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  1. amuller33

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    its not very hard to tell the pre-orders from true risk crowd sourcing. When they have All the minis in Metal to show, they have 1 and only 1 Stretch Goal, When the prices are fair but not to good to be true or if the name is Reaper its a safe bet. Mid-lam is a great example of using KS as a pre-order. I have barely any concerning in them not fulfilling. Frankly its easy to avoid the risk. Humble brag...I have 30 of 33 deliveries (31 if you count Bones 4) Only one that is lagging was a 1st timer with multiple stretch goals.... I didnt take my own advice. AJ Agreed!
  2. amuller33

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    Kickstarter ...the GAME! lets do it. actually lets call it Bootstrapper the game cuz Im sure KS would sue us!!
  3. amuller33

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I just spotted 2 beholders in comic store! I finally got mine... I just refuse to pay any more than $5 LOL
  4. amuller33

    adding iridescence to wizkids minis

    Interesting I have said minis and Said paint... Can you post a pic?
  5. amuller33

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    Im torn I like stone haven's minis and Its a decent price... but More dwarfs. I'm sorry but YES I think i can have enough dwarfs
  6. amuller33

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    All over Austin TX, but we have an abundance of FLGS.. not enough roads or drinkable water but plenty of gaming stores
  7. amuller33

    Court of the Sultana by Effincool Miniatures

    Sadly I have 2 that are older. I will say the Creator while a bit slow has at least communicated clearly and answered all questions. Im treating as a nice surprise when it comes but not waiting on it per se..
  8. Thank you maam. i will now commence with the throwing of money at reaper
  9. amuller33

    clear-coating bones

    mmmm Bones lasagna!
  10. So has anyone gotten the vampire yet ?(or Ghoulie Bag?)... in the checkout cart, not via mail yet (LOL) Or should I just hold my breath a touch longer? AJ
  11. Nice... There have been a few made already but nice to see one all hyperlinked and up to date. i appreciate you efforts making like easier for me :P AJ
  12. amuller33

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Saw Wave 5 at my FLGS
  13. amuller33

    Any gamers in Austin, Texas

    hey man! welcome to Central Texas! Lakeway is very nice.. if a bit pricey. I live in Pflugerville.. what used to be a small town to North east and is now just a growing suburb. But I just bought a 4Bdr for $208K I like it as I work North of city so I don't face any of the dreaded 5:12 in 512 traffic ( any major road is a standstill at 5:12). More importantly my group just fell as apart as half of them moved to Sacramento. Id love to get in on the ground floor of any group. I play mostly 5E , but can be persuaded to other games. I like the idea of Austin gathering Id definitely be down for that. Also Dragon's lair is a decent place for gaming in Austin, but yeah Emerald tavern has food and drink.... Keep me posted. AJ
  14. amuller33

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Yes, Please tell how the Icicles were done.. I must know!
  15. Thanks I'm in for the full shebang of Digital