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  1. So I did the skin. It's not my favorite but is slowly growing on me. It's very pale and probably won't show the shading until I bother to take nice pictures of her. In the meantime, I've finished the bronze. Still a bit of work to do. I realized, annoyingly, the bottom of shovel is wood, it's just covered with some geegaws. So now I need to repaint that. The roses will get brighter, I like the touch of brightness they bring.
  2. Looking forward to seeing him in person next month.
  3. Are you gonna put a tattoo on his head? Also, are you coming to 3rd Saturday?
  4. Bring this guy to Third Saturday! He's looking great! Love the tattoo. I think the stripes on the pants could be a little thinner but the idea is a good one.
  5. I think the brown on the brass lends an air of je ne sais quoi.
  6. Time to paint has been hard to come by lately. I have made some more progress on D'Vandra. I've finished her leather straps and put some shading in to her ribbons. I darkened the shade of bone I'm using for the various vessels she's carrying and decided to do more bronze for accents. I still need to attempt the skin. I think I'll do that once I'm satisfied with her external rib cage.
  7. So this figure is getting done all out of order. I have another figure where I'm working on the hair so I did the hair on poor Dvandra before doing the skin. I also started basecoating some of her accessories. The scroll case and the embalming jar will be bone(ish). The satchel is blackened brown right now. The ribbons have been highlighted but not shaded. I'm hoping the shade will raise the contrast enough to make them look good. Right now the highlighting is a little underwhelming. I see a couple places on the hair where I need to fix the blending. Such is the price of accidentally taking such huge pictures (with my phone, even, I need to figure out how to control that).
  8. I would use brown liner mixed in with your mid-tone to shade. Thin with water etc. etc. As for the highlight... I'd highlight with yellow. You should come to SteamFest if you can. Should be fun. I'm running a paint and take all weekend. Some other CMPA people will be there as well.
  9. If this is understandable, this is what I'd recommend... Dark red lines are where I'd put shadows, yellow lines are where I'd up the highlights a little. I see you're in Colorado... Can you or do you make it to Broomfield for our 3rd Saturday paint days? Some of us will be at SteamFest in Longmont this weekend. You should come. :) The idea behind putting darker shades on either side of the pony tail is to make the highlights pop out more.
  10. Good looking progress. The hair could use some more shadows. The axes lack visual interest, are you going to do something more to them?
  11. I got more, more, more. Found some time to work on her last night and made some good headway (ha ha! I started the hair). I decided I was pretty pleased with the blue so I started work getting more color on the figure. I put some Old Bronze on the rib cage chest plate thing, then I washed it with some brown and blacks to get it to look aged. My plan is to highlight and then put a patina on in some spots. I started doing the skin in a grey color. This character is a Necromancer (we're playing 13th Age) and is mostly dead (forget the exact name of the ability). Unfortunately, the skin looked awful, kind of like I'd just primed it and left it so I painted over the few highlights I'd done with a mix of Maiden Flesh and a reddish brown. The sash has been basecoated in Gothic Crimson. The hair with Vallejo Air Warlock Purple (I think), then shaded with a mix of gothic crimson and black. Look for some highlights next time!
  12. While I mentally work my way back to Saladin, I've been doing some small projects. I'm running a 13th Age game and one of my players is a necromancer. She was quite pleased when I produced D'Vandra for her to use during battles. I decided to paint D'Vandra for brush warmup and as OSL practice. Nothing fancy, however, as this figure will see some wear and tear as it gets moved around the battle field. Here are the first steps. I basecoated using Solid Blue, then highlighted with Ashen Blue and Misty Grey. I may go back and push the highlights to a pure white. I'm not quite satisfied with them but also don't plan on spending a ton of time on this figure so we'll see. I then went back and put sold blue, corporeal shadow, purple shadow, and blue liner into the folds of her dress. Here she is now. The shadows have been a bit washed out by the direct light. :(
  13. Cool texturing on the leather.
  14. The coat could use a bit more shading. The way he's holding his pistol seems super awkward to me. I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't used the pistol tag in your post. :)
  15. I'd paint it something non-metallic. If you're going to paint the design silver, paint it a darker blue first. It will stand out better.