This is probably a likely approach, which I feel is a fair one, as the creators absorb a lot of the risk instead of the backers.
  13. Live

    It was close indeed, and I doubt it would have made it hadnt some very late backers joined in (the counting was literary down to seconds as it got across the target). These four figures are some of my favorite ones. I love Yomi. He's got a great design. And I really love Fukashi, too, the fishbowl-dude. :) He might be a bit too "strange" for some, but I think he fits well into the context of the story/background/influences. :)
  14. These female look pretty good. :)
  15. Live

    It would be quite sad if this project failed to reach funding with less than $200. :D Hopefully some more decide to join these final hours to push it above the threshold at least. :)