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  1. Please do not turn this into a vaccine thread. That is better suited for the bee keepers forum since you really don't want to hear what some of us have to say about anti-vax. thanks. I rarely use a paper towel now and twist excess paint off with my wet palette. I find it keeps the amount of pigment I want on the brush and helps me blend better.
  2. Personally I would like to see Reaper continue to get more artists to teach individual classes and offer more classes as they grow the con. it looks like they increased the offerings this year which gives more people the ability to get classes.
  3. And what would they charge for a VIP paint area? It's basically a class at that point so depending on who is teaching and what they want to make per hour.
  4. Calling her done. I just wanted to play with colors so I went through her accessories pretty quickly.
  5. Fulfilling

    I wonder if it's just how brand new resin of that type smells. I can just put it in my laundry room to air outz
  6. Fulfilling

    Oh yeah, got mine. Nice quality but some of the worse smelling resin I've ever encountered. Gonna have to air it out somewhere not within smells by distance
  7. Well the mini is called a "frost giant queen" and of someone searches for that particular model they can find it. I am using primarily cool colors and more icy blues but other than that I don't go off a D&D manual or anything. Im just painting her to play with color combinations and what colors work well in shadows and highlights and using the same colors in multiple spots to tie the mini together.
  8. Filling in more areas...
  9. Thanks again!!! i just worked on the cape and fur a bit. I used some clear purple from Reaper to even out my transitions and some clears and paint to start to get color on the paint. Cathy Wapple on FB and Instagram has been doing fun stuff with clear paints. i need to vary the colors when I go back in to make them less matchy matchy
  10. I'm watching you on Instagram too! Lol! thanks! I've been practicing a bunch and taking online lessons with Liz Beckley and I feel like it's really paying off. Practicing- who knew that worked?!?!?
  11. Fulfilling

    Got my usps shipping notification and they were already in the next town over shipping hub! Soon Seth and all his cliched black metal pose will be mine!!!
  12. Work on the cloth. Will be glazed to blen transitions
  13. Ombré hair attempt using regular paint and clears
  14. Yeahhhh there will not be any sci-fi glow buttons lol
  15. Playing with the hair color