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  1. You make this look so easy. It looked really good after just the first wash.
  2. I always play around with metals, so I don't have an exact recipe. My process is to begin with a base coat, obviously, in this case I think I used Dwarven Gold and Speed Metal from Scale75. From there I apply various washes in various degrees of dilution. The blue tone is watered down Drakenhof Nighthshade from Citadel. When it's all said and done, there's probably 3-4 coats of controlled washes on this model. I then go back and highlight with the base coat, thinning as needed.
  3. Live

    Not that I'm capable of creating a program like this, but this is one of those inventions/ideas where it's so obviously needed that you're thinking "darn it, I should have thought of this!"
  4. Agreed, I think you need to line your eyes. Are you familiar with Marike Reimer? She has a website called Destroyerminis and has a nice guide for painting eyes. I would point you there. Her guide is very detailed, but if you can just get through Step 4 then you should have some good looking eyes already.
  5. Very good. The face is especially stunning, but the red armor and green swords are nothing to sneeze at.
  6. Yes, seal them for sure. I use a brush-on Vallejo Matt Acrylic Varnish. Never had a problem.
  7. Agreed, but the way I saved them on my computer was by miniature company. I think this year I'll number them so that I can see how I progressed. I sell many of these. I used a free online site that makes photo collages for you. There's quite a few websites.
  8. It's safe to say I had an amazing year. I learned so much in 2016 and hopefully I can learn more in 2017 and continue to improve. These pictures are in no particular order. Edit: Oops, I just noticed that 11 of the first 18 minis I actually painted this year, in January. This is why I should have put this post together sooner. Oh well. Less those minis, the rest I painted in 2016.