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  1. Lt. Coldfire

    02774: Braskus, Gladiator

  2. Lt. Coldfire

    60081: Runelord Alaznist

    Actually, I use the "Wargamer: Vehicle & Scenery" brush from The Army Painter. It's a large brush. It has nice, firm bristles for this kind of work. What I do is dip the tip into a little bit of white paint, dab the brush onto some cardboard, then lightly stipple it on the miniature instead of flicking. Nothing wrong with flicking a toothbrush around, but it's best to do that out in the garage so paint doesn't fly all over my desk/computer/other partially painted minis (I have loads of these sitting around), and it's been a cool 100+ degrees recently here in Fresno, CA, so I try to stay indoors :)
  3. Lt. Coldfire

    60081: Runelord Alaznist

  4. Lt. Coldfire

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    ReaperBryan: "Hey Julie, we got a job for ya..." Julie: "Let me guess. A dragon?" ReaperBryan: "Nope! Oh wait, yeah."
  5. Lt. Coldfire

    03600: Praying Paladin

    I started with a standard metallic color, I believe here I either used Speed Metal or Heavy Metal from Scale75. From there I applied some watered down Biel-Tan Green from Citadel Shade wherever I felt inspired. For the shadows, like underneath his arms, I darkened the wash with Nuln Oil from Citadel.
  6. Lt. Coldfire

    03600: Praying Paladin

  7. Yeah that's how they come. My lot shown includes a bunch of the add-ons. The minis from the core set + stretch goals I think total 37 minis, including the animals and fairies.
  8. They told me I could be anything. So I became a mini hoarder. The minis are outstanding as expected. I'm going to start with the Female Ranger from the unlocked stretch goal.
  9. Indeed heartbreaking, and I simultaneously had my mind blown by Jen Haley's paint job toward the bottom with the purple dress.