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  1. Was planning on doing more but I'm probably just going to do two busts. Painting for a contest is killing my mojo for some reason.
  2. Live

    I wonder if anyone will complain lain about 6 breasted kobolds lol
  3. Live

    Liking the purple mist color and the runic pink.
  4. Live

    Reaper just posted a pic of Baba Yaga on twitter. On phone at work so can't copy right now and they sent sent an update after so everyone has an email lol
  5. Live

    I would love to see more lolth like spider demoness. In a large scale so they can scare adventurers!
  6. Live

    Bryan knows for a fact I would buy full figured female giants in bikini armor :) I really hate painting armor and really like painting skin lol.
  7. 100% go by fit of clothing. i started working out this year and went down a size and started getting muscles! I was super excited about my muscles and may have posted them a fair amount of FB until I chilled out lol. I started super slow and didn't do much to start and slowly built up. its a marathon not a sprint :)
  8. Live

    I don't get the point of dropping your pledge at this point if you don't like a few things... you lose your spot... im only in for $1, I have a ton of minis and am not a huge fan of plastic so I am very picky at this point. That isn't reapers issue or problem. If I like stuff I like it, if I don't then I don't. Am I going to flip a table and go where the heck are my full figured bikini armor giants? No. I am not the center of the universe.
  9. I actually get less painting done on a hangout. I talk too much.... plus I don't have my optovisor on so I have limited stuff I can do. I have too many things to paint and not enough time!
  10. Live

    Yeah looking at comments on the Ks abd Facebook looks like they have no interest in resin. Oh well, just less for me to buy.
  11. Live

    Looks like you can't get individual models in resin. Easy pass for me. Hopefully can pick these up later in resin on their site.
  12. Fulfilling

    Got the bulk of my order last night but didn't really have time to look much. the pizza resin is a joke. There is so much flash attaching everything. They continue to disappoint me. I just need my spider mother and I can never deal with them again.
  13. Live

    This one looks super cool. I may break my spending hold....
  14. Funded

    I think they were going to have a late pledge option. I can't remember though, I skim the updates and look at the pictures lol.
  15. Funded

    Skyclad are also great for people leaning to sculpt clothing! or if you really like painting skin. I think the majority of mine will be pinups or skyclad. And stiiicckkkeerrrsssss!