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  1. So my 9 year old daughter was bugging me to let her paint. Having a pile of 600 new Bones in front of me, it was hard to say no. So I gave her a pot of copper pain and Kyphrixis to keep her happy. Fully planning to repaint it later... To my surprise she took her time and did a decent base coat. So I got out the Nuln Oil wash and showed her how to apply wash. Also not bad. so I let her finish up the wyrm and while its by no means a masterpiece... heck Id used it for gaming. WITHOUT repainting anything. The only problem is she is eying up Mal'Drakkar as her next project..... :P AJ
  2. Not sue if anyone else has, but Id like to recommend the Learning to pain Kits. For a decent price you get 3 minis and a set of paints and some really helpful guidelines. Add a few bones and you can get the Monthly anniversary mini for Free....
  3. OMG I love this.. how much? I am going to shamelessly rip you off and paint my Kyprixix in the same manner!!! AJ
  4. I'm surprised its so watertight. I think if it were just a little less murkey it b be perfect
  5. Fulfilling

    and wave 8!!!! good job guys!
  6. Yeah I saw that one and I'm like "MMMM must paint 1st"... thanks Pill!!
  7. OMG I didn't even recognize it.. to be faire I have over 600 new bones 3 ... Thanks haldir!!1
  8. well played sir! Who made the mini?
  9. Thanks The bone was a base of woodland brown which I dry-brushed (again and again) linen white and then peppermint white. For the armor I used Citadels Stormhost Silver and washed it with P3's armor wash. AJ
  10. wow... I mean I wish i could paint at that level of detail
  11. So finally go done sorting out my box of bones 3 and decided to do the minotaur skelly to break the seal. I really the undying lords set. Such fun to paint and fairly easy for a newb like myself. As always would love to hear constructive criticism. AJ AJ
  12. Imjsure its be brought up but Id like to see adevnturers go thru the lifecyle from a newbiie to paragon maybe 4 or 5 minis same character but start as newbioe and acquire better equipment scars etc... AJ yes wizkids tried this but they only offer 2 and I like the quality of bones MUCH more
  13. Fulfilling

    "An Englishman, even if he is alone, will form an orderly queue of 1"
  14. I like the brain... just thinking if there is some way to make inside look viscous(?) is that the right word? you know .. like a liquid is in it
  15. Fulfilling

    I was thinking just this I mean I have 600 Minis..... but how many parts???? Im going thru the checklist anyway....