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  1. So yeah... looks like I have a room at the Hilton Garden and am looking for someone to split costs. Iffen you're interested, PM me. We can discuss. I like to paint after the classes are over. I don't have my kids around so I try to get as much done as possible. :)
  2. Is this the thread to find roommates? I may need one. It depends on if a local friend decides to go or not.
  3. You'd think they could provide some sort of microfiber or auto heat generating clothing in the 40th millennia but nooooooo.
  4. I don't know if I'd go and correct it, this is show off after all. I really like the figure. I'd just adjust on the next figure. That's just my personal philosophy, however, so do what you will. :)
  5. I like the verdigris on the hat. I think the blue-green was a good choice. The highlights should be brighter on the top of his sleeves than at the bottom.
  6. Good point! I missed that step. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. I've been working on some bigger projects and have been really bogged down with some of them. I decided to test out some snow following one of Mr. Justin's two minute tutorials. In order to give it a fair test, I painted up a Vahallan Heavy Bolter team. I did this to work on some leather texturing techniques I've been trying to perfect. So a lot of different things going on in this piece here. My color scheme is roughly following the Stalingrad army. I've been working off one of the Osprey books about the battle and have found it very useful. I'm pretty pleased with the results. The snow looks fantastic (I think anyway, I'm biased). I need to remember to spray seal the figures before I put them on the base.
  8. If Huey Lewis weathered miniatures....
  9. Cool! I'm hoping to have Kyra and some Mouslings. I've been working on some Imperial Guard so I can mess around with basing for The Defeated. Might bring them as well.
  10. So who all is planning on being there on the 15th?
  11. Deploying major features on a Friday and leaving for the weekend is always a great idea if you plan on working most of Sunday. :)
  12. The freehand is excellent. The face needs some more shadow. I see that you've got a dark line between the eyeball and the rest of the face. If that weren't there, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell the difference between eye and skin.I would suggest another highlight on the lips.
  13. Thing is, classes provide a structure for specific questions. "How is my blending on this section" is an easier jump because that's what you're learning in that class. Unless you're really working on something, solicitation of feedback tends to be generalized (in my experience) and if you're working on something specific, why not take a class on that subject? Classes can turn into social events. Depending on the class it can be kind of frustrating when it happens but it does and it's hard to avoid. The looser the structure, the more likely that is to happen. Thing is, you can get valuable feedback from the same people who sustain the social atmosphere, 50 feet away. And, as you point out, you can get it for "free." It's not really free, cuz it might require you to give something back. Maybe a little feedback on one of their pieces. Maybe a little community building. Maybe you'd have to loan some glue or snippers.
  14. I play keeper when I'm lucky enough to be playing soccer so penalty kicks are familiar to me. :)
  15. Penalty Kicks are always taken from the same spot. That spot is 12 yards away from the goal and in the center of the goal mouth. That's one of the things that's going to cause problems in this diorama. Putting the figures a realistic distance away is going to make them seem like they're playing two different games. Barca/Barcelona is the biggest name in soccer/football and is probably the most valuable sports franchise in the entire world. They play in the Spanish professional league.