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  1. Hi, I found a pack of these little buggers in the 1$ bin of my FLGS. They are 15mm "flames of war" minis (WWII type) and I though I could try to make use of them for my CAV infantry. I just modernized them a bit with some green-stuff goggles (which has the advantage of not making me paint eyes on 15mm minis and match the canopies of my Terran CAV) and did speed paint. Here is the result: They are a bit big for CAV, especially next to a transport vehicle, but they will do for the purpose of the game. Other pic for scale:
  2. Hi, I painted "Eric, the Paladin initiate" as a random mini from Bones 2. I like his contemplative look and pose... So I decided to make a little vignette/diorama by adding one of the graveyard statue from Bones3. I call it "Time to Reflect". The base is an Orange juice cap, and the tree is from Woodland Scenic. C&C Welcome
  3. Hi, Here is my take on the Carrion Worm from Bones 3 Graveyard expansion. The chubby and cute look (if you forego the big fangs) made me want to paint it a bit like a pink grub. C&C welcome
  4. Hi, Here is my take on Grundor Hoardtaker in Bones. I realized I was too heavy-handed on washes resulting in a "dirtier" looked than what I intended... But it is good enough for tabletop.
  5. Thank you all for the nice comments. The craft paints are "FolkArt Metallic". I got them in Walmart (Canada). I used copper (very red) and bronze (more orange). The washes were Vallejo game ink. Yes, the skin on the wings is also metallic. (Very diluted metallic paint on white primer)
  6. She is looking great! i really like how you painted the "white" shirt.
  7. Hi, Here is my take on Kyphrixis painted as a Copper Dragon. I used metallic (craft) paints throughout. What I found the hardest was to try to break the monotony of a big metallic piece and give him character. I mostly used various alternated washes to try to accomplish that, and a good dose of verdigris. C&C always appreciated. (Also, due to the metallic sheen, I struggled to take good pictures so I varied backgrounds)
  8. Sooo many shades of awesome !
  9. It is really looking crisp. And the leathery brown skin is just right.
  10. Wow, so many details and hoses with different colours. Such neat paint job. I love the glow effect on its Halberd looking weapon. And the green goop on the base is just incredible. Definitely looks radioactive
  11. No adventurer got swallowed yet. But thanks for getting its name right. Goremaw... I updated the title
  12. Hi, Here is my first painted mini from Bones 3: the "Great Maw". I really love the size and weight of this "miniature" (not sure if we can still cal it "mini"). Most of the paint was done with washes on simple black and white primer. I added some high gloss varnish and some 2 part epoxy glue in some places for added slime effect. C&C Welcome. And at least, now, my Mashaaf has a friend to terrorize players with:
  13. Hi, Here is my take on the Reaper Chimera in Bones. Mine was pretty wonky and wasn't responding well to boiling water, but I still like the sculpt very much. I re-based the mini on a 50*50mm square in order to use it as a "Beast of Nature" for my "Kings Of War - Forces of Nature" army. Paint job is my standard army quality, but I had some fun on the base with some putty and water effects. I'm trying to get most of the bases in this army to be a bit scenic.
  14. I like the game. The mechanics are simple enough to pick it up quickly and have fun with my young (primary school) kids, while still needing some strategy (mostly placement and movement). My kids learned the hard way that getting all the characters in a single file in a narrow corridor with the mage on the front line is a bad idea... the outcome wasn't pretty... Also, there are a lot narrative missions meaning you don't have to prepare anything in advance and just start to play There are also options for more advanced gamers about creating your own character and leveling up. But I haven't touched that at all.