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  1. While I mentally work my way back to Saladin, I've been doing some small projects. I'm running a 13th Age game and one of my players is a necromancer. She was quite pleased when I produced D'Vandra for her to use during battles. I decided to paint D'Vandra for brush warmup and as OSL practice. Nothing fancy, however, as this figure will see some wear and tear as it gets moved around the battle field. Here are the first steps. I basecoated using Solid Blue, then highlighted with Ashen Blue and Misty Grey. I may go back and push the highlights to a pure white. I'm not quite satisfied with them but also don't plan on spending a ton of time on this figure so we'll see. I then went back and put sold blue, corporeal shadow, purple shadow, and blue liner into the folds of her dress. Here she is now. The shadows have been a bit washed out by the direct light. :(
  2. Cool texturing on the leather.
  3. The coat could use a bit more shading. The way he's holding his pistol seems super awkward to me. I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't used the pistol tag in your post. :)
  4. I'd paint it something non-metallic. If you're going to paint the design silver, paint it a darker blue first. It will stand out better.
  5. The Vallejo model air metallics go on very smoothly.
  6. I think if you start with a medium green as the base you can use bright green as highlights and it won't clash horribly with the blue you've chosen. Maybe start with the mid tone for whatever triad ends with Viper Green.
  7. So he's basically done at this point... I haven't based him so I won't be putting him in the show-off forum until that's done. I learned some neat things about combining colors. I kinda wish I hadn't started with a neutral grey and been a little more adventurous. I've got a thief figure lined up for that work so we'll see how that goes next time. I'm pretty pleased with the face. It could, of course, be better with more work but for a learning piece, I'm happy. edit: I may have to repost photos. Didn't realize this crop was so schlubby.
  8. Didn't quite get finished as I only painted for 30ish minutes. He looks a lot better without the orange primer. Maybe I can get him done tonight if I can finish these dishes....
  9. Have you considered getting a bunch of plastic swords and painting them so you can compare them side by side? There are a variety of Warhammer Fantasy blades that might fit the bill. They've got enough body to practice on effectively.
  10. Thanks! I guess I could have done an image search but I was feeling lazy and relied on the wisdom of the forum. Glad to not be disappointed. :) Got some more work done, forgot to take pictures. I'm hoping to finish tonight.
  11. Started work on Reaper's No-Face to take a break from Saladin (who is still not done, sadly). I don't know the actual name of the model but it looks like a version of No-Face from "Spirited Away" which is why I picked him/it up in the first place. My hope with this figure is to play around with some colors. Rhonda talked about this in a couple of her classes at ReaperCon and I've been itching to try it out. I decided not to go hog wild and settled on a comfortable grey. It's lighter than I wanted but once I'd put on the first layer of basecoat, I was committed and didn't want to pull out a darker grey (which would have involved maybe disturbing sleeping children, so it goes). The orange you see is the primer coat. I brush primed this fellow while at ReaperCon with the bottle of Badger primer from the swag bag. Mine happened to be orange. It's nice primer... just dislike the color... I went ahead and did some highlighting but forgot to take pictures. It's nothing special. The basecoat is a mixture of Rainy Grey and Grey Liner. The highlights were done with Snow Shadow and pure white. The shading is done with Reaper's Imperial Purple mixed with some S75 Fuschia and the basecoat color. My plan is to darken these shadows with more Imp. Purple and some S75 purple ink. I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.
  12. I PMd it to Pippin. If there's greater interest, I can start a different thread so as not to hijack this WIP. Where would I put that thread is the question.
  13. Iffen you're interested, a friend and I came up with a curriculum for Diorama building for an alternative school.
  14. Green
  15. Gotten some more work done in the last few days. I'm beginning to feel this is going to be a belated xmas gift. Just haven't had enough time to work on it. Maybe an hour and a half over the last three days. So finished up the helmet. I could probably do more highlighting but am reasonably pleased with where it's at. I darkened the beard and hair with a wash to pull the tone away from the skintone. I basecoated and shaded the gold trim. I also touched up the face a little. I put some brighter highlights in the cheekbones and put some darker shades in the folds around the eyes. It's kinda hard to tell from my pictures but I thought it improved the face. Still need to finish the eyes.