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    Oracle Sights: Handheld Projection Devices for Tabletop RPGs

    This is why options are good, I have always found metal or plastic templates fiddly once a fight has closed in. But i run a game for a lot of players and there tend to be a lot of mini's on the board. Would have been better if he had said shipping would be payed after though with how shipping internationally has gone through the roof there might not be a good way to do it theses days. Its the first one for this company I am willing to cut a little slack, then again I'm in the states and can afford to.
  2. Hello All, Came across this looks interesting so thought I would leave it here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oraclesights/oracle-sights-handheld-projection-devices-for-tabl?ref=email I've been running games for 20+ years and I can hand wave AOE or mark it out with dice etc, this just looks like it would be fun and satisfying to see the full fireball effect in living color so to speak.
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    I think thats one of their own miniatures, a one of theses things is not like the other moments
  4. goblynknightwitha45

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Mine arrived yesterday along with an order I placed in October and the extra mini to cover shipping that was offered. really fun stuff.
  5. goblynknightwitha45

    Warbands of the Cold North VI - Ulfhildr's Heroes

    Neither could I, I ended up picking the archer as he reminded me of a character from the 13th warrior.
  6. goblynknightwitha45

    Greebo Games Legacy Vault

    Live now
  7. goblynknightwitha45

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Things can come in oddly handy I used a good chunk about 18 or so of the core as victims of a medusa for a recent game. Pained them cloudy grey and boom done. Now I have 18 base coated minis looking at me reproachfully but such is the price one pays ;)
  8. goblynknightwitha45

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Not sure if this will work but here goes
  9. goblynknightwitha45

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    The king's own had been shadowing the band of dwarves for days since the attack on the king's summer palace, when the hunters became the hunted! The dwarves attacked in the deepest part of the night but had not counted on the Jebe’s eyes and her bow many had been feathered before reaching Kham, they broke on his shield like the river does on the rock and as the rebounded from him, Ild and his helm where waiting, a gift from the king for bravery on the battlefield it drank in the dwarves souls even as his shield and blade rent their hides.The battle was over in moments, Aduu of their number was sent back to tell the king of this new threat. They in the meantime would follow the trail and see what could be found about theses creatures and their trespass on the Hobgoblins lands. And on reflection in over twenty years of gaming I have rarely used hobgoblins, not sure why. Maybe Tolkiens effect, orcs are always the bad guy race i reach for in my standard games.
  10. goblynknightwitha45

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Alsvin the roar of heaven had lived among the people of Varens watch for fifty years as mortals recon such things, as a scribe and scholar at the library of Oghma. As soon as the devils among the host of the duergar stepped talon on the soil of this land he knew they were coming the vaults beneath the city would be too tempting for them to resist. The city would have to be warned but his watch was paramount, reaching out to his power he assumed a new form and traveled to the riverward. There at the twin horn tavern he found a pair of adventures that had sought information at the library a few times before. Vasha an oni from the far west and her friend Talisa from the Shattered islands far to the south. Her people had breed with devils millenniums ago but had chosen their own way shortly after their empire broke apart on the night of screaming fire. The pair made good coin exploring the wild lands. And now he gave the, a new commission to head to the Dam at the headwaters of the Illvalance river and explore a recently unearthed complex. (It pained Alsvin to place them in danger for a lie but a mortal voice must raise the alarm) Gilinda had been riding the winds over the battle mounds for a few hours her steed, a gift from the all father's stable surging with the wind when she saw smoke on the horizon turning her mount to the north she came a hamlet of no real note but in the early hours a out runner band of duergar had found it. Many dead littered the ground two warriors a brother and sister her sight told her stood on in the doorway of the chapel a pile of dead dwarves before them. As they fought like shadows of each other she saw as only her kind could the spear hurling towards the blindside of one of the warriors and new a new heroine was to come to the halls. I think I will pick up a second solar maybe try a mod to make it bear headed or maybe avian of some kind.
  11. goblynknightwitha45

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I love the oni I am ok with the skoli. The Valkyrie, I am getting a very opera singer Wagner style to the mini. They again your the chooser of the slain and will fight giants, the dead and Odin knows what else at the end, you can look like what ever you want ;)
  12. goblynknightwitha45

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Ok that's really cool, I love the deck gun mounted on the shoulder. I am counting it as an ally of the beleaguered south. Captain Samantha Borintell sailed the rivers and lakes of the nation over a hundred years ago. Her ship the Storm Tossed sank in battle against six ships of the slavers guild during the war of the shattered chain. Now with slavers returned to the nation of the free born her spirit has returned building herself a vessel for her battles to come. And now to see about getting a second one..maybe two for a ships graveyard set up.
  13. goblynknightwitha45

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I had the idea of an entire golem based campaign based off this KS. I think it has potential a quest for some kind of item broken into parts, scattered around the world guarded by the creators constructs. Or something like that.
  14. goblynknightwitha45

    Major battle ideas

    Have the midden respond with larger goblins (like ogre sized maybe made up of lots of smaller goblins for eww factor) once it sees the threat. Pits that open under their feet at random times dex save to avoid falling in?
  15. goblynknightwitha45

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    So I keep creating ideas off updates which is good for my games and me and my players but bad for my wallet ;) As the duergar camped at the dam they sent into the marsh of dead men their hunters chasing a myth... They found two. The frogemoths were brought to heel and enslaved after a massive battle brought back from the heart of the marsh and set as the vanguard of the duergar river fleet set for the city of Varens watch. The Border city of the Human lands. Next to face the might of the dark dwarves. Now here is hoping we see some less bad or monstrous stuff nest update the southern folk could use a hand ;)