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  1. Delayed

    i was just reading that they ran into manufacturing issue sand will be cutting stretch Goals in half for everyone :0
  2. Funded

    There is actually a google Doc with a running total, :
  3. Funded

    BUT... Wait are we agreeing now? As for gameplay players have to feel there is consistency. i had a good session ruined as a DM put is in a dream realm. Where you cou;d count on your spells o have an certain effect.... made sense as a story but as a game Meh!! people forget the game aspect sometimes
  4. Funded

    good point you need some consistency ...but as we have discuss why isn't all humanoids share traits on shared evolutionary track as opposed to the strict interpretation of one (earth's) evolution not in the first chapter? as a practical matter I agree you cant just change laws of physics as a DM cuz Magic... I had a DM like that irritated me no end. Like i said this is an aesthetic with a piratical purpose not a game altering decision.
  5. Funded

    and end up with a bikini top!!! :P
  6. Funded

    I think we are not that far off... But I start as a place. My consistency is that female Humanoids will share traits. I love me some science, but when magic is introduced science id thrown out the door. I just don't see the need to hold fast to Evolution and Biology when Newtonian Physics are totally disregarded. I don't think i will ever change your mind, but some people like their snake boobs....besides its not like chain mail bikinis, which are just dumb
  7. Funded

    Like I said I have heard the argument too many times. You presuppose that all the snake beings are born from eggs.Evolution/mixed with magicatill takes an earthly path in your setting that's cool. I respect that. we have different consistencies. In my setting female human all share female human traits. As for having parts that have no purpose, vestigiality IS a part of earth evolution who is to say that on some planet reptiles evolved from mammals?? just devil advocate..... :)
  8. Funded

    Theres a practical side to it as well. As a mammal I have a hard time distinguishing female from male snakes. Using mammal characteristics helps me distinguish as a GM or player which is which.
  9. Funded

    Brian responded to that by basically saying wait
  10. Funded

    I have heard the "snakes don't have mammalian glands" too many times. We can suspend disbelief for 2 ton Lizards with wings that can fly, breathe Fire, talk and cast spells cuz ... MAGIC. But have one FANTASY race violate our real world evolution and its an its a ridiculous outrage....
  11. Funded

    @Andrew Muller - Yes, I am saying there will be a Chronoscope part 3. We are not ready to announce the goal target yet just for further confirmation
  12. Funded

    Nice, I guess this is not Reapers 1st Rodeo LOL
  13. Funded

    yeah right! :P
  14. Funded

    Yentil! I love the idea!
  15. Funded

    carefull once they grab ya they will gore you to death