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  1. mwhowell2001

    Frost Grave help

    Thanks for the tips.
  2. mwhowell2001

    Frost Grave help

    The metal doesn't have a problem being glued to Bones material? I would have assumed I'd need plastic glue for Bones?
  3. mwhowell2001

    Frost Grave help

    Building my first Frost Grave team. Need help finding an elf/human archer with a bow, leather armor and a dagger. Anybody got any suggestions they can make for a figure. I'd prefer something in Bones to keep it cheaper.
  4. mwhowell2001

    Space Mouslings

    You make a good point. Could field them as some mutated chaos marines
  5. mwhowell2001

    Space Mouslings

    Started discovering games that I could use Reaper miniatures in (frost grave, dragon rampant, etc.) Does anybody know of a game that would allow me to use my Space Marine mouslings as wargame pieces?
  6. mwhowell2001

    Need help finding "How To"

    Thank you for the feedback all.
  7. mwhowell2001

    Wargames using reaper figs

    Thanks for all the feedback y'all. Adding games to my Amazon wish list now
  8. A few weeks ago I found a "How to Paint Reaper Bones" type article on the forums that gave info on priming and such. I can't seem to find it anymore. Anybody got it bookmarked or something? I want to print it off for my daughter.
  9. mwhowell2001

    Wargames using reaper figs

    I recently discovered that I can use Reaper figs for games like Frost Grave. What other games allow me to field any figs that I want? I like being able to pick out my own stuff from Reaper. Thanks ahead of time for helping a wargaming newbie out.
  10. mwhowell2001

    Baran Blacktree

    Anybody have an extra Baran Blacktree for sale? I missed that one.
  11. mwhowell2001

    Need help identifying

    Awesome. Thank you. Thinking they might be fun figures for Frost Grave
  12. Are these Reaper figures and if so which ones? I THINK they're Bones.
  13. mwhowell2001


    Starting a Hordes Trolls army. Anybody got a blue paint they can recommend?
  14. mwhowell2001

    Paint suggestions

    Thanks for tips all.
  15. mwhowell2001

    Paint suggestions

    Started painting a model for a game with blood red paint. But the black base coat is visible and it's taking multiple coats to get a solid red color. Suggestions on a similar color to try over the black base coat that might only need one layer?