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  1. Pre-launch

    Makes sense that they keep to one theme. I think that is the only way to go with this game. Furthermore,even though I do enjoy the idea of adding more heroes and henchmen to the game as optional buy-ins, I am not sure that the resin figures is what most people are looking for. I hope that it can boost the project a bit so that it does reach the goal for the plastics, as I believe that there lies the greater value for most people, which will push them over the edge to pledge for the project. The resin is probably more for the ones of us who have already been invovled in Mierce a lot since earlier.
  2. Pre-launch

    Saw this one on their FB.. It is looking sick. :) I want this one. :)
  3. Some really lovely sculpts. :)
  4. Live

    Here is another picture I found thanks to my amazing Google-Fu Hasslefree dwarf, RBG dwarf, RBG dwarf, 90s GW halfling, 80s GW dwarf
  5. Live

    Alright.. I havn't played all fantasy football games, but does any of them include a gigantic hydra at any point? Or why did they include it? Looking good, nonetheless, though.
  6. Pre-launch

    These are great sculpts. :)
  7. Live

    Some good stuff and a few, for me, bland figures. But Tre is off to a really good start. This should hit funding easily. :)
  8. Live

    Not being able to pick up individual figures in resin makes me unfortunately have to back out as well. :/ FeelsBadMan. I really liked that gorgon. :/
  9. Delayed

    Since Imbrian Arts now has run two kickstarters, I suppose it can be a bit unclear if one just reads the "update" without the context to it. The first dibs (getting priority) is for the backers of his first kickstarter that ended way back in 2013 (I believe). It's quite fair that those who have waited this long will have priority of getting their hands on the miniatures.
  10. Live

    This campaign went explosive really fast. :) I really like a couple of the figures. The referee, in particular. I like the tourturer and some of the slaves. I find the dwarf slave, also in particular, very amusing. :) Good work here. :)
  11. Pre-launch

    I like what I am reading. It sounds fun. £90-100 for a game is too much for me, but I hope it will do good. :)
  12. Live

    While it looks nice, how is this different from Battle System?
  13. Pre-launch

    old characters in new poses... oohh.. lovely.. :D
  14. Pre-launch

    Cool. Thanks guys. (y) Might have to pick a few stuff up this time round then. :)
  15. Pre-launch

    How does the bones material compare in terms of durability to "plastic toy soldiers"? Will bones be suitable as (a bit older) kids toys, or will they break too easiliy when harmed in inappropiate manner? :)