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  1. It has been a good day. Got most of the classes I had listed and various painters will earn enough to defray their expenses. Classical win-win situation.
  2. Actually, about 3 seconds after it opened. I tried to buy it, but apparently there was a logjam and I didn't get a response until after three tries.
  3. Kudos to Bryan. This year's class registration and purchase was several notches better than last year or the year before. It is clear that a lot of work has gone into improving class registration. Well done!
  4. Had quite a scare. Right after I paid for my classes (within seconds), my bank texted me me that I had fraudulent credit card charges. I was concerned that my class payment had been blocked. Talked to the bank, will get a new card, and the classes were my last approved payment. BTW, I didn't get an email confirming my classes, but they show up on my itinerary. I assume all is well.
  5. Worked perfectly. Only missed one class I wanted. Got the others. And I paid by credit card this time, avoiding last year's disaster where I could not use PayPal ... and lost all my classes. Life is good.
  6. Waiting impatiently...
  7. When the classes go live, will the class page automatically refresh itself? Or we have to manually refresh? Or, perhaps, will we have to (re)login after the classes go live?
  8. Ah, got it. With that info in mind, the wording makes a lot more sense. Thanks.
  9. I'm a bit confused. I thought all class purchases had to go thru the Reapercon class purchase page on the website. Two years ago, we had an instructor allow someone who had not purchased the class to attend with resulting seating and supply issues. So, can we contact instructors directly to get access to their classes?
  10. Thank you. Don't know how I could have missed it.
  11. This has probably been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it and I apologize in advance. How many classes can each attendee enroll in? And how many students will be allowed in each hands-on painting class? (12 ... found the answer).
  12. i appreciate that. I'll be on the road the last part of July and a heads-up will allow me to plan to be somewhere where I can sign up for classes.
  13. Anything new on paints and labels since March?
  14. When I clean my palette and container, I use bleach. Thoroughly. I let it sit a bit and then clean both. Thoroughly. It seems to have stopped any mold from gaining ground. Of course, later this week we are predicted to have 6% relative humidity. And almost never get above 50%. That helps.
  15. Any latest best guesses on the date for registration/class enrollment? I'm going to be traveling a lot this summer and will be out of touch at times. I'm trying to anticipate/prepare so I can enroll and get some classes.