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  1. AutumnHare

    77161 Ghost King

    Thia one was a bit of an experiment in making solid minis look incorporeal. Its... not terrible. The swirly per on the bottom was not as smooth as I thought, so the green glaze is not as even as I would have liked. It pooled a bit in the cracks/crevices and looks uneven when examined closely.
  2. These lovely creatures are shortly going to get the chance to terrify some PCs at Origins. The size of these monsters (haha!) just isn’t apparent in the pictures, but they are larger than actual tarantulas. They don’t have bases yet since I didn’t have any 6 inch diameter bases. Inspiration pictures: Green and brown Green Bottle Blue
  3. AutumnHare

    77110 Deathsleet

    Fresh from the snowy north, I present Deathsleet the White!
  4. AutumnHare

    Origins 2018

    Look forward to seeing you. It’s been a while.
  5. AutumnHare

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    All this talk about price per mini got me to go add up how much I pledged for Bones 4. I’m getting *gulp* 345 (more) minis. Plus a couple handfuls of bases. I don’t think they are going to fit in my giant storage boxes.
  6. AutumnHare

    OOTS (Order Of The Stick)

    They look great. Well done!
  7. AutumnHare

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It’s nearly midnight here and I suddenly have the urge to out in the garden and assess how many stalks I can pull off the rhubarb without killing it.
  8. I’m making an effort to paint minis of lesser known races. These three are painted a Fetchlings. Since they are intended to be from the Shadow Plane, I deliberately choose dark schemes for their clothes and accessories. Artwork all show Fetchlings dressed in black, but that was a bit too dull for me, so I tried to work in a bit of subtle color. I’m mostly happy with the results. The skin is a monotone in blue-grey.
  9. AutumnHare

    77333 Mountain Troll as Shadow Giant

    I need a Shadow Giant for an upcoming game. Looking through my stash of minis, I found this Mountain Troll who sorta looks the part, but the horn one on his helmet looked a little too troll-ish, so off it went! Shadow plane creatures like the giant I need are generally drawn in Pathfinder with black and white monotone skin. I opted for a slight blu-ish monotone rather than straight grey to give him a little more “shadow” feel. (If this guy tries to kill your PC at Origins, say “hi” to me!)
  10. AutumnHare

    77035 and 77449: Now you see me, now you don't

    Fantastic! Great job adding definition but still maintaining the translucency of the mini.
  11. Amazing. He looks ... iridescent.
  12. Generic Fighter box is on its way to Horned Turtle with an ETA of 5/21.
  13. AutumnHare

    77102: Ebonwrath, Dragon - Black, Lava Theme, OSL

    What the wolf said. Very realistic lava base. (And the dragon looks good too. )
  14. AutumnHare

    Deathsleet - Color advice requested

    Interesting. The consensus seems to be to add more blueish-violetish shadows to the scales. I was originally worried about deepening the scale shadows because Mr Hare is convinced that this already looks like a blue dragon, not a white one. I was afraid that adding more blue to it would only make that worse, so I was considering removing even more of the existing shadows. But, experts agree on “More Shadow”, so i’ll give it a try! I actually haven’t started highlighting his belly scales yet. That is just the base coat. I agree with all of you and was planning to take them up to a color that is close to the underwing color.
  15. One of the minis I need soon for gaming is a huge white dragon. So Deathsleet got a scrub and a trim and a few coats of paint. But... I can’t decide if she “reads” as a white dragon, or if I need to go back and lighten up the shadows. What do you guys think?