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  1. Oh! I see some of the ones I put in. Glad they found a new home with Dr FrankenFroggy.
  2. AutumnHare

    89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Thanks for the kind words. She is sitting on a 2inch base. Shes not tiny, but definitely one size smaller than the chromatic set (Cinder, Deathsleet, etc). Since I painted Cinder as a green dragon, I was hoping this one would be able to fit in with that set as my Red. Alas, I will have to use/buy another dragon to fill that role.
  3. AutumnHare

    89042 Red Mantis Assassins (5)

    Since I had the red paint out while painting my little red dragon, I had a go a these little guys/girls. I think I overdid the highlighting on the black — it reads more as grey to me now — but I’m not going to redo them.
  4. AutumnHare

    89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Third and final dragon I planned to paint this year — the Pathfinder Red. In the official color scheme. I really love the pose on the sculpt, but he is actually smaller than I expected. And those eyes. Sooooo tiny.
  5. You should definitely bring *yourself* to a gaming session. Haven’t seen you in a while.
  6. AutumnHare

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    LOVE the color for the barge passengers. It’s just looks nicer to me than the bright green that other ghost-ish figures have been cast in.
  7. Glad to hear you conform that she stands on her own. My wallet, however, cowers in fear at your reassurances.... Now to convince Mr. Hare that I need another dragon mini to “round out the collection.”
  8. Yes. I definitely plan to pin her to the base. I’m more wondering if she is going to bend over at the ankles like some of the early Dragons did. Or even have drooping wings like Kaladrax, whose wings have come to rest touching the shelf.
  9. ChaosWolf Box is on the way to Froggy.
  10. Probably going to pick up (Bones) T’Raukzul for the 12 days of Reapermas. But she is BIG and I am wondering if she is going to have a problem with drooping. Both my Cinder and Deathsleet had to have pins added at the ankles. I’ve seen a few painted ones on the forum already: for those that have her, what’s the verdict? Does she stand tall or will I need to plan on pinning her somewhere?
  11. I had a chance to dig through the ChaosWolf box and make some selections. I also took a bit of basing materials: Sealed up up and ready to go to @Froggy the Great in the morning.
  12. The postal gods were smiling on me. ChaosWolf Box received from Marc today.
  13. AutumnHare

    91006 Prarie Tick Queen - Bones

    That is disgustingly awesome.
  14. AutumnHare

    Crowley's Narthrax aka Iymrith The Ancient

    Can’t wait to see what you do with Narthrax. I really like the colors on Blightfang.