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  1. Highlander

    77440: Masumi, Demon Hunter

    This is a great interchange.
  2. Your assemblage is getting better and better.
  3. I have her, so will follow this with great interest. Your photos, BTW, are very, very good.
  4. Highlander

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call sweets. It is a cornucopia of candy; manna from Scotland. I'm already on a sugar high. I have to thank Kuroneko for overkill of the highest order. Not only did I get the best of this exchange, but he also included a passel of homemade grass tufts ... which are better than the commercial ones I've been using. I fear that I have not held up my end of the bargain; but with all of these riches, it would be near impossible to do so. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy. I just might slip him a small parcel (linguistically related to "passel") unanticipated. Or maybe not. BTW, were I to repeat this photo, several items would be missing. Including intervention by my wife, who rubbed her hands together and said, "What do we have here?" I replied, "What do you mean, we?" She meant "we".
  5. Highlander

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    I am now crouched by my front door, frightening the neighborhood children, awaiting the arrival of manna from Scotland.
  6. Highlander

    Painting Khanjira but in The Tarrasque Colors

    Ambitious, but not undoable. If you like it and you see yourself improving, you're a winner.
  7. Highlander

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    Enjoy them, amigo.
  8. Highlander

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    Yes, color choice is very nice. And the work on the gown is extremely good.
  9. Highlander

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    My box is in the mail. Candy selection was highly dependent upon dimensions of mailing box and dimensions of candies. Maybe mass will make up for imagination and quality.
  10. Highlander

    Understanding "Needs More Contrast"

    It seems to me that your example of highlighting works well on the teal color in the dress. It keeps the same hue. However, to my eye, the reddish color in the dress changes significantly in the pre- and post-highlighted examples. The less contrasted color is a purple, but the more contrasted color has shifted from a purple to a variety of rose red -- it has become a different hue. Is that just my eye or does increasing contrast sometimes result in changing hue as well? Do the colors you choose to brighten the highlight and/or deepen the shadow have the possibility of shifting the overall hue? I would be troubled if I had worked hard to achieve a specific color and then discover that I had lost it in the contrasting process. But then, I am troubled by much of my painting.
  11. Highlander

    help ID this figure?

    You guys are just amazing. The Kings of Arcane Knowledge. Impressive!
  12. Highlander

    Lining 54mm Minis?

  13. Highlander

    Desk Lamp?

    For those of you with an IKEA near enough, you might consider this (these): It is a JANSJÖ LED work lamp for $12.99. I now have four of them as spotlights on my workbench. I have three area lights -- lights that illuminate my entire work area, two to the left and one to the right. Then I have an array of three (now four) of the above that I can manipulate to spotlight the exact area(s) than I want revealed with light roughly equivalent to full outdoor sunlight. They really help when I need to illuminate something under a magnifying glass.
  14. How do you approach preparing the surface of your mini before laying down the basecoat? Obviously mold lines are removed. The mini is washed. But what about the actual surface? I've used steel wool to smooth and polish the surface. I've used cyno to fill gaps and cracks. I've recently purchased some polishing pads which I will try out for polishing. I have a friend who uses Mr. Surfacer, followed by sanding with very, very fine sanding surface, to achieve a near mirror finish. What do you guys use? And with what results?