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  1. stormbreach

    77086 Townsfolk: Strumpet

    I like the white ruffles. The guy who got me into mini painting once told me never to paint anything white so I've been too chicken to try. Nice job on yours, maybe it's time for me to start experimenting! She turned out really well, congratulations!
  2. I am stunned by the job on the elf ranger’s eye! Many people struggle with getting a black dot in the white eye in the right place. You have a dark area under the upper eyelid, only part of the iris visible and even a white reflection in the corner! Amazing!!
  3. stormbreach

    77229: Mind Eater

    Intellect devourers were also one of my all time faves. I always loved the painting on the front of the Waterdeep accessory, the crustacean-like beholder, a drow woman and some devourers lurking below. I also have this mini, I was thinking much the same general paint scheme, I'll have to get working on it! Will also have to remember to hold gently
  4. stormbreach


    Great job on everything! I love how the inner glow coming from his mouth is even brighter than the lava!
  5. stormbreach

    Bones Kelpies

    Hello again all. I have to link these photos because Kelpies don't wear clothes down there in the seaweed! I hope this post works, I've never linked images before. I started work on the first one thinking it was just something "throwaway" that I did to shake things up after all the undead I had been painting. But when I started glazing the first one I was just so happy with how it was going. Looking back now she actually could have used even more maybe, but I was happy with the work anyway. The sand base not so much, the paint under the sand was too dark and shows through. The second one, leaning further over spreading her arms, was a mixed bag. The base is much better, the sand looks more like its natural colour since the paint underneath was much lighter. She had some wicked mold lines on her that were difficult to remove given her pose, both arms forward and the seaweed in between, etc. One goes right across her chest above her breasts, her arms have several... Anyway I just tried not to let them show in the pictures. Her glazing was perhaps a little more rushed so it could have been better, but I was just so excited to post them because I was so happy with the work on the first one. Anyway please let me know what you think guys, I think I have done some great learning after attempting my first glaze only three or four miniatures ago. I am also very impressed with my progress. I have painted 7 minis since the beginning of August. That is my most productive two and a half months ever! I hope I can keep this up, I'm a beginner but have spent a lot on my setup already, I'd like to get enough done to say it was worth it! https://imgur.com/3bt3d1R https://imgur.com/rZnIctw https://imgur.com/Td1LWUj https://imgur.com/smOjZkq
  6. stormbreach

    T'Raukzul, Bones 3 Campaign

    I second everything above. I am very much a fan of the wings. I like how the blackened edges look like the charred, torn edges of an ancient scroll or something. Everything I look at lately make me regret not taking part in Bones 3 and 4.
  7. stormbreach

    Kathunk, Ogre Chieftain

    I have to learn how to paint glowing effects so I can steal take inspiration from that wonderful shield! Great work!
  8. Yeah I was thinking it looked like he was just trying to counterbalance such a huge axe. The back highlights were far worse before I put the layer of Strong Tone on top. I was kind of panicking because it looked too severe so I tried a glaze to soften the contrast but I did my first glaze TWO MINIATURES ago so it ended up looking worse. I just cut my losses and hit it with strong tone. I'm still satisfied, he was never going to be my best mini anyway, everything is learning for the next one!
  9. So I know we are supposed to do each figure in a separate thread but I just didn't feel right posting a separate thread for a little skeleton all by himself. I did each of these guys in a few hours. The bare skeleton with the spear was beyond quick of course, not much there. I was originally going to do the Axeman with bronze weapon and armour because he's ancient but I noticed he had some chain mail at the edge of his chest. Chain mail wasn't invented until more than a thousand years after the bronze age ended. The Axeman is leaning way far back, I guess he was warped while shipping. I'm not too concerned about it because he's just an undead dude and besides, it disguises the terrible job I did when I tried to highlight the back of his tunic. I hit it with another layer of Army Painter to dull it down again and he's leaning so it doesn't look as bad in person as it does in this picture. Anyway I hope you like them.
  10. stormbreach

    Clockwork Dragon

    That is some great work, I can't wait to paint mine. Reaper metallics I have been very unhappy with. My Ancient Bronze is very thick and my polished silver is runny and thin. Besides that, the metal effect is unconvincing and the polished silver looks a lot more like white. For metallic paints I tend to use Citadel even though I feel like a traitor and cry at the cash register.
  11. stormbreach

    77338: Avatar of Sokar

    I love these, I hope mine turns out looking this good! I never knew those rollers existed, what a great idea! I'll have to look into that when I get more into basing. I love how it looks like pieces of broken stone tablet with the carvings on them.
  12. stormbreach

    77588 Elephant Warrior

    I second everyone else, amazing work on especially the shield but I also want to call attention to the tusks. Very natural looking!
  13. stormbreach

    Ebonwrath, Black Dragon - Bones

    See these are the things that make me want an airbrush even more. I'm still beginning so I'd probably just make a big mess and end up using brushes anyway but how else do you learn?
  14. stormbreach

    77042 Orc Marauder

    That's good work. I got two of the Learn to Paint kits back when they were still metal, before Bones were invented and always thought the skills taught were so important. I like the texture to the silvery parts, looks properly dirty. And his eyes turned out great too!
  15. stormbreach

    The gallows

    I hope I can get wood grain like that when I do my metal Dark Maiden. Too afraid to start her yet... Good work!