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  1. Fulfilling

    I just can't wait (whenever it happens) to get my giants and I'm gonna have a giant party and we're gonna drink vodka and paint and they will be my best friends forever <3
  2. Fulfilling

    I may be wrong but in past KS it was mentioned that they had to fill a truck to ship things? I'm guessing if they want to send Canadian packages to Canada they have to fill them all up and send them together, then they get distributed by the shipper? I may be wrong but it may not work to send 5 Canada packages then 5 US then back to Canada.
  3. House procratinus is for not painting. figmentius is buying minis and painting them :) we just own more than we can ever paint lol. And there's always new limited edition or preorder.... I paint almost everyday.
  4. Preordered Marcus from Balack Sun, it's their latest 75mm model. Topless, skulls and abs :) and since it was still available I got the savage beauty chick on the cat. I think they were down to 5 or so for pre order.
  5. I don't think I have much going on in May assuming it's in Boston. i can always drop them a line about reserving a table
  6. After I rinse my brush I re point the tip with my mouth. It's what works for me. I use a wet pallet and drag the brush while slightly twisting to remove excess paint and liquid.
  7. I just want to make sure my husband has something to do if I'm in a class :) Are Reaperbucks for anything other than the auction?
  8. I know classes need to be signed up for in advance, do tabletop games as well? like if you don't get to sign up for stuff in advance when you get to the con are you out of luck for gaming?
  9. Corgis shouldn't costs much, they are like cuddly throw pillows... what could they mess up they can go anywhere...
  10. Live

    4 years and the first KS isn't done? Easy pass no matter what kind of cool undead he's making.
  11. I ordered the KD bunny girl and some other girls, don't shop while drinking... I really don't need more KD but I've been putting all the art from the minis on my wall so I need moreeeeeeee
  12. I literally look like my avatar. Thick black glasses and dyed black Bettie bangs.
  13. I'm not a fan of the black sun giant and I don't want 35mm from them so that promotion was an easy pass for me lol. Ive been flip flopping on the 75mm female barbarian on the cat. Idk. I still have the female orc I haven't touched. And the male barbarian half painted... and the female barbarian hasn't been based... ugh. My photo tent arrived though! Maybe I can take better pics now that actually show colors better...
  14. I rarely seal minis. The majority of mine are in a closed display case out of direct sunlight. I have an Iwata I rarely use, I also have a $20 cheap airbrush I got off Amazon that primes just as well as my Iwata. I clean with 91% alcohol. I ordered a $40 photo lightbox setup from Amazon to try and level up my photography skills. Also was reading more about using an iPhone to take decent photos. I don't need anything fancy just want my colors to come out better.
  15. I'm so lazy, the only thing I use my airbrush for is priming. love Miniature Monthly so much! They are 100% helping level up my painting. Basic membership is $5 I think. And they have a bunch of giveaways every month.