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  1. AutumnHare

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You know... I’ve had a nasty case of bronchitis the past few weeks. I think I need something to help it along... @Lord of the Dish Pit, any recommendations?
  2. AutumnHare

    The rest of Bones 3 release schedule?

  3. AutumnHare

    77228: Chthon

    Vicious! Some minis is just have so many great color possibilities. Yours is another great color combo for this guy.
  4. AutumnHare

    Das Schwarze Auge 15500b Female Sorcerer, by Pingo

    I’m always stunned at your talent for faces. I can barely get eyebrows in the right spot, but you’ve managed to even put a shadow in that little divot between nose and upper lip (that has a name I always forget).
  5. AutumnHare

    77542 Marthrangul, Lava Dragon

    I think I shall take this as a compliment. Not many minis where this is a good thing, however.
  6. AutumnHare

    80085 Camel w/pack

    Awwww, shucks. Now I’m red all over. (Pingo’s here/back! I’ve missed seeing the awesome work you do. And reading your words of wisdom on all things paint. Hope life has been treating you well.)
  7. AutumnHare

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoiler free)

    Love the Orchid Spellweaver. He crystal hair is enchanting.
  8. AutumnHare

    Universal Monsters (WIP)

    And a great job. Beautiful wish red on the cloak.
  9. AutumnHare

    77257 Bones Chimera

    Been a productive month for me. Animals are springing to life everywhere. Out the “white minis” pile I pulled the Bones Chimera. It’s a quick tabletop level effort, but after staring at it for two years, I just wanted it painted. Since I wasn’t really invested in the outcome, I thought I’d do something a little different, so I went with a purple dragon.
  10. AutumnHare

    77191 Hydra

    Thanks The base is a Reaper 74037 with a Happy Sepuku stamp. So.... 3 inches or thereabouts.
  11. AutumnHare

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I read your Family Origin Story and raise you mine: My mother’s family always insisted that their grandmother was full-blooded Indian. This always seemed reasonable to me since I knew that my great-grandfather was an Indian Agent on the local reservation, and various relatives had random framed photos from the turn of the century showing several natives in traditional outfits. ... Until one day 3 years ago I was visiting an uncle I hadn’t seen for years. As we got reminiscing, he offered to bring out the old family photo albums he had inherited some years back. Page after page of photos go by of various natives until he comes to one of a clearly Caucasian woman in fashionable late 19th century dress. He points and says proudly to me “There’s your great-grandmother!” My mother and I both stare at him and gently point out that the woman in the photo is clearly not Indian. He argues that of course she is —she’s French Canadian from Quebec. He just couldn’t be moved from his belief that French-Canadian = Indian. How my mother (who was 61 at the time) had never seen this photo and realized that the Family Origin Story was so far off is beyond me.
  12. AutumnHare

    03783: adventure kids

    They’re adorable (and so tiny!!).
  13. Looking great so far. Its always a bit bit scary when you go from “doesn’t look too bad” to “I’ve ruined it”. But your results are clearly worth it.
  14. AutumnHare

    DSM1159 Female witch with wand

    Awesome work with the tartan.
  15. AutumnHare

    77542 Marthrangul, Lava Dragon

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.