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  1. The Three Color Challenge is the brain child of forumite (and CMPA member) skippen. The idea is to select a miniature, then select, or have someone else select, three colors with which to paint the figure. Black and White are added to allow for highlighting and shading and color mixing is allowed and encouraged. The idea is that by limiting the palette and maybe using colors that may fall outside of one's comfort range, something could be learned. If you wish to participate in this challenge, please do! If you're struggling with colors and lack friends who are willing to give you opinions, look in the spoiler tag below. When it comes to picking the colors, the idea behind the colors isn't to pick strange combinations or to make this intentionally difficult based on the color choices. You'll find it hard enough to operate without proper flesh tones or metallic paints. I found it a good suggestion because I had to stretch myself and use some paints in combinations I wouldn't have otherwise. Overall, the point is to have fun!
  2. Colorado Cons

    IIRC, CoMMIEs was at Nan Desu Kan (con?) this year with a modeling show.
  3. One Take on the Classes

    I thought separating the class rooms from the gaming area was a HUGE improvement over last year. The whole place is loud and echo-y but not having to try to hear over the enthusiastic gamers was nice. As for the classes: I didn't have much of a problem hearing teachers but had Mr. Justin and Rex Grange.I didn't really have many problems teaching my class either but was in one of the corner rooms and it did seem quieter. In my experience, external noise is much less of a distraction than people in the class who aren't paying attention.
  4. Tips for painting larger "minis"

    I think you want the same levels of contrast, you'll just have more area to cover and so will also want more midtone.
  5. Reapercon 2017 home safe thread

    Made it home yesterday. Thanks everyone for making it a great con.
  6. Randalf Streisand

    There will be a small group at 3rd Saturday this weekend cuz of ReaperCon. Look us up on Facebook. We're the CMPA (colorado miniature painting alliance). We've got an event scheduled and everything.
  7. "Stop Thief!" Mousling Diorama

    I'm a little late to this but I disagree heartily with the idea the floor is too cluttered. I'm just looking at all the junk on my desk and on everyone's desk and honestly, what's on the floor of your scene doesn't seem like enough. Robberies aren't exactly clean.
  8. Hobby Town in Longmont or in Westminster has the Tamyia. I use the Blood for the Blood God from Citadel and you can get that from Karliquins or the Warhammer Store on Baseline. I haven't used the Tamiya Clear Red tho' I own some (not sure where it is). So all I can tell you is the Tamiya paint smells WAY worse than the citadel technical. :)
  9. 02967: Alastriel, Elf Sorceress

    Ah! You should be able to find what you need in the Vallejo line. Snow Shadow is a very pale blue color. Misty Grey is a very light grey. You could substitute black for blue liner. Not sure about what else. Try a conversion chart maybe? https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint_Range_Compatibility_Chart
  10. 02967: Alastriel, Elf Sorceress

    If you want grey-white, I'd follow a pattern like Cyradis suggested. Base coat with Snow Shadow (if you want the blue-grey) or Misty Grey Shade it with a thinned mixture of Rainy Grey and some blue like winter blue or templar blue. Or a grey brown like driftwood brown Add some blue liner to whatever your darkest shade color is and put that in where the hair meets the head highlight back up starting with your misty grey/snow shadow and go to pure white. Make sure your pure white highlight is small. The trick to step 4 is to thin your paint so it's easier to blend, but to wipe most of the paint off the brush to give yourself more control. The other trick is to start the misty grey/snow shadow only thinned a little and add more water as you highlight further. This helps you blend the darks to the lights cuz the thicker paint covers better. The trick, overall, for this, is to keep your shades off your highlights. This will help keep the whites whiter with less work.
  11. 02967: Alastriel, Elf Sorceress

    What's bugging you about the hair?
  12. The green is looking so good. Love the way the cloak is turning out. Thinking of doing OSL from the Skull? Also, I can't remember, is this Bones or Metal? Either way, I have some suggestions for the Scythe, but material matters.
  13. Lockhart?

    Lockhart TX has amazing BBQ. :)
  14. [SPLIT] RC2017 Rooms thread

    So yeah... looks like I have a room at the Hilton Garden and am looking for someone to split costs. Iffen you're interested, PM me. We can discuss. I like to paint after the classes are over. I don't have my kids around so I try to get as much done as possible. :)
  15. [SPLIT] RC2017 Rooms thread

    Is this the thread to find roommates? I may need one. It depends on if a local friend decides to go or not.