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  1. Grefven

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Onwards

    You know you want some of these. You even know you need some of them. You can't resist it. There is no point even trying.
  2. Grefven

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    Looking forward to Reichbusters by Mythic. Looks great.
  3. Grefven

    Legends of Signum

    I do like that shaman-ish wolfen. :)
  4. Grefven

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    It is looking very promising, especially considering its such a new and unheard of company.
  5. Grefven

    Slumbering Oblivion

    This is great news. I hope more people will join now. It also make complete sense, seeing how Mierce is doing the casting anyway.
  6. Grefven

    Limbo Miniatures Metal Head

    Those are some pretty expensive shipping costs. That will probably limit people from going too heavy on the parcel. :/
  7. Grefven

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    Come on guys. There is nothing similar between the Diablo Butcher and the other character. The face looks nothing like it. On the sculpted miniature he wears a mask and has few, longer sharper fangs, as the Butcher has many, small, sharp teeth. The Butcher also has those two, large fangs that shoot out of the mouth that the sculpted figure doesn't have. The horns are nothing alike. The overall costume design is very different. The sculpted figure has this loingcloth whereas the Butcher has a leather apron. The sculpted also has several armour plates for protection, which the Butcher is lacking. The weapon is rather different, too. The Butcher has his boneaxe, while the sculpted has a completely different design to it. The hook? Yea, a bit similar but still not a copy. While I don't deny that there are inspiration and influences from Diablo, it is so far away from violating any IP that I'm confident in saying that hell has to freeze before this sculpt would be stopped.
  8. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    Yeah, that was the name for it. :) They were originally painted in the superhero costumes, and were forced to take their project down. But after a repaint, the exact same figures were Ok to go on the same site.
  9. Grefven

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    The sculpt is nothing close to the Butcher imo. There is no way it would be closed down for that.
  10. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    As were Disney/Marvel with the goblin heroes project that was run a while ago. Once they repainted the figures so they didnt have the same colour scheme as the actual Marvel heroes, they were fine to go.
  11. Grefven

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    Those skeletons I do like. <3
  12. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    On the other hand, what does Kickstarter have to do with if LoS have items that might violate an IP if those said items are not included in the kickstarter project? Surely Kickstarter is only concerned with those specific items that are being offered on Kickstarter, and not those that are made available on a third site. SD might have a claim in the specific miniature mentioned above and could maybe pursue that in court (highly unlikely) but I still don't see why Kickstarter would want to get invovled when it concerns other items that are clearly not violating any previous concept arts/etc.
  13. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    On the other hand, they did sell the original master sculpt, but without the production right to it, which means that they can keep on casting those sculpts from their resin master until ad infinitum.
  14. Grefven

    Legends of Signum

    You know, I actually thought the same thing. I'm more inclined now to increase my pledge in the Kickstarter rather than lowering it because of this if it turns out that the SD-team is behind this.
  15. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    This kind of petty behaviour from the SD-team just make me distant myself even further from them. It is so obvious that the only reason the Confrontation KS didn't do better is because of their own inability. If they would have made some investment to show off some products during the project, if they would have allowed for a different pledge-structure, and if they would actually hire someone who could communicate in proper English, that campaign would have skyrocketed. Now, instead, they failed in every area, and are looking to blame someone else for their incompetence.