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  1. @SamuraiJack, wanna come play some PFS on Saturday?
  2. Warg 77202, for feedback

    One of the things I find most helpful when I am painting creatures is to google for a few example images. It helps me visualize appropriate colors and placement for the look I want. Obviously this works best if you prefer more realistic coloring in your minis.
  3. Bones Sphinx

    Thanks guys. @Jordan Peacock, I did use a pictures of various Isis statues as color inspiration for the wings. Oh! *sand*! Now hat ounsay it, of course that was probably supppsed to be sand piled on the base. I had no idea what to do with it when I saw it so, I did what I usually do with unidentified base bits: moss. Ah well. At least it allowed me to put some color down there to balance the green in her wings. @Pingo She may be an intelligent lion-like creature with wings, but by gosh, lions are light colored and have clear nails. Anything else would just be silly.
  4. Bones Sphinx

    Last monster I need for a Special campaign I am running right now. I really like this mini. She really came out great in the bones material. I only wish her base were a bit bigger. The “arches” of the building she is on are clearly made for gnome children, not adult humans.
  5. 77492: Behir

    Really like the color choices.
  6. Goremaw the Devourer (Bones Kickstarter 3)

    I think this is the first green Goremaw I’ve seen. Well painted and very scary!
  7. Jan/Feb RPChallenge!

    I managed to start the year off well. 1-11: Derro! 12: Bones Ankheg 13: Bones Bone Devil 14&15: Gold And Blue Behirs Jan: 12 Feb: 3 2018 Total: 15
  8. 77330,77331,77332 Derro

    Spent my January painting enough derro to intimidate even a large party of PCs. :)
  9. 77492 Blue and Gold Behir

    Inspired by https://fr.123rf.com/photo_7246638_statue-de-bleu-et-or-dragon-chinois-à-la-paroi-du-temple-chinois-en-thaïlande-.html A pair of Behir in the style of Chinese Dragons. Edit it to add: Inspired by Robsontpm
  10. Maledrakh's Fingerpainted 77372 Burrowing Horror

    Love the green! Super detailed finger painting job.
  11. Whoohoo! Sending my address shortly to RobinH. I’m up for doing a group paint mini. No real preference on who/what, since I have not done one before.
  12. Kev!'s Wrath of Ashardalon - Otyugh

    Nice! Was he available separately or only was part of a box set?
  13. I’ll give it another try. I’m in Ohio Willing to contribute $$ to ship internationally. Not a starter.
  14. Reaper Ron on Geek & Sundry

    O.M.G. That Roc is enormous!
  15. 77579 Goremaw

    Agreed. The yellow and brown go really well together. Good job!