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  1. i appreciate that. I'll be on the road the last part of July and a heads-up will allow me to plan to be somewhere where I can sign up for classes.
  2. Anything new on paints and labels since March?
  3. When I clean my palette and container, I use bleach. Thoroughly. I let it sit a bit and then clean both. Thoroughly. It seems to have stopped any mold from gaining ground. Of course, later this week we are predicted to have 6% relative humidity. And almost never get above 50%. That helps.
  4. Any latest best guesses on the date for registration/class enrollment? I'm going to be traveling a lot this summer and will be out of touch at times. I'm trying to anticipate/prepare so I can enroll and get some classes.
  5. St. Elmo or The Chicken of the Sea
  6. ...and better and better. The lineup is getting way past impressive.
  7. This just gets mo' betta and mo' betta.
  8. Please don't stop on our account. We get to make and remake our lists ... each time the lists get better and better.
  9. In the words of the great George Strait: But I'll be lookin' for 8 when they pull that gate
  10. Live

    Love about 5 of the minis, but with CMON in competition, I'll go Japanese. Can't have everything I want. Which is just wrong.
  11. Yup. This ain't my first rodeo. I go for the classes. And to view the minis. Because of the cost involved, I feel I need to max out my classes. If I were only going to attend one or two, it wouldn't be, for me, cost effective.
  12. I'm not much for the subject, but your paint job is fine, fine, superfine!
  13. I'm not much for reptiles, but that is one well done lizard.
  14. I like it. Yes, I do.
  15. Your full (travel) painting kit. With, as I understand, the paints you might want to use. Cause I think Reaper is no longer putting out paint for attendees. Or you can probably buy them there.
  16. This is getting better and better. Anyone know what the class limit will be ... how many classes each person can sign up for?
  17. Live

    I tend to less, but more prominent, detail. Lots of tiny stuff gets lost. These minis seem, though, to be in the massive tiny detail world. Which is fine, considering the Japanese theme.
  18. Relatively new to KS, I didn't even know that DS had KS campaigns. I place their minis at the very top of the mountain of a few great to many good to thousands of dreck miniatures. However, having just reviewed their previous offerings on KS, and although I really like a few of their minis, they tend to have very similar topics and presentation. I have maybe 40 DS minis now and will probably just pick up the one or two when they are available for individual sale. It also seems that they use their KS campaigns to sell wide ranges of their existing minis.
  19. Live

    Thanks for posting those photos. If CMON plastics are as good as those pictured, I think I'll stay. I can't think of another way to get a huge range of feudal Japanese troops and myths in one package. And, with the add-ons and stretch goals, pretty cheap per mini.
  20. Live

    I noted that. So....how good? Say, in comparison to the "average" Bones mini and in comparison with the average Reaper metal mini? IMHO, the basic problems with plastic are that detail gets smoothed our (or off) and the creases tend to get rounded out and sometimes disappear.
  21. Live

    Thanks for calling my attention to this. I'm only in it for the minis. If they are plastic, my motivation has wavered. I love the figures, but they will probably be pretty awful in plastic. I'm reconsidering.
  22. Live

  23. Live

    Where are these other places? I've searched and can find nothing.
  24. Live

    Well, if it is on the interweb, it must be true!