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  1. Filling gap

    What he said. With a caveat. When I use baking soda and cyanocrylate (superglue) as a filler, I fill the gap with baking soda and then add a very small amount of cyano by "dropping" or "easing" it on the baking soda. It will penetrate the volume of the baking soda. As soon as the glue hits the baking soda, there is a chemical reaction which will produce heat and the mix will set rock hard instantly. It is particularly effective filling gaps and holes in resin. Then sanding and/or filling the rest of the now much smaller gap with something else.
  2. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

  3. 02035: Gwendalyn the Healer

    Very interesting subdued color palette. At first, I didn't care for it, but, as I keep looking, it has grown on me. I like it more and more.
  4. 01578: Carol, Christmas Bard

    Well done.
  5. Filling gap

    When I pin, I drill holes in both parts to be joined. There is usually a bit of looseness as I have to drill the holes larger than the pin to get them to align perfectly. So I have two holes and the pin -- which is not inserted in either hole at this time. Using two part, 5 minute epoxy. I use very small amounts and mix them 1:1 with a toothpick. Then I use the toothpick to place a small bit of epoxy in one of the holes and a bit on one end of the pin that I then insert in the hole. I basically fill any space with epoxy, but without letting any epoxy overflow the hole with the pin in it. That should help the goopy, gummy effect. The trick is to use as little epoxy as possible. I let the epoxy cure and then let it dry for 24 hours. I repeat the process with the other end of the pin -- a very small amount on the pin and in the hole and join them. Let the join cure for 24 hours. Can be tricky to stabilize the join as the epoxy sets and cures. It sounds to me that your epoxy is old and should be replaced. Like cyno, epoxy ages rather rapidly...so I buy the smallest amount available as I usually end up throwing 90-95% of it away. Try a test ... grab some scrap and join two pieces.
  6. Finished Nativity #1

    I love Nativities and you've done excellently on this one. I noted that you used the traditional blue and white with Mary...good on you.
  7. FitzBones: Iron Maiden

    Really good rust effect. Well, perfect rust effect.
  8. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

    The breaking wave is simply the best example of dynamic water I've seen in a base. Wow!
  9. 77100: vanja, fire giant queen

    She is a tour de force. In color, in contrast, in dynamic presentation. Impressive.
  10. Shub Niggurath

    I don't do monster thingys; just not my taste. But I admire those who do and who can carry it off. As you have. Impressive!
  11. Gandalf Mouse

    Interesting color palette. I would have never chosen it because I would have decided it would not work. But you were successful with it. Kudos to you.
  12. 01612 Mylk & Cookies

    A whole 'nother kind of Cookie Monster.
  13. Filling gap

    I always use epoxy when I pin. The idea is to make the connection as strong as possible and epoxy is much stronger than other glues.
  14. I want to be the first to jump the gun. 2018? I don't really expect an answer ... given that the Reaper staff is probably just being released from various hospitals, asylums, and rest facilities after this year's Reapercon. I would appreciate a guess, not to the dates themselves, but when the dates might be released. Next year is shaping up very busy for me and I would like to lay in Reapercon to avoid conflict. This year was so enjoyable that I don't want to miss the next one.
  15. Brown

    I am starting a halfling. Small, without much detail. I want the cloak to be a dark brown -- to provide background for the body and face. I plan to use a tan for the shirt -- maybe an off-yellow or a way-off white. But what color for the pants? As you might guess, I'm going for drabish and earthy. I've noticed that my color wheels don't show brown -- so am a bit perplexed about that.
  16. Brown

    As far as brown and the arts, there was a folk song of yore. I think the lyrics went: Brown, brown, it's brown they say, On the far side of the hill, Brown, brown, I'm going away To where the ground is browner still. Ah, well I told my mama on the day I was born Don't you cry when you think I'm forlorn You know there ain't no woman gonna settle me down Lest she's head to foot in shades of brown. Singing Brown, brown, it's brown they say, On the far side of the hill, Brown, brown, I'm going away To where the ground is browner still. Or something like that.
  17. Brown

    Don't know exactly how I might work that poesy into my choice for the halfling's pants....but I'll try.
  18. Brown

    Let me go ponder what you have said...while looking at my paints. I'm getting over a cold, so probably not until tomorrow. But thank you for the reply.
  19. I have noticed that acrylics become a shade or two darker after they are dry. That is, they dry darker than the color right out of the bottle. So, two questions and a comment. Do you have the same experience? If you don't, I'd love to know what brand of acrylic paints don't darken --- because every brand I have used does. And, if you do have the same experience, how do you handle it? An accomplished painter told me that he comes back to his acrylic painted figures after they have dried for at least 24 hours. He then pulls his highlights up a step or two. I'd appreciate any insights.
  20. Brush care experiment

    FTFY. Another genius in the house. Just ask? I prefer to post endlessly, speculating all along the way. I have enjoyed this thread. It has resolved my brush care curiosity. But it won't put these questions, which I have heard asked ever since I began miniature painting, to rest.
  21. Acrylic Color Change When Dry

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBmafwdPzes My all time favorite response to an idea of merit.
  22. My advice is .... don't. I too held back on painting my "really good" figures with the intention of building my skill set before applying my improved skills to the figure. What I learned was that I want to paint a figure I want to paint -- not some old figure that I have lost interest in. And I also learned that getting involved in a figure I want to paint really focuses my mind and stretches my skills. But, if you must, strip and prime the figures first. I don't strip and reuse figures so others here can refer you to threads where stripping is discussed.
  23. Paint Track Apps?

    I would have figured it out in a month or two. Or six.
  24. Brush care experiment

    Geez! We have scientists popping up everywhere. I'm just envious because I didn't think of the obvious -- perform an experiment. And I store my brushes every which way. Makes no difference. However, I clean my brushes after every painting session. After they are clean, I roll the bristles around a bit in the cleaning soap, then pull them across a paper towel to achieve a perfect point, and then store them with that little bit of soap still in the bristles helping the brush hold its point. When I take out a brush to use it, I rinse the bristles in clean water and I'm ready to go. I developed this technique when I was using cheap brushes. Haven't really thought what it might do to expensive sables.