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  1. New England Paint Day

    At the rate Boston meet ups happen I will be seeing some of you at Adepticon first lol
  2. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I also got a graveclad Cash :)
  3. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I was supposed to get the Dixons dozen and stickers... ended up with that plus another half dozen, both the facier bases and the tryke and the demon monster.... no willpower when it comes to Kevs sculpts
  4. New England Paint Day

    Only ReaperCon was around a 10 hour total travel for 4 days of painting and friends. CT is 4 plus hours of driving or public transit for a few hours of painting and friends.
  5. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    I knew we would leave before the auction to get to the airport. We had VIP bag times 2 of reaperbux. I gave them to a friend so she could hopefully win something as she was there all Sunday. I was really happy to see she won a paint set as she does painting commissions full time while in between jobs. I thinn there are a fair amount of attendees who know they are getting a flight out and give any buzz to friends to help them out.
  6. New England Paint Day

    I will catch up with you guys next time there’s a Boston hangout. I hate long travel times lol.
  7. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    To be found it helps if you look like your avatar lol. I had so many people walking up going “Bathory?” Barely made it through work yesterday! I’m still so tired and I just want to paint. i feel like I didn’t meet everyone and didn’t have the energy to meet everyone either. It was a lot of new people.
  8. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Home in Boston, lovely fall weather Boston! Super pumped to paint all the things
  9. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Was great to meet everyone. We are at the airport. I am depleted of my ability to speak to humans and be pleasant lol. Back to my pit of blood and despair in Boston! Hope to see some of you at Adepticon, if not next year at ReaperCon!
  10. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Dumb question- are the shuttle times posted at the HGI or online anywhere? I'm missing them if they are online. Just want to check so I know when to set my alarm for tomorrow :)
  11. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    At the airport! We probably won't be at the hotel until after 10pm.
  12. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Everything will be fine. Yes. It will be fine... *runs around like Kermit the frog yelling*
  13. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I got some feedback on the project I was frustrated and angry/sad at and I think I'm going to give it another try tonight lol. Sadly I don't think I'm going to finish the 28mm I wanted to do
  14. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I need to finish mine still lol Im working mon/tues and working from home wed. Unfortunalty part of my team is on vacation and training so I'm slammed at work. My boss has been trying to get me to work overtime but since next week is RCon I won't be killing myself at work until after the con lol. Make sure to check and see what you need for any classes you are taking :) I'm sure you can buy stuff there but you never know!
  15. Oh, idk if I've ever seen a board game release the minis individually.