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  1. AutumnHare

    Invisible Hobbit

    Amazing diorama!
  2. AutumnHare

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    If this came in Cats instead of dogs, I’d be in trouble. (Maybe they will do cats next?? Opposing armies?)
  3. AutumnHare

    Kyphrixis WIP

    Just amazing. The blue is gorgeous with the bronzing reds. i concur with Cyradis: it’s very reminiscent of a canyon.
  4. AutumnHare

    Savage Avatars

    Amazing paint jobs. I love the purples/punks on the hoops. Extremely life like. They all are, actually, but he just pops.
  5. AutumnHare

    03721: Vonsalay, Half Orc Wizard

    Lovely dress colors. Nice highlights all around too.
  6. @NomadZeke, You still out there? I miss the (bi)monthly prodding to get stuff painted. Would you like like an assistant to help keep the challenge on track?
  7. AutumnHare

    Darksword Pretty Pretty Princess

    My PCs are all grown up, and I needed someone new. When I saw this mini, I knew she would be mine. I present Miss Meliora Felidae, Mesmerist: (Forgive the wobbly lines and dots on her underskirt. I’m still working on my freehand skills.)
  8. AutumnHare

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Oh no. Last time I reviewed my pledge I decided that I really would’t need a Baba Yaga’s Hut after all. Now I think I need two. Also: IT HAS A TOWER ON THE BACK!!
  9. AutumnHare

    Gourls paints a beholder

    Looks great. A very eye-catching color combination.
  10. AutumnHare

    Goremaw, the Devourer and Wolf Demon

    Nice job on both minis. I love seeing all the different color schemes for these minis by different painters.
  11. AutumnHare

    Young Fire Dragon - Bones version

    Looks great. Would not have notoced that you had issues if you had not mentioned it. if you decide to give bones another try, you might be happier if you give them a “primer” coat with one of the Liner colors. Brown and Sepia are nice neutral tones to use. Something in the Liner fo emulation really helps the paint adhere to the plastic. On Linered minis, I never have issues with the paints trying to bead up.
  12. AutumnHare

    Little green dragon

    What a little cutie!
  13. AutumnHare

    Stonehaven Grippli Archer

    I’m sure your kobold is just as small. When I ordered the grippli, I knew he looked small, but I just wasn’t prepared for how small a 2 foot tall creature is when properly scaled.
  14. AutumnHare

    77191 Hydra

    Thanks. It’s stamp from Happy Sepuku.
  15. AutumnHare

    77191 Hydra

    Bones IV is coming (in only 7 months)! I need to get some minis done from my backlog. My goal is to paint a noticeable number of the monster minis I have. (So I can make room for more!) Sandra Garrity’s Hydra was a quick paint over two afternoons and is ow out of my storage boxes and ready to maul some PCs.