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  1. Need help identifying

    Awesome. Thank you. Thinking they might be fun figures for Frost Grave
  2. Need help identifying

    Are these Reaper figures and if so which ones? I THINK they're Bones.
  3. Trollbloods

    Starting a Hordes Trolls army. Anybody got a blue paint they can recommend?
  4. Paint suggestions

    Thanks for tips all.
  5. Paint suggestions

    Started painting a model for a game with blood red paint. But the black base coat is visible and it's taking multiple coats to get a solid red color. Suggestions on a similar color to try over the black base coat that might only need one layer?
  6. Color suggestions wanted

    I've got some Plague Marines to paint from the Know No Fear box. Looking for a good shade of green to match their armor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Warlord- Pewter vs. Bones

    Awesome, thanks
  8. I noticed that some Warlord figures are in Bones now. Does it matter which version I use for Warlord?
  9. Warlord Key Ring

    Okay. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't sure if I was just misspelling the name or something.
  10. Warlord Key Ring

    A year or two ago I bought a Warlord keyring with the dwarves symbol on it. I can't find those anymore. Are they still available?
  11. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    This was my first kickstarter to support. I just want to confirm I have everything set up right and one question. So I confirm my address, phone and reward selection in pledge manager and I'm done? I was curious, if I come back later and add something...does KS go through the whole refund entire amount and charge me for the new amount or will it just bill me for the difference? I wanted to check in case my credit card processes the charge before a potential refund (which is has done that before).
  12. Cleaning tips

    Thank you for all the information.
  13. Been told recently to clean bones every time before painting them. Any tips? Any things to avoid? I was thinking some cool water and dish soap. My daughter had an extra finger nail brush I was going to use. My main concern is will I be in any danger of scratching out details? I imagine hot water could cause them to set in some funky position?
  14. I recently bought a Gelatinous Cube figure to paint. Before I start on my own, does anybody have a painting guide they can recommend?
  15. Key ring help

    Years ago I bought an item for my key ring with the Warlord Dwarves symbol. I can't remember what the item was called and I can't seem to find it in the store anymore. Any help would be appreciated.