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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I know that museum. Not sure how long you have been in the area, but they used to have the entire series like #2 on display when they were first done. The artist and models were all locals, IIRC, and based on other paintings in the collection. They used to be displayed side-by-side.
  2. AutumnHare

    Frost Blue and Steel Wash

    That is pretty convincing. Bookmarked for future reference.
  3. AutumnHare


    Great job on all three. Great color scheme. They are stunningly vibrant. I was going to give away all my Bones 4 owlbears, but you just convinced me to paint at least one. Edit: I know the bones 4 mini will be different than any of these, but until I saw these, I was skeptical of the more-bear-less-owl version that is coming out. I always liked the more-owl style from the original Bones set.
  4. Yup. I don’t care that there were no pictures today. I only wanted to get confirmation that the container made it safely out of China before the new year.
  5. AutumnHare

    Chromatic Dragons- all reaper

    I really like the purple wings on the black dragon.
  6. AutumnHare

    Newbie Question about Primer

    I can verify that the Reaper brush-on primer works great for the Mansions of Madness minis. I’ve been on a quest this year to paint all my base set and first two expansions. For best results: Wash with soap and a toothbrush. If any minis are bent out of shape, put a pot of water on the stove, and heat until it’s just making bubbles. You want it a bit less than actually boiling. Maybe 200 degrees F. While you wait, put cold water in a bowl. Add a few ice cubes if you have them. Dunk the affected mini(s) in the hot water for a few moments. Somewhere around 30 seconds to a couple minutes. You will see the mini straighten out. They get kind of “floppy” at this stage. Carefully, remove from hot water (I use a set of chopsticks) and drop immediately into the cold/ice water to “set” the correct position. Let minis sit in cold water until completely cold and firm. Let minis dry overnight. Optionally, trim any obvious mold lines with a sharp Exacto knife. Do not cut yourself. Brush on a coat of primer. It doesn’t have to be very thick. You will still see some of the plastic color underneath. Use the primer straight from the bottle — do not thin with water. Let dry overnight. Go mad trying to paint the horrors. FYI, here is my attempt at these guys. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84350-mansions-of-madness-megaproject/&tab=comments#comment-1785071 I didn’t show any photos of it, but I gave all the minis except the ghosts an undercoat of Brown Liner after I primed them. The dark undercoat gives an overall darker/muted look to the final paint job that I wanted for (most of) these minis.
  7. AutumnHare

    WyrmGear 77177 Steampunk Dragon

    ‘Yes, I often hit a point in painting where I think “that doesn’t look bad” but then I decide to make it a little better by adding a wash or another color layer or something. Then once I start on the addition, the whole mini suddnly reverts to a mess and I can only stare at it and think “oh gods, what have I done??!!” and “how can I fix it?” But, in the end,it’s almost always a better mini than if I stoped at the “not bad” stage.
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    WyrmGear 77177 Steampunk Dragon

    Really like the black wash.
  9. AutumnHare

    Mansions of Madness Megaproject

    Thanks! For these I am doing a pretty quick job on them, in a darker style than I normally would. Tell me more! This has turned out to be a prophetic statement. One month later and I am only done with the base set.* Sigh. *Star Spawn not included.
  10. I recently discovered the board game Mansions of Madness. And it’s my newest favorite game. It’s a Lovecraftian investigation game with a feee companion app that determines the non-player actions. Oh, and it has minis. So now I have a horde of investigators and horrors to paint. Hopefully I can get them all done in January/February. The goal is tabletop “looks good at arms length” standard. Also, I plan to use mostly dark tones to keep with the horror theme. Without further ado, here’s the line up: Monsters from the base set (second edition) Recurring Nightmares expansion: And the Suppressed Memories expansion: Lastly here are the 24 investigators from those sets: I’m off to a good start. All the horrors are washed, obvious mold lines removed, and primed with the brush-on primer:
  11. AutumnHare

    Mansions of Madness Megaproject

    It’s been a while, but I have a painting location again and got a few more of the MoM minis finished. Cultists and their priest preparing for an unholy ritual: A couple rioting mobs patrolling the streets:
  12. AutumnHare

    Giant Centipede ( Toob Animal) by Glitterwolf

    Step on it! Step on it!
  13. So many amazing entries by everyone. I’m all a-flutter just getting lucky enough to win a random draw.
  14. AutumnHare

    Mansions of Madness Megaproject

    The hair (?) on the deep ones did remind me a bit of deadlocks when I was paining them. Not much painting happened this week, but I did manage to finish the Child of Dagon And my clear bases from Litko arrived so I can start mounting them once I get the rest of the “base game” minis done.
  15. AutumnHare

    03791 Werebat

    Very realistic!
  16. AutumnHare

    Werebear (as a Panda)

    Nice Werebears. The panda looks perfect. I, too, might stream this idea when I am ready to paint him. The polar bear is great too. I like the way you put a little white in the water. It really helps sell the iceberg look.
  17. AutumnHare

    Mansions of Madness Megaproject

    The first few were started last week, and are finished tonight. These are all from the base set (second edition). A pair of ghosts: A set of Deep Ones: Some Deep Ones Hybrids: And a pair of Hunting Horrors:
  18. AutumnHare

    Year in review 2018

    Congratulations incompleting the Bones 2 minis. Are you ready for the next Kickstarter now?
  19. AutumnHare

    77503: Temple Dragon

    Im never going to get this image out of my head. Well done!
  20. AutumnHare

    Mansions of Madness Megaproject

    I may may just lose my sanity trying to get them all painted. Ha. Good luck with the CAV. I’m too scared to actually inventory my unpainted Bones.
  21. AutumnHare

    Kingdom Death: Tree-top Phoenix

    The wing colors are just superb. I can feel the heat radiating off him.
  22. AutumnHare

    Unreadable fiction

    Best description of Ayn Rand’s books I’ve ever heard. I made it through The Fountainhead, but ugh, what garbage.
  23. AutumnHare

    Reaper Bones Black FREE Mini for January 2019

    Ya know, that sculpt looks a lot like the art for the Bones 4 owlbear to me ....
  24. AutumnHare

    AutumnHare’s 2018 Year in Review

    In honor of the last day of the year, here is a group shot of all the minis I painted in 2018. Most of these had their own show off thread as they got finished, but there is something about seeing them all together to feel like I’ve actually accomplished something this year. Heck, I think I even painted more minis than I bought! All total, a respectable 83 minis. and the the ones who were late to the party...
  25. AutumnHare

    Maledrakh's Mudgullet the Froghemoth

    Great job. The color scheme is just perfect. The pink tongue just pops. The greens are perfectly toad-ish. I like how you echoed the pi knof the tongue in the flowers under his posterior. I regret not gettig this in the last Kickstarter. I want one. I want *yours.*