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  1. Could you do that throug the PM, or would you need to make a bunch of different accounts and then make a bunch of PM orders, then fill a kiddie pool with gnolls when they arrive!
  2. But they haven’t even said anything about a delay.... this forum gets a lot more fired about about stuff than I remember I would think, even if people change orders, you wouldn’t have that much effected. I don’t think you can make an order for 1,342 gnolls. I would think you would order more than you need since they are filling molds with plastic.
  3. Someday I will paint dragons don’t share and the worlds biggest undead dragon lol. out of curiosity, where do people put their HUGE models? Do you have a designated shelf? I have a display cabinet but it’s an antique and I think a dragon would take up half the shelf.
  4. Bathory

    Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    I’m kinda obsessed with painting skin this shows one of my first, one in the middle, and one of my most recent. I started painting way more over the past year and a half.
  5. Spartan statues will be really great for anyone practicing skin, plus they are bigger so it’s eaiser to see.
  6. Oh no not Kickstarter cake, people will hate it no matter what it is lol.
  7. Thanks! It’s just scrapbook paper from a Halloween clearance sale at Michaels. I like the paper for silly backdrops.
  8. It’s based off the Nintendo colors not the movie design
  9. Kill-kill-kill-ma-ma-ma... I’ve never painted a hockey mask, nevermind in Nintendo turquoise lol. More of the comic book style I’ve been playing with and enjoying.
  10. I got a paint set and 8 minis lol. my pledges go down each KS as I get more into display painting and larger scale. I'm in for the living statues (male and female) the frost giant ladies and rulers of hell (two sets)
  11. Rocs like to be in the kitchen... then you can smell what they are cooking. i will see myself out.
  12. Bathory

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    They keep hinting at resin for “some” of the minis on Facebook in response to questions. I am hoping for a resin of Mr Abs lol.
  13. Skulls can work with woodland creatures, make them more aged and yellowed. They are protectors for the forest and things age and die and decompose in the woods and fertilize the soil. All the skulls!!!!!
  14. The scenics look like they could be cool for basing/dioramas, but so did the crypt set from the last KS and that’s still in the box lol.
  15. Bathory

    Black Heart Models Bust - Frankenstein’s Monster

    Thanks! I’m not sure how long it took since I worked on it over a four day weekend, but I did start and finish it all the same weekend.