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  1. Pre-launch

    Core was the best value ... about 68.5 CENTS! per model not interluding weapon spues, still the xpacs ran 1.07 to 1.56 dollars which is a great value..... so.... just buy em all
  2. Yeah I went and ordered the minis that matched my dvds from the bones KS... now i an paint along as I watch em
  3. I asked no Monks or barbarian :( Still for the price and the nice sculpts.. Im in!
  4. Things just look worse under a microscope... or a brightly lit photo> like others have said. Dont be hard on yourself and a little shade would go a long way for this guy. AJ
  5. the basing WORKED!!! I loved the stone work... yes I am envious. Shading works just fine. The gemstones bag and scroll are nice little touches, Can we see the face?....its tough on this guy... I have painted him in bones... nightmare AJ
  6. I left my bones in a car during a hot date once. She was not impressed, so things didnt go so well. Then again if she is not a fan of Reaper she is not the woman for me.... .... Oh you said hot DAY!!!!....... uhhhhh never mind AJ
  7. Ewww there's a solid Idea for a Diorama for Reapercon.... Jersey Shore:Goblin edition
  8. Them some ugly spiders
  9. Maybe? Honestly for the price , you might want to just but a pair and try them out. My head says it be an issue but I like to encourage people.. Maybe you are better than you think ... and better than I!!!
  10. Yeah, I still consider myself a fairly new painter. The unicorn and troll came out OK, but when I tried the 2 from the female human rouge it was a disaster, a bit discouraging. I painting them just as I would a bones and that just wasnt working for them... looks like something did a year ago and not up to my current skill level
  11. Live

    They look nice..... So there are 2 pirate dwarf KS right now??? man no one tell Beagle!
  12. I just finished painting their last KS. I will say there were some nice fun minis to paint... but yeah I have over 500 minis incoming on KS so I will regretfully pass... well probably.... maybe... Ok I'll see how stretch goals go....
  13. Live

    wizards apprentices was funded in Aug... estimating shipping in Oct and started shipping in Oct.. completed Nov 4... so June is not too ambitious. I like this more than Krakens so I'm in!
  14. Beautiful... Im especially jealous of the basing... my weakest skill by far
  15. GOOD NEWS!!! thanks Ladystorm