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  1. Dumb question- are the shuttle times posted at the HGI or online anywhere? I'm missing them if they are online. Just want to check so I know when to set my alarm for tomorrow :)
  2. At the airport! We probably won't be at the hotel until after 10pm.
  3. Everything will be fine. Yes. It will be fine... *runs around like Kermit the frog yelling*
  4. I got some feedback on the project I was frustrated and angry/sad at and I think I'm going to give it another try tonight lol. Sadly I don't think I'm going to finish the 28mm I wanted to do
  5. I need to finish mine still lol Im working mon/tues and working from home wed. Unfortunalty part of my team is on vacation and training so I'm slammed at work. My boss has been trying to get me to work overtime but since next week is RCon I won't be killing myself at work until after the con lol. Make sure to check and see what you need for any classes you are taking :) I'm sure you can buy stuff there but you never know!
  6. Oh, idk if I've ever seen a board game release the minis individually.
  7. Or 7 days till breakfast in Texas depending when you arrive :)
  8. What do you mean? You can get single mini add ons for SDE as well as the additional boss sets. I've almost bought the witch with the pumpkin carriage a few times but I'm not a fan of their plastic.
  9. I've never had patience for poor CS lol, I've been in customer service (mortgage industry) for over 16 years, if I didn't respond to someone in a timely manner my boss would be pissed! I even have a "custome service" voice haha!
  10. Sympathy like. I really like their stuff but they seem like they don't know how to get stuff made in a timely manner and don't like responding to people
  11. My preorder arrived today. I feel like the only reason I got it was that I nagged them. I don't know how you run out of stock for a preorder... don't you preorder so they know how much to make?
  12. Spending at Con- I will get paid a few days before, my birthday and wedding anniversary are in October and I'm bringing my spouse :) That being said I'm pretty picky about purchases at this point so I'm thinking I may end up with some plinths or other stuff I don't currently own.
  13. Almost done with one. I might have time to do small mini as well so I have two entries for the painters.
  14. I finally got a email (after asking for a status multiple times) about my preorder and was told they didn't have enough stock so they are waiting for more and will ship my stuff "soon"
  15. Yes, nightmare black is similar to phthalo. It's super pigmented and even really thinned it's a fantastic blue. It reminds me of the color you would highlight wonder women or supermans hair.